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systemd-udev-252-33.el9 RPM for s390x

From CentOS Stream 9 BaseOS for s390x

Name: systemd-udev Distribution: CentOS
Version: 252 Vendor: CentOS
Release: 33.el9 Build date: Fri Apr 26 16:41:12 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 10018262 Source RPM: systemd-252-33.el9.src.rpm
Summary: Rule-based device node and kernel event manager
This package contains systemd-udev and the rules and hardware database
needed to manage device nodes. This package is necessary on physical
machines and in virtual machines, but not in containers.






* Fri Apr 26 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-33
  - execute: Pass AT_FDCWD instead of -1 (RHEL-31783)
  - ci(src-git): update list of supported products (RHEL-30372)
  - coredump: by default process and store core files up to 1GiB (RHEL-15501)
  - coredump: keep core files for two weeks (RHEL-15501)
  - ukify: make the test happy with the latest OpenSSL (RHEL-30372)
  - test_ukify: use raw string for the regex (RHEL-30372)
  - coredump: generate stacktraces also for processes running in containers w/o coredump forwarding (RHEL-29430)
  - test: add a couple of tests for systemd-coredump (RHEL-29430)
  - test: don't expand the subshell expression prematurely (RHEL-29430)
  - coredump filter: fix stack overflow with =all (RHEL-29430)
  - coredump filter: add mask for 'all' using UINT32_MAX, not UINT64_MAX (RHEL-29430)
  - test: add coverage for CoredumpFilter=all (RHEL-29430)
  - test: rotate journal before storing coredumps (RHEL-29430)
  - test: sync with the fake binary before killing it (RHEL-29430)
  - test: check coredump handling in containers & namespaces (RHEL-29430)
* Mon Mar 18 2024 Jan Macku <> - 252-32
  - rebase rhel-net-naming-sysattrs to v0.5
* Fri Mar 15 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-31
  - bootctl: rework random seed logic to use open_mkdir_at() and openat() (RHEL-16952)
  - bootctl: properly sync fs before/after moving random seed file into place (RHEL-16952)
  - bootctl: when updating EFI random seed file, hash old seed with new one (RHEL-16952)
  - sha256: add helper than hashes a buffer *and* its size (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: don't refresh EFI random seed from random-seed.c anymore (RHEL-16952)
  - bootctl: downgrade graceful messages to LOG_NOTICE (RHEL-16952)
  - units: rename/rework systemd-boot-system-token.service → systemd-boot-random-seed.service (RHEL-16952)
  - bootctl: split out setting of system token into function of its own (RHEL-16952)
* Mon Mar 11 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-30
  - resolved: limit the number of signature validations in a transaction (RHEL-26643)
  - resolved: reduce the maximum nsec3 iterations to 100 (RHEL-26643)
  - efi: alignment of the PE file has to be at least 512 bytes (RHEL-26133)
  - units: change assert to condition to skip running in initrd/os (RHEL-16182)
  - ci: add configuration for regression sniffer GA (RHEL-1086)
* Mon Feb 26 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-29
  - units: fix typo in Condition in systemd-boot-system-token (RHEL-16952)
* Tue Feb 20 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-28
  - random-seed: shorten a bit may_credit() (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: make one more use of random_write_entropy() (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: use getopt() (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: make the logic to calculate the number of bytes read from the random seed file clearer (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: no need to pass 'mode' argument when opening /dev/urandom (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: split out run() (RHEL-16952)
  - random_seed: minor improvement in run() (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: downgrade some messages (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: clarify one comment (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: make sure to load machine id even if the seed file is missing (RHEL-16952)
  - chase-symlinks: add new flag for prohibiting any following of symlinks (RHEL-16952)
  - bootctl,bootspec: make use of CHASE_PROHIBIT_SYMLINKS whenever we access the ESP/XBOOTLDR (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: implement kernel EFI RNG seed protocol with proper hashing (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: refresh EFI boot seed when writing a new seed (RHEL-16952)
  - random-seed: handle post-merge review nits (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: do not truncate random seed file (RHEL-16952)
  - bootctl: install system token on virtualized systems (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: remove random-seed-mode (RHEL-16952)
  - stub: handle random seed like sd-boot does (RHEL-16952)
  - efi: add efi_guid_equal() helper (RHEL-16952)
  - efi: add common implementation for loop finding EFI configuration tables (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Detect hypervisors using SMBIOS info (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Skip soft-brick warning when in a VM (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Replace UINTN with size_t (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Use unsigned for beep counting (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Use unicode literals (RHEL-16952)
  - macro: add generic IS_ALIGNED32() anf friends (RHEL-16952)
  - meson: use 0|1 for SD_BOOT (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Add printf functions (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Use printf for error logging (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Introduce log_wait (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Add log_trace debugging helper (RHEL-16952)
  - tree-wide: Use __func__ in asserts (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Drop use of xpool_print/SPrint (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Drop use of Print (RHEL-16952)
  - boot: Rework GUID handling (RHEL-16952)
  - efi-string: Fix strchr() null byte handling (RHEL-16952)
  - efi-string: Add startswith8() (RHEL-16952)
  - efi-string: Add efi_memchr() (RHEL-16952)
  - vmm: Add more const (RHEL-16952)
  - vmm: Add smbios_find_oem_string() (RHEL-16952)
  - stub: Read extra kernel command line items from SMBIOS (RHEL-16952)
  - vmm: Modernize get_smbios_table() (RHEL-16952)
  - stub: measure SMBIOS kernel-cmdline-extra in PCR12 (RHEL-16952)
  - efi: support passing empty cmdline to mangle_stub_cmdline() (RHEL-16952)
  - efi: set EFIVAR to stop Shim from uninstalling its protocol (RHEL-16952)
  - ukify: use empty stub for addons (RHEL-16952)
  - stub: allow loading and verifying cmdline addons (RHEL-16952)
  - TODO: remove fixed item (RHEL-16952)
  - fix: do not check/verify slice units if recursive errors are to be ignored (RHEL-1086)
* Thu Feb 15 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-27
  - test: merge TEST-20-MAINPIDGAMES into TEST-07-PID1 (fixup) (RHEL-1086)
  - test: use the default nsec3-iterations value (RHEL-1086)
  - test: explicitly set nsec3-iterations to 0 (RHEL-1086)
  - core: mount namespaces: Remove auxiliary bind mounts directory after unit termination (RHEL-19483)
  - ci: deploy systemd man to GitHub Pages (RHEL-1086)
  - doc: add missing `<listitem>` to `` (RHEL-7026)
  - man: reorder the list of supported naming schemes (RHEL-7026)
  - tree-wide: fix return value handling of base64mem() (RHEL-16182)
  - Consolidate various TAKE_* into TAKE_GENERIC(), add TAKE_STRUCT() (RHEL-16182)
  - pcrphase: add $SYSTEMD_PCRPHASE_STUB_VERIFY env var for overriding stub check (RHEL-16182)
  - pcrphase: gracefully exit if TPM2 support is incomplete (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: split out code that derives "good" TPM2 banks into an strv from pcrphase and generalize it in tpm2-util.c (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: split out code that extends a PCR from pcrphase (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: optionally do HMAC in tpm2_extend_bytes() in case we process sensitive data (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptsetup: add tpm2-measure-pcr= and tpm2-measure-bank= crypttab options (RHEL-16182)
  - man: document the new crypttab measurement options (RHEL-16182)
  - gpt-auto-generator: automatically measure root/var volume keys into PCR 15 (RHEL-16182)
  - blkid-util: define enum for blkid_do_safeprobe() return values (RHEL-16182)
  - pcrphase: make tool more generic, reuse for measuring machine id/fs uuids (RHEL-16182)
  - units: measure /etc/machine-id into PCR 15 during early boot (RHEL-16182)
  - generators: optionally, measure file systems at boot (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add common helper for checking if we are running on UKI with TPM measurements (RHEL-16182)
  - man: document new machine-id/fs measurement options (RHEL-16182)
  - test: add simple integration test for checking PCR extension works as it should (RHEL-16182)
  - update TODO (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptsetup: retry TPM2 unseal operation if it fails with TPM2_RC_PCR_CHANGED (RHEL-16182)
  - boot: Simplify object erasure (RHEL-16182)
  - tree-wide: use CLEANUP_ERASE() at various places (RHEL-16182)
  - dlfcn: add new safe_dclose() helper (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: rename tpm2 alg id<->string functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: rename struct tpm2_context to Tpm2Context (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use ref counter for Tpm2Context (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use Tpm2Context* instead of ESYS_CONTEXT* (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add Tpm2Handle with automatic cleanup (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: simplify tpm2_seal() blob creation (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add salt to pin (RHEL-16182)
  - basic/macro: add macro to iterate variadic args (RHEL-16182)
  - test/test-macro: add tests for FOREACH_VA_ARGS() (RHEL-16182)
  - basic/bitfield: add bitfield operations (RHEL-16182)
  - test/test-bitfield: add tests for bitfield macros (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_get_policy_digest() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add TPM2_PCR_VALID() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add/rename functions to manage pcr selections (RHEL-16182)
  - test/test-tpm2: add tests for pcr selection functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_pcr_read() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: move openssl-required ifdef code out of policy-building function (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_is_encryption_session() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: move policy building out of policy session creation (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add support for a trusted SRK (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: fix nits from PR #26185 (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: replace magic number (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_digest_*() functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: replace hash_pin() with tpm2_digest_*() functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_set_auth() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_get_name() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: rename pcr_values_size vars to n_pcr_values (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_policy_pcr() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_policy_auth_value() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_policy_authorize() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use tpm2_policy_authorize() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_calculate_sealing_policy() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm: remove external calls to dlopen_tpm2() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: remove all extern tpm2-tss symbols (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_get_capability(), tpm2_cache_capabilities(), tpm2_capability_pcrs() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: verify symmetric parms in tpm2_context_new() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: replace _cleanup_tpm2_* macros with _cleanup_() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: use compound initialization when allocating tpm2 objects (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_get_capability_handle(), tpm2_esys_handle_from_tpm_handle() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_read_public() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_get_legacy_template() and tpm2_get_srk_template() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_load() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_load_external() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: move local vars in tpm2_seal() to point of use (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: replace magic number in hmac_sensitive initialization (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_create() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: replace tpm2_capability_pcrs() macro with direct c->capaiblity_pcrs use (RHEL-16182)
  - basic/alloc-util: add greedy_realloc_append() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: cache the TPM supported commands, add tpm2_supports_command() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: cache TPM algorithms (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_persist_handle() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_get_or_create_srk() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: move local vars in tpm2_unseal() to point of use (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: remove tpm2_make_primary() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use CreatePrimary() to create primary keys instead of Create() (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptsetup: downgrade a bunch of log messages that to LOG_WARNING (RHEL-16182)
  - boot/measure: replace TPM PolicyPCR session with calculation (RHEL-16182)
  - core: imply DeviceAllow=/dev/tpmrm0 with LoadCredentialEncrypted (RHEL-16182)
  - added more test cases (RHEL-16182)
  - test: fixed negative checks in TEST-70-TPM2. Use in-line error handling rather than redirections. Follow up on #27020 (RHEL-16182)
  - systemd-cryptenroll: add string aliases for tpm2 PCRs Fixes #26697. RFE. (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptenroll: fix an assertion with weak passwords (RHEL-16182)
  - man/systemd-cryptenroll: update list of PCRs, link to uapi docs (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add debug logging to functions converting hash or asym algs to/from strings or ids (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_hash_alg_to_size() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: change tpm2_tpm*_pcr_selection_to_mask() to return mask (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add more helper functions for managing TPML_PCR_SELECTION and TPMS_PCR_SELECTION (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add Tpm2PCRValue struct and associated functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: move declared functions in header lower down (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: declare tpm2_log_debug_*() functions in tpm2_util.h (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: change tpm2_calculate_policy_pcr(), tpm2_calculate_sealing_policy() to use Tpm2PCRValue array (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: change tpm2_parse_pcr_argument() parameters to parse to Tpm2PCRValue array (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add TPM2B_*_MAKE(), TPM2B_*_CHECK_SIZE() macros (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_pcr_read_missing_values() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add openssl_pkey_from_pem() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add rsa_pkey_new(), rsa_pkey_from_n_e(), rsa_pkey_to_n_e() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add ecc_pkey_new(), ecc_pkey_from_curve_x_y(), ecc_pkey_to_curve_x_y() (RHEL-16182)
  - test: add DEFINE_HEX_PTR() helper function (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add test-openssl (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add functions to convert TPM2B_PUBLIC to/from openssl pkey or PEM (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: move policy calculation out of tpm2_seal() (RHEL-16182)
  - man: update systemd-cryptenroll man page with details on --tpm2-pcrs format change (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: update TEST-70-TPM2 to test passing PCR value to systemd-cryptenroll (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: change *alg_to_* functions to use switch() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: lowercase TPM2_PCR_VALUE[S]_VALID functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: move cast from lhs to rhs in uint16_t/int comparison (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: in validator functions, return false instead of assert failure (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: in tpm2_pcr_values_valid() use FOREACH_ARRAY() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use SIZE_MAX instead of strlen() for unhexmem() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: put !isempty() check inside previous !isempty() check (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: simplify call to asprintf() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: check pcr value hash != 0 before looking up hash algorithm name (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use strempty() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: split TPM2_PCR_VALUE_MAKE() over multiple lines (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: remove ret_ prefix from input/output params (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use memcpy_safe() instead of memcpy() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: use new(char, size) instead of malloc(size) (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use table for openssl<->tpm2 ecc curve id mappings (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use switch() instead of if-else (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: make logging level consistent at debug for some functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: remove unnecessary void* cast (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_pcr_values_has_(any|all)_values() functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: wrap (7) in UINT32_C() (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptenroll: change man page example to remove leading 0x and lowercase hex (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add log_openssl_errors() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add openssl_digest_size() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add openssl_digest_many() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: replace openssl_hash() with openssl_digest() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add openssl_hmac_many() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add rsa_oaep_encrypt_bytes() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add kdf_kb_hmac_derive() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add openssl_cipher_many() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add ecc_edch() (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl: add kdf_ss_derive() (RHEL-16182)
  - dlfcn-util: add static asserts ensuring our sym_xyz() func ptrs match the types from the official headers (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_marshal_blob() and tpm2_unmarshal_blob() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_serialize() and tpm2_deserialize() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_index_to_handle() and tpm2_index_from_handle() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: fix build failure without openssl (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: look for tpm2-pcr-signature.json directly in /.extra/ (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: downgrade most log functions from error to debug (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: handle older tpm enrollments without a saved pcr bank (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: allow tpm2_make_encryption_session() without bind key (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: update tpm2 test for supported commands (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: use GREEDY_REALLOC_APPEND() in tpm2_get_capability_handles(), cap max value (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: change tpm2_unseal() to accept Tpm2Context instead of device string (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: cache TPM's supported ECC curves (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: make tpm2_marshal_blob()/tpm2_unmarshal_blob() static (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: make tpm2_read_public() static, as we use it only internally in tpm2-util.c (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptenroll: allow specifying handle index of key to use for sealing (RHEL-16182)
  - test: add tests for systemd-cryptenroll --tpm2-seal-key-handle (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: do not call Esys_TR_Close() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: don't use GetCapability() to check transient handles (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: pick up a few new symbols from tpm2-tss (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_get_pin_auth() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: instead of adjusting authValue trailing 0(s), trim them as required by tpm spec (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2-util: rename tpm2_calculate_name() → tpm2_calculate_pubkey_name() (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptenroll: do not implicitly verify with default tpm policy signature (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptenroll: drop deadcode (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: allow using tpm2_get_srk_template() without tpm (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add test to verify srk templates (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_sym_alg_*_string() and tpm2_sym_mode_*_string() (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: add tpm2_calculate_seal() and helper functions (RHEL-16182)
  - tpm2: update test-tpm2 for tpm2_calculate_seal() (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptenroll: add support for calculated TPM2 enrollment (RHEL-16182)
  - test: update TEST-70 with systemd-cryptenroll calculated TPM2 enrollment (RHEL-16182)
  - openssl-util: avoid freeing invalid pointer (RHEL-16182)
  - creds-util: check for CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH (RHEL-16182)
  - creds-util: do not try TPM2 if there is not support (RHEL-16182)
  - creds-util: merge the TPM2 detection for initrd (RHEL-16182)
  - cryptenroll: fix a memory leak (RHEL-16182)
  - sd-journal: introduce sd_journal_step_one() (RHEL-11591)
  - test: modernize test-journal-flush (RHEL-11591)
  - journal-file-util: do not fail when journal_file_set_offline() called more than once (RHEL-11591)
  - journal-file-util: Prefer punching holes instead of truncating (RHEL-11591)
  - test: add reproducer for SIGBUS issue caused by journal truncation (RHEL-11591)
* Wed Jan 31 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-26
  - spec: update rhel-net-naming-sysattrs to v0.4 (RHEL-22278)
* Tue Jan 30 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-25
  - spec: add new package with RHEL-specific network naming sysattrs (RHEL-22278)
* Wed Jan 24 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-24
  - ci: use source-git-automation composite Action (RHEL-1086)
  - ci: increase the cron interval to 45 minutes (RHEL-1086)
  - ci: add all Z-Stream versions to array of allowed versions (RHEL-1086)
  - udev/net_id: introduce naming scheme for RHEL-9.4 (RHEL-22427)
  - basic/errno-util: add wrappers which only accept negative errno (RHEL-22443)
  - errno-util: allow ERRNO_IS_* to accept types wider than int (RHEL-22443)
  - udev: add new builtin net_driver (RHEL-22443)
  - udev/net_id: introduce naming scheme for RHEL-8.10 (RHEL-22427)
* Fri Jan 12 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-23
  - logind: don't setup idle session watch for lock-screen and greeter (RHEL-20757)
  - logind: don't make idle action timer accuracy more coarse than timeout (RHEL-20757)
  - logind: do TTY idle logic only for sessions marked as "tty" (RHEL-20757)
  - meson: Properly install 90-uki-copy.install (RHEL-16354)
* Mon Jan 08 2024 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-22
  - Revert "man: mention System Administrator's Guide in systemctl manpage" (RHEL-19436)
  - man: mention RHEL documentation in systemctl's man page (RHEL-19436)
  - resolved: actually check authenticated flag of SOA transaction (RHEL-6216)
  - udev: allow/denylist for reading sysfs attributes when composing a NIC name (RHEL-1317)
  - man: environment value -> udev property (RHEL-1317)
* Mon Dec 11 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-21
  - meson: fix installation of ukify (RHEL-13199)
  - sd-id128: introduce id128_hash_ops_free (RHEL-5988)
  - udevadm-trigger: allow to fallback without synthetic UUID only first time (RHEL-5988)
  - udevadm-trigger: settle with synthetic UUID if the kernel support it (RHEL-5988)
  - udevadm-trigger: also check with the original syspath if device is renamed (RHEL-5988)
  - test: use 'udevadm trigger --settle' even if device is renamed (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-event: don't mistake USEC_INFINITY passed in for overflow (RHEL-6090)
  - pid1: rework service_arm_timer() to optionally take a relative time value (RHEL-6090)
  - manager: add one more assert() (RHEL-6090)
  - pid1: add new Type=notify-reload service type (RHEL-6090)
  - man: document Type=notify-reload (RHEL-6090)
  - pid1: make sure we send our calling service manager RELOADING=1 when reloading (RHEL-6090)
  - networkd: implement Type=notify-reload protocol (RHEL-6090)
  - udevd: implement the full Type=notify-reload protocol (RHEL-6090)
  - logind: implement Type=notify-reload protocol properly (RHEL-6090)
  - notify: add --stopping + --reloading switches (RHEL-6090)
  - test: add Type=notify-reload testcase (RHEL-6090)
  - update TODO (RHEL-6090)
  - core: check for SERVICE_RELOAD_NOTIFY in manager_dbus_is_running (RHEL-6090)
* Fri Dec 08 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-20
  - udev/net: allow new link name as an altname before renaming happens (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-netlink: do not swap old name and alternative name (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-netlink: restore altname on error in rtnl_set_link_name (RHEL-5988)
  - udev: attempt device rename even if interface is up (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-netlink: add a test for rtnl_set_link_name() (RHEL-5988)
  - test-network: add a test for renaming device to current altname (RHEL-5988)
  - udev: align table (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-device: make device_set_syspath() clear sysname and sysnum (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-device: do not directly access entry in sd-device object (RHEL-5988)
  - udev: move device_rename() from device-private.c (RHEL-5988)
  - udev: restore syspath and properties on failure (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-device: introduce device_get_property_int() (RHEL-5988)
  - core/device: downgrade log level for ignored errors (RHEL-5988)
  - core/device: ignore failed uevents (RHEL-5988)
  - test: add tests for failure in renaming network interface (RHEL-5988)
  - test: modernize test-netlink.c (RHEL-5988)
  - test-netlink: use dummy interface to test assigning new interface name (RHEL-5988)
  - udev: use SYNTHETIC_ERRNO() at one more place (RHEL-5988)
  - udev: make udev_builtin_run() take UdevEvent* (RHEL-5988)
  - udev/net: verify ID_NET_XYZ before trying to assign it as an alternative name (RHEL-5988)
  - udev/net: generate new network interface name only on add uevent (RHEL-5988)
  - sd-netlink: make rtnl_set_link_name() optionally append alternative names (RHEL-5988)
  - udev/net: assign alternative names only on add uevent (RHEL-5988)
  - test: add tests for renaming network interface (RHEL-5988)
  - Backport ukify from upstream (RHEL-13199)
  - bootctl: make --json output normal json (RHEL-13199)
  - test: replace readfp() with read_file() (RHEL-13199)
  - stub/measure: document and measure .uname UKI section (RHEL-13199)
  - boot: measure .sbat section (RHEL-13199)
  - Revert "test_ukify: no stinky root needed for signing" (RHEL-13199)
  - ukify: move to /usr/bin and mark as non non-experimental (RHEL-13199)
  - kernel-install: Add uki layout (RHEL-16354)
  - kernel-install: remove math slang from man page (RHEL-16354)
  - kernel-install: handle uki installs automatically (RHEL-16354)
  - 90-uki-copy.install: create $BOOT/EFI/Linux directory if needed (RHEL-16354)
  - kernel-install: Log location that uki is installed in (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: fix errno logging (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: add kernel-identity command (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: add kernel-inspect command (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: add kernel-inspect to --help text (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: drop full stop at end of --help texts (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: change section title for kernel image commands (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: remove space that should not be there (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: kernel-inspect: print os info (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl-uki: several coding style fixlets (RHEL-16354)
  - tree-wide: unify how we pick OS pretty name to display (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl-uki: several follow-ups for inspect_osrel() (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: Add missing %m (RHEL-16354)
  - bootctl: tweak DOS header magic check (RHEL-16354)
* Mon Nov 13 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-19
  - ci: Extend source-git-automation (RHEL-1086)
  - netif-naming-scheme: let's also include rhel8 schemes (RHEL-7026)
  - systemd-analyze: Add table and JSON output implementation to plot (RHEL-5070)
  - systemd-analyze: Update man/systemd-analyze.xml with Plot JSON and table (RHEL-5070)
  - systemd-analyze: Add tab complete logic for plot (RHEL-5070)
  - systemd-analyze: Add --json=, --table and -no-legend tests for plot (RHEL-5070)
  - ci: enable source-git automation to validate reviews and ci results (RHEL-1086)
  - ci: remove Mergify config - replaced by Pull Request Validator (RHEL-1086)
  - ci: enable auto-merge GH Action (RHEL-1086)
  - ci: add missing permissions (RHEL-1086)
  - ci: `permissions: write-all` (RHEL-1086)
  - ci(lint): exclude `.in` files from ShellCheck lint (RHEL-1086)
  - udev: raise RLIMIT_NOFILE as high as we can (RHEL-11040)
* Tue Aug 22 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-18
  - doc: add downstream CONTRIBUTING document (#2170883)
  - doc: improve CONTRIBUTING document (#2170883)
  - doc: use link with prefilled Jira issue (#2170883)
  - docs: link downstream CONTRIBUTING in README (#2170883)
  - bpf: fix restrict_fs on s390x (#2230364)
  - udev/net_id: use naming scheme for RHEL-9.3 (#2231845)
  - core/timer: Always use inactive_exit_timestamp if it is set (#2211065)
  - timer: Use dual_timestamp_is_set() in one more place (#2211065)
  - loginctl: list-users: also show state (#2209912)
  - loginctl: list-sessions: minor modernization (#2209912)
  - loginctl: list-sessions: also show state (#2209912)
  - test: add test for state in loginctl list-{users,sessions} (#2209912)
  - test: add a missing session activation (#2209912)
  - test: extend test for loginctl list-* (#2209912)
  - loginctl: shorten variable name (#2209912)
  - loginctl: use bus_map_all_properties (#2209912)
  - loginctl: show session idle status in list-sessions (#2209912)
  - loginctl: some modernizations (#2209912)
  - loginctl: list-sessions: fix timestamp for idle hint (#2209912)
  - loginctl: list-users: use bus_map_all_properties (#2209912)
  - loginctl: also show idle hint in session-status (#2209912)
  - memory-util: make ArrayCleanup passed to array_cleanup() const (#2190226)
  - static-destruct: several cleanups (#2190226)
  - static-destruct: introduce STATIC_ARRAY_DESTRUCTOR_REGISTER() (#2190226)
  - macro: support the case that the number of elements has const qualifier (#2190226)
  - shared/generator: apply similar config reordering of generated units (#2190226)
  - nulstr-util: make ret_size in strv_make_nulstr() optional (#2190226)
  - generator: teach generator_add_symlink() to instantiate specified unit (#2190226)
  - units: rework growfs units to be just a regular unit that is instantiated (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: use correct targets when /sysroot is specificied in fstab only (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: add SYSTEMD_SYSFS_CHECK env var (#2190226)
  - test: add fstab file support for fstab-generator tests (#2190226)
  - test-fstab-generator: also check file contents (#2190226)
  - test-fstab-generator: add tests for mount options (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: split out several functions from parse_fstab() (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: call add_swap() earlier (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: refuse to add swap earlier if disabled (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: refuse invalid mount point path in fstab earlier (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: fix error code propagation in run_generator() (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: support defining mount units through kernel command line (#2190226)
  - test: add test cases for defining mount and swap units from kernel cmdline (#2190226)
  - generators: change TimeoutSec=0 to TimeoutSec=infinity (#2190226)
  - units: change TimeoutSec=0 to TimeoutSec=infinity (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: use correct swap name var (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: add more parameter name comments (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: unify dependency handling code (#2190226)
  - fstab-util: add fstab_is_bind (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: resolve bind mount source when in initrd (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: rename 'initrd' flag to 'prefix_sysroot' (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: fix target of /sysroot/usr (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: add rd.systemd.mount-extra= and friends (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: add a flag to accept entry for "/" in initrd (#2190226)
  - test-fstab-generator: extract core part as a function (#2190226)
  - test-fstab-generator: also test with SYSTEMD_IN_INITRD=no (#2190226)
  - test-fstab-generator: add more tests for systemd.mount-extra= and friends (#2190226)
  - fstab-generator: enable fsck for block device mounts specified in systemd.mount-extra= (#2190226)
  - core: use correct scope of looking up units (#2226980)
  - test: merge unit file related tests into TEST-23-UNIT-FILE (#2213521)
  - test: rename TEST-07-ISSUE-1981 to TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-08-ISSUE-2730 into TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-09-ISSUE-2691 into TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-10-ISSUE-2467 with TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-11-ISSUE-3166 into TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-12-ISSUE-3171 into TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: move TEST-23's units into a dedicated subfolder (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-47-ISSUE-14566 into TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-51-ISSUE-16115 into TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: merge TEST-20-MAINPIDGAMES into TEST-07-PID1 (#2213521)
  - test: abstract the common test parts into a utility script (#2213521)
  - test: add tests for JoinsNamespaceOf= (#2213521)
  - core/unit: drop doubled empty line (#2213521)
  - core/unit: make JoinsNamespaceOf= implies the inverse dependency (#2213521)
  - core/unit: search shared namespace in transitive relation of JoinsNamespaceOf= (#2213521)
  - core/unit: update bidirectional dependency simultaneously (#2213521)
  - resolvectl: fix type of ifindex D-Bus field, and make sure to initialize to zero in all code paths (#2161260)
  - resolved: add some line-breaks/comments (#2161260)
  - resolvectl: don't filter loopback DNS server from global DNS server list (#2161260)
  - blockdev-util: add simple wrapper around BLKSSZGET (#2170883)
  - loop-util: insist on setting the sector size correctly (#2170883)
  - dissect-image: add probe_sector_size() helper for detecting sector size of a GPT disk image (#2170883)
  - loop-util: always tell kernel explicitly about loopback sector size (#2170883)
  - Revert "Treat EPERM as "not available" too" (#2178222)
  - Revert "test: accept EPERM for unavailable idmapped mounts as well" (#2178222)
* Fri Aug 04 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-17
  - Revert "core/service: when resetting PID also reset known flag" (#2225667
  - ci: explicitly install python3-lldb-$COMPILER_VERSION (#2225667)
* Mon Jul 17 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-16
  - ci: update permissions for source-git automation workflows (#2170883)
  - pstore: fixes for dmesg.txt reconstruction (#2170883)
  - pstore: explicitly set the base when converting record ID (#2170883)
  - pstore: avoid opening the dmesg.txt file if not requested (#2170883)
  - test: add a couple of tests for systemd-pstore (#2170883)
  - test: match all messages with the FILE field (#2170883)
  - test: build the SELinux test module on the host (#2170883)
  - test: make the stress test slightly less stressful on slower machines (#2170883)
  - coredump: use unaligned_read_ne{32,64}() to parse auxv (#2170883)
  - core/transaction: make merge_unit_ids() always return NUL-terminated string (#2170883)
  - core/transaction: make merge_unit_ids() return non-NULL on success (#2170883)
  - core/transaction: do not log "(null)" (#2170883)
  - ci: allow `RHEL-only` labels to mark downstream-only commits (#2170883)
  - elf-util: discard PT_LOAD segment early based on the start address. (#2215412)
  - elf-util: check for overflow when computing end of core's PT_LOAD segments (#2215412)
  - sulogin: use DEFINE_MAIN_FUNCTION() (#2169959)
  - sulogin: fix control lost of the current terminal when is (#2169959)
  - journal-vacuum: count size of all journal files (#2182632)
  - memory-util: add a concept for gcc cleanup attribute based array destruction (#2182632)
  - macro: introduce FOREACH_ARRAY() macro (#2182632)
  - journal-vacuum: rename function to match struct name (#2182632)
  - journal-vacuum: use CLEANUP_ARRAY (#2182632)
  - pam: add call to pam_umask (#2210145)
  - udev-builtin-net_id: align VF representor names with VF names (#2218886)
  - pam: add a call to pam_namespace (#2218184)
  - rules: online CPU automatically on IBM s390x platforms when configured (#2212612)
  - core/mount: escape invalid UTF8 char in dbus reply (#2208240)
  - Revert "user: delegate cpu controller, assign weights to user slices" (#2176899)
  - udev-rules: fix nvme symlink creation on namespace changes (#2172509)
  - rules: add whitespace after comma before the line continuation (#2172509)
  - udev: restore compat symlink for nvme devices (#2172509)
  - rules: drop doubled space (#2172509)
  - manager: don't taint the host if cgroups v1 is used (#2193456)
  - core/service: when resetting PID also reset known flag (#2210237)
  - ci: drop systemd-stable from advanced-commit-linter config (#2170883)
* Thu May 18 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-15
  - ci: trigger `differential-shellcheck` workflow on push (#2100440)
  - ci: workflow for gathering metadata for source-git automation (#2100440)
  - ci: first part of the source-git automation - commit linter (#2100440)
  - ci(Mergify): check CodeQL and build workflows based on changed files (#2100440)
  - ci: add NOTICE to also update regexp in `.mergify.yml` when updating `paths` property (#2100440)
  - Support /etc/system-update for OSTree systems (#2203133)
  - journal-def: fix type of signature to match the actual field in the Header structure (#2183546)
  - journal: use compound initialization for journal file Header structure (#2183546)
  - journald: fix log message (#2183546)
  - sd-journal: cache results of parsing environment variables (#2183546)
  - compress: introduce compression_supported() helper function (#2183546)
  - sd-journal: always use the compression algorithm specified in the header (#2183546)
  - sd-journal: allow to specify compression algorithm through env (#2183546)
  - test: add test case that journal file is created with the requested compression algorithm (#2183546)
  - rules: do not online CPU automatically on IBM platforms (#2143107)
* Tue Mar 21 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-14
  - systemd: Support OOMPolicy in scope units (#2176918)
  - systemd: Default to OOMPolicy=continue for login session scopes (#2176918)
  - man: rework description of OOMPolicy= a bit (#2176918)
  - core,man: add missing integration of OOMPolicy= in scopes (#2176918)
  - meson: Store fuzz tests in structured way (#2176918)
  - meson: Generate fuzzer inputs with directives (#2176918)
  - oss-fuzz: include generated corpora in the final zip file (#2176918)
  - unit: In cgroupv1, gracefully terminate delegated scopes again (#2180120)
* Mon Feb 27 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-8
  - journal-file: Fix return value in bump_entry_array() (#2173682)
* Mon Feb 27 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-7
  - test: add coverage for #24177 (#1985288)
  - logind-session: make stopping of idle session visible to admins (#2172401)
* Wed Feb 22 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-6
  - journalctl: actually run the static destructors (#2122500)
  - efi: drop executable-stack bit from .elf file (#2140646)
  - install: fail early if specifier expansion failed (#2138081)
  - test: add coverage for #26467 (#2138081)
* Fri Feb 17 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-5
  - nss-myhostname: fix inverted condition in (#2167468)
  - nss-myhostname: do not return empty result with NSS_STATUS_SUCCESS (#2167468)
  - sleep: rename hibernate_delay_sec -> _usec (#2151612)
  - sleep: fetch_batteries_capacity_by_name() does not return -ENOENT (#2151612)
  - sleep: drop unnecessary temporal vaiable and initialization (#2151612)
  - sleep: introduce SuspendEstimationSec= (#2151612)
  - sleep: coding style fixlets (#2151612)
  - sleep: simplify code a bit (#2151612)
  - sleep: fix indentation (#2151612)
  - sleep: enumerate only existing and non-device batteries (#2151612)
  - core: when isolating to a unit, also keep units running that are triggered by units we keep running (#1952378)
  - udev/net_id: introduce naming scheme for RHEL-9.2 (#2170500)
* Mon Feb 06 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-4
  - udev: make get_virtfn_info() provide physical PCI device (#2159448)
  - test: make helper_check_device_units() log unit name (#2138081)
  - test: add a testcase for lvextend (#2138081)
  - pid1: fix segv triggered by status query (#26279) (#2138081)
  - test: create config under /run (#2138081)
  - test: add tests for mDNS and LLMNR settings (#2138081)
  - resolved: introduce the _localdnsstub and _localdnsproxy special hostnames for + (#2138081)
  - test: wait for the monitoring service to become active (#2138081)
  - test: suppress echo in monitor_check_rr() (#2138081)
  - Revert "test: wait for the monitoring service to become active" (#2138081)
  - test: show and check almost all journal entries since the relevant command being invoked (#2138081)
  - test: cover IPv6 in the resolved test suite (#2138081)
  - test: add a couple of SRV records to check service resolution (#2138081)
  - test: add a test for the OPENPGPKEY RR (#2138081)
  - test: don't hang indefinitely on no match (#2138081)
  - test-ndisc: fix memleak and fd leak (#2138081)
  - test-unit-name: fix fd leak (#2138081)
  - test: bump D-Bus service start timeout if we run without accel (#2138081)
  - test: bump the client-side timeout in sd-bus as well (#2138081)
  - test: bump the container spawn timeout to 60s (#2138081)
  - network: fix memleak (#2138081)
  - busctl: fix introspecting DBus properties (#2138081)
  - busctl: simplify peeking the type (#2138081)
  - resolve: drop redundant call of socket_ipv6_is_supported() (#2138081)
  - resolve: introduce link_get_llmnr_support() and link_get_mdns_support() (#2138081)
  - resolve: provide effective supporting levels of mDNS and LLMNR (#2138081)
  - resolvectl: warn if the global mDNS or LLMNR support level is lower than the requested one (#2138081)
  - resolve: enable per-link mDNS setting by default (#2138081)
* Mon Jan 16 2023 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-3
  - swap: tell swapon to reinitialize swap if needed (#2151993)
  - coredump: adjust whitespace (#2155517)
  - coredump: do not allow user to access coredumps with changed uid/gid/capabilities (#2155517)
  - Revert "basic: add fallback in chase_symlinks_and_opendir() for cases when /proc is not mounted" (#2138081)
  - glyph-util: add warning sign special glyph (#2138081)
  - chase-symlink: when converting directory O_PATH fd to real fd, don't bother with /proc/ (#2138081)
  - systemctl: print a clear warning if people invoke systemctl without /proc/ (#2138081)
  - TEST-65: check cat-config operation in chroot (#2138081)
  - TEST-65: use [[ -v ]] more (#2138081)
  - systemctl: warn if trying to disable a unit with no install info (#2141979)
  - systemctl: allow suppress the warning of no install info using --no-warn (#2141979)
  - rpm/systemd-update-helper: use --no-warn when disabling units (#2141979)
  - systemctl: suppress warning about missing /proc/ when --no-warn (#2141979)
  - shell-completion: systemctl: add --no-warn (#2141979)
  - core/unit: drop doubled empty line (#2160477)
  - core/unit: drop dependency to the unit being merged (#2160477)
  - core/unit: fix logic of dropping self-referencing dependencies (#2160477)
  - core/unit: merge two loops into one (#2160477)
  - test: add test case for sysv-generator and invalid dependency (#2160477)
  - core/unit: merge unit names after merging deps (#2160477)
  - core/unit: fix log message (#2160477)
  - test: explicitly create the /etc/init.d directory (#2160477)
  - test: support a non-default SysV directory (#2160477)
* Fri Dec 09 2022 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-2
  - test: check if we can use SHA1 MD for signing before using it (#2141979)
  - boot: cleanups for efivar_get() and friends (#2141979)
  - boot: fix false maybe-uninitialized warning (#2141979)
  - tree-wide: modernizations with RET_NERRNO() (#2137584)
  - sd-bus: handle -EINTR return from bus_poll() (#2137584)
  - stdio-bridge: don't be bothered with EINTR (#2137584)
  - varlink: also handle EINTR gracefully when waiting for EIO via ppoll() (#2137584)
  - sd-netlink: handle EINTR from poll() gracefully, as success (#2137584)
  - resolved: handle -EINTR returned from fd_wait_for_event() better (#2137584)
  - homed: handle EINTR gracefully when waiting for device node (#2137584)
  - utmp-wtmp: fix error in case isatty() fails (#2137584)
  - utmp-wtmp: handle EINTR gracefully when waiting to write to tty (#2137584)
  - io-util: document EINTR situation a bit (#2137584)
  - terminal-util: Set OPOST when setting ONLCR (#2138081)
  - cgtop: Do not rewrite -P or -k options (#2138081)
  - test: Add tests for systemd-cgtop args parsing (#2138081)
  - resolved: remove inappropriate assert() (#2138081)
  - boot: Add xstrn8_to_16 (#2138081)
  - boot: Use xstr8_to_16 (#2138081)
  - boot: Use xstr8_to_16 for path conversion (#2138081)
  -  stub: Fix cmdline handling (#2138081)
  - stub: Detect empty LoadOptions when run from EFI shell (#2138081)
  - boot: Use EFI_BOOT_MANAGER_POLICY_PROTOCOL to connect console devices (#2138081)
  - boot: Make sure all partitions drivers are connected (#2138081)
  - boot: improve support for qemu (#2138081)
  - systemd-boot man page: add section for virtual machines (#2138081)
  - boot: Only do full driver initialization in VMs (#2138081)
  - ci(Mergify): v252 configuration update (#2138081)
  - ci: Run GitHub workflows on rhel branches (#2138081)
  - ci: Drop scorecards workflow, not relevant (#2138081)
* Fri Dec 02 2022 systemd maintenance team <> - 252-1
  - Rebase to systemd v252 + systemd-stable v252.2 (#2138081)
* Fri Dec 02 2022 systemd maintenance team <> - 250-13
  - build systemd-boot EFI tools (#2140646)
* Thu Aug 25 2022 systemd maintenance team <> - 250-11
  - scope: allow unprivileged delegation on scopes (#2120604)
  - udev/net_id: add "rhel-9.1" naming scheme (#2121144)
* Mon Aug 22 2022 systemd maintenance team <> - 250-10
  - shared/install: fix crash when reenable is called without --root (#2120222)
* Thu Aug 18 2022 systemd maintenance team <> - 250-9
  - Revert "shared/install: create relative symlinks for enablement and aliasing" (#2118668)
  - glyph-util: add new glyphs for up/down arrows (#2118297)
  - tree-wide: allow ASCII fallback for → in logs (#2118297)
  - tree-wide: allow ASCII fallback for … in logs (#2118297)
  - core: allow to set default timeout for devices (#2116681)
  - man: document DefaultDeviceTimeoutSec= (#2116681)
  - man: update dbus docs (#2116681)
  - hwdb: 60-keyboard: Fix volume-button mapping on Asus TF103C (#2087778)
  - hwdb: CH Pro Pedals not classified correctly due to no buttons (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add accel orientation quirk for the GPD Pocket 3 (#2087778)
  - hostname: Allow overriding the chassis type from hwdb (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add Microsoft Surface Pro 1 chassis quirk (#2087778)
  - hwdb: treat logitech craft keyboard as a keyboard (#2087778)
  - test: frequency in mouse DPI is optional (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add two Elecom trackballs (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add new database file for PDA devices (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add support for Surface Laptop 2 & 3 (#22303) (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add HP calculators (#2087778)
  - hwbd: 60-sensor.hwdb: Add Pipo W2Pro (#2087778)
  - hwdb: 60-keyboard: Support the buttons on CZC P10T tablet (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add CST Laser Trackball (#22583) (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Force release calculator key on all HP OMEN laptops (#2087778)
  - Add support for NEC VersaPro VG-S (#2087778)
  - Fix mic mute on Acer TravelMate B311-31 (#22677) (#2087778)
  - Add AV production controllers to hwdb and add uaccess (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add AV production access to Elgado Stream Deck devices (#2087778)
  - Add HP Elitebook 2760p support (#22766) (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add mic mute key mapping for HP Elite x360 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: fix parser to work with newer pyparsing (#2087778)
  - hwdb: update for v251 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: update autosuspend entries (#2087778)
  - hwdb: drop boilerplate about match patterns being unstable (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Update 60-keyboard.hwdb (#23074) (#2087778)
  - hwdb: 60-keyboard: Add Acer Aspire One AO532h keymappings (#2087778)
  - hwdb 60-keyboard Add HP/Compaq KBR0133 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add resolutions for the Vaio FE14 touchpad (#23136) (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Remap micmute to f20 for ASUS WMI hotkeys (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Fix rotation for HP Pro Tablet 408 G1 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add keyboard mapping for HP ProBook 11G2 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: make sure "ninja update-hwdb" works on f35 (#2087778)
  - hwbd: run "update-hwdb" for v251-rc2 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: run "ninja update-hwdb-autosuspend" for v251-rc2 (#2087778)
  - Fix orientation detection for Asus Transformer T100TAF, copied T100TA rule (#2087778)
  - Fix orientation detection for HP Pavilion X2 10-k010nr (#2087778)
  - fix typo (#2087778)
  - Adding a description of the keyboard shortcut Fn+F12 for the HP EliteBook 845 G7 device. (#23253) (#2087778)
  - hwdb: run "update-hwdb" (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add rammus accelerometer support (#2087778)
  - Add support to set autosuspend delay via hwdb (#2087778)
  - Set autosuspend delay for Fibocom LG850-GL (#2087778)
  - Add HUION Inspiroy H420X to hwdb (#2087778)
  - hwdb: run 'update-hwdb' for v251-rc3 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: add touchpad parameters for Lenovo T15g Gen1 (#23373) (#2087778)
  -  hwdb: Add accel orientation for the I15-TG (#2087778)
  - hwdb: fix accelerometer mount matrix for Aquarius NS483 (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add Google Hangouts Meet speakermic (#2087778)
  - hwdb: update via ninja -C build update-hwdb (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add Google Meet speakermic (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add accel orientation quirk for the Aya Neo Next (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add HP Dev One (#2087778)
  - hwdb: analyzers: remove generic "STM Device in DFU Mode" (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga (#2087778)
  - Fix automatic screen rotation for Asus Transformer T100TAM (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add Acer Aspire A317-33 (#24050) (#2087778)
  - Add ACCEL_MOUNT_MATRIX for OXP Mini (#2087778)
  - Added DERE DBook D10 (#24173) (#2087778)
  - hwdb: analyzers: Clarify the type of devices we want listed (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Add Greaseweazle "drives" to the list of analyzers (#2087778)
  - hwdb: Apply existing accel orientation quirk to all Chromebooks (#2087778)
* Wed Jul 20 2022 systemd maintenance team <> - 250-8
  - core: shorten long unit names that are based on paths and append path hash at the end (#2083493)
  - tests: add test case for long unit names (#2083493)
  - tests: reflect that we can now handle devices with very long sysfs paths (#2083493)
  - test: extend the "hashed" unit names coverage a bit (#2083493)
  - Revert "kernel-install: also remove modules.builtin.alias.bin" (#2065061)
  - Revert "kernel-install: prefer /boot over /boot/efi for $BOOT_ROOT" (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: 50-depmod: port to /bin/sh (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: 90-loaderentry: port to /bin/sh (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: fix shellcheck (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: port to /bin/sh (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: 90-loaderentry: error out on nonexistent initrds instead of swallowing them quietly (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: don't pull out KERNEL_IMAGE (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: prefer /boot over /boot/efi for $BOOT_ROOT (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: also remove modules.builtin.alias.bin (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: add new variable $KERNEL_INSTALL_INITRD_GENERATOR (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: k-i already creates $ENTRY_DIR_ABS, no need to do it again (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: prefix errors with "Error:", exit immediately (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: add "$KERNEL_INSTALL_STAGING_AREA" directory (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: add missing log line (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: don't try to persist used machine ID locally (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: add a new $ENTRY_TOKEN variable for naming boot entries (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: only generate systemd.boot_id= in kernel command line if used for naming the boot loader spec files/dirs (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: search harder for kernel image/initrd drop-in dir (#2065061)
  - kernel-install: add new "inspect" verb, showing paths and parameters we discovered (#2065061)
  - ci(Mergify): configuration update (#2087652)
  - ci(Mergify): fix copy&paste bug (#2087652)
  - shared: Fix memory leak in bus_append_execute_property() (#2087652)
  - fuzz: no longer skip empty files (#2087652)
  - networkctl: open the bus just once (#2087652)
  - json: align table (#2087652)
  - fuzz-json: optionally allow logging and output (#2087652)
  - shared/json: reduce scope of variables (#2087652)
  - fuzz-json: also do sorting and normalizing and other easy calls (#2087652)
  - shared/json: wrap long comments (#2087652)
  - shared/json: fix memory leak on failed normalization (#2087652)
  - shared/json: add helper to ref first, unref second (#2087652)
  - basic/alloc-util: remove unnecessary parens (#2087652)
  - fuzz-json: also try self-merge operations (#2087652)
  - shared/json: fix another memleak in normalization (#2087652)
  - shared/json: fix memleak in sort (#2087652)
  - execute: fix resource leak (#2087652)
  - tests: ignore dbus-broker-launcher (#2087652)
  - core/timer: fix memleak (#2087652)
  - timedatectl: fix a memory leak (#2087652)
  - test: fix file descriptor leak in test-psi-util (#2087652)
  - test: fix file descriptor leak in test-tmpfiles.c (#2087652)
  - test: fix file descriptor leak in test-fs-util (#2087652)
  - test: fix file descriptor leak in test-oomd-util (#2087652)
  - test: fix file descriptor leak in test-catalog (#2087652)
  - test: make masking of supplementary services configurable (#2087652)
  - test: fuzz our dbus interfaces with dfuzzer (#2087652)
  - test: skip TEST-21-DFUZZER without ASan (#2087652)
  - core: annotate Reexecute() as NoReply (#2087652)
  - test: always force a new image for dfuzzer (#2087652)
  - test: make dfuzzer less verbose (#2087652)
  - test: drop the at_exit() coredump check (#2087652)
  - test: make the shutdown routine a bit more "robust" (#2087652)
  - tree-wide: drop manually-crafted message for missing variables (#2087652)
  - test: allow overriding $QEMU_MEM when running w/ ASan (#2087652)
  - test: don't test buses we don't ship (#2087652)
  - shutdown: get only active md arrays. (#2047682)
  - bus: Use OrderedSet for introspection (#2068131)
  - logind-session-dbus: allow to set display name via dbus (#2100340)
  - ci: limit which env variables we pass through `sudo` (#2087652)
  - ci(Mergify): Add `ci-waived` logic (#2087652)
  - json: use unsigned for refernce counter (#2087652)
  - macro: check over flow in reference counter (#2087652)
  - sd-bus: fix reference counter to be incremented (#2087652)
  - sd-bus: introduce ref/unref function for track_item (#2087652)
  - sd-bus: do not read unused value (#2087652)
  - sd-bus: do not return negative errno when unknown name is specified (#2087652)
  - sd-bus: use hashmap_contains() and drop unnecessary cast (#2087652)
  - test: shorten code a bit (#2087652)
  - test: add several tests for track item (#2087652)
  - core/slice: make slice_freezer_action() return 0 if freezing state is unchanged (#2087652)
  - core/unit: fix use-after-free (#2087652)
  - core/timer: fix potential use-after-free (#2087652)
  - core: command argument can be longer than PATH_MAX (#2073994)
  - shared/install: consistently use 'lp' as the name for the LookupPaths instance (#2082131)
  - shared/specifier: treat NULL the same as "" (#2082131)
  - shared/install: do not print aliases longer than UNIT_NAME_MAX (#2082131)
  - shared/install-printf: drop now-unused install_path_printf() (#2082131)
  - strv: declare iterator of FOREACH_STRING() in the loop (#2082131)
  - basic/unit-file: split out the subroutine for symlink verification (#2082131)
  - basic/stat-util: add null_or_empty_path_with_root() (#2082131)
  - shared/install: reuse the standard symlink verification subroutine (#2082131)
  - shared/install: add a bit more quoting (#2082131)
  - test: add test for systemctl link & enable (#2082131)
  - tests: add helper for creating tempfiles with content (#2082131)
  - man: clarify the descriptions of aliases and linked unit files (#2082131)
  - basic: add new variable $SYSTEMD_OS_RELEASE to override location of os-release (#2082131)
  - test-os-util: add basic tests for os-release parsing (#2082131)
  - basic/env-file: make load-env-file deduplicate entries with the same key (#2082131)
  - man/os-release: add a note about repeating entries (#2082131)
  - shared/specifier: clarify and add test for missing data (#2082131)
  - shared/specifier: provide proper error messages when specifiers fail to read files (#2082131)
  - shared/install: provide proper error messages when invalid specifiers are used (#2082131)
  - shared/install: move scope into InstallContext (#2082131)
  - shared/specifier: fix %u/%U/%g/%G when called as unprivileged user (#2082131)
  - shared/install: simplify unit_file_dump_changes() (#2082131)
  - shared/install: propagate errors about invalid aliases and such too (#2082131)
  - shared/install: return failure when enablement fails, but process as much as possible (#2082131)
  - systemctl: fix silent failure when --root is not found (#2082131)
  - shared/install: also check for self-aliases during installation and ignore them (#2082131)
  - docs: Correct WantedBy= regarding template units (#2082131)
  - man: fix invalid description of template handling in WantedBy= (#2082131)
  - shared/install: drop unnecessary casts (#2082131)
  - strv: make iterator in STRV_FOREACH() declaread in the loop (#2082131)
  - core: ExecContext::restrict_filesystems is set of string (#2082131)
  - install: when linking a file, create the link first or abort (#2082131)
  - shared/install: split unit_file_{disable,enable}() so _reenable doesn't do setup twice (#2082131)
  - shared/install: fix reenable on linked unit files (#2082131)
  - test-systemctl-enable: extend the test for repeated WantedBy/RequiredBy (#2082131)
  - shared/install: when we fail to chase a symlink, show some logs (#2082131)
  - shared/install: do not try to resolve symlinks outside of root directory (#2082131)
  - test-systemctl-enable: enhance the test for unit file linking (#2082131)
  - shared/install: skip unnecessary chasing of symlinks in disable (#2082131)
  - shared/install: also remove symlinks like .wants/foo@one.service → ../foo@one.service (#2082131)
  - shared/install: create relative symlinks for enablement and aliasing (#2082131)
  - shared/install: when looking for symlinks in .wants/.requires, ignore symlink target (#2082131)
  - shared/install: stop passing duplicate root argument to install_name_printf() (#2082131)
  - basic/unit-file: reverse negative conditional (#2082131)
  - shared/install: split UNIT_FILE_SYMLINK into two states (#2082131)
  - shared/install: fix handling of a linked unit file (#2082131)
  - test-systemctl-enable: make shellcheck happy (#2082131)
  - shared/install: when creating symlinks, accept different but equivalent symlinks (#2082131)
  - test-systemctl-enable: use magic syntax to allow inverted tests (#2082131)
  - test-systemctl-enable: also use freshly-built systemd-id128 (#2082131)
  - test-systemctl-enable: disable the test for %a for now (#2082131)
  - Rename UnitFileScope to LookupScope (#2082131)
  - core: handle lookup paths being symlinks (#2082131)
  - shared/install: use correct cleanup function (#2082131)
  - udev/net_id: avoid slot based names only for single function devices (#2073003)
  - test: import logind test from debian/ubuntu test suite (#2087652)
  - test: drop redundant IMAGE_NAME= (#2087652)
  - test: import timedated test from debian/ubuntu test suite (#2087652)
  - test: introduce assert_not_in() helper function (#2087652)
  - test: drop unnecessary --no-pager option (#2087652)
  - test: support debian/ubuntu specific timezone config file (#2087652)
  - test: import hostnamed tests from debian/ubuntu test suite (#2087652)
  - locale-util: fix memleak on failure (#2087652)
  - locale-util: check if enumerated locales are valid (#2087652)
  - locale-util: align locale entries (#2087652)
  - core: inline an iterator variable (#2087652)
  - locale-setup: merge locale handling in PID1 and localed (#2087652)
  - locale: rename keymap-util.[ch] -> localed-util.[ch] (#2087652)
  - test: add one more path to search keymaps (#2087652)
  - test: introduce inst_recursive() helper function (#2087652)
  - hmac/sha256: move size define to sha256.h (#2087652)
  - tpm2: support policies with PIN (#2087652)
  - cryptenroll: add support for TPM2 pin (#2087652)
  - cryptsetup: add support for TPM2 pin (#2087652)
  - cryptsetup: add libcryptsetup TPM2 PIN support (#2087652)
  - cryptenroll: add TPM2 PIN documentation (#2087652)
  - cryptsetup: add manual TPM2 PIN configuration (#2087652)
  - cryptenroll: add tests for TPM2 unlocking (#2087652)
  - env-util: replace unsetenv_erase() by new getenv_steal_erase() helper (#2087652)
  - test: install libxkbcommon and x11 keymaps (#2087652)
  - test: install C.UTF-8 and English locales (#2087652)
  - test: import localed tests from debian/ubuntu test suite (#2087652)
  - unit: check for mount rate limiting before checking active state (#2087652)
  - tests: make sure we delay running mount start jobs when /p/s/mountinfo is rate limited (#2087652)
  - test: insert space in for loop (#2087652)
  - test: move "do" at the end of line (#2087652)
  - test: use trap RETURN (#2087652)
  - test: ignore the error about our own libraries missing during image creation (#2087652)
  - test: wrap binaries using systemd DSOs when running w/ ASan (#2087652)
  - test: set $ASAN_RT_PATH along with $LD_PRELOAD to the ASan runtime DSO (#2087652)
  - test: drop all LD_PRELOAD-related ASan workarounds (#2087652)
  - test: don't wrap binaries built with ASan (#2087652)
  - test: send stdout/stderr of testsuite units to journal & console (#2087652)
  - test: make the busy loop in TEST-02 less verbose (#2087652)
  - test: always wrap useradd/userdel when running w/ ASan (#2087652)
  - test: don't flush debug logs to the console (#2087652)
  - test: fix a couple of issues found by shellcheck (#2087652)
  - test: pass the initdir to check_result_{qemu,nspawn} hooks (#2087652)
  - test: run the custom check hooks before common checks (#2087652)
  - test: check journal directly instead of capturing console output (#2087652)
  - test: use saved process PID instead of % (#2087652)
  - test: account for ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE if it's set (#2087652)
  - fuzz-bcd: silence warning about always-true comparison (#2087652)
  - test: disable test_ntp on RHEL (#2087652)
  - core: do not filter out systemd.unit= and run-level specifier from kernel command line (#2087652)
  - test: add a simple test for daemon-reexec (#2087652)
  - test: install /usr/libexec/vi as well (#2087652)
  - test: resize the terminal automagically with INTERACTIVE_DEBUG=yes (#2087652)
  - test: create an ASan wrapper for `getent` and `su` (#2087652)
  - test: mark partition bootable (#2087652)
  - test: bump the data partition size if we don't strip binaries (#2087652)
  - test: use PBKDF2 with capped iterations instead of Argon2 (#2087652)
  - locale: drop unnecessary allocation (#2087652)



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