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Packages beginning with letter R

racket-7.0-8.el7 General purpose programming language linux/aarch64
racket-collects-7.0-8.el7 Racket's core collections libraries linux/noarch
racket-devel-7.0-8.el7 Development files for Racket linux/aarch64
racket-doc-7.0-8.el7 Documentation files for Racket linux/noarch
racket-minimal-7.0-8.el7 A minimal Racket installation linux/aarch64
racket-pkgs-7.0-8.el7 Racket package collections linux/noarch
radare2-3.9.0-1.el7.1 The reverse engineering framework linux/aarch64
radare2-common-3.9.0-1.el7.1 Arch-independent SDB files for the radare2 package linux/noarch
radare2-devel-3.9.0-1.el7.1 Development files for the radare2 package linux/aarch64
recap-2.1.0-3.el7 Generates reports of various system information linux/noarch
recoll-1.23.1-2.el7 Desktop full text search tool with Qt GUI linux/aarch64
recoll-kio-1.23.1-2.el7 KIO support for recoll linux/aarch64
regindexer-0.5-1.el7 Tool for creating an index of a container registry linux/noarch
relval-2.4.8-1.el7 Tool for interacting with Fedora QA wiki pages linux/noarch
remctl-3.15-1.el7 Client/server for Kerberos-authenticated command execution linux/aarch64
remctl-devel-3.15-1.el7 Development files needed to compile C programs against remctl linux/aarch64
remctl-perl-3.15-1.el7 Perl interface to remctl linux/aarch64
remctl-php-3.15-1.el7 PHP interface to remctl linux/aarch64
remctl-ruby-3.15-1.el7 Ruby interface to remctl linux/aarch64
revelation-0.4.14-15.el7 Password manager for GNOME 2 linux/aarch64
rls-1.38.0-2.el7 Rust Language Server for IDE integration linux/aarch64
rpl-1.5.7-3.el7 Intelligent recursive search/replace utility linux/noarch
rss2email-2.71-8.el7 Deliver news from RSS feeds to your SMTP server as text or HTML mail linux/noarch
rust-1.38.0-2.el7 The Rust Programming Language linux/aarch64
rust-analysis-1.38.0-2.el7 Compiler analysis data for the Rust standard library linux/aarch64
rust-debugger-common-1.38.0-2.el7 Common debugger pretty printers for Rust linux/noarch
rust-doc-1.38.0-2.el7 Documentation for Rust linux/aarch64
rust-gdb-1.38.0-2.el7 GDB pretty printers for Rust linux/noarch
rust-src-1.38.0-2.el7 Sources for the Rust standard library linux/noarch
rust-std-static-1.38.0-2.el7 Standard library for Rust linux/aarch64
rustfmt-1.38.0-2.el7 Tool to find and fix Rust formatting issues linux/aarch64

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