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pyPgSQL-2.4-0 RPM for i386

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Name: pyPgSQL Distribution: KRUD
Version: 2.4 Vendor: pyPgSQL developers <>
Release: 0 Build date: Wed Jul 23 19:41:04 2003
Group: Development/Libraries Build host:
Size: 644622 Source RPM: pyPgSQL-2.4-0.src.rpm
Summary: pyPgSQL - A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL.
pyPgSQL is a package of two modules that provide a Python DB-API 2.0
compliant interface to PostgreSQL databases. The first module, libpq,
exports the PostgreSQL C API to Python. This module is written in C and
can be compiled into Python or can be dynamically loaded on demand. The
second module, PgSQL, provides the DB-API 2.0 compliant interface and
support for various PostgreSQL data types, such as INT8, NUMERIC, MONEY,
BOOL, ARRAYS, etc. This module is written in Python.






* Thu Jul 17 2003 Gerhard Häring <>
  - Changed version number to 2.4.
* Mon Dec 02 2002 Gerhard Häring <>
  - Changed Vendor field to the pyPgSQL developers list.
  - Changed Source field to Sourceforge mirror.
* Mon Oct 28 2002 Sean Reifschneider <>
  - Define CFLAGS for gcc 3.x compilers so that the C version of PgInt8 gets
* Sun Oct 20 2002 Gerhard Häring <>
  - Updated to version 2.3.
* Mon Sep 09 2002 Sean Reifschneider <>
  - Updated to version 2.2.
  - Added README to %doc (suggested by Gerhard Häring)
  - Added examples, test, Announce and ChangeLog to %doc
  - Added postgresql-devel to BuildPrereq and postgresql-libs to requires
    (suggested by Gerhard Häring).
  - Fix the path in the examples.
* Mon Sep 09 2002 Gerhard Häring <>
  - Changed copyright to 'BSD'
* Sat Sep 07 2002 Sean Reifschneider <>
  - Updated to version 2.1.
  - Added a description.
  - Added dependencies on egenix-mx-base and python2



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