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RPM of Group Unspecified

IQmol-2.13-2.fc31 A free open-source molecular editor and visualization package linux/armv7hl
IQmol-samples-2.13-2.fc31 Sample structures for IQmol linux/noarch
ImageMagick- An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/armv7hl
ImageMagick-c++- ImageMagick Magick++ library (C++ bindings) linux/armv7hl
ImageMagick-c++-devel- C++ bindings for the ImageMagick library linux/armv7hl
ImageMagick-devel- Library links and header files for ImageMagick app development linux/armv7hl
ImageMagick-djvu- DjVu plugin for ImageMagick linux/armv7hl
ImageMagick-doc- ImageMagick html documentation linux/armv7hl
ImageMagick-libs- ImageMagick libraries to link with linux/armv7hl
ImageMagick-perl- ImageMagick perl bindings linux/armv7hl
InsightToolkit-4.13.1-3.fc32 Insight Toolkit library for medical image processing linux/armv7hl
InsightToolkit-devel-4.13.1-3.fc32 Insight Toolkit linux/armv7hl
InsightToolkit-doc-4.13.1-3.fc32 Documentation for ITK linux/noarch
InsightToolkit-examples-4.13.1-3.fc32 C++, Tcl and Python example programs/scripts for ITK linux/armv7hl
InsightToolkit-vtk-4.13.1-3.fc32 Provides an interface between ITK and VTK linux/armv7hl
InsightToolkit-vtk-devel-4.13.1-3.fc32 Libraries and header files for development of ITK-VTK bridge linux/armv7hl
Inventor-2.1.5-72.fc32 SGI Open Inventor (TM) linux/armv7hl
Inventor-data-2.1.5-72.fc32 SGI Open Inventor (TM) data linux/noarch
Inventor-demos-2.1.5-72.fc32 SGI Open Inventor (TM) Demos linux/armv7hl
Inventor-devel-2.1.5-72.fc32 SGI Open Inventor (TM) development files linux/armv7hl
Inventor-examples-2.1.5-72.fc32 SGI Open Inventor (TM) source code examples linux/armv7hl
InventorXt-2.1.5-72.fc32 SGI Open Inventor (TM) Motif bindings linux/armv7hl
InventorXt-devel-2.1.5-72.fc32 SGI Open Inventor (TM) Motif bindings linux/armv7hl
Io-language-20151111-0.e64ff9.fc32.19 Io is a small, prototype-based programming language linux/armv7hl
Io-language-devel-20151111-0.e64ff9.fc32.19 Development files for Io-language linux/armv7hl
Io-language-extras-20151111-0.e64ff9.fc32.19 Io extra addons linux/armv7hl
Io-language-graphics-and-sound-20151111-0.e64ff9.fc32.19 Io graphics and sound support linux/armv7hl
Io-language-mysql-20151111-0.e64ff9.fc32.19 Io mysql bindings linux/armv7hl
Io-language-postgresql-20151111-0.e64ff9.fc32.19 Io postgresql bindings linux/armv7hl
i2c-tools-4.1-4.fc32 A heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux linux/armv7hl
i2c-tools-eepromer-4.1-4.fc32 Programs for reading / writing i2c / smbus eeproms linux/armv7hl
i2c-tools-perl-4.1-4.fc32 i2c tools written in Perl linux/armv7hl
i3-4.18-1.fc32 Improved tiling window manager linux/armv7hl
i3-devel-4.18-1.fc32 Development files for i3 linux/armv7hl
i3-devel-doc-4.18-1.fc32 Documentation for the development files of i3 linux/noarch
i3-doc-4.18-1.fc32 Documentation for i3 linux/noarch
i3lock-2.12-3.fc32 Simple X display locker like slock linux/armv7hl
i3status-2.13-2.fc32 Status bar generator for i3bar, dzen2, xmobar or similar programs linux/armv7hl
i3status-rs-0.13.1-2.fc32 Feature-rich and resource-friendly replacement for i3status, written in Rust linux/armv7hl
iagno-3.36.0-1.fc32 GNOME Reversi game linux/armv7hl
iapetal-1.4-12.fc32 A 2D space rescue game linux/noarch
iaxclient-2.1-0.36.beta3.fc32 Library for creating telephony solutions that interoperate with Asterisk linux/armv7hl
iaxclient-devel-2.1-0.36.beta3.fc32 Development files for iaxclient linux/armv7hl
iaxclient-libiax-2.1-0.36.beta3.fc32 IAX library linux/armv7hl
iaxclient-libiax-devel-2.1-0.36.beta3.fc32 IAX library development files linux/armv7hl
ibm-data-db2-6.6.0-5.fc32 IBM DB2 database connectivity for Mono linux/armv7hl
ibm-plex-fonts-common-4.0.2-2.fc32 Common files of IBM Plex fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-mono-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Mono fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-sans-arabic-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Sans Arabic fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-sans-condensed-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Sans Condensed fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-sans-devanagari-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Sans Devanagari fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-sans-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Sans fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-sans-hebrew-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Sans Hebrew fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-sans-thai-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Sans Thai fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-sans-thai-looped-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Sans Thai Looped fonts linux/noarch
ibm-plex-serif-fonts-4.0.2-2.fc32 IBM's Plex Serif fonts linux/noarch
ibmonitor-1.4-20.fc32 Interactive bandwidth monitor linux/noarch
ibp-0.21-22.fc32 A tool to show which IBP beacons are transmitting linux/armv7hl
ibus-1.5.22-4.fc32 Intelligent Input Bus for Linux OS linux/armv7hl
ibus-anthy-1.5.11-6.fc32 The Anthy engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-anthy-devel-1.5.11-6.fc32 Development tools for IBus linux/armv7hl
ibus-anthy-python-1.5.11-6.fc32 Anthy Python files for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-anthy-tests-1.5.11-6.fc32 Tests for the ibus-anthy package linux/armv7hl
ibus-bogo-0.4-21.fc32 Vietnamese engine for IBus input platform linux/noarch
ibus-cangjie-2.4-19.fc32 IBus engine to input Cangjie and Quick linux/noarch
ibus-cangjie-engine-cangjie-2.4-19.fc32 Cangjie input method for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-cangjie-engine-quick-2.4-19.fc32 Quick (Simplified Cangjie) input method for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-chewing-1.6.1-8.fc32 The Chewing engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-desktop-testing-1.5.22-4.fc32 Wrapper of InstalledTests Runner for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-devel-1.5.22-4.fc32 Development tools for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-devel-docs-1.5.22-4.fc32 Developer documents for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-fbterm-1.0.1-10.fc32 IBus front-end for fbterm linux/armv7hl
ibus-fep-1.4.4-16.fc32 IBus client for text terminals (non frame buffer) linux/armv7hl
ibus-gtk2-1.5.22-4.fc32 IBus IM module for GTK2 linux/armv7hl
ibus-gtk3-1.5.22-4.fc32 IBus IM module for GTK3 linux/armv7hl
ibus-handwrite-3.0.0-13.fc32 IBus handwrite project linux/armv7hl
ibus-handwrite-ja-3.0.0-13.fc32 Japanese handwrite input method linux/armv7hl
ibus-handwrite-zh_CN-3.0.0-13.fc32 Simplified Chinese handwrite input method linux/armv7hl
ibus-hangul-1.5.3-2.fc32 The Hangul engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-input-pad- Input Pad for IBus linux/armv7hl
ibus-kkc-1.5.22-13.fc32 Japanese Kana Kanji input method for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-libpinyin-1.11.92-1.fc32 Intelligent Pinyin engine based on libpinyin for IBus linux/armv7hl
ibus-libs-1.5.22-4.fc32 IBus libraries linux/armv7hl
ibus-libzhuyin-1.9.1-3.fc32 New Zhuyin engine based on libzhuyin for IBus linux/armv7hl
ibus-m17n-1.4.2-2.fc32 The M17N engine for IBus platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-mozc-2.23.2815.102-9.fc32 The mozc engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-pinyin-1.5.0-18.fc32 The Chinese Pinyin and Bopomofo engines for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-qt-1.3.3-24.fc32 Qt IBus library and Qt input method plugin linux/armv7hl
ibus-qt-devel-1.3.3-24.fc32 Development tools for ibus qt linux/armv7hl
ibus-qt-docs-1.3.3-24.fc32 Development documents for ibus qt linux/armv7hl
ibus-rawcode-1.3.2-16.fc32 The Rawcode engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-rime-1.4.0-3.fc32 Rime Input Method Engine for IBus linux/armv7hl
ibus-sayura-1.3.2-19.fc32 The Sinhala engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-setup-1.5.22-4.fc32 IBus setup utility linux/noarch
ibus-skk-1.4.3-6.fc32 Japanese SKK input method for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-table-1.9.25-1.fc32 The Table engine for IBus platform linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-1.8.2-15.fc32 Chinese input tables for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-array-1.8.2-15.fc32 Array input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-cangjie-1.8.2-15.fc32 Cangjie based input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-cantonese-1.8.2-15.fc32 Cantonese input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-easy-1.8.2-15.fc32 Easy input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-erbi-1.8.2-15.fc32 Erbi input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-quick-1.8.2-15.fc32 Quick-to-learn input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-scj-1.8.2-15.fc32 Smart Cangjie linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-stroke5-1.8.2-15.fc32 Stroke 5 input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wu-1.8.2-15.fc32 Wu pronunciation input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wubi-haifeng-1.8.2-15.fc32 Haifeng Wubi input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wubi-jidian-1.8.2-15.fc32 Jidian Wubi 86 input method, JiShuang 6.0 linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-yong-1.8.2-15.fc32 YongMa input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-code-1.3.11-2.fc32 Ibus-Tables for Latex, CNS11643 & Emoji linux/noarch
ibus-table-cyrillic-1.3.11-2.fc32 Ibus-Tables for Cyrillic linux/noarch
ibus-table-devel-1.9.25-1.fc32 Development files for ibus-table linux/noarch
ibus-table-latin-1.3.11-2.fc32 Ibus-Tables for Latin linux/noarch
ibus-table-mathwriter-1.3.11-2.fc32 Ibus-Tables for Unicode mathematics symbols linux/noarch
ibus-table-others-1.3.11-2.fc32 Various tables for IBus-Table linux/noarch
ibus-table-translit-1.3.11-2.fc32 Ibus-Tables for Russian Translit linux/noarch
ibus-table-tv-1.3.11-2.fc32 Ibus-Tables for Thai and Viqr (Vietnamese) linux/noarch
ibus-tests-1.5.22-4.fc32 Tests for the ibus package linux/armv7hl
ibus-typing-booster-2.8.2-1.fc32 A completion input method linux/noarch
ibus-uniemoji-0.6.0-9.fc32 Input method for entering unicode symbols and emoji by name linux/noarch
ibus-unikey-0.6.1-22.20190311git46b5b9e.fc32 Vietnamese engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-wayland-1.5.22-4.fc32 IBus IM module for Wayland linux/armv7hl
icaro-2.0-6.fc32 Robotic Educational Project linux/noarch
icat-0.5-6.fc32 Output images in terminal linux/armv7hl
icc-profiles-basiccolor-printing2009-1.2.0-14.fc32 The OpenICC profiles from basICColor linux/noarch
icc-profiles-openicc-1.3.1-18.fc32 The OpenICC profiles linux/noarch
icecast-2.4.4-4.fc32 ShoutCast compatible streaming media server linux/armv7hl
icecast-doc-2.4.4-4.fc32 Documentation files for icecast linux/noarch
icecream-1.3-2.fc32 Distributed compiler linux/armv7hl
icecream-devel-1.3-2.fc32 Development files for icecream linux/armv7hl
icedax-1.1.11-44.fc32 A utility for sampling/copying .wav files from digital audio CDs linux/armv7hl
icedtea-web-1.8.2-3.fc31 Additional Java components for OpenJDK - Java browser plug-in and Web Start implementation linux/armv7hl
icedtea-web-devel-1.8.2-3.fc31 pure sources for debugging IcedTea-Web linux/noarch
icedtea-web-javadoc-1.8.2-3.fc31 API documentation for IcedTea-Web linux/noarch
icemon-3.3-2.fc32 Icecream GUI monitor linux/armv7hl
icestorm-0-0.11.20190823git9594931.fc32 Lattice iCE40 FPGA bitstream creation/analysis/programming tools linux/armv7hl
icewm-1.6.5-1.fc32 Window manager designed for speed, usability, and consistency linux/armv7hl
icewm-3rd-party-cfg-1.6.5-1.fc32 Config files for 3rd-party apps to play nicely with icewm linux/noarch
icewm-data-1.6.5-1.fc32 Data files for icewm linux/noarch
icewm-fonts-settings-1.6.5-1.fc32 Font settings and tweaks for icewm linux/noarch
icewm-minimal-session-1.6.5-1.fc32 Minimal session for icewm linux/noarch
icewm-themes-1.6.5-1.fc32 Extra themes for icewm linux/noarch
icewm-wallpaper-1.6.5-1.fc32 Wallpaper for icewm linux/noarch
icfg-0.9-19.fc32 Command line utility to edit network configuration (icfg-*) files linux/noarch
icon-naming-utils-0.8.90-22.fc32 A script to handle icon names in desktop icon themes linux/noarch
icon-slicer-0.3-31.fc32 Utility for icon theme generation linux/armv7hl
icoutils-0.32.3-6.fc32 Utility for extracting and converting Microsoft icon and cursor files linux/armv7hl
icu-65.1-2.fc32 International Components for Unicode linux/armv7hl
icu4j-65.1-2.fc32 International Components for Unicode for Java linux/noarch
icu4j-charset-65.1-2.fc32 Charset converter library of icu4j linux/noarch
icu4j-javadoc-65.1-2.fc32 Javadoc for icu4j linux/noarch
icu4j-localespi-65.1-2.fc32 Locale SPI library of icu4j linux/noarch
id3lib-3.8.3-48.fc32 Library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags linux/armv7hl
id3lib-devel-3.8.3-48.fc32 Development tools for the id3lib library linux/armv7hl
id3v2-0.1.12-21.fc32 Command line ID3 tag editor linux/armv7hl
idle3-tools-0.9.1-14.fc32 Manipulate the value of the idle3 timer found on recent WD Hard Disk Drives linux/armv7hl
idm-console-framework-1.2.0-4.fc32 Identity Management Console Framework linux/noarch
idn2-2.3.0-2.fc32 IDNA2008 internationalized domain names conversion tool linux/armv7hl
idris-1.3.2-3.fc32 Functional Programming Language with Dependent Types linux/armv7hl
idris-common-1.3.2-3.fc32 Idris libraries linux/noarch
idris-docs-1.3.2-3.fc32 Idris library docs linux/noarch
idris-manual-1.3.2-3.fc32 The Idris manual linux/noarch
idris-static-1.3.2-3.fc32 Idris RTS linux/armv7hl
idzebra-2.1.4-7.fc32 High performance structured text indexing and retrieval engine linux/armv7hl
iec16022-0.2.4-24.fc32 Generate ISO/IEC 16022 2D barcodes linux/armv7hl
iec16022-devel-0.2.4-24.fc32 ISO/IEC 16022 development files linux/armv7hl
iec16022-libs-0.2.4-24.fc32 ISO/IEC 16022 libraries linux/armv7hl
ifm-5.1-28.fc32 Interactive Fiction Mapper linux/armv7hl
ifstat-1.1-31.fc32 Interface statistics linux/armv7hl
iftop-1.0-0.23.pre4.fc32 Command line tool that displays bandwidth usage on an interface linux/armv7hl
ifuse-1.1.3-17.fc32 Mount Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices linux/armv7hl
ignition-2.2.1-3.git2d3ff58.fc32 First boot installer and configuration tool linux/armv7hl
ignition-cmake-devel-0.6.1-7.fc32 CMake modules to be used by the Ignition projects linux/noarch
ignition-math-4.0.0-4.fc32 Small, Fast, High Performance Math Library linux/armv7hl
ignition-math-devel-4.0.0-4.fc32 Development files and libraries for ignition-math linux/armv7hl
ignition-math-doc-4.0.0-4.fc32 Development documentation for ignition-math linux/noarch
ignition-msgs-1.0.0-5.fc32 Common messages for the ignition framework linux/armv7hl
ignition-msgs-devel-1.0.0-5.fc32 Development libraries and headers for ignition-msgs linux/armv7hl
ignition-msgs-doc-1.0.0-5.fc32 Development documentation for ignition-msgs linux/noarch
ignition-transport-4.0.0-6.fc32 A fast and efficient message passing system linux/armv7hl
ignition-transport-devel-4.0.0-6.fc32 Development files and libraries for ignition-transport linux/armv7hl
ignition-transport-doc-4.0.0-6.fc32 Development documentation for ignition-transport linux/noarch
ignition-validate-2.2.1-3.git2d3ff58.fc32 Validation tool for Ignition configs linux/armv7hl
ignition-validate-nonlinux-2.2.1-3.git2d3ff58.fc32 Validation tool for Ignition configs for macOS and Windows linux/noarch
ignuit-2.24.3-7.fc32 Memorization aid based on the Leitner flashcard system linux/armv7hl
igraph-0.8.1-1.fc32 Library for creating and manipulating graphs linux/armv7hl
igraph-devel-0.8.1-1.fc32 Development files for igraph linux/armv7hl
igt-gpu-tools-1.24-1.20191213git048f585.fc32 Test suite and tools for DRM drivers linux/armv7hl
igt-gpu-tools-docs-1.24-1.20191213git048f585.fc32 Documentation for igt-gpu-tools linux/armv7hl
iguanaIR-1.1.0-29.fc32 Driver for Iguanaworks USB IR transceiver linux/armv7hl
iguanaIR-devel-1.1.0-29.fc32 Library and header files for iguanaIR linux/armv7hl
iguanaIR-reflasher-1.1.0-29.fc32 Reflasher for Iguanaworks USB IR transceiver linux/noarch
ii-1.7-17.fc32 IRC IT, simple FIFO based IRC client linux/armv7hl
iio-sensor-proxy-3.0-1.fc32 IIO accelerometer sensor to input device proxy linux/armv7hl
iio-sensor-proxy-docs-3.0-1.fc32 Documentation for iio-sensor-proxy linux/noarch
iipsrv-1.1.0-2.0.fc32 Light-weight streaming for viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images linux/armv7hl
iipsrv-httpd-fcgi-1.1.0-2.0.fc32 Apache HTTPD files for iipsrv linux/noarch
ike-scan-1.9.4-27.fc32 IKE protocol tool to discover, fingerprint and test IPsec VPN servers linux/armv7hl
ikiwiki-3.20200202.3-1.fc32 A wiki compiler linux/noarch
ikiwiki-w3m-3.20200202.3-1.fc32 Ikiwiki w3m cgi meta-wrapper linux/noarch
ikona-0.7.1-3.fc32 Icon Preview designed for Plasma linux/armv7hl
ilbc-1.1.1-18.fc32 Internet Low Bitrate Codec linux/armv7hl
ilbc-devel-1.1.1-18.fc32 development files for ilbc linux/armv7hl
ilmbase-2.3.0-4.fc32 Abstraction/convenience libraries linux/armv7hl
ilmbase-devel-2.3.0-4.fc32 Headers and libraries for building apps that use ilmbase linux/armv7hl
im-chooser-1.7.3-3.fc32 Desktop Input Method configuration tool linux/armv7hl
im-chooser-common-1.7.3-3.fc32 Common files for im-chooser subpackages linux/armv7hl
im-chooser-xfce-1.7.3-3.fc32 XFCE settings panel for im-chooser linux/armv7hl
ima-evm-utils-1.2.1-3.fc32 IMA/EVM support utilities linux/armv7hl
ima-evm-utils-devel-1.2.1-3.fc32 Development files for ima-evm-utils linux/armv7hl
imagefactory-1.1.14-3.fc32 System image generation tool linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-1.1.15-4.fc32 Default plugins for the Image Factory system image generation tool linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-Docker-1.1.15-4.fc32 Cloud plugin for Docker linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-GCE-1.1.15-4.fc32 Cloud plugin for GCE linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-HyperV-1.1.15-4.fc32 Cloud plugin for HyperV linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-IndirectionCloud-1.1.15-4.fc32 Cloud plugin for allowing images to modify other images linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-OVA-1.1.15-4.fc32 Cloud plugin for generating OVA archives linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-RHEVM-1.1.15-4.fc32 RHEVM Cloud plugin linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-TinMan-1.1.15-4.fc32 OS plugin for Fedora linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-ovfcommon-1.1.15-4.fc32 common utilities to manipulate ovf-related objects linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-vSphere-1.1.15-4.fc32 vSphere Cloud plugin linux/noarch
imagehash-demo-4.0-5.fc32 A Python perceptual image hashing module linux/noarch
imageinfo-0.05-34.fc31 Extract attributes of digital images linux/armv7hl
imagej-1.50-9.h.fc32 Image Processing and Analysis in Java linux/noarch
imagej-javadoc-1.50-9.h.fc32 Javadocs for imagej linux/noarch
imake-1.0.8-3.fc32 imake source code configuration and build system linux/armv7hl
imapfilter-2.6.15-2.fc32 A flexible client side mail filtering utility for IMAP servers linux/armv7hl
imapsync-1.882-5.fc32 Tool to migrate email between IMAP servers linux/noarch
imaptest-20190614-3.fc32 A generic IMAP server compliancy tester linux/armv7hl
imgbased-1.2.5-0.1.fc32.1 Tools to work with an image based rootfs linux/noarch
imgp-2.7-2.fc32 Multi-core batch image resizer and rotator linux/noarch
iml-1.0.5-12.fc32 Finds solutions to systems of linear equations over integers linux/armv7hl
iml-devel-1.0.5-12.fc32 Development files for iml linux/armv7hl
iml-static-1.0.5-12.fc32 Static library for iml linux/armv7hl
imlib2-1.5.1-4.fc32 Image loading, saving, rendering, and manipulation library linux/armv7hl
imlib2-devel-1.5.1-4.fc32 Development package for imlib2 linux/armv7hl
imlib2-id3tag-loader-1.5.1-4.fc32 Imlib2 id3tag-loader linux/armv7hl
immix-1.3.2-36.fc32 An image mixer linux/armv7hl
impallari-dancing-script-fonts-2.000-6.20200226gitf7f54bc.fc32 Dancing Script, a friendly, informal and spontaneous cursive font family linux/noarch
impallari-raleway-fonts-3.0-8.git20161116.6c67ab1.fc32 Elegant sans-serif typeface family linux/noarch
import-properties-plugin-2.21-12.fc32 istack-commons import properties plugin linux/noarch
impressive-0.13.0-0.2.20190902svn275.fc32 A program that displays presentation slides linux/noarch
imsettings-1.8.2-1.fc32 Delivery framework for general Input Method configuration linux/armv7hl
imsettings-cinnamon-1.8.2-1.fc32 Cinnamon support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-devel-1.8.2-1.fc32 Development files for imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-gsettings-1.8.2-1.fc32 GSettings support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-libs-1.8.2-1.fc32 Libraries for imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-lxde-1.8.2-1.fc32 LXDE support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-mate-1.8.2-1.fc32 MATE support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-qt-1.8.2-1.fc32 Qt support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-xfce-1.8.2-1.fc32 Xfce support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-xim-1.8.2-1.fc32 XIM support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imv-4.1.0-1.fc32 Image viewer for X11 and Wayland linux/armv7hl
imwheel-1.0.0-0.4.pre12.fc32 Mouse Event to Key Event Mapper Daemon linux/armv7hl
inadyn-mt-2.28.10-8.fc32 Dynamic DNS Client linux/armv7hl
inception-0.4.1-15.fc32 A fireWire physical memory manipulation tool linux/noarch
inchi-1.0.5-9.fc32 The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier library linux/armv7hl
inchi-devel-1.0.5-9.fc32 Development headers for the InChI library linux/armv7hl
inchi-doc-1.0.5-9.fc32 Documentation for the InChI library linux/noarch
inchi-libs-1.0.5-9.fc32 The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier library linux/armv7hl
incron-0.5.12-13.fc32 Inotify cron system linux/armv7hl
indent-2.2.12-5.fc32 A GNU program for formatting C code linux/armv7hl
indi-aagcloudwatcher-1.8.1-2.fc32 INDI driver for the AAG Cloud Watcher linux/armv7hl
indi-apogee-1.8.1-2.fc32 The INDI driver for Apogee Alta (U & E) line of CCDs linux/armv7hl
indi-eqmod-1.8.1-2.fc32 INDI driver providing support for SkyWatcher Protocol linux/armv7hl
indi-gphoto-1.8.1-2.fc32 INDI driver providing support for gPhoto linux/armv7hl
indi-sx-1.8.1-2.fc32 INDI driver providing support for Starlight Xpress devices linux/armv7hl
indistarter-2.2.0-1.fc32 GUI to start, stop and control an INDI server linux/armv7hl
inews-2.6.3-4.fc32 Sends Usenet articles to a local news server for distribution linux/armv7hl
infinoted-0.7.1-9.fc32 Server for the infinote protocol linux/armv7hl
info-6.7-6.fc32 A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation linux/armv7hl
ini4j-0.5.1-21.fc31 Java API for handling files in Windows .ini format linux/noarch
ini4j-javadoc-0.5.1-21.fc31 API documentation for ini4j linux/noarch
inih-36-13.fc32 Simple INI file parser library linux/armv7hl
inih-devel-36-13.fc32 Development package for inih linux/armv7hl
iniparser-4.1-5.fc32 C library for parsing "INI-style" files linux/armv7hl
iniparser-devel-4.1-5.fc32 Header files, libraries and development documentation for iniparser linux/armv7hl
initial-setup-0.3.80-2.fc32 Initial system configuration utility linux/armv7hl
initial-setup-gui-0.3.80-2.fc32 Graphical user interface for the initial-setup utility linux/armv7hl
initscripts-10.02-3.fc32 Basic support for legacy System V init scripts linux/armv7hl
inkscape-1.0-0.beta.fc32.5 Vector-based drawing program using SVG linux/armv7hl
inkscape-docs-1.0-0.beta.fc32.5 Documentation for Inkscape linux/armv7hl
inkscape-psd-0.1.1-12.fc32 Inkscape PSD Importer linux/noarch
inkscape-view-1.0-0.beta.fc32.5 Viewing program for SVG files linux/armv7hl
inksmoto-0.7.0-24.fc32 The new xmoto level editor for Inkscape linux/noarch
inn-2.6.3-4.fc32 The InterNetNews system, an Usenet news server linux/armv7hl
inn-devel-2.6.3-4.fc32 The INN (InterNetNews) library linux/armv7hl
inn-libs-2.6.3-4.fc32 Libraries provided by INN linux/armv7hl
innoextract-1.8-3.fc32 Tool to extract installers created by Inno Setup linux/armv7hl
innotop-1.12.0-5.fc32 A MySQL and InnoDB monitor program linux/noarch
inotify-tools-3.14-20.fc32 Command line utilities for inotify linux/armv7hl
inotify-tools-devel-3.14-20.fc32 Headers and libraries for building apps that use libinotifytools linux/armv7hl
input-pad- On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse linux/armv7hl
input-pad-devel- Development tools for input-pad linux/armv7hl
insect-5.1.0-1.fc31 A scientific calculator linux/noarch
insight- Graphical debugger based on GDB linux/armv7hl
integritysetup-2.3.0-1.fc32 A utility for setting up dm-integrity volumes linux/armv7hl
intel-clear-sans-fonts-1.00-3.fc32 Clear Sans, a versatile font family for screen, print, and Web linux/noarch
intel-mpi-benchmarks-license-2018.0-7.fc32 License of Intel MPI benchmarks linux/noarch
intel-mpi-benchmarks-mpich-2018.0-7.fc32 Intel MPI benchmarks compiled against mpich linux/armv7hl
intel-mpi-benchmarks-openmpi-2018.0-7.fc32 Intel MPI benchmarks compiled against openmpi linux/armv7hl
intltool-0.51.0-16.fc32 Utility for internationalizing various kinds of data files linux/noarch
invokebinder-1.2-12.fc32 A Java DSL for binding method handles forward, rather than backward linux/noarch
invokebinder-javadoc-1.2-12.fc32 Javadocs for invokebinder linux/noarch
inxi-3.0.38-1.fc32 A full featured system information script linux/noarch
ioc-writer-0.3.3-6.fc32 A tool to create and edit OpenIOC objects linux/noarch
iodine-0.7.0-14.fc32 Solution to tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server linux/armv7hl
iodine-client-0.7.0-14.fc32 Client part of solution to tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server linux/armv7hl
iodine-server-0.7.0-14.fc32 Server part of solution to tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server linux/armv7hl
ioping-1.1-4.fc32 Simple disk I/O latency monitoring tool linux/armv7hl
iotop-0.6-23.fc32 Top like utility for I/O linux/noarch
iowatcher-1.2.0-12.fc32 Utility for visualizing block layer IO patterns and performance linux/armv7hl
ip-sentinel-0.12-1918.fc32 Tool to prevent unauthorized usage of IP addresses linux/armv7hl
ipa-ex-gothic-fonts-004.01-4.fc32 Japanese Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-ex-mincho-fonts-004.01-4.fc32 Japanese Mincho-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-gothic-fonts-003.03-18.fc32 Japanese Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-mincho-fonts-003.03-18.fc32 Japanese Mincho-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-pgothic-fonts-003.03-16.fc32 Japanese Proportional Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-pmincho-fonts-003.03-17.fc32 Japanese Proportional Mincho-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipcalc-0.4.0-2.fc32 IP network address calculator linux/armv7hl
ipe-7.2.13-1.fc32 Drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PostScript formats linux/armv7hl
ipe-devel-7.2.13-1.fc32 Development files and documentation for designing Ipelets linux/armv7hl
ipe-doc-7.2.13-1.fc32 Documentation of Ipe linux/noarch
iperf-2.0.13-4.fc32 Measurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance linux/armv7hl
iperf3-3.7-3.fc32 Measurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance linux/armv7hl
iperf3-devel-3.7-3.fc32 Development files for iperf3 linux/armv7hl
ipgetter2-1.1.9-2.fc32 Utility to fetch your external IP address linux/noarch
ipmievd-1.8.18-19.fc32 IPMI event daemon for sending events to syslog linux/armv7hl
ipmitool-1.8.18-19.fc32 Utility for IPMI control linux/armv7hl
ipmiutil-3.1.2-6.fc32 Easy-to-use IPMI server management utilities linux/armv7hl
ipmiutil-devel-3.1.2-6.fc32 Includes libraries and headers for the ipmiutil package linux/armv7hl
ipmiutil-static-3.1.2-6.fc32 Includes static libraries for the ipmiutil package linux/armv7hl
iproute-5.5.0-1.fc32 Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools linux/armv7hl
iproute-devel-5.5.0-1.fc32 iproute development files linux/armv7hl
iproute-tc-5.5.0-1.fc32 Linux Traffic Control utility linux/armv7hl
iprutils- Utilities for the IBM Power Linux RAID adapters linux/armv7hl
ipsec-tools-0.8.2-17.fc32 Tools for configuring and using IPSEC linux/armv7hl
ipset-7.6-1.fc32 Manage Linux IP sets linux/armv7hl
ipset-devel-7.6-1.fc32 Development files for ipset linux/armv7hl
ipset-libs-7.6-1.fc32 Shared library providing the IP sets functionality linux/armv7hl
ipset-service-7.6-1.fc32 ipset service for ipsets linux/noarch
ipsilon-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 An Identity Provider Server linux/noarch
ipsilon-authfas-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 Fedora Authentication System login plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-authform-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 mod_intercept_form_submit login plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-authgssapi-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 mod_auth_gssapi based login plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-authldap-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 LDAP info and login plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-authpam-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 PAM based login plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-base-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 Ipsilon base IDP server linux/noarch
ipsilon-client-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 Tools for configuring Ipsilon clients linux/noarch
ipsilon-filesystem-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 Package providing files required by Ipsilon linux/noarch
ipsilon-infofas-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 Fedora Authentication System login plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-infosssd-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 SSSD based identity plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-openid-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 Openid provider plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-openidc-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 OpenID Connect provider plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-persona-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 Persona provider plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-saml2-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 SAML2 provider plugin linux/noarch
ipsilon-saml2-base-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 SAML2 base linux/noarch
ipsilon-tools-ipa-2.1.0-10.git20190910.aa89b1f.fc32 IPA helpers linux/noarch
iptables-1.8.4-7.fc32 Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities linux/armv7hl
iptables-devel-1.8.4-7.fc32 Development package for iptables linux/armv7hl
iptables-libs-1.8.4-7.fc32 iptables libraries linux/armv7hl
iptables-nft-1.8.4-7.fc32 nftables compatibility for iptables, arptables and ebtables linux/armv7hl
iptables-services-1.8.4-7.fc32 iptables and ip6tables services for iptables linux/armv7hl
iptables-utils-1.8.4-7.fc32 iptables and ip6tables services for iptables linux/armv7hl
iptraf-ng-1.1.4-24.fc32 A console-based network monitoring utility linux/armv7hl
iptstate-2.2.6-10.fc32 A top-like display of IP Tables state table entries linux/armv7hl
iptux-0.5.1-24.fc32 A software for sharing in LAN linux/armv7hl
iputils-20190515-5.fc32 Network monitoring tools including ping linux/armv7hl
iputils-ninfod-20190515-5.fc32 Node Information Query Daemon linux/armv7hl
ipv6calc-2.2.0-40.fc32 IPv6 address format change and calculation utility linux/armv7hl
ipv6calc-ipv6calcweb-2.2.0-40.fc32 IP address information web utility linux/armv7hl
ipv6calc-mod_ipv6calc-2.2.0-40.fc32 Apache module for ipv6calc linux/armv7hl
ipv6gen-1.0-7.fc32 IPv6 prefix generator linux/noarch
ipvsadm-1.31-2.fc32 Utility to administer the Linux Virtual Server linux/armv7hl
ipw2100-firmware-1.3-26.fc32 Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 network adaptors linux/noarch
ipw2200-firmware-3.1-19.fc32 Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200 network adaptors linux/noarch
ipwatchd-1.3.0-4.fc32 IP conflict detection tool linux/armv7hl
ipxe-bootimgs-20190125-4.git36a4c85f.fc32 Network boot loader images in bootable USB, CD, floppy and GRUB formats linux/noarch
ipxe-roms-20190125-4.git36a4c85f.fc32 Network boot loader roms in .rom format linux/noarch
ipxe-roms-qemu-20190125-4.git36a4c85f.fc32 Network boot loader roms supported by QEMU, .rom format linux/noarch
ipxripd-0.8-28.fc32 IPX RIP/SAP daemon - routing for IPX networks linux/armv7hl
irc-otr-1.0.2-11.fc32 Off-The-Record Messaging plugin for irssi linux/armv7hl
ircd-ratbox-3.0.10-6.fc32 Ircd-ratbox is an advanced, stable and fast ircd linux/armv7hl
ircd-ratbox-mkpasswd-3.0.10-6.fc32 Password hash generator for ircd-ratbox linux/armv7hl
irclog2html-2.17.2-5.fc32 A script to convert IRC logs to HTML and other formats linux/noarch
irda-utils-0.9.18-36.fc32 Utilities for infrared communication between devices linux/armv7hl
irma_configuration-0.1-0.15.aeb8d68.fc32 IRMA Card configuration data linux/noarch
irqbalance-1.4.0-5.fc32 IRQ balancing daemon linux/armv7hl
irrXML-1.8.4-11.fc32 Simple and fast XML parser for C++ linux/armv7hl
irrXML-devel-1.8.4-11.fc32 Development headers and libraries for irrXML linux/armv7hl
irrlicht-1.8.4-11.fc32 A high performance realtime 3D engine linux/armv7hl
irrlicht-devel-1.8.4-11.fc32 Development headers and libraries for irrlicht linux/armv7hl
irsim-9.7.104-3.fc32 Switch-level simulator used even for VLSI linux/armv7hl
irssi-1.2.2-3.fc32 Modular text mode IRC client with Perl scripting linux/armv7hl
irssi-devel-1.2.2-3.fc32 Development package for irssi linux/armv7hl
irssi-xmpp-0.54-7.fc32 XMPP plugin into irssi linux/armv7hl
irstlm-6.00.05-10.fc32 Statistical language model tool linux/armv7hl
irstlm-devel-6.00.05-10.fc32 Headers and libraries for building with irstlm linux/armv7hl
irstlm-tools-6.00.05-10.fc32 Programs and scripts that use the irstlm library linux/armv7hl
is-it-in-rhel-1.0-3.fc32 Command line tool to find out if a package is in RHEL linux/noarch
iscan-firmware-20190508-2.fc32 Firmware for Epson flatbed scanners linux/noarch
iscsi-initiator-utils- iSCSI daemon and utility programs linux/armv7hl
iscsi-initiator-utils-devel- Development files for iscsi-initiator-utils linux/armv7hl
iscsi-initiator-utils-iscsiuio- Userspace configuration daemon required for some iSCSI hardware linux/armv7hl
isl-0.16.1-10.fc32 Integer point manipulation library linux/armv7hl
isl-devel-0.16.1-10.fc32 Development for building integer point manipulation library linux/armv7hl
islamic-menus-1.0.6-13.fc32 Islamic menus for desktops conforming with XDG standards linux/noarch
isns-utils-0.97-10.fc32 The iSNS daemon and utility programs linux/armv7hl
isns-utils-devel-0.97-10.fc32 Development files for iSNS linux/armv7hl
isns-utils-libs-0.97-10.fc32 Shared library files for iSNS linux/armv7hl
iso-codes-4.4-2.fc32 ISO code lists and translations linux/noarch
iso-codes-devel-4.4-2.fc32 Files for development using iso-codes linux/noarch
iso8859-2-100dpi-fonts-1.0-40.fc32 A set of 100dpi Central European language fonts for X linux/noarch
iso8859-2-75dpi-fonts-1.0-40.fc32 A set of 75dpi Central European language fonts for X linux/noarch
iso8859-2-fonts-common-1.0-40.fc32 Common files of iso8859-2-fonts linux/noarch
iso8859-2-misc-fonts-1.0-40.fc32 A set of misc Central European language fonts for X linux/noarch
isoimagewriter-0.8-2.fc32 KDE ISO Image Writer, a tool to write a .iso file to a USB disk linux/armv7hl
isomaster-1.3.15-1.fc32 An easy to use GUI CD image editor linux/armv7hl
isomd5sum-1.2.3-8.fc32 Utilities for working with md5sum implanted in ISO images linux/armv7hl
isomd5sum-devel-1.2.3-8.fc32 Development headers and library for using isomd5sum linux/armv7hl
isorelax-0-0.27.release20050331.fc32 Public interfaces for RELAX Core linux/noarch
isorelax-javadoc-0-0.27.release20050331.fc32 API documentation for isorelax linux/noarch
ispc-1.12.0-4.fc32 C-based SPMD programming language compiler linux/armv7hl
isrcsubmit-2.1.0-4.fc32 Script to submit ISRCs from disc to MusicBrainz linux/noarch
istack-commons-2.21-12.fc32 Common code for some Glassfish projects linux/noarch
istack-commons-buildtools-2.21-12.fc32 istack-commons buildtools linux/noarch
istack-commons-javadoc-2.21-12.fc32 Javadoc for istack-commons linux/noarch
istack-commons-maven-plugin-2.21-12.fc32 istack-commons Maven Mojo linux/noarch
istack-commons-runtime-2.21-12.fc32 istack-commons runtime linux/noarch
istack-commons-soimp-2.21-12.fc32 istack-commons soimp linux/noarch
istack-commons-test-2.21-12.fc32 istack-commons test linux/noarch
istack-commons-tools-2.21-12.fc32 istack-commons tools linux/noarch
istatd-0.5.8-21.fc32 Daemon serving statistics to your iStat iPhone application linux/armv7hl
isync-1.3.1-3.fc32 A tool to synchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes linux/armv7hl
itcl-4.1.1-2.fc32 Object oriented extensions to Tcl and Tk linux/armv7hl
itcl-devel-4.1.1-2.fc32 Development headers and libraries for linking against itcl linux/armv7hl
itk-4.1.0-2.fc32 Object oriented extensions to Tk linux/armv7hl
itk-devel-4.1.0-2.fc32 Development headers and libraries for linking against itk linux/armv7hl
itop-0.1-11.20150225git6dbb3c42.fc32 Interactive interrupt viewer linux/noarch
itstool-2.0.6-3.fc32 ITS-based XML translation tool linux/noarch
itzam-core-2.1.1-20.fc32 Library for creating and manipulating keyed-access database files linux/armv7hl
itzam-core-devel-2.1.1-20.fc32 Development files for itzam-core linux/armv7hl
iv-0-0.2.20191117git08c48bb.fc32 InterViews graphical library linux/armv7hl
iv-devel-0-0.2.20191117git08c48bb.fc32 Development files for iv linux/armv7hl
iverilog-10.3-1.fc32 Icarus Verilog is a verilog compiler and simulator linux/armv7hl
ivshmem-tools-4.2.0-7.fc32 Client and server for QEMU ivshmem device linux/armv7hl
ivtv-firmware-20080701-38.fc32 Firmware for the Hauppauge PVR 250/350/150/500/USB2 model series linux/noarch
ivy-local-5.3.0-9.fc32 Local mode for Apache Ivy linux/noarch
ivykis-0.42.4-3.fc32 Library for asynchronous I/O readiness notification linux/armv7hl
ivykis-devel-0.42.4-3.fc32 Development files for the ivykis package linux/armv7hl
iw-5.4-2.fc32 A nl80211 based wireless configuration tool linux/armv7hl
iwd-1.6-1.fc32 Wireless daemon for Linux linux/armv7hl
iwidgets-4.1.1-3.fc32 A set of useful widgets based on itcl and itk linux/noarch
iwl100-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 100 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl1000-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 1000 B/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl105-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 105 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl135-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 135 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl2000-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 2000 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl2030-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 2030 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl3160-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 3160 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl3945-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 A/B/G network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl4965-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl5000-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 5000 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl5150-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 5150 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl6000-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6000 AGN Adapter linux/noarch
iwl6000g2a-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6005 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl6000g2b-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6030 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl6050-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6050 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl7260-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 726x/8000/9000 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iyfct-1.0.2-20180819git.ac4555d.fc32.4 Side scrolling endless runner game linux/noarch

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