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liferea-0.5.1-1 RPM for i586

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Name: liferea Distribution: SuSE 9.1
Version: 0.5.1 Vendor:
Release: 1 Build date: Thu Jul 1 04:20:20 2004
Group: Applications/Internet Build host: capricorn.zodiac
Size: 877172 Source RPM: liferea-0.5.1-1.src.rpm
Packager: Harry Auschner
Summary: Linux Feed Reader
An Aggregator For RSS/RDF Feeds For GTK/GNOME.

Liferea is an abbreviation for Linux Feed Reader. It is a news
aggregator for online news feeds. It supports a number of different
feed formats including RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS, and OPML. There are
many other news readers available, but these others are not available
for Linux or require many extra libraries to be installed. Liferea
tries to fill this gap by creating a fast, easy to use, easy to
install news aggregator for GTK/GNOME.






* Thu Jul 01 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.5.1 for SuSE 9.1
* Wed Jun 30 2004 Lars Lindner
  Version 0.5.1
  	* Favicons are now processed with gdkpixbuf and saved
  	  to disc in PNG format. Images with 24bit colors and
  	  sizes other than 16x16 are now supported. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Now a short help text is displayed in the HTML view
  	  after startup. (Lars Linder)
  	* Updated networking code. Many more things, such as
  	  adding a new feed, are processed in the background.
  	  (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Improved preferences for selecting how to open a link
  	  in an external browser. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Popup-window notifications of new items. This
  	  is a first implementation and we are open for your
  	  critics and suggestions! (Karl Soderstrom)
  	* When URLs are passed to an external browser they are
  	  now escaped correctly. (Lars Lindner)
  	* When a feed could not be downloaded after the 
  	  subscription it was missing a cache file. This caused
  	  an error message each time the program starts. This
  	  is fixed now. (Lars Lindner)
  	* Debian bug #254959 reported by Martin-Eric Racine was
  	  fixed. No Liferea recognizes RSS 1.0 Creative Commons
  	  license information. (Lars Lindner)
  	* Better favicon detection (more coming in the next release).
  	* Feed properties (such as titles) are now saved when they
  	  change. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Compiles on Solaris, and is hopefully more portable now.
  	  (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Feed update locking issues were fixed. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Several memleaks were fixed.
* Sun Jun 20 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.5.0 for SuSE 9.1
* Sat Jun 19 2004 Lars Lindner
  Version 0.5.0
  	* New Russian translation (Alekseev Vladimir)
  	* New Czech translation (Juraj Kubelka)
  	* Feed Link Autodiscovery, this means you can subscribe
  	  to any website's and the feed link is determined 
  	  automatically. (ahmed el-helw)
  	* Mozilla browser module supports zooming now. (Lars Lindner)
  	* Scroll down or next unread feature for Mozilla, and is now triggered 
  	  by space instead of shift-space.
  	* Improved HTML stylesheet. This will cause current items to be
  	  duplicated the first time that 0.5.0 is run.
  	* Relative links in HTML plugins are now supported.
  	* HTML plugin interface has changed.
  	* Added news reader icon drawn by Jakob Steiner as recommended
  	  application launcher icon.
  	* Added a simple manual page.
  	* The feed downloading now is concurrent to avoid long waiting
  	  times on timeouts or slow feed sources. The default concurrency
  	  is 3. The value can be configured by setting the gconf key
  	* Scheduled feed updates are calculated based on the time of the
  	  last poll of the feed, which is saved across restarts of
  	  Liferea. This means that feeds needing updates (based on the
  	  update interval) are automatically updated when Liferea starts.
  	* If the close box is used in the Liferea main window when the
  	  systray icon is active, Liferea will close its main window, but
  	  not quit. Click the systray icon to show the main window
  	Bug Fixes:
  	* "Select file" works when adding a "command" source in the feed
  	* Liferea should now build with gcc 2.95 again.
  	* Toolbars now obey the GNOME toolbar setting with respect to if
  	  icons, text, or both are desired to be shown.
* Sun May 23 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.9 for SuSE 9.1
* Sat May 22 2004 Lars Lindner  
  Version 0.4.9
  	* New button in the statusbar to work offline. (Lars Lindner)
  	* New Properties dialog box. Cache settings can now be set
  	  per-feed. The "New Feed" dialog was also changed. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Conversion filters are now supported. This allows web sites to
  	  be converted to feeds using special conversion scripts. (Nathan
  	* Feed menu is re-organized. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Feed type autodetection has been rewritten. It should be better
  	  than the old version. Thus, the manual feed type selection has
  	  been removed. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* The contents of a folder can now be updated by right-clicking a
  	  folder and selecting "Update". (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Support for using old versions of GConf2 has been re-added. This
  	  fixes compile problems on many RedHat versions. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Marked items are now always saved. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Recursive updating and deleting of folders has been added. These
  	  can be accessed via the "Feeds" menu and via the feedlist
  	  contextual menus. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Toolbar items have been re-aranged, and two items have been
  	  added. (Nathan Conrad)
  	* Makefile/configure changes including a patch found on the Polish
  	  Linux Distribution web page.
  	* Stylesheet improvements (delusional)
  	* The Mozilla browser module now supports two and three pane
            mode. (Lars Lindner)
  	* Added a preference which determines wether a link is opened
  	  inside the applications HTML widget or with the configured
  	  external browser. Of course this is only possible if the
  	  browser module supports inside browsing. Currently only
  	  Mozilla does. GtkHTML2 will ignore the option. (Lars Lindner)
* Sat May 08 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.8 for SuSE 9.1
* Thu May 06 2004 Lars Lindner
  Version 0.4.8
  	* A lot of rewrites. Everywhere! Lots of bug fixes too.
  	* Rewrite of the feedlist tree handling. The program
  	  now allows arbitrary nested folders. You can now
  	  drag and drop folders.
  	* Rewrite and change of the feedlist saving method.
  	  Now the feedlist isn't saved into gconf but into
  	  an OPML file in the cache directory. This allows
  	  one to easily backup one's feedlist and cache by
  	  archiving the settings directory ~/.liferea. It
  	  also allows exchanging subscriptions with other
  	  aggregators without depending on the program
  	  to export the list by directly manipulating the
  	  ~/.liferea/feedlist.opml file.
  	      !!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   	      !!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  	  To be prepared for problems during the conversion
  	  you should export the feedlist using the last
  	  installed version!
  	* Change of the cache file naming scheme. Now
  	  random filenames are generated.
  	* New Feed Auto Saving feature. To avoid data loss
  	  on program crashes or forced shutdown changed
  	  feeds are automatically saved all 5 minutes.
  	* Also only changed feeds are saved during feed saves. 
  	  Formerly every feed was saved.
  	* Improved OPML support. Redundant attributes when
  	  exporting to provide wider compatibility with
  	  other aggregators. More information is now exported.
  	* The broken searching was fixed by Nathan Conrad.
  	* Added Italian translation done by Dario Conigliaro.
  	* Added Traditional Chinese translation by Rex Tsai.
  	* Updated RPM spec file from Brian Pepple.
* Thu Apr 29 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.7d for SuSE
* Wed Apr 28 2004 Lars Lindner
  Version 0.4.7d
  	* Fix from Nathan Conrad to prevent a cache loading
  	  crash reported by Brian Pepple.
  	* Fix from Nathan Conrad to prevent random crashes 
  	  when viewing items. This should fix a lot of 
  	  problems reported. Especially problems with
  	  non ASCII feeds!
  	* Added an Italian translation from Dario Conigliaro.
* Wed Apr 21 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.7c for SuSE
* Wed Apr 21 2004 Lars Lindner
  Version 0.4.7c
    Some serious RSS parsing bugs were fixed.
* Mon Apr 12 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.7b for SuSE 9.0
* Sun Apr 11 2004 Lars Lindner <>
  Version 0.4.7b
  	* Added a macedonian translation from Tomislav Markovski.
  	* Upgrade to an improved version of the SnowNews
  	  networking code from Oliver Feiler. The new
  	  code now supports basic and digest HTTP
  	  authentication. This should satisfy change
  	  request 932183 from Eric Gregory.
  	* Fixes drag&drop crash reported with patch
  	  931558 from morberg.
  	* Fixes a thread safety problem which caused
  	  wrong download results. A patch to fix this
  	  was provided by Oliver Feiler.
  	* Fixes a double free when loading feeds.
* Wed Apr 07 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.7 for SuSE 9.0
* Wed Apr 07 2004 Lars Lindner <>
  Version 0.4.7
  	* This version contains a lot of rewrites
  	  from Nathan J. Conrad and me. I expect a
  	  lot of problems to come up. Please fall
  	  back to the last version if you have
  	  serious problems! Or simply wait for the
  	  first corrections releases :)
  	* The program now loads a configured HTML
  	  view widget plugin. There is a GtkHTML
  	  plugin which should work as before. There
  	  is an experimental Mozilla plugin too. To 
  	  easily find the needed Mozilla libraries 
  	  the program binary is now called "liferea-bin" 
  	  and their is a script "liferea" which tries
  	  to correctly set up the library paths.
  	* When you change a feed URL the feed is
  	  now updated automatically after closing
  	  the properties dialog.
  	* Added the previously removed proxy dialog
  	  as I decided Liferea should stay a GTK
  	  application (but Søren Hansen told me he
  	  wants to do GNOME integration so this may
  	  come as a compile option). So users without
  	  GNOME (maybe KDE) can easily set a proxy.
  	* Added a patch (882761) from morberg.
  	* Added a preferences checkbox to disable the 
  	  automatical adding of the help feeds.
  	* Added a patch from Nathan J. Conrad to make
  	  the preferences dialog instant applying
  	  each option. This way its more GNOME HIG 
  	* Added a patch from Christophe Barbe to change
  	  the tray icon behaviour to come up on the
  	  current desktop.
  	* Simplification of the namespace support code,
  	  which fixes some memory leaks.
  	* Patch from Nathan J. Conrad and Roshan Revankar
  	  to simplify the GTK selection handling and 
  	  fix some problems with Copy URL.
  	* Changed the dialog button order to be more
  	  GNOME HIG compliant (proposed by delusional).
  	  But once again: I really don't like it that way!
  	* The program now remembers the itemlist mode.
  	* The program now remembers the HTML views zoom level.
  	* Changed the menu/toolbar checkboxes to a radiobutton
  	  list with positive logic.
* Sat Mar 13 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.6e for SuSE 9.0
* Sat Mar 13 2004 Lars Lindner
  Version 0.4.6e
  	* Fixes a crash when parsing feeds using the
  	  blogChannel RSS module reported on the Debian
  	  bug tracker (237306).
  	* Includes a UTF-8 version of the bulgarian 
  	  translation created by Vladimir Petkov. The
  	  last version contained one in ISO-8859
  	  which is not supported by GTK.
* Thu Mar 04 2004 Harry Auschner
  Build 0.4.6d for SuSE 9.0
* Wed Mar 03 2004 Lars Lindner
  Version 0.4.6d
    Fixes a bug concering encoding conversion which was
  	  reported by Niklas Morberg with Patch 908949.
    Fixes bug 908803: problems with a webserver which
  	  supports deflate compression reported by Nathan J. 
  	  Conrad and fixed by Oliver Feiler.
* Sun Feb 29 2004 Harry Auschner
  Initial Build for SuSE 9.0



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