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conserver-xcat-8.1.16-10 Serial console server daemon/client linux/x86_64
cpio-2.11-20 A GNU archiving program linux/x86_64
elilo-xcat-3.14-4 xCAT patched variant of elilo linux/noarch
esxboot-xcat-1.0.0-2 xCAT patched variant of vmware's boot loader linux/noarch
fping-2.4b2_to-2 Pings hosts in parallel linux/x86_64
ipmitool-xcat-1.8.11-1 ipmitool - Utility for IPMI control linux/x86_64
perl-Crypt-CBC-2.30-1 Crypt-CBC Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Rijndael-1.06-2.el5 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module linux/x86_64
perl-DBD-SQLite-1.14-1 DBD-SQLite - Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver linux/x86_64
perl-Expect-1.21-1 Expect - Perl module linux/noarchlinux/noarch
perl-Expect-1.21-1 Expect - Perl module linux/noarch
perl-IO-Stty-.02-1 IO-Stty - Perl module linux/noarch
perl-IO-Stty-.02-1 IO-Stty - Perl module linux/noarchlinux/noarch
perl-IO-Tty-1.07-1 IO-Tty - Pseudo ttys and constants linux/x86_64
perl-JSON-2.50-1.el5.rf Converts Perl data to and from JavaScript Object Notation linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-Lite-0.710.08-1 perl-SOAP-Lite linux/noarch
perl-version-0.76-1 perl-version linux/noarch
scsi-target-utils-0.9.1-1 The SCSI target daemon and utility programs linux/x86_64
syslinux-xcat-3.86-2 SYSLINUX modules in /opt/xcat/share/xcat/netboot/syslinux, available for network booting linux/noarch
xCAT-UI-deps-2.8-2 Set of dependencies for the xCAT web client linux/noarch
xCAT-genesis-base-x86_64-2.9-snap201504212134 xCAT Genesis netboot image linux/noarch
xCAT-genesis-x86_64-2.7.7-snap201301100842 xCAT Genesis netboot image linux/noarch
xnba-kvm-1.0.3-131028 xNBA loader for virtual guests linux/x86_64
xnba-undi-1.0.3-131028 xCAT Network Boot Agent for x86 PXE hosts linux/noarch
yaboot-xcat-1.3.17-rc1 yaboot binary for tftp server linux/noarch

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