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Packages beginning with letter G

gawk-3.1.3-3tr The GNU version of the awk text processing utility. linux/i586
gawk-doc-3.1.3-3tr GAWK documents linux/i586
gcc-3.3.3-4tr GNU Compiler Collection linux/i586
gcc-c++-devel-3.3.3-4tr C++ development environment linux/i586
gcc-c++-runtime-3.3.3-4tr C++ runtime environment linux/i586
gcc-runtime-3.3.3-4tr C runtime environment linux/i586
gdbm-1.8.3-4tr A GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing. linux/i586
gdbm-devel-1.8.3-4tr Development libraries and header files for the gdbm library. linux/i586
gettext-0.14.1-4tr GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages. linux/i586
ghostscript-7.07.1-4tr ESP Ghostscript linux/i586
ghostscript-cups-7.07.1-4tr ESP Ghostscript Support for CUPS linux/i586
glib-2.2.3-3tr A library of handy utility functions. linux/i586
glib-devel-2.2.3-3tr The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+) and GIMP Drawing Kit (GDK) support library. linux/i586
glibc-2.3.2-16tr The GNU libc libraries. linux/i586
glibc-devel-2.3.2-16tr Header and object files for development using standard C libraries. linux/i586
glibc-locales-2.3.2-16tr Locale enviroment settings linux/i586
glibc-profile-2.3.2-16tr The GNU libc libraries, including support for gprof profiling. linux/i586
gmp-4.1.2-3tr A GNU arbitrary precision library. linux/i586
gmp-devel-4.1.2-3tr Development tools for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library. linux/i586
gnupg-1.2.4-3tr GPL public key crypto linux/i586
gnupg-utils-1.2.4-3tr some utilities to get gpg-keys linux/i586
grep-2.5-9tr The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities. linux/i586
groff-1.19-4tr A document formatting system. linux/i586
groff-perl-1.19-4tr Parts of the groff formatting system that require Perl. linux/i586
grub-0.92-13tr GRUB - the Grand Unified Boot Loader. linux/i586
gzip-1.2.4a-31tr The GNU data compression program. linux/i586
gzip-doc-1.2.4a-31tr html formatted Info-files for Gzip linux/i586

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