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module-init-tools-3.1-1tr RPM for i586

From Trustix 2.2 for i586

Name: module-init-tools Distribution: WonderBoy
Version: 3.1 Vendor: Comodo Trustix
Release: 1tr Build date: Tue Oct 19 00:27:21 2004
Group: Trustix Official Build host:
Size: 529197 Source RPM: module-init-tools-3.1-1tr.src.rpm
Packager: Comodo Trustix <>
Summary: The kernel module init tools.
The module-init-tools package includes programs for managing automatic
loading and unloading of modules under 2.6 kernels, with support for older
kenrnels using the old modutils package, as well as other module management
programs.  Examples of loaded and unloaded modules are device drivers and
filesystems, as well as some other things.






* Fri Sep 24 2004 Nageswara Sastry <nageswara at comodo dot com> 3.1-1tr
  - Version upgraded to 3.1-1tr from 3.0-1tr
* Mon Mar 15 2004 Chr. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot org> 3.0-1tr
  - cleanup and rebuild
* Tue Mar 09 2004 Omar Kilani <ok at trustix dot org> 3.0-1ok
  - New upstream.
  - Fixed the spec file for pre / non-pre releases.
* Tue Feb 10 2004 Chr. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot org> 3.0-pre5-2ct
  - Added a whole lot of PreReqs to make %post modprobe.conf generation work
    also during install.
* Tue Jan 20 2004 Tor Hveem <torh at trustix dot org> 3.0-pre5-1th
  - New upstream version
  - Generate modprobe.conf in %post if not 
  - Include missing lsmod binary
* Tue Jan 20 2004 Chr. Toldnes <christht at trustix dot org> 0.9.14-3ct
  - package cleanups
* Wed Dec 10 2003 Gerald Dachs <gda at trustix dot org> 0.9.14-2gd
  - updated modutils to version 2.4.26
* Tue Dec 09 2003 Gerald Dachs <gda at trustix dot org> 0.9.14-1gd
  - initial build



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