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RPM resource pxes-base

PXES will boot a real thin client or will help to convert in minutes any compliant hardware (see list) into a versatile thin client. They will be capable of accessing any XDM server presenting the graphical login screen or any Microsoft Terminal Server through RDP protocol. The actual configuration of clients is made with an easy to use graphical configuration tool, allowing the specification of clients parameters or the server to access to. You can recycle hardware that is useless running current desktop OS or office package and give it a second chance.

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pxes-base-0.5.1-12.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-12.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-12.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-12.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-9.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-9.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-9.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-9.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-6.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-6.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-6.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-6.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-4.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-4.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-4.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-4.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-1.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-1.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5.1-1.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5.1-1.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC10.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC10.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC10.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC10.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC7.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC7.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC7.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC7.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC3.i386.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC3.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC3.i386.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC3.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC3.src.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC3.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC2.i386.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC2.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-RC2.src.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-RC2.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-Beta4.i386.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-Beta4.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-Beta4.src.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-Beta4.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-Beta1.i386.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-Beta1.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-Beta1.src.htmlPXES Linux thin client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-Beta1.src.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-final.i386.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-final.i386.rpm
pxes-base-0.5-final.src.htmlPXES Linux Thin Client software (base package)SourceForgepxes-base-0.5-final.src.rpm

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