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netcomics-data-0.13-1 RPM for noarch

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Name: netcomics-data Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.13 Vendor: Ben Hochstedler <>
Release: 1 Build date: Sat Aug 26 15:36:30 2000
Group: Applications/Networking Build host:
Size: 159956 Source RPM: netcomics-0.13-1.src.rpm
Packager: Ben Hochstedler <>
Summary: Comic modules that instruct netcomics on how to obtain comic strips.
This is the modular library of perl scripts that provide netcomics the
information it needs to download comic strips from the Web.






* Sat Aug 26 2000 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.13-1
  - Added info about new referer and download avoidance capabilities.
  - Added the comics: Whenigrowup, Dr. Fun, Sinfest, Sempai, Everything Jake,
    Can of the Cats, and Gaming U.
  - Added Astronomy Picture of the Day.
* Mon Apr 24 2000 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.12-1
  - Added the comics: 9 Chickweed Lane, Absurd Notion, Against The Grain,
    Alice, Avalon, Badlands, Bobos Progress, Boonies, Broom-Hilda, Buckets,
    Cats With Hands, Chase Villens, Dilbert Classics, Down To Earth, Dr Katz,
    Dragon Tails, Eek and Meek, Fair Game, Fat Cats, Gibberish, Gil Thorp,
    Hound's Home, Ick, Janes World, The Japanese Beetle, K Rat, Kudzu, Lola,
    Loose Parts, Mary Worth, Meatloaf Night, Mickey Mouse, The New Breed,
    Out of Fika, Outtake, PC and Pixel, PS Mueller, Penny Arcade, Phantom,
    Player Versus Player, Pretzel Logic, Quigmans, Random Shots, Rex Morgan,
    Ripleys Believe It Or Not, Real Life, Roomies, Rubes, Small Grey,
    Small World, Spex and Wally, Staggering Heights, Suburban Jungle, Sylvia,
    Tarzan, Thats Life, Top Of This World, Toy Trunk Railroad, Mom,
    Waiting For Bob, WildLife, You Damn Kid.
  - Fixed Y2K bugs
* Wed Dec 01 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.11-1
  - Changed /usr/lib/netcomics to /usr/share/netcomics.
  - Added TODO.
  - Added the comics: After Y2K, Dysentery, Cartoon Web, Bound & Gagged,
    Fred Basset, Herb & Jaamal, Middletons, Pluggers, Motley's Crew,
    Zorro, Liberty Meadows, Teenage Ninja Turtles, Ballard Street, Miss
    Peach, Wee Pals, Raw Material, Agnes, Dr Katz, Outtake, Pcpixel, 9
    Chickweed Lane, Broom-Hilda, Kudzu, Lola, Quigmans, Rubes, Boonies,
    Juilet Jones, Judge Parker, Mark Trail, Henry, Prince Val, New
    Format, Theydoit, Walnut Cove, Tiger, Ripkirby, Hazel, Katzenjammer
    Kids, Mandrake, Pops Place, Popeye, Small Society, Steve Roper,
    Moose Miller, Needhelp, Dick Tracy, Brenda Star, Orphan Annie,
    Gasoline Alley, Soap On A Rope, and World Views
  - Added editorial cartoons by: Walt Handelsman,  Bill Day, Chan Lowe,
    Steve Sack, Mike Peters, Dana Summers, Jeff Macnelly, Jack Ohman,
    Don Wright, Dick Locher, Wayne Stayskal
  - Removed Goats for copyright issues.
* Sun Sep 05 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.10-3
  - Changed new contrib files to use /usr/bin/perl.
* Sun Sep 05 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.10-2
  - Update Makefile to have temporary files created by pod2html removed.
  - Added contrib scripts for dealing with time conversions.
* Sun Sep 05 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.10-1
  - Use of gmtime() instead of localtime() for code that downloads comics.
  - New fields: title, type, author, main, & archives; name depricated.
  - Created webpages now get links included to the comic's site.
  - Seperated modules into their own RPM.
  - new comics: Bliss, The Boondocks, Citizen Dog, The Fusco Brothers,
    Overboard, Tank McNamara, Real Life Adventures, Tradin' Paint,
    Animal Crackers, Bottom Liners, Strange Brew, For Heaven's Sake,
    Heathcliff, & Color Blind.
* Thu Aug 05 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.9.1-1
  - Fixed bugs in the Flash Gordon, Dilbert, and Comiczone modules.
  - Changed html template loading error handling.
  - Made distribution a little more GNU compliant.
* Sat Jul 31 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.9-1
  - Functionality added: backup scheme, default size, open display check
    in show_comics, put URLs in webpage if can't download.
  - Fixed bugs in command line processing (including inverting the
    functionality of -s)
  - Updated many comics and added The Amazing Spiderman, Family
    Circus, Apartment 3-G, Between Friends, Boners Ark, Bringing Up
    Father, Buckles, Claire and Weber, Crock, Curtis, Dennis The Menace,
    Dinette Set, The Family Circus, Flash Gordon, and Free For All.
* Thu Jun 17 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.8-1
  - Added a new display script: show_comics.  Removed dependancies on perl 
    CPAN modules! Added support for specifying the program to use to fetch URLs.
    Added support for comic Stuff This, and made other various updates.
  - For RPM spec: added BuildRoot
* Thu Jun 03 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.7-1
  - new comics: Bizzaro, Off The Mark, Today's Comic,
    For Dummies Cartoon of the Day, Curiosities, The Falling Dream, Laugh Seeds,
    Melonpool, Mr. Chuck Show, Ozy & Millie, Bruno the Bandit
  - fixed command line options parsing bugs
  - updated comics to reflect changes to websites
* Tue Apr 06 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.6-1
  - Added contrib/comics_update, updated post install info text
* Thu Mar 04 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.5-1
  - Added template as document & moved html files to doc directory
* Sat Feb 20 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.4-1
  - added dependency for perl-Image-Size, html templates & webpage creation HOWTO
* Thu Feb 18 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.3-1
  - fixed typo in the post-install message & added Howto file
* Wed Feb 17 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.2-3
  - added perl-HTML-Parser dependency
* Wed Feb 17 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.2-2
  - added manpage
* Tue Feb 16 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.2-1
  - added comiczone comics, and a CHANGES file
* Mon Feb 15 1999 Ben Hochstedler <> 0.1-1
  - initial version



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