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stockmaniac-daemon-0.10.0-4.su102 RPM for noarch

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Name: stockmaniac-daemon Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.10.0 Vendor: Stephan Ebelt <>
Release: 4.su102 Build date: Wed Feb 14 16:34:12 2007
Group: Productivity/Office/Finance Build host: donbot
Size: 142961 Source RPM: stockmaniac-0.10.0-4.su102.src.rpm
Packager: Stephan Ebelt <>
Summary: StockManiac Daemon
This is the daemon part of the StockManiac Security Management software which
does currently consist of two packages: the GUI and the Daemon (this one).

The Daemon package contains a multi-threaded daemon like application which does
the hard work (fetch quotes/news, notify users, ...) behind the scenery of the
GUI application.

NOTE: GUI (the other package) and Daemon (this package) are not required to run
on the same host. The may run on separate hosts as long as both can connect to
the very same SQL database.

ATTENTION: it desperately needs perl(Finance::Quote) and perl(threads) >= 1.38.
There are no packages for SuSE right now. Install this manually from CPAN, then
force installation with --nodeps.






* Wed Feb 14 2007 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - adopted for SuSE Linux 10.2 (maintained separately from RedHat/Fedora spec)
* Sat Jan 27 2007 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - increased build number because of more fixes have been merged from trunk
* Sun Jan 14 2007 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - increased build number as more fixes have been merged back to the release
* Fri Jan 12 2007 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - BUGFIX #1587747 (rpm --freshen stockmaniac-gui-*rpm did not upgrade properly)
    Note: it still does not when doing -U to upgrade from 0.9.9 to 0.10.0 cause
          the bug is still in the 0.9.9 package. To get a clean install, remove
          the 0.9.9 package first (-e) then install the new 0.10.0 package (-i) or
          run --force -U twice...
  - removed 'noreplace' option from config files. The intention is that RPM
    always puts the new file inplace, but makes a backup of the old one (if it
    has been customized).
    That is because it appears to be easier to merge the (usually few) changes
    from the backup to the new file rather than merging all new things into the
    old file. The risk is that some new option is forgotten and/or retired options
    remain in the config file causing confusion...
  - install new download.php
  - increased build number
* Fri Jan 05 2007 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - adjustments for 0.10.0 release, reset the build counter
  - install stockmaniac-admin tool
* Thu Oct 12 2006 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - fixed privileges of stockmaniacd sysinit script
  - added separate workdir for the daemon
  - reworked many vars to have them working in install, files and other sections
  - fixed a bug where the wrong INSTALL file as added to the daemon documentation
* Wed Oct 11 2006 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - added more precise dependencies
  - added perl-Finance-Quote as dependency since it exists in fedora-extras
* Mon Oct 09 2006 Stephan Ebelt <>
  - increased package release number
  â spec is now considered final, all future changes will be because of regular
    release building (hopefully)
* Fri Oct 06 2006 Stephan Ebelt <>
  â wrote the initial spec file



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