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ocaml-alt-ergo-2.2.0-9.fc34 Automated theorem prover library linux/armv7hl
ocaml-alt-ergo-devel-2.2.0-9.fc34 Development files for ocaml-altergolib linux/armv7hl
ocaml-caml-mode-4.06-1.fc34 Opam file for caml-mode linux/armv7hl
ocaml-cryptokit-1.16.1-3.fc34 OCaml library of cryptographic and hash functions linux/armv7hl
ocaml-cryptokit-devel-1.16.1-3.fc34 Development files for ocaml-cryptokit linux/armv7hl
ocaml-cryptokit-doc-1.16.1-3.fc34 Interface documentation for ocaml-cryptokit linux/noarch
ocaml-dose3-5.0.1-32.20200502git24316fe.fc34 Framework for managing distribution packages and dependencies linux/armv7hl
ocaml-dose3-devel-5.0.1-32.20200502git24316fe.fc34 Development files for ocaml-dose3 linux/armv7hl
ocaml-dune-2.8.5-1.fc34 A composable build system for OCaml linux/armv7hl
ocaml-dune-devel-2.8.5-1.fc34 Development files for ocaml-dune linux/armv7hl
ocaml-dune-doc-2.8.5-1.fc34 HTML documentation for ocaml-dune linux/noarch
ocaml-dune-emacs-2.8.5-1.fc34 Emacs support for ocaml-dune linux/noarch
ocaml-gettext-0.4.2-2.fc34 OCaml library for i18n linux/armv7hl
ocaml-gettext-camomile-0.4.2-2.fc34 Parts of ocaml-gettext which depend on Camomile linux/armv7hl
ocaml-gettext-camomile-devel-0.4.2-2.fc34 Development files for ocaml-gettext-camomile linux/armv7hl
ocaml-gettext-devel-0.4.2-2.fc34 Development files for ocaml-gettext linux/armv7hl
ocaml-merlin-4.1-2.fc34 Context sensitive completion for OCaml linux/armv7hl
ocaml-tplib-1.3-59.fc34 Tropical Polyhedra Library linux/armv7hl
ocaml-tplib-devel-1.3-59.fc34 Library files and headers for developing with TPLib linux/armv7hl
ocaml-tplib-tools-1.3-59.fc34 Tools that use TPLib linux/armv7hl
ocaml-zarith-1.12-1.fc34 OCaml interface to GMP linux/armv7hl
ocaml-zarith-devel-1.12-1.fc34 Development files for ocaml-zarith linux/armv7hl
oclock-1.0.4-2.fc34 A simple analog clock linux/armv7hl
ocp-0.2.98-1.fc34 Open Cubic Player for MOD/S3M/XM/IT/MIDI music files linux/armv7hl
ocrmypdf-11.7.3-1.fc34 Add an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files linux/noarch
ocrmypdf-doc-11.7.3-1.fc34 ocrmypdf documentation linux/noarch
octave-mpsolve-3.2.1-5.fc34 Octave interface to mpsolve linux/armv7hl
odhcp6c-0-0.11.20210224git53f07e9.fc34 Embedded DHCPv6 and RA client linux/armv7hl
ogre-1.9.0-37.fc34 Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine linux/armv7hl
ogre-devel-1.9.0-37.fc34 Ogre header files and documentation linux/armv7hl
ogre-overlay-1.9.0-37.fc34 OGRE overlay component linux/armv7hl
ogre-paging-1.9.0-37.fc34 OGRE component for terrain paging linux/armv7hl
ogre-property-1.9.0-37.fc34 OGRE component for property introspection linux/armv7hl
ogre-rtss-1.9.0-37.fc34 OGRE RT Shader System component linux/armv7hl
ogre-samples-1.9.0-37.fc34 Ogre samples executables and media linux/armv7hl
ogre-terrain-1.9.0-37.fc34 OGRE component for terrain rendering linux/armv7hl
ogre-utils-1.9.0-37.fc34 OGRE production pipeline utilities linux/armv7hl
ogre-volume-1.9.0-37.fc34 OGRE component for volume rendering linux/armv7hl
ompl-1.5.0-6.fc34 The Open Motion Planning Library linux/armv7hl
ompl-devel-1.5.0-6.fc34 Development files for ompl linux/armv7hl
opendoas-6.8.1-2.fc34 Portable fork of the OpenBSDs doas command linux/armv7hl
openexr-2.5.5-1.fc34 Provides the specification and reference implementation of the EXR file format linux/armv7hl
openexr-devel-2.5.5-1.fc34 Development files for openexr linux/armv7hl
openexr-libs-2.5.5-1.fc34 OpenEXR Libraries linux/armv7hl
openhpi-3.8.0-16.fc34 Hardware Platform Interface library and tools linux/armv7hl
openhpi-devel-3.8.0-16.fc34 The development environment for the OpenHPI project linux/armv7hl
openhpi-libs-3.8.0-16.fc34 The system libraries for the OpenHPI project linux/armv7hl
openhpi-selinux-3.8.0-16.fc34 openhpi SELinux policy linux/noarch
openmeeg-2.4.2-0.13.fc34 Low-frequency bio-electromagnetism solving forward problems in the field of EEG and MEG linux/armv7hl
openmeeg-devel-2.4.2-0.13.fc34 Development files for openmeeg linux/armv7hl
openmeeg-doc-2.4.2-0.13.fc34 Documentation files for OpenMEEG linux/noarch
openvpn-2.5.7-1.fc34 A full-featured TLS VPN solution linux/armv7hl
openvpn-devel-2.5.7-1.fc34 Development headers and examples for OpenVPN plug-ins linux/armv7hl
openxr-1.0.23-1.fc34 An API for writing VR and AR software linux/armv7hl
openxr-devel-1.0.23-1.fc34 Headers and development files of the OpenXR library linux/armv7hl
openxr-libs-1.0.23-1.fc34 Libraries for writing VR and AR software linux/armv7hl
osm2pgsql-1.4.1-3.fc34 Import map data from OpenStreetMap to a PostgreSQL database linux/armv7hl
osmium-tool-1.13.1-2.fc34 Command line tool for working with OpenStreetMap data linux/armv7hl

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