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scummvm-0.8.1-1 RPM for i386

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Name: scummvm Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.8.1 Vendor: Unknown
Release: 1 Build date: Sat Jan 28 02:10:49 2006
Group: Interpreters Build host: aldur.localdomain
Size: 3591753 Source RPM: scummvm-0.8.1-1.src.rpm
Summary: Graphic adventure game interpreter
ScummVM is an interpreter that will play graphic adventure games written for
LucasArts' SCUMM virtual machine (such as Day of the Tentacle and
Monkey Island), Adventure Soft's Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2,
Revolution Software's Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword 1 and 2,
Interactive Binary Illusions' Flight of the Amazon Queen,
Coktel Vision's Gobliiins, and Wyrmkeep's Inherit the Earth.






* Mon Dec 20 2004 (0.7.0)
  - added AUTHORS file
* Thu Jul 15 2004 (0.6.0-2)
  - added .desktop file (modified from patch 891909)
    - used some elements of the .spec file for scummvm from
* Mon Mar 15 2004 (0.6.0)
  - included libmad and libmpeg2
* Sat Aug 02 2003 (0.5.0)
  - Enhanced versions of Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken are now supported and completable
    - Beneath A Steel Sky is now supported and completable
    - Added support for Amiga version of Monkey Island 1
    - Initial unplayable support for V1 version of Maniac Mansion/Zak McKracken
    - Curse of Monkey Island (COMI) support for playing from CD improved on Mac OS X
    - Loading COMI savegames for disk 2 doesn't anymore require disk 1 first
    - Rewritten iMUSE enginee, and many Music fixes (exp. Monkey Island 2)
    - Support for music in Humongous games and simon2dos/simon2talkie (XMIDI format)
    - Support for music in simon1demo (Proprietary format)
    - Complete music support for Simon the Sorcerer 2
    - Improved music and sound support in Zak256
    - Added Aspect Ratio option
    - Many other bug fixes, improvements and optimisations
* Sun May 25 2003 (0.4.1)
  - Added AdvMame3x filter
    - Fixed crash in Curse of Monkey Island (and possibly other games as well)
    - Fixed airport doors in Zak256
    - Fixed crash in SDL backend
    - Fixed various iMuse bugs
* Sun May 11 2003 (0.4.0)
  - Curse of Monkey Island (comi) support (experimental)
    - Added support for the EGA versions of Loom, Monkey Island and Indy3
    - Improved music support in Indy3 and the floppy versions of Monkey Islands
    - Many Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2 improvements and fixes
    - Very pre-alpha Beneath a Steel Sky code. Don't expect it to do anything.
    - Even more pre-alpha support for V2 SCUMM games (Maniac Mansion and Zak)
    - Preliminary support for early Humongous Entertainment titles (very experimental)
    - New debug console and several GUI/Launcher enhancements
    - New Save/Load code (easier to expand while retaining compatibility)
    - DreamCast port now works with new games added for 0.3.0b
    - New official PalmOS port
    - Various minor and not so minor SCUMM game fixes
    - Large memory leak fixed for The Dig/ComI
    - SMUSH code optimised, frame dropping added for slower machines
    - Code cleanups
* Sun Dec 01 2002 (0.3.0)
  - massive cleanup work for iMUSE. Sam and Max music now plays correctly
    - many bugfixes for Zak256, + sound and music support
    - music support for Simon the Sorcerer on any platform with real MIDI
    - experimental support for Indy3 (VGA) - Indiana Jones + Last Crusade
    - completed support for Monkey1 VGA Floppy, The Dig
    - added akos16 implementation for The Dig and Full Throttle costumes
    - added digital iMUSE implementation for The Dig and Full Throttle music.
    - Loom CD speech+music syncronisation improved greatly
    - added midi-emulation via adlib, for platforms without sequencer support
    - code separation of various engine parts into several libraries
    - several fixes to prevent Simon the Sorcerer crashing and hanging
    - hundreds of bugfixes for many other games
    - new SMUSH video engine, for Full Throttle and The Dig
    - new in-game GUI
    - launcher dialog
* Sun Apr 14 2002 (0.2.0)
  - core engine rewrite
    - enhanced ingame GUI, including options/volume settings.
    - auto-save feature
    - added more command-line options, and configuration file
    - new ports and platforms (MorphOS, Macintosh, Dreamcast, Solaris, IRIX, etc)
    - graphics filtering added (2xSAI, Super2xSAI, SuperEagle, AdvMame2x)
    - support for MAD MP3 compressed audio
    - support for first non-SCUMM games (Simon the Sorcerer)
    - support for V4 games (Loom CD)
    - enhanced V6 game support (Sam and Max is now completable)
    - experimental support for V7 games (Full Throttle/The Dig)
    - experimental support for V3 games (Zak256/Indy3)
* Sun Jan 13 2002 (0.1.0)
  - loads of changes
* Fri Oct 12 2001 (0.0.2)
  - bug fixes
    - save & load support
* Mon Oct 08 2001 (0.0.1)
  - initial version



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