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netrek-config-2.9pl5-1 RPM for i386

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Name: netrek-config Distribution: Vanilla
Version: 2.9pl5 Vendor: Netrek Development Team
Release: 1 Build date: Tue Feb 15 03:26:32 2000
Group: Amusements/Games Build host:
Size: 832216 Source RPM: netrek-2.9pl5-1.src.rpm
Packager: Vanilla Server Development Team
Summary: Netrek Vanilla Server Configuration Program
Configuration program for the Netrek Vanilla Server.

Although the server will run out of the box, it can be configured to
behave differently through configuration files.  This program provides
a graphical interface to these files.  It is not required to play.






* Thu Jul 15 1999 Bob Tanner  <>
  - rpm/Vanilla.spec (crontab): Changed the .spec file to use James'
  	elegant fix to the cron problem.
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (logfiles):  Added updated.LOG to keep binaries
  	to logfiles synchronized.
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (logfiles): Changed start.LOG to newstartd.LOG
  	to keep the relationship very clear.
* Wed Jul 14 1999 Bob Tanner  <>
  - rpm/Vanilla.spec (Requires): Changed cron to vixie-cron.  
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (%files): Changed the %files section for the
  	server. Needed to break out each file so I could tag certain files
  	as %config.
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (clean): Added %clean to rm -f the
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (US RSA): Added logic to look for the RSA
  	source. If it is found, extract into the right directory. The
  	configure script can only detect the US RSA source, it looks for
  	res-rsa/configure, which is not in the Euro version.
* Wed Jul 14 1999 Bob Tanner  <>
  - rpm/Vanilla.spec (Source1): Had to remove the file,
  	since US crypto law sucks and I cannot redistribute it. Still
  	working on how to build the server with RSA enabled and not
  	distribute the source for it.
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (%postun): Major hack again. Need to get netrek
  	cron entries out of games' crontabs without deleting other
  	potential crontab entries. ** NOTICE ** this method required that
  	"netrek" (the word) be part of the crontab entries that need to be
  	removed. This might come back and bite us in the butt.
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (%post): Major hack to get cron jobs into
  	games' crontab. Have to be careful, games may already have a
  	crontab tab, so suck the current  crontab out and save it to a
  	temp location. Append netrek's cron entries to the crontab. Put
  	the crontab back into cron. Finally clean up after ourselves.
  	- rpm/Vanilla.spec (Requires): The .spec file is becoming more
  	complex. We need to have gtk > 1.2, glib > 1.2 for gum. Cron and
  	sed are necessary for setting up crontab entries for updated on
  	install and deleted those same entries on removal.
* Tue Jul 13 1999 Bob Tanner  <>
  - rpm/Vanilla.spec (Group): RPM %changelog format is different
  	then this files format. Changed the .spec files format to keep rpm
  	from complaining.
* Tue Jul 13 1999 Bob Tanner  <>
  - rpm/Vanilla.spec (Group): Changed the Source0 from tar.gz to
  	tar.bz2 to fall in line with James distributions.



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