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vapoursynth-devel-51-2.fc34 Development files for vapoursynth linux/armv7hl
vapoursynth-libs-51-2.fc34 VapourSynth's core library with a C++ API linux/armv7hl
vapoursynth-plugins-51-2.fc34 VapourSynth plugins linux/armv7hl
vapoursynth-tools-51-2.fc34 Extra tools for VapourSynth linux/armv7hl
varlink-cli-4.5.2-1.fc34 Varlink command line tool linux/armv7hl
varlink_generator-10.0.0-1.fc34 Rust code generator for the varlink protocol linux/armv7hl
vdr-graphlcd-1.0.6-1.fc34 VDR plugin: Output to graphic LCD linux/armv7hl
viewres-1.0.5-1.fc34 X11 utility to display the widget hierarchy linux/armv7hl
vigra-1.11.1-28.fc34 Generic Programming for Computer Vision linux/armv7hl
vigra-devel-1.11.1-28.fc34 Development tools for programs which will use the vigra library linux/armv7hl
vim-command-t-5.0.3-1.fc34 An extremely fast, intuitive mechanism for opening files in VIM linux/armv7hl
vim-merlin-4.1-2.fc34 Context sensitive completion for OCaml in Vim linux/noarch
vim-powerline-2.8.2-1.fc34 Powerline VIM plugin linux/noarch
vimiv-qt-0.8.0-1.fc34 An image viewer with vim-like keybindings linux/armv7hl
virt-dib-1.45.2-6.fc34 Safe and secure diskimage-builder replacement linux/armv7hl
virt-win-reg-1.45.2-6.fc34 Access and modify the Windows Registry of a Windows VM linux/noarch
vmpk-0.8.1-1.fc34 Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard linux/armv7hl

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