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labrea-2.5b-2 RPM for i386

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Name: labrea Distribution: SuSE Linux 8.2 (i586)
Version: 2.5b Vendor: SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, Germany
Release: 2 Build date: Tue Oct 7 08:17:06 2003
Group: System/Daemons Build host:
Size: 427855 Source RPM: labrea-2.5b-2.src.rpm
Summary: a "Sticky" Honeypot and Intrusion Detection System
LaBrea takes over unused IP addresses, and creates virtual servers
that are attractive to worms, hackers, and other denizens of the
Internet. The program answers connection attempts in such a way that
the machine at the other end gets "stuck", sometimes for a very long






* Wed Sep 10 2003 moi-meme  <>
  - src/ctl.c (ctl_init_arrays):  Remove call to sleep since not
    supposed to mix with alarm calls on linux.
  - src/utils.c (util_alarm), src/labrea.c: Set alarm and signal
    handlers after going into daemon mode so that child will get
  - src/labrea_init.c, src/lbio.c: Take out fudge code since
    libdnet 1.7 ethopen now uses the libdnet device names (ie eth1,
* Fri Jul 18 2003 moi-meme  <>
  - src/labrea_init.c: Tighten checking on invalid numbers input for
    throttlesize, max bandwidth, etc.
  - src/utils.c: Correct timer handling so that bandwidth usage will
    be properly reported.
  - src/utils.c, labrea_init.c, pkt_handler.c: Change maxbw to Kbytes so
    as to avoid problems with large bandwidths.
* Thu Aug 29 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - src/labrea_init.c (labrea_init): Turn off arp sweep if capture
    subnet is too large. Also give a msg if subnet is large.
* Fri Aug 09 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - pkt_handler.c (pkt_handler): Set up a "new kid" elt if someone
    replies to an arp request.
* Thu Aug 08 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - pkt_handler.c (ip_handler): Move firewalling code outside so as
    to check dest port of all incoming TCP packets.
* Wed Aug 07 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - labrea_init.c (labrea_init): Change basic bpf filter to listen
    to pkts -sent- to the bogus MAC address only.
  - lbio.c (lbio_send_ip_pkt): Make responses appear to come from
    bogus virtual machine.
* Tue Aug 06 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - labrea_init.c, pkt_handler.c, ctl.c, utils.c: Add arp sweep logic to detect live
    IPs. Replace nk list by a ptr array.
* Thu Aug 01 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - labrea_init.c (labrea_init): Change test mode to log on stdout,
    and not fork a child. Eliminate notes on Usage message to improve
* Tue Jul 30 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - pkt_handler.c (check_ip_ignore_or_new_kid): Remove culling
    logic. Only cull inactive entries at each timer pop.
* Sat Jul 27 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - labrea_init.c (labrea_init): Now will accept long options. Add
    read_number rtn to check input integer validity and prevent buffer
    overflows. Add new --init-file option to allow user-specified
    configuration file. Add code to parse all input before bailing
  - labrea.h: Move defines.h to this member. Move prototype
    definitions to each individual include member (eg utils.h has
    prototypes for util.c).
  - includes.h: Move all includes to the corresonding .c source
    where the include is needed. This simplifies housekeeping on includes.
* Fri Jul 26 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - pkt_handler.c (throttle_data): Change newthisminute to depend on
    b/w from each connection and not just # of connections.
  - ctl.h, utils.c, ctl.c: Change history array to depend on a
    defined constant. Change code in same way.
* Mon Jul 08 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - pkt_handler.c (ip_handler): Change port firewalling logic to use
    dynamic port algorithm. That is, ports don't respond to incoming
    SYNs until they have seen sufficient activity. Then they start
    giving back a SYN-ACK.
  - defines.h: Change some defines to enums as per GNU coding
  - utils.c: Move code to run "new kids" list into timer signal
    handler so that code will be invoked on a regular basis, but not
    at each arp. Also add code in same rtn for dynamic port logic so
    that if a port shows activity, it will automatically be monitored.
  - labrea.c: Change pcap_loop to pcap_dispatch so that mainline
    signal handler code can be called regularly.
* Tue Jun 25 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - labrea_init.c (labrea_init): Change -n, -m parameters so that
    can use libdnet input conversion. User has to enter net/mask in
    standard CIDR format. -m parameter no longer supported.
* Thu Jun 20 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - Utils.c (CleanExit): Split into 2 rtn so that can generate error
    code if terminating on error.
* Wed Jun 19 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - labrea.h, -.c: Move control flags and variables to main ctx
    structure. Move signal handlers and utility routines to new util.c
    member. Centralize logging.
* Tue Jun 18 2002 moi-meme <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - PacketHandler.c, FixArrays.c, LaBrea.c, LaBrea_init.c: Replace
    u_.. types by libdnet std types. Continue working on replacing
    hardcoded pkt manipulation by libdnet structures and functions.
* Sun Jun 16 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - pkt.h, pkt.c: Rework this code to eliminate fragroute-specific
    stuff, and to handle arps.
  - PacketHandler.c: Got rid of gotos.
* Sat Jun 15 2002 moi-meme  <asdfg@sora.localdomain>
  - PacketHandler.c, LaBrea.c, LaBrea_init.c, CleanExit.c: Replace
    the kotb structure by a TAILQ (vrtq). Each virtual server element
    is a structure of standard libdnet constructs.
* Wed Jun 05 2002 <zoosoo@mybox.localdomain>
  - Data.c: Move constant strings back into pgms to improve
    readability. This also prepares for possible gettext
    internationalisation implementation. Eliminate the Data.c file.
  - LaBrea.c: Use warnx to generate error messages. Eliminate goto
    calls for error handling.
  - LaBrea_init.c: Move initialisation stuff to new stand-alone
    routine. Get rid of gotos.
  - labrea.h: Move globals into this include file. Eliminate extern
    declarations in functions.
  - defines.h: Define file names to dynamically build msgs /
    determine file names depending on op system.
  - KOTB.c, IPHandler.c: Move functions into PacketHandler to
    eliminate -.c includes.
  - GoDaemon.c: Eliminate another -c include by moving this code to
  - LaBrea.c, LaBrea_init.c, PacketHandler.c, FixArrays.c,
    CleanExit.c: Start replacing libnet by libdnet. Replace randqueue1
    logic by calls to libdnet rand fn.
  - FixArrays.c: Eliminate code to parse old-style configuration
    file syntax.
  - defines.h: Change some defines to enum.
  - FixArrays.c, LaBrea_init.c, PacketHandler.c: Add port_array
    logic to dynamically add ports to be monitored. Also add PMN
    directive which causes specific ports to be monitored. Simplify
    FixArray parsing logic. Change IP ignore addresses to be a
    linked list of addr structures so that a range of addresses is
    expressed in CIDR notation (xx.xx.xx.xx/nn).



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