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tun-1.1-8 RPM for i386

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Name: tun Distribution: CentOS-4 4
Version: 1.1 Vendor: Maxim Krasnyansky <>
Release: 8 Build date: Sat Aug 27 22:24:13 2005
Group: System/Drivers Build host:
Size: 4930 Source RPM: tun-1.1-8.src.rpm
Packager: Bishop Clark (LC957) <>
Summary: Universal TUN/TAP device driver.
  TUN/TAP provides packet reception and transmission for user space programs.
  It can be viewed as a simple Point-to-Point or Ethernet device, which
  instead of receiving packets from a physical media, receives them from
  user space program and instead of sending packets via physical media
  writes them to the user space program.

  The tun package provides a simple Glue package which can be easily
  listed as a requirement by tun-using 3rd-party projects.  The tun
  package performs the necessary steps or delivers the necessary files
  in order to prepare the target system for installation of the
  3rd-party app.  Until such time as every conceivable tun-using
  target environment is standardized, including the run RPM in a
  dependencies list easily ensures that the 3rd part application is
  properly configured by a small, neutral, common package.






* Fri Jun 03 2005 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-7.3
  - use the devstyl macro to select the right modules file
  - CentOS 4 support, first attempt for a kernel 2.6 configurator
* Mon Apr 11 2005 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-7.1
  - move the devstyl macro to more of a macro.
  - change the risky uname-r bits to more chroot-friendly rpm-q
  - incorporate the kversion and krelease bits so they work in chroot
    builds too.
  - start work to separate which distros need nodes built and which ones
    do not - and ensure we're root only when we need to be, thus making
    it easier to build as non-root where we can.
  - re-enable kernel-NVR-deps where we deliver a tun.o
  - lose the useless isUL macro; that whole project was as failing as
    the cooperation on which it was based.
  - expand description because some people just don't see past their own
  - simplify #post and don't do anything if we don't need to.
* Fri Dec 21 2001 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-6
  - edit spec file to account for continuing COL/rpm306 builds like on
* Tue Dec 04 2001 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-5
  - semi-intelligent tun module addition/removal, with a checker
* Wed Nov 21 2001 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-4
  - tun/tap devices on kernel 2.2 now 0-9 from 0-3.  Cleaned up creation
* Sat Nov 17 2001 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-3
  - the kernel=%(uname -r)Requires: line doesn't work.  Removing for
  - change to buildshell part to on-the-fly do bash2.  RH62 hated it
* Tue Nov 13 2001 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-2
  - Added minor change to support COL 31 builds
  - more commenting, to explain weird stuff.
* Thu Nov 01 2001 Bishop Clark (LC957) <>		1.1-1lc1
  - remove directory so repeat builds succeed (3rd time)
  - fixed a schroedinger's tun problem with trying to install or package
    nonexistent files
  - only package files required for the target (no 2.4 devs on 2.2)
  - more accurately tracks the kernel version



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