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RPM of Group utils

acl-2.2.52-0 Access Control List supportion linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
at-spi2-atk-2.8.1-0 a library that bridges ATK to At-Spi2 D-Bus service linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
at-spi2-core-2.8.0-0 a Service Provider Interface for the Assistive Technologies available on the GNOME platform and a library against which applications can be linked linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
attr-2.4.47-0 Attribute supportion linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
bash-4.2-0 Bourne Again Shell linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
bash-completion-2.0-0 Bash Completion linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
bash-startup-1-0 Bash Startup Files linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
bzip2-1.0.6-0 BZip2 linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
coreutils-8.2-0 Core Utils linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
curl-7.32.0-0 an utility and a library used for transferring files with URL syntax linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
diffutils-3.2-0 Diff utils linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
dosfstools-3.0.22-0 DOS filesystem utilities linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
doxygen-1.8.4-0 a universal document system linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
findutils-4.4.2-0 Find utils linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
fontconfig-2.10.93-0 a library and support programs used for configuring and customizing font access linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
gawk-4.0.2-0 GNU AWK linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
gnutls-3.2.1-0 GNU TLS linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
gperf-3.0.4-0 Gperf generates a perfect hash function from a key set. linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
gpm-1.20.7-0 mouse server for the console and xterm linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
graphviz-2.30.1-0 Drawing graphs since 1988 linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
grep-2.14-0 searcher linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
groff-1.22.2-0 Nroff on GNU linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
gzip-1.5-0 Gzip linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
inetutils-1.9.1-0 Internet utils linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
kbd-1.15.5-0 Keyboard manager linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
less-451-0 Less text viewer linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
libxml2-2.9.1-0 Utilities for parsing XMLs linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
linuxbluecontrols-1.1-1 Remotly control Linux from Android linux/x86_64linux/i386
lvm2-2.02.98-0 a package that manages logical partitions linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
man-db-2.6.3-0 Man DB linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
mtools-4.0.18-0 utilities to access MS-DOS disks linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
nasm-2.10.07-0 NASM (Netwide Assembler) is an 80x86 assembler designed for portability and modularity linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
pciutils-3.2.0-0 a set of programs for listing PCI devices, inspecting their status and setting their configuration registers linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
pm-utils-1.4.1-0 Power Manager utils linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
popt-1.16-0 a command line option parser linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
procps-3.3.9-0 Proc ps linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
psmisc-22.20-0 Ps misc linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
reiserfsprogs-3.6.21-0 utilities for ReiserFS linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
sed-4.2.2-0 Stream editor linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
tcsh-6.18.01-0 Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
texinfo-4.13a-0 Tex Info linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
usbutils-007-0 an utility used to display information about USB buses in the system and the devices connected to them linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
util-linux-2.24-0 Utils for linux linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
wget-1.14-0 Web downloader linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
xterm-296-0 X Terminal Emulator linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
xz-5.0.4-0 XZ linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
zentaopms-7.1.stable-1 This is ZenTao PMS software. linux/noarchlinux/noarch

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