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mplayerplug-in-3.45-fc6 RPM for i386

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Name: mplayerplug-in Distribution: Unknown
Version: 3.45 Vendor: Kevin DeKorte <>
Release: fc6 Build date: Mon Aug 6 16:18:55 2007
Group: Browser/Plugin Build host: BlackTower
Size: 1521139 Source RPM: mplayerplug-in-3.45-fc6.src.rpm
Packager: Kevin DeKorte <>
Summary: MPlayer Plugin for Netscape/Mozilla
mplayerplug-in is a Mozilla browser plugin to allow playing embedded movies on web pages.






* Mon Dec 18 2006 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.35
* Mon Aug 28 2006 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.31
* Mon Apr 10 2006 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.25
* Sun Feb 12 2006 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.21
* Mon Jan 30 2006 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.20
  	See ChangeLog
* Thu Dec 08 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.17
  	See ChangeLog
* Mon Nov 28 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.16
  	See ChangeLog
* Fri Nov 04 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.15
  	See ChangeLog
* Wed Sep 14 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.11
  	Fix playlist problem
* Tue Sep 13 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.10
  	See ChangeLog
* Sat Aug 06 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.05
  	See ChangeLog
* Fri Jul 22 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v3.01
  	Fixed crash when "src" tag used and src is not found
  	Allow SMIL support to be configurable for Real Media
  	Added --enable-[wmp,qt,rm,gmp] flags to configure
  - v3.00
  	Warning message when using "--enable-x" option
  	State setting in shutdown (remove unnecessary instance->)
  - v2.99.1 fix
  	make clean fix
  	Crasher fix
  	make filename embed tag attribute work properly
  	Makefile fixups done by Greg Hosler
  - v2.99.0
  	Work with locking issues in play, ff and rew also rework order in play a bit.
  	Korean translation by Joonil Kim
  	Change an assertion into some if checks
  	Handle case where plugin is shutdown, but thread is setup, but has not been signalled and so it may hang
  	Redo ::Play function
  	Add a missing lock to ::Play
  	Add some more GTK_IS_WIDGET checks to the destroy code.
  	Fix download percentage when dealing with large files.
  	Fix issue with nomediacache=1 and autostart=1 and the buttons not displaying
  	Removed unnecessary unlock from ::Play in the SetupPlayer section
  	Plugin separation, made separate plugin for each video type
  	Fixed a dumb bug in the ASF and ASX parseing code
  	Cleaned up (un)installer code
  	Fixed problem with spanish (es) missing on install
  	More cleanups due to lib separation
  	Added lock around deleteList in shutdown
* Wed Jun 15 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.85
  	French translation by AL 
  	updated mimetype description MS ASF video for type video/x-ms-asf
  	Build Fixes from Dag Wieers
  	Minor change to getURLFilename
  	Change to make NetFlix previews work
  	Cap the cachebytes to twice the cachesize
  	Fix up some issues with user-agent
  	Italian translation by Roberto Inzerillo
  	Brazilian Portugese translation by Danilo Bardusco
  	Slovak translation by Jozef Riha
  	Took & compare out of URLcmp so that should work.
  	More fixes to make to work better.
  	Optimize the loop condition with 1 file to play
  	Fix a bug in URLcmp with file:// urls
  	Fix a bug in "loop" attribute make "loop=1" work.
  	Merged and expanded Hiroa's loop patch.
  	Russian translation by Nikolai Prokoschenko
  	Danish translation by Anders Lind
  	Progress Bar over video fix and crasher fix.
  	Spanish translation by Azael Avalos
  	getTime and getPercent patches from anonymous
  	Added options cookies, nomouseinput and noconsolecontrols to config file to disable (set to 0) or enable (set to 1 [default])
* Sun Feb 13 2005 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.80
  	Fix DPMS value on quit
  	Add workaround to disable -xy, -x, -y mplayer flags when not on local display
  		patch from Yasuhiro Matsumoto
  	Add gettext language support (ja only provided, other languages still need to be done)
  		patch from Yasuhiro Matsumoto	
  	Patch to set UserAgent from Yasuhiro Matsumoto
  	Polish translation by Marcin Bukat
  	German translation by Rene Engelhard
  	Dutch translation by Panagiotis Issaris
  	Implement java script method SetFileName
  	autostart/autoplay config option. Set to 0 to disable autostart of media.
  	New Logo by Dusan Maliarik (and Gnome Crystal Icon Set)
  	Fix to URLcmp to make work. 
  	Implemented the following Javascript functions (QuickTime compatible)
  		void SetIsLooping(in boolean loop);
  		boolean GetIsLooping();
  		void SetAutoPlay(in boolean autoPlay);
  		boolean GetAutoPlay();
  		void SetHREF(in string url);
  		string GetHREF();
  		void SetURL(in string url);
  		string GetURL();
  		string GetMIMEType();
  	Fix up buttons and GUI layout in small windows
  	Make STOP be down when autostart = 0
  	Fix popup menu to work in letterbox bar areas
  	Fix popup menu to work before media is started
  	Fix menu callbacks to work if panel is not drawn
  	Changed behavior of Stop/MediaComplete event to show mplayerplug-in logo when done.
  	Autoconf changes to GTK1/2 Enabled flags.
  	Fix crash with noembed=1 option set
  	Fix compile issue with GTK1 code
* Wed Dec 15 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.75
  	Make sdp media urls work
  	Make GTK1 code request XEmbed mode
  	Only specify mplayer -cache option for streaming data
  	Add mimetype application/x-ms-wmv to the list
  	For realmedia, don't play when controls=statusbar
  	Applied mms playlist detection patch from Yasuhiro Matsumoto (fixes among others)
  	Fix for older mozilla include paths. Fix based on info from FreeBSD package patch.
  	Applied sync A/V options patch from Yasuhiro Matsumoto
  	Applied some Sun JDS patches from Hiroaki Nozaki - did not apply all since they used global variables
  	Added in support for Nullsoft Streaming Video mimetype: application/x-nsv-vp3-mp3
  	Fixed problem with media
  	Added fallback to smb:// when getting a file:// url that is not found
  	Make Netflix previews work after Netflix website update
  	Apply NetBSD patches from Juan RP
  	Add back in the signal mask patch and a slight pause
  	Add some more pthread_cancel checks in
  	Fixed a buffer overrun that was identified by Adam Feakin
  	Fixes some minor nits with the fullscreen window in GTK2
  	Applied more patches from Hiroaki Nozaki - more HTML property support
  	Added config option enable_smil, default to 1 or enabled. Added so that SMIL support can be disabled independently
  	Fix automake issues on FreeBSD
  	Fix issue with, autoplay and buttons showing up
  	Add support for keyboard commands, these only work when the mouse is over the buttons or background, not over media
  		space/P/p - play or pause depending on current state
  		S/s - stop
  		</, - rewind 10 seconds
  		>/. - fast forward 10 seconds
  		F/f - fullscreen or not
* Mon Sep 27 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.70
  	GTK1 Widget fixes
  	MMS URL saving
  	GTK2 improvements
  	Xinerama support
* Sun Jun 20 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.66
  	Fix Gentoo NPTL locking issue / crash
* Tue Jun 15 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.65
  	Fix some minor crash situations
  	UI fixes in all modes
  	Support gecko-sdk 1.7 and higher
* Thu Mar 18 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.50
          See ChangeLog for complete listing
  	Thread locking fixes
  	More URL support
  	GUI fixes
* Sun Feb 15 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.11
  	Added some missing defines for older compilers
  	Fixed getBaseURL crasher on SUN
  	Removed -cookies option in call to mplayer because it is not present on some versions of mplayer
  	Fix crash and double play with American Idol site
  	Configure fixes, added --with-gecko-sdk option if pkg-config does not work
  	Fixed bug where first file in playlist was not being cleaned up
  	Fixed casting error in memmem.c
  	Playback reset if frame decode error
  	New option cache-percent defaulted to 25 values are [0-100] used with
  		cachesize, takes value of stream size and takes larger (huge Shrek plays on DSL now)
  	Fix errors on building on a solaris 9 with gcc tools environment
  	Fix compile issue on slackware
* Fri Feb 06 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v2.0
  	Massive code reorganization to get javascript commands to work
  	Conversion of C code to C++ code
  	Code retains all fixes of 1.3 candidate
  	Code retains almost all functionality of 1.3 candidate
  	functions/options that have been removed include:
  		use of gmplayer, no longer an option, built-in gui planned
  		logging to a file - logging to console easier
  		download option - now automatic
  		other options have now been made default
  	mozilla-devel package now required to compile code.
  	gcc -Wall is used now, so all those errors/warnings should be fixed
  	strncpy/strncat replaced with strlcpy/strlcat, files included in archive
  	Fixed browser hang when player crashes or is killed
  	***Code Split - 1.3 candidate***
  	Fix possible buffer overflow in buildPlaylist
  	Correct mplayer shutdown process
  	More UI enhancements from Erich
  	Even more UI enhancements
  	Fix XML parse error on smil files that don't have seq tags. Which DTD does SMIL use?
  	Fix videotag not found omission
  	Fix UI crasher FreeUI was called with uninitialized pointers
  	Parse mplayer output to determine the actual size and play size of the media
  	Support RealMedia with embedded rtsp streams, allows NASA TV to work
  		needs enable-real=1 in mplayerplug-in.conf
  		mplayer with RealMedia codecs and support
  	Fix possible crash in NPP_Destroy
  	Change buildPlaylist to be called from NPP_DestroyStream rather than after a magic value in NPP_Write
  		This way we are sure we have the entire playlist downloaded.
  	Found possible crash in smil format decode
  	Added stat.c to make Solaris compile work
  	Fixed bug in getURLBase
  	Fixed handling of This->baseurl
  	Fixed crash in ASX format handling, should fix
  	Account for CR and LF instead of just LF in RM playlists
  	Solaris compile issue - change stat.c references to lstat.c
  	Fixed compile issue in lstat.c
  	Applied Alexandre Pereira da Silva's player manager work. Should help those with "ps" issues.
* Tue Jan 20 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v1.2
  	QuickTime streaming, speed work
  	Fix crasher on url
  		This was caused by an incorrect assumption about Quicktime MOV Reference files
  		rmda elements can contain rmdr and rdrf in any order, files I had only showed one order.
  	When keep-download=1 write mms url's into $dload-dir/playlist for reference
  	All unwanted streams are now cancelled and not downloaded with QT autospeed.
  	Changed qt-speed config option from a 0-12 number to [low|medium|high], this should be final now
  	Fixed crasher in smil format support when bitrate not specified.
  	Fixed bug with MSN Music site where http urls are self referencing and act like MMS Streams
  	Applied patch from Erich that reduces the amount of flicker when updating the status screen
  	Changed Full Redraw threshhold from 50 to 80, some sites were a little crammed.
  	Merged patch from Erich to display progress bar during download
  	Fixed bug where video was streamed rather then downloaded, when it should be downloaded
  	Proper smil format support, with nested video tags with seq tags
  	Found an extra ; in the speed adjustment code that was causing med and high speeds to be off
* Thu Jan 15 2004 Kevin DeKorte
  - v1.1
  - Security Fixes
  - Minor bug fixes with saving streams
  - Build system fixes
  - Title Screen enhancement
  - Updated status window
  - Playlist support for http streams that act like mms streams
  - See ChangeLog for full list of fixes
* Fri Dec 12 2003 Kevin DeKorte
  - v1.0
  - Added -zoom patch from Giuseppe GhibÃ⊃ <>
  - Patch to only kill the mplayer associated with the window being destroyed.
  - This allows multiple streams to play in different windows
  - Cosmetic "about:plugins" patch from Benjamin Larsson <>
  - More about:plugin work to fix an issue with AtomFilms, Quicktime was not coming up
  - Keep trailing ; in mimetype list
  - smil format support - Clone wars
* Tue Oct 21 2003 Kevin DeKorte
  - v1.0pre3
  - More fixes
* Fri Oct 17 2003 Kevin DeKorte
  - v1.0pre2
  - compatibility with mplayer 1.0pre2
* Sat Oct 04 2003 Kevin DeKorte
  - v0.95
  - True streaming support
  - Improved playlist capability
  - Improved status window
  - Mplayer 0.92 is a prerequisite
* Thu Sep 11 2003 Kevin DeKorte
  - Fix errors in 0.90
  - Downloading feature disabled for now.
* Mon Sep 08 2003 Kevin DeKorte
  - See ChangeLog for code changes
* Mon Mar 03 2003 Michael A. Peters <>
  - created spec file



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