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openca-ocspd-2.0.0-1.rhfc12 RPM for i686

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Name: openca-ocspd Distribution: Unknown
Version: 2.0.0 Vendor: OpenCA Labs
Release: 1.rhfc12 Build date: Mon Oct 25 01:44:23 2010
Group: Network/Daemons Build host: titan
Size: 77232 Source RPM: openca-ocspd-2.0.0-1.rhfc12.src.rpm
Packager: root
Summary: OpenCA OCSP Daemon
The openca-ocspd is an RFC2560 compliant OCSPD responder. It can
be used to verify the status of a certificate using OCSP clients
(such as Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird).




OpenCA License (BSD Style)


* Sat Aug 29 2009 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Added support for LibPKI
* Sun Dec 03 2006 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Added exit message on stderr when server aborts during startup (useful
  for interactive startup of the server)
  -Added support for HTTP/1.1 "Host: <addr>" header when making HTTP
  requests in order to get data via HTTP protocol
* Sun Oct 15 2006 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed HTTP HEADERS parsing problem
  -Tested behind an Apache Proxy
  -Added '-debug' startup option to output the HTTP head and additional
  informations to be pushed to stderr
* Fri Oct 13 2006 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Completely changed the codebase in order to use threads instead
  of fork().
  -Fixed compilation under OpenSolaris (SunOS 5.11)
  -Added chroot() capabilities
  -Added options to set the number of threads to be pre-spawned
  -Fixed Socket creation under Solaris (Accept)
  -Moved from BIO_* interface to pure socket implementation for
  better Network options management
* Tue Jul 18 2006 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Removed required index file option in the configuration file (was not
* Mon Apr 24 2006 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed invalidity date problem (no more empty ext added to responses)
  -Added log reporting of returned status about a response when the
  verbose switch is used (before it was enabled only in DEBUG mode)
* Mon Dec 19 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Added chroot facility to enhance server security
* Thu Nov 03 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed compile against OpenSSL 0.9.8a
  -Fixed HTTP downloading routines for CRLs and CA certs
  -Fixed Solaris Port for Signal Handling on CRLs check and reloading
* Thu Oct 06 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed variables init (for Solaris) and code cleanup
* Thu Apr 28 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed RPM installation of man pages
* Wed Apr 27 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed RPM creation on Fedora Distros
* Tue Apr 19 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed child re-spawning when HSM is active
  -Added support for CA/CRL downloading via HTTP
* Fri Jan 28 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  -Fixed SIGHUP problem when auto_crl_reload was enabled
  -Fixed Solaris include for flock usage instead of semaphores
  -Added --enable-flock and --enable-semaphores in configure script
* Tue Jan 18 2005 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - Fixed bug for nextUpdate and lastUpdate fields setting when reloading
  - Added CA certificate loading from LDAP.
  - Added multiple CA certificate from the same cACertificate entry in LDAP.
  - Fixed Solaris putenv issues in configure.c
  - Added OS architecture specific targes in makefiles
* Wed May 19 2004 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - First support for new data structure for CRL lookup and multi CAs
    support (not working now)
  - Fixed for correct generation of config.h
  - Fixed for openldap ld options (for non-standard directories)
* Mon May 17 2004 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - Fixed compilation problems on Solaris
  - Added support for exclusion of ldap usage (--disable-openldap)
  - Added support for openldap directory specification
  - Fixed signal handling and correct children death
  - Added pre-spawning of processes()
* Thu May 13 2004 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - Fixed miscreation of responses when certificate is revoked
  - Fixed crl loading checking (segmentation fault on loading fixed)
* Fri Jan 17 2003 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - Correclty lookup using loaded CRL
  - Added extensions management from CRL to OCSP response
* Mon Jan 13 2003 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - Updated the sample (contrib/) configuration file
  - Added CRL retrivial from LDAP server
  - Added LDAP support (needs OpenLDAP libraries)
  - Added CRL retrivial from file
* Wed Oct 16 2002 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - Fixed daemon description
  - Fixed requirements (for ENGINE support)
  - Added multi child spawning (max_childs_num)
  - Fixed zombi child presence
* Mon Feb 25 2002 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - Fixed response generation
* Tue Feb 20 2001 Massimiliano Pala <>
  - First RPM spec file



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