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tcl-hamlib-4.5.5-1.fc37 Hamlib radio control library TCL binding linux/aarch64New
telepathy-idle-0.2.2-1.fc37 IRC connection manager for Telepathy linux/aarch64
tesseract-5.2.0-5.fc37 Raw OCR Engine linux/aarch64
tesseract-devel-5.2.0-5.fc37 Development files for tesseract linux/aarch64
tesseract-tools-5.2.0-5.fc37 Training tools for tesseract linux/aarch64
thunderbird-102.11.1-1.fc37 Mozilla Thunderbird mail/newsgroup client linux/aarch64New
thunderbird-librnp-rnp-102.11.1-1.fc37 OpenPGP implementation for Thunderbird based on RNP linux/aarch64New
thunderbird-wayland-102.11.1-1.fc37 Thunderbird Wayland launcher. linux/aarch64New
tomcat-native-1.2.35-1.fc37 Tomcat native library linux/aarch64
tomlplusplus-3.3.0-1.fc37 Header-only TOML config file parser and serializer for C++17 linux/aarch64New
tomlplusplus-devel-3.3.0-1.fc37 Development libraries and header files for tomlplusplus linux/aarch64New
totem-43.0-1.fc37 Movie player for GNOME linux/aarch64
totem-devel-43.0-1.fc37 Plugin writer's documentation for totem linux/aarch64
totem-video-thumbnailer-43.0-1.fc37 Totem video thumbnailer linux/aarch64
tracker-3.4.1-1.fc37 Desktop-neutral metadata database and search tool linux/aarch64
tracker-devel-3.4.1-1.fc37 Development files for tracker linux/aarch64
tracker-doc-3.4.1-1.fc37 Documentation for tracker linux/noarch
tree-sitter-cli-0.20.7-1.fc37 CLI tool for developing, testing, and using Tree-sitter parsers linux/aarch64
treescan-4.79-1.fc37 Scan directory trees, list dirs/files, stat, sync, grep linux/noarch
trurl-0.7-1.fc37 Command line tool for URL parsing and manipulation linux/aarch64New

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