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Packages beginning with letter H

happy-1.20.0-3.el9 Parser Generator for Haskell linux/aarch64
hash-slinger-3.1-2.el9 Generate and verify various DNS records such as SSHFP, TLSA and OPENPGPKEY linux/noarch
haveged-1.9.18-1.el9 A Linux entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm linux/aarch64
haveged-devel-1.9.18-1.el9 Headers and shared development libraries for HAVEGE algorithm linux/aarch64
hcxtools-6.2.7-1.el9 Portable solution for conversion WiFi dump files to hashcat formats linux/aarch64New
hd-idle-1.05-14.el9 Spin down idle [USB] hard disks linux/aarch64
hddtemp-0.3-0.50.beta15.el9 Hard disk temperature tool linux/aarch64
hdf-4.2.15-7.el9 A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data linux/aarch64
hdf-devel-4.2.15-7.el9 HDF4 development files linux/aarch64
hdf-libs-4.2.15-7.el9 HDF4 shared libraries linux/aarch64
hdf-static-4.2.15-7.el9 HDF4 static libraries linux/aarch64
hdf5-1.12.1-7.el9.1 A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data linux/aarch64
hdf5-devel-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 development files linux/aarch64
hdf5-mpich-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 mpich libraries linux/aarch64
hdf5-mpich-devel-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 mpich development files linux/aarch64
hdf5-mpich-static-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 mpich static libraries linux/aarch64
hdf5-openmpi-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 openmpi libraries linux/aarch64
hdf5-openmpi-devel-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 openmpi development files linux/aarch64
hdf5-openmpi-static-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 openmpi static libraries linux/aarch64
hdf5-static-1.12.1-7.el9.1 HDF5 static libraries linux/aarch64
hdhomerun-20200907-3.el9 Silicon Dust HDHomeRun configuration utility linux/aarch64
hdhomerun-devel-20200907-3.el9 Developer tools for the hdhomerun library linux/aarch64
hedley-devel-15-8.el9 A C/C++ header to help move #ifdefs out of your code linux/aarch64
hevea-2.35-7.el9 LaTeX to HTML translator linux/aarch64
hfsplus-tools-540.1.linux3-26.el9 Tools to create/check Apple HFS+ filesystems linux/aarch64
hiera-3.7.0-2.el9 A simple hierarchical database supporting plugin data sources linux/noarch
highway-devel-0.15.0-2.el9 Development files for Highway linux/aarch64
highway-doc-0.15.0-2.el9 Documentation for Highway linux/noarch
hiredis-1.0.2-1.el9 Minimalistic C client library for Redis linux/aarch64
hiredis-devel-1.0.2-1.el9 Development files for hiredis linux/aarch64
hitch-1.7.2-3.el9 Network proxy that terminates TLS/SSL connections linux/aarch64
hlint-3.2.8-4.el9 Haskell source code suggestions linux/aarch64
hlint-common-3.2.8-4.el9 hlint common files linux/noarch
hsakmt-1.0.6-20.rocm5.0.2.el9 AMD HSA thunk library linux/aarch64
hsakmt-devel-1.0.6-20.rocm5.0.2.el9 AMD HSA thunk library development package linux/aarch64
hscolour-1.24.4-15.el9 Colorize Haskell code linux/aarch64
hscolour-common-1.24.4-15.el9 hscolour common files linux/noarch
htop-3.2.1-1.el9 Interactive process viewer linux/aarch64
httpie-3.2.1-3.el9 A Curl-like tool for humans linux/noarch
hw-probe-1.6.4-1.el9 Check operability of computer hardware and find drivers linux/noarch
hwinfo-21.80-2.el9 Hardware information tool linux/aarch64
hwinfo-devel-21.80-2.el9 Development files for hwinfo linux/aarch64
hwk-0.6-3.el9 Commandline text processing with Haskell functions linux/aarch64

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