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apache-1.3.27-20030611 Apache HTTP Server
binutils-2.14-20030613 GNU Binary Utilities
bison-1.35-20030604 Yacc-compatible LALR(1) Parser Generator
db- Berkeley-DB Library
expat-1.95.6-20030130 XML Parsing Library
flex-2.5.4a-20030402 Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator
fsl-1.1.0-20030522 Fake/Flexible Syslog Library
gcc-3.3-20030614 GNU Compiler Collection
gdbm-1.8.3-20030213 GNU Database Library
getopt-20030307-20030609 OSSP's GNU getopt Library
gettext-0.12.1-20030528 GNU National Language Support (NLS) Toolkit
imap-2002d-20030530 The IMAP Library
imapd-2.1.14-20030707_kolab Cyrus IMAP Server
kolab-1.0-1.0.14 Kolab Groupware Server
libiconv-1.9.1-20030529 Character Translation Library
m4-1.4o-20020206 Macro Processing Language
make-3.80-20030109 The GNU Make
mm-1.3.0-20030307 Shared Memory Allocation Library
ncurses-5.3.20030614-20030615 Terminal Capability and Display Library
openldap-2.1.21-20030609 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Toolkit
openpkg-20030606-20030606 OpenPKG Bootstrap
openssl-0.9.7b-20030930 Cryptography and SSL/TLS Toolkit
patch-2.5.9-20030520 Applies Textual Patches to Files
pcre-4.3-20030530 Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
perl-5.8.0-20030409 Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
perl-conv-20030513-20030513 Perl Modules for Conversions
perl-crypto-20030309-20030309 Perl Modules for use with cryptography
perl-ds-20030123-20030123 Perl Modules for use with data structures
perl-ldap-20030520-20030520 Perl Modules for use with LDAP
perl-mail-20030521-20030521 Perl Modules for use with email
perl-net-20030614-20030614 Perl Modules for use with networks
perl-openpkg-20030515-20030515 Perl Packaging Utility
perl-ssl-20030614-20030614 Perl Modules for use with SSL
perl-sys-20030612-20030612 Perl Modules for use with the system
perl-term-20030411-20030411 Perl Modules for use with Terminals
perl-time-20030325-20030325 Perl Modules for Date/Time Handling
perl-util-20030610-20030610 Perl Modules for general utility usage
perl-www-1.2.1-1.2.1 Perl Module for WWW client and server behavior
perl-xml-20030614-20030614 Perl Modules for use with XML
postfix-2.0.12-20030617 Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
procmail-3.22-20030330 Local Mail Filtering and Delivering Tool
proftpd-1.2.8-200309030 Professional FTP Daemon
readline-4.3-20020718 Terminal Line Editing Library
sasl-2.1.13-20030531_kolab Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
sed-4.0.7-20030411 Stream Editor
zlib-1.1.4-20030227 Compression Library

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