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user_mode_linux- RPM for i386

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Name: user_mode_linux Distribution: Unknown
Version: Vendor: Jeff Dike <>
Release: 0 Build date: Mon Aug 13 05:14:34 2001
Group: Utilities/System Build host:
Size: 3781880 Source RPM: user_mode_linux-
Packager: Jeff Dike <>
Summary: The user-mode port of the Linux kernel
This is the user-mode port of the Linux kernel - it runs a virtual
machine in a set of Linux processes.  This package also contains a
number of other useful tools and utilities related to UML.






* Mon Aug 13 2001 Jeff Dike <>
  - Kernel -
  - Updated to 2.4.8
  - Fixed the TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE deadlock again
  - hostfs writes go through the page cache
  - Finished merging the ppc port
  - Fixed a crash if an interface tries to get an ether address without 
  - having an IP address
  - Fixed an old bug which only showed up now which caused 2.4.7 not to boot
  - Fixed hostfs ls on 2.4 hosts
  - Fixed gprof support
  - Added text to
  - The pid file now always contains the right pid
  - hostfs again should compile and run on 2.2
  - ethertap eth devices can have their addresses changed on the fly 
  - Userspace -
  - uml_net now changes the host configuration to follow IP address changes
  - inside UML
* Thu Jul 05 2001 Jeff Dike <>
  - Merged the management console
  - Many bug fixes
  - 64 bit IO works again
* Wed Mar 07 2001 Jeff Dike <>
  - Redid the network drivers
* Wed Mar 07 2001 Jeff Dike <>
  - initial version



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