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glibc-devel-2.20-20.mga5 RPM for x86_64

From Mageia 5 for x86_64 / media / core / release

Name: glibc-devel Distribution: Mageia
Version: 2.20 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 20.mga5 Build date: Sat May 2 12:22:23 2015
Group: Development/C Build host:
Size: 5301086 Source RPM: glibc-2.20-20.mga5.src.rpm
Packager: tmb <tmb>
Summary: Header and object files for development using standard C libraries
The glibc-devel package contains the header and object files necessary
for developing programs which use the standard C libraries (which are
used by nearly all programs).  If you are developing programs which
will use the standard C libraries, your system needs to have these
standard header and object files available in order to create the

This package also includes the C header files for the Linux kernel.
The header files define structures and constants that are needed for
building most standard programs. The header files are also needed for
rebuilding the kernel.

Install glibc-devel if you are going to develop programs which will
use the standard C libraries.






* Sat May 02 2015 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-20.mga5
  + Revision: 821015
  - Do not close NSS files database during iteration [BZ #18007] (CVE-2014-8121)
* Fri May 01 2015 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-19.mga5
  + Revision: 821001
  - resolv/nss_dns/dns-host.c buffer overflow (CVE-2015-1781) [BZ#18287]
* Sun Apr 19 2015 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-18.mga5
  + Revision: 820468
  - nscd needs /var/db/nscd (mga#15545)
* Sat Apr 18 2015 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-17.mga5
  + Revision: 820464
  - Fix _IO_wstr_overflow integer overflow (PR/BZ #17269)
  - Fix read past end of pattern in fnmatch (PR/BZ #18032)
* Sat Feb 21 2015 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-16.mga5
  + Revision: 816252
  - sync with upstream glibc-2.20 maintenance branch:
    * Update Russian translation
    * Revert to defining __extern_inline only for gcc-4.3+ (BZ #17266)
    * Update French translation
    * BZ#17460: Fix buffer overrun in nscd --help
    * MIPS: Avoid a dangling `vfork@GLIBC_2.0' reference
    * AArch64: End frame record chain correctly
    * Make __extern_always_inline usable on clang++ again
    * Move findidx nested functions to top-level
    * Fix memory handling in strxfrm_l [BZ #16009] (CVE pending)
    * Use AVX unaligned memcpy only if AVX2 is available
* Sun Feb 08 2015 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-15.mga5
  + Revision: 814068
  - wscanf allocates too little memory (CVE-2015-1472, CVE-2015-1473)
* Sun Dec 21 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-14.mga5
  + Revision: 804687
  - Fix stack overflow in vfprintf [BZ #16617] (CVE-2012-3406)
  - Avoid infinite loop in nss_dns getnetbyname [BZ #17630] (CVE-2014-9402)
* Sat Nov 22 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-12.mga5
  + Revision: 798301
  - posix wordexp fails to honour WRDE_NOCMD (CVE-2014-7817)
* Wed Oct 15 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-11.mga5
  + Revision: 751288
  - elf/dl-load.c (open_path): Avoid writing to 'env_path_list'
    when none of the search directories exist. (BZ #15378)
  - Fix infinite loop in check_pf (BZ #12926)
  - disable lock elision again
* Fri Oct 10 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-10.mga5
  + Revision: 737970
  - re-enable lock elision for now as disabling it triggesrs SIGILL traps
* Fri Oct 10 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-9.mga5
  + Revision: 737928
  - add missing checks on ELIDE_UNLOCK for disabled lock elision (mga#14172)
* Fri Oct 10 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-8.mga5
  + Revision: 737868
  - ensure adaptive elision in rwlocks is disabled (mga#14172)
* Thu Oct 09 2014 tv <tv> 6:2.20-7.mga5
  + Revision: 737764
  - convert %pretrans from dash to lua (one less Requires(pre), one less dep loop)
    (note that previous scriptlet was broken since UsrMove)
* Sun Sep 28 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-6.mga5
  + Revision: 731421
  - disable lock-elision as glibc breaks on intel microcode update
* Thu Sep 25 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-5.mga5
  + Revision: 724574
  - Fix memory leak in libio/wfileops.c do_ftell_wide [BZ #17370]
  - Fix memory leak in error path of do_ftell_wide [BZ #17370]
    + tv <tv>
      - autoconvert to new prov/req excludes
* Sat Sep 13 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-4.mga5
  + Revision: 674978
  - fix segfault in getifaddrs_internal [BZ#17371]
  - malloc: additional unlink hardening for non-small bins [BZ#17344]
  - Add new Linux 3.16 constants to netinet/udp.h
* Tue Sep 09 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-3.mga5
  + Revision: 674336
  - submit to release
* Mon Sep 08 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.20-2.mga5
  + Revision: 673679
  - hp-timing.c is dropped upstream
  - rebase some patches so they apply
  - dont use conditional patching for mips build
  - drop old powerpc fix
  - nptl is not an addon anymore, adjust build accordingly
  - drop merged patches
  - update to 2.20
* Thu Sep 04 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-12.mga5
  + Revision: 672173
  - fix crashes on invalid input in IBM gconv modules [BZ #17325] (CVE-2014-6040)
* Thu Aug 28 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-11.mga5
  + Revision: 669052
  - _gconv_translit_find: Disable function [BZ #17187]
    (CVE-2014-5119) (mga#13995)
* Sun Jul 27 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-10.mga5
  + Revision: 657579
  - rebuild with fixed gcc
* Wed Jul 23 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-9.mga5
  + Revision: 656122
  - setlocale: Use the heap for the copy of the locale argument
  - _nl_find_locale: Improve handling of crafted locale names
    (BZ#17137, CVE-2014-0475)
* Wed Jul 23 2014 colin <colin> 6:2.19-8.mga5
  + Revision: 655883
  - Rename ldconfig filetrigger to make sure it's run first
* Sun Jun 29 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-7.mga5
  + Revision: 640940
  -  posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen needs to copy the path argument
     (BZ 17048, CVE-2014-4043)
* Tue May 13 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-6.mga5
  + Revision: 622540
  - rebuild with gcc 4.9
* Wed May 07 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-3.mga5
  + Revision: 620910
  - misc/sys/xattr.h: guard against linux uapi header inclusion
* Sat Mar 01 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-2.mga5
  + Revision: 598263
  - Fix sign of input to bsloww1 (glibc #16623)
  - Update x86_64 libm-test-ulps on AMD family 21h model 1 (glibc #16545)
* Mon Feb 17 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-1.mga5
  + Revision: 593923
  - submit to /release
* Sat Feb 08 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.19-0.1.mga5
  + Revision: 585854
  - drop P12, ancient  ppc fix
  - dummy libbsd now removed upstream
  - rediff P06, P11, P44
  - drop merged patches
  - update to 2.19
* Wed Feb 05 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-10.mga5
  + Revision: 582832
  - x86: Disable x87 inline functions for SSE2 math
* Sun Jan 05 2014 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-9.mga4
  + Revision: 564795
  - malloc: Fix race in free() of fastbin chunk (Glibc BZ #15073)
* Wed Dec 04 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-8.mga4
  + Revision: 555189
  - Print the reason why preloading failed in do_preload()
  - Fix PI mutex check in pthread_cond_broadcast and pthread_cond_signal
* Fri Oct 25 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-7.mga4
  + Revision: 546939
  - Fix stack overflow due to large AF_INET6 requests (CVE-2013-4458)
* Wed Oct 16 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-6.mga4
  + Revision: 501486
  - rebuild with new gcc & binutils
  - Fix handling LC_CTYPE nonascii-case fallback in i686 SSE4.2 and SSSE3
* Sat Oct 12 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-5.mga4
  + Revision: 496066
  - rebuild with new binutils & make
* Fri Oct 11 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-4.mga4
  + Revision: 495280
  - allow building wit GNU Make 4
  - (struct __dirstream): Fix alignment of directory block (broken by CVE-2013-4237 fix)
* Sun Oct 06 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-3.mga4
  + Revision: 492209
  - initialize the pointer guard used for pointer mangling (CVE-2013-4788)
* Wed Sep 25 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-2.mga4
  + Revision: 486293
  - inet: avoid redefinition of some structs in kernel
* Tue Sep 17 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-1.mga4
  + Revision: 480803
  - malloc: check for integer overflows in pvalloc, valloc, memalign (CVE-2013-4332)
  - make silent builds so only warnings and errors gets logged
  - Correct the processing of '\x80' characters in crypt_freesec.c
  - fix typo in nscd.service
* Sun Aug 25 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.18-0.5.mga4
  + Revision: 471565
  - temporarily disable build_check as it eats i686 libs on i586 build
  - remove more references to pt_chown
  - enable lock elision support
  - fix strcoll() integer overflow leading to buffer overflow (CVE-2012-4412),
    and alloca() stack overflow in the strcoll() interface (CVE-2012-4424)
    (fedora, P102)
  - install a sanitized LinuxThreads <bits/libc-lock.h> (fedora)
  - gcc >= 4.4 is needed to build glibc
  - binutils >= 2.20 is needed to build glibc
  - experimental-malloc is default since 2011-06-28
  - drop obsolete TlsFlags
  - fix segfault with __strstr_sse42 (P60)
  - Fix cbrtl for ldbl-96 (P100)
  - Fix CVE-2013-4237, BZ #14699: Buffer overflow in readdir_r (P101)
  - drop minimal required kernel to 2.6.32 so it works in chroots on top
    of enterprise kernels
  - pt_chown is disabled/removed as part of fix for CVE-2013-2207
  - rediff P17, P38
  - drop P18, P60, P61 (merged)
  - update to 2.18
* Sun Aug 11 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.17-10.mga4
  + Revision: 465392
  - rebuild with new gcc
* Thu Aug 01 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.17-9.mga4
  + Revision: 462088
  - test gcc-4.8.2 build
* Fri Jul 26 2013 colin <colin> 6:2.17-8.mga4
  + Revision: 458507
  - Add myhostname to the hosts config in the default nsswitch.conf
* Mon Jun 03 2013 fwang <fwang> 6:2.17-7.mga4
  + Revision: 435858
  - rebuild for new libpng
* Mon May 27 2013 oden <oden> 6:2.17-6.mga4
  + Revision: 428749
  - rebuilt against
* Tue Apr 09 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.17-5.mga3
  + Revision: 409175
  - Fix stack overflow in getaddrinfo with many results (CVE-2013-1914)
  - remove duplicate cve patch reference
* Sun Mar 24 2013 colin <colin> 6:2.17-4.mga3
  + Revision: 404859
  - Add systemd requires and general post/pre fixes (mga#9302)
    + fwang <fwang>
      - fix CVE-2013-0242
    + tmb <tmb>
      - re-enable checks disabled by mistake
* Wed Jan 09 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.17-2.mga3
  + Revision: 343961
  - fix fhs-usrmove patch that broke util-linux mounting /proc
  - fix install of nscd.conf for tempfiles
  - fix rest of nscd to use /run directly
    + colin <colin>
      - Ensure tmpfiles is run to create /run/nscd dir on pkg install
    + nanardon <nanardon>
      - revert wrong fix for missing /var/run/nscd
      - provide need /var/run/nscd in nscd package otherwise nscd failed to start
* Tue Jan 01 2013 tmb <tmb> 6:2.17-1.mga3
  + Revision: 337371
  - BR libstdc++-static-devel for testsuite
  - update to 2.17
  - drop upstream release screwup fix
  - ports is now merged back with upstream glibc
  - adapt P1 (path fixes) according to Mga and UsrMove setup
  - rediff P2 (nss upgrade)
  - drop P5 (assign global scope to RFC1918 adresses, fixed properly upstream)
  - drop P10 (revert pthread_cond_wait change, merged upstream)
  - rediff P26: nice priority fix
  - rediff P30 (filter out multiarch headers)
  - rediff P38 (disable parellel testusite on powerpc)
  - rediff P42 (avx owl crypt)
  - rediff P39 (freesec crypt support)
  - drop P60, P61 (strncasecmp segfault fix, strtod integer buffer overflow
    fix, merged)
    + tv <tv>
      - nsswitch.conf: document all modules
* Mon Oct 15 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.16-13.mga3
  + Revision: 306734
  - fix and re-enable P43: sha256-crypt and sha512 crypt support (#7793)
* Sat Oct 06 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.16-12.mga3
  + Revision: 303047
  - require filesystem to get it in same transaction during install
* Wed Oct 03 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.16-11.mga3
  + Revision: 302587
  - adapt for new dash.static
* Sun Sep 23 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.16-10.mga3
  + Revision: 296840
  - Fix strtod integer/buffer overflow (P61, upstream BZ 14459)
  - Fix segmentation fault in strncasecmp for i686 (P60, upstream)
* Tue Aug 28 2012 tv <tv> 6:2.16-9.mga3
  + Revision: 284978
  - rebuild for new binutils
* Sun Aug 05 2012 fwang <fwang> 6:2.16-8.mga3
  + Revision: 278875
  - force gb18030 charset for zh_CN locale
* Sat Aug 04 2012 tv <tv> 6:2.16-7.mga3
  + Revision: 278427
  - rebuild with compressed debug info
* Thu Aug 02 2012 tv <tv> 6:2.16-6.mga3
  + Revision: 277892
  - rebuild with mini debug info
* Sat Jul 28 2012 blino <blino> 6:2.16-5.mga3
  + Revision: 275516
  - revert upstream pthread_cond_wait change that cause hangs in pulseaudio
* Sat Jul 28 2012 guillomovitch <guillomovitch> 6:2.16-4.mga3
  + Revision: 275194
  - drop sysinit support
    + tmb <tmb>
      - rebuild for kernel 3.5 series
* Mon Jul 23 2012 blino <blino> 6:2.16-3.mga3
  + Revision: 273680
  - add a nscd.conf file in tmpfiles.d to create the nscd dir in /var/run (now in tmpfs), from openSUSE
* Fri Jul 20 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.16-2.mga3
  + Revision: 272812
  - obsolete nss_db as it got merged back in glibc-2.15
  - drop old manpages in favour of the newer man-pages rpm
  - drop P22 (old kernel bug workaround, already disabled in Mageia 2)
  - convert nsswitch.conf patch (P7) to normal source (S8)
  - drop obsolete glibc-redhat tarball
  - add BR on hardlink as that was the only thing we used from
    the old glibc-redhat tarball
* Wed Jul 18 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.16-1.mga3
  + Revision: 272322
  - merge glibc-2.16 branch:
    * update to 2.16.0
    * rediff P4, P6, P12, P28, P30, P31, P38, P44
    * drop P49 (rpc change revert) as its replaced by
      '--enable-obsolete-rpc' configure flag
    * drop P48, P60-P62 (merged upstream)
    * disable broken pdf doc build for now
    * update filelists
    * drop obsolete defattr and buildroot from spec
* Wed Jun 27 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.14.1-10.mga3
  + Revision: 264229
  - rebuild with gcc-4.7.1
* Tue Jun 26 2012 tmb <tmb> 6:2.14.1-9.mga3
  + Revision: 263781
  - BR: texinfo-tex
  - Upstream fixes needed for upcoming gcc-4.7.1
    * Fix warnings in regex (P60)
    * Fix up regcomp/regexec (P61)
    * Fix regex incomplete multi-byte character (P62)



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