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klibido- RPM for i586

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Name: klibido Distribution: Mandrakelinux
Version: Vendor:
Release: 1.101mcnl Build date: Tue Mar 1 20:27:08 2005
Group: Internet/News Build host:
Size: 705202 Source RPM: klibido-
Packager: Marco Meijer <>
Summary: usenet news grabber
KLibido - KDE Linux Binaries Downloader
KLibido is a KDE usenet news grabber for Linux.


    * Automatic joining of multi-part posts
    * Automatic decoding of posts, using the uudeview library (yEnc supported)
    * Multiple servers support, with priorities and fallback if an article fails on a server and is present on another server
    * Queue balancing: KLibido spreads the bytes load across servers with the same priority
    * Multiple download threads per server support, with the ability to add or remove threads "on the fly"
    * Gracefully handles network errors, timeouts, disconnects and out-of-space errors
    * Acceptable (at least, by me :) memory usage (80-100 MB VMRss with several large groups open)
    * Filter articles by subject and state (read, unread, complete, incomplete)
    * Multi tabbed interface in IDEAl mode, to open multiple newsgroups at once
    * KParts interface for previewing posts (.nfo, images, etc...) inside the program
    * Download queue management:
          o Pause (and resume) the queue
          o Pause (and resume) the single posts
          o Drag and drop the items around to change the download order
          o Cancel download
          o Lists of finished and failed items
          o Granularity, with the ability to see the progress/status of the whole post and of the single articles of the post
          o The progress of the download is saved and survives program exits/crashes






* Tue Mar 01 2005 Marco Meijer, <>
  bug fix
* Tue Feb 22 2005 Marco Meijer, <> 0.2.1-1.101mcnl
* Mon Jan 31 2005 Marco Meijer, <> 0.2.0-1.101mcnl
  First Mandrakelinux 10.1 versie



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