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vym-1.12.2-18.1 RPM for i586

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Name: vym Distribution: home:insilmaril / openSUSE_11.1
Version: 1.12.2 Vendor: openSUSE Build Service
Release: 18.1 Build date: Tue Jul 14 17:53:22 2009
Group: Productivity/Office/Other Build host: build26
Size: 6553577 Source RPM: vym-1.12.2-18.1.src.rpm
Summary: VYM (View Your Mind) generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts
VYM  (View Your Mind) is a tool to generate and manipulate maps which
show your thoughts. Such maps can help you to improve your creativity
and effectivity. You can use them for time management, to organize
tasks, to get an overview over complex contexts, to sort your ideas
etc. Some people even think it is fun to work with such maps...

    Uwe Drechsel  <>




GPL v2


* Mon Apr 06 2009
  - Bugfix: mod copy ended in endless loop...
* Thu Apr 02 2009
  - Feature: Added sverige translation
    Mon Mar 30 09:07:19 CEST 2009 - uwe
  - Version: 1.12.2g
  - Bugfix: (Regression in 1.12.2f) Export Bookmarks to KDE 3
* Tue Mar 17 2009
  - Version: 1.12.2f
  - Bugfix: Import/Export bookmarks works now also on KDE 4
  - Feature: Added traditional chinese translation
* Tue Mar 10 2009
  - Version: 1.12.2e
  - Bugfix: Don't check for changes in file, if map was closed already
* Tue Mar 10 2009
  - Bugfix: Closing a modified map without saving and with autosave
    enabled made autosave writing an empty map and thus
    destroying the original file
* Wed Feb 25 2009
  - Bugfix: Enabled multiple mapcenters for export to
* Mon Dec 08 2008
  - Bugfix: Images linked to a scrolled branch were not hidden, if parent
      branch was scrolled
* Thu Dec 04 2008
  - Bugfix: After inserting XML, still write as zipped vym
* Wed Nov 12 2008
  - Bugfix: bnc#443173 - VYM doesn't save mapcenter's note
* Mon Oct 06 2008
  - Bugfix: Updated chinese translation from Moligaloo
* Sun Oct 05 2008
  - Version: 1.12.2
  - Bugfix: No more segfault for "delete & keep childs" on MapCenter
* Sun Jul 27 2008
  - Version: 1.12.1
* Sun Jul 27 2008
  - Bugfix: Animation timer didn't stop after animation was done, which
      caused high load
* Thu Jul 17 2008
  - Bugfix: Deleting an animated part no longer segfaults
  - Bugfix: smaller image for export to elliminate pixel jitter on right
* Fri Jul 11 2008
  - Bugfix: bnc#407600 vym fails with non-ASCI characters in path names
* Sun Jun 08 2008
  - Bugfix: bnc#396365 vym cannot load maps saved with Qt 4.4
* Wed May 14 2008
  - Version: 1.12.0 RC 2
  - Feature: Russian translation
* Wed May 07 2008
  - Bugfix: bnc#327078
* Tue May 06 2008
  - Version: 1.12.0
* Wed Apr 30 2008
  - Version: 1.11.9
  - Bugfix: Some minor code cleanup
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - Version: 1.11.8
  - Feature: Copy to new map now also in branch context menu
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - Bugfix: New map is not autosaved, if no filename is known yet
* Tue Apr 08 2008
  - Version: 1.11.7
  - Bugfix: Hangup when find function did not find anything
* Thu Mar 13 2008
  - Bugfix: vym no longer forgets that a map is zipped
* Sun Mar 09 2008
  - Bugfix: Segfault when pressing Home or End on MapCenter
* Wed Mar 05 2008
  - Bugfix: Broken paths to floatimages
* Wed Feb 27 2008
  - Bugfix: Fixed some issues with autosave and regulard file checks
* Mon Feb 11 2008
  - Version: 1.11.6
  - Feature: vym now checks regulary if map has changed on disk and
      asks for reload if necessary
* Mon Jan 21 2008
  - Bugfix: No more warning dialog for overwriting note, when note is
* Tue Jan 08 2008
  - Version: 1.11.5
  - Feature: Started to implement multiple MapCenters in one map
* Mon Jan 07 2008
  - Bugfix: includes french translation now
* Mon Dec 17 2007
  - Bugfix: bnc#341952 corrupted positions of mainbranches after updating to
      newer vym
* Wed Dec 12 2007
  - Bugfix: Overloaded key shortcut for Alt-N (Network and Next window)
* Tue Dec 04 2007
  - Bugfix: Temporary hide stuff during export
  - Bugfix: Save parts of map
* Mon Dec 03 2007
  - Bugfix: (Maint.) Exchanged pre- and postscript in XHTML Export dialog
* Fri Nov 09 2007
  - Version: 1.11.3
  - Feature: Added patches for better windows support by Andrew Ng
* Tue Nov 06 2007
  - Version: 1.11.2
  - Feature: Split up helper functions, started to write attributes
* Tue Nov 06 2007
  - Version: 1.11.1
  - Bugfix: sort branches has undo/redo now
* Fri Oct 26 2007
  - Bugfix: zip state is changed now, when a .xml is save as .vym
* Wed Oct 24 2007
  - Feature: Improved ascii export
  - Bugfix: Present flag now does not set down arrows any longer
* Tue Oct 23 2007
  - Bugfix: included more <typeinfo> for compiling with new gcc 4.3
* Fri Oct 19 2007
  - Version: 1.11.0
  - Feature: Added patches from Till Maas for better path handling to ease
      integration into various operating systems
  - Feature: Added patch from Till Maas to use xdg-open as default browser
  - Feature: Added patch from ????? to sort branches lexically
  - Feature: Added patches from Juha Ruotsalainen for compiling on win32
* Tue Oct 16 2007
  - Bugfix: included <typeinfo> for compiling in beta
* Thu Oct 04 2007
  - Version: 1.10.1
  - Bugfix: Missing action for editing URL in context menu
  - Bugfix: "Hide in Export" didn't work
* Tue Sep 04 2007
  - Bugfix: xLinks were not loaded from previously saved maps
* Mon Aug 27 2007
  - Bugfix: Find manual in /usr/share/doc/packages/vym
  - Bugfix: Updated README.txt
* Mon Aug 20 2007
  - Version: 1.10.0
  - Bugfix: Added missing standard flag (one of the smileys got lost)
  - Bugfix: Wrong parsing of relative positions after load of
      previously zoomed map
* Tue Jul 31 2007
  - Bugfix: Smother parabel links (Alexander Rettig)
* Fri Jul 27 2007
  - Version: 1.9.4
  - Feature: Restructured internal handling of XML based maps
  - Feature: Switched from QSimpleTextItem to QTextItem for Freemind
* Mon Jul 23 2007
  - Version: 1.9.3
  - Feature: Import of Freemind maps
* Tue Jul 17 2007
  - Version: 1.9.2
  - Bugfix: Workaround for wrong XML generated by QT with in QRichText
      list items
  - Bugfix: No output from <span> tags in ASCII export any longer
* Wed Jul 11 2007
  - Version: 1.9.1
  - Bugfix: Don't ask for directory in XML-based exports like
* Wed Jul 11 2007
  - Version: 1.9.0
  - Feature: Extended fileformat with object IDs to ease export from
      tomboy to vym
  - Feature: Completed german translation
  - Feature: Center on selection with "."
  - Feature: Most important exports can be scripted now
  - Feature: Creating new map with selection as MapCenter
  - Feature: Simple export to CSV spreadsheet
  - Feature: Copy from past steps in history to current one
  - Feature: Editing of frame attributes in branch property window
  - Feature: autosave
  - Feature: number of undo/redo levels can be changed in settings
  - Feature: branch property window settings are saved
  - Feature: Added basic macros and documentation
  - Feature: Color of selection can be changed now
  - Feature: Pen and brush for frames can be set
  - Feature: Simple Editor for scripts
  - Feature: Added syntax highlighting for editor
  - Feature: Unscroll all now only affects selected subtree
  - Feature: Modifier Modes now change cursor when CTRL is pressed
  - Feature: vym opens spanish documentation, if locale is es*
  - Feature: New Frame format
  - Feature: Properties dialog for branches instead of context menu entries
  - Feature: Only one history window for all editors. State is saved.
  - Feature: Canvas ported to QT 4.2 GraphicsView
  - Feature: Options to use AntiaAliasing and smooth pixmap
  - Feature: Thick links use polygons now, less objects in scene
  - Feature: More undo commands (and fixes there)
  - Feature: Note Editor completly based on QT4 now.
  - Feature: Opening of all URLs in a subtree
  - Feature: Opening of all vymLinks in a subtree
  - Feature: Changed format of configuration file a bit (new file anyway
      with introduction of QT4)
  - Feature: Toolbar Layout is saved now
  - Feature: Moved floats in XML Export, e.g. XHTML  shows floatimages at
  - Bugfix: auto-select/auto-edit new branches
  - Bugfix: Visibility of BranchProperty window is saved now
  - Bugfix: Undo/Redo dropping images into map
  - Bugfix: Undo/Redo of copy/paste steps
  - Bugfix: NoteEditor now appears on first click (not 2nd)
  - Bugfix: Disable autosave while there are redos available
  - Bugfix: After changing link color, that color is applied to all links
  - Bugfix: Pasting of FIOs
  - Bugfix: No selection of branches while editing heading
  - Bugfix: geometry of selection box gets updated while setting scroll or
      hide flag
  - Bugfix: Possible segfault when redoing deleteChilds()
  - Bugfix: autosave timeout now read from settings file
  - Bugfix: Settings for historywindow correclty read now
  - Bugfix: Closing property window toggle corresponding button
  - Bugfix: Unscroll all childs has saveState now
  - Bugfix: Invisible selection after switching mapeditor
  - Bugfix: For frames the links always were drawn at bottom of heading
  - Bugfix: BranchPropertyWindow updates when selection is changed
  - Bugfix: Crash when trying to temporary link to floatimage
  - Bugfix: Drawing error when temporary linking subtrees
  - Bugfix: Import of KDE Bookmarks
  - Bugfix: Export to KDE Bookmarks
  - Bugfix: Export to XHTML
  - Bugfix: Drag and Drop of URLs now only creates one branch
  - Bugfix: Remember last directory before  ASCII/LaTeX export
  - Bugfix: Editing in NoteEditor now updates actions (save) again
  - Bugfix: Deleting last branch automatically unscrolls parent now
  - Bugfix: Scroll/Unscroll has undo/redo now
  - Bugfix: xml-parsing code simplified
  - Bugfix: Fixed pretty annoying repositioning of view after editing a
      heading. (don't call show() before positioning in heading...)
  - Bugfix: Wrong Cursors after pressing CTRL and inserting/relinking
  - Bugfix: Save PNG images with quality 100 to workaround image problems
  - Bugfix: Remember last directory before XML export
  - Bugfix: move branch up/down calls scene()->update() now => much faster
  - Bugfix: Relinking of floatimages undo/redo
  - Bugfix: printing scales correctly again
  - Bugfix: Drag & Drop (basically) works again
  - Bugfix: Crash caused by BranchObj::getLastSelected
  - Bugfix: Signal handling by changes in TextEditor: Much faster now
  - Bugfix: printing is working again
  - Bugfix: move up/down to next subtree is working again
  - Bugfix: Flags are working again
  - Bugfix: Floatimages have correct select box again
  - Bugfix: Image format is saved with floatimage
  - Bugfix: New recent file handling, fixes crash on Mac OS X
  - Bugfix: Position of floatimages is saved again
  - Bugfix: Position of floatimages survives adjustCanvasSize()
  - Bugfix: Adding branch to scrolled branch unscroll the former
  - Bugfix: More undo commands (removed saveStateComplete)
  - Bugfix: No more hopping around of floats, when canvas is resized
      (by using relative positions for mainbranches. This might
    confuse parsing 1.8.56 documents with vym <= 1.8.1
  - Bugfix: Mac - XSL stylesheets are found
  - Bugfix: Mac - fonts are scaling
  - Bugfix: Mac - hand cursor is shown correctly
  - Bugfix: Undo/Redo moving floatimages
  - Bugfix: Shortcuts for scrolling branches/removing branch
  - Bugfix: update-bookmarks script is not only executed, but
      also found now...
  - Bugfix: More undo/redo (move of floatimages, relinking of branches)
  - Bugfix: More undo/redo commands
  - Bugfix: Actions updated after moving a branch now
  - Bugfix: vym refuses to start if vymTmpDir can't be created
  - Bugfix: Editing headings now works both on Mac and Linux
    beginning of export now
  - Bugfix: Floatimages internally are saved as png, preserving the alpha
  - Bugfix: Fixed broken check for non-existent OO-export configuration
* Wed Jan 03 2007
  - cleanup BuildRequires to fix build for < 10.1
* Thu Jul 13 2006
  - Version: 1.8.1
  - Bugfix: Fixed broken check for non-existent OO-export configuration



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