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config-0.5-PS2 RPM for noarch

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Name: config Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.5 Vendor: Unknown
Release: PS2 Build date: Mon Apr 17 15:05:06 2006
Group: Misc/Config Build host:
Size: 10281 Source RPM: config-0.5-PS2.src.rpm
Summary: PS2 Linux Blueooth Config and PIN input
Since we have this kernel just for Bluetooth Access Point, we can not have
graphical pin-helper, so we echo our default PIN with givepin shell script.
Default PIN is 1234, and you should change it ASAP. To change it you need
to edit givepin script. Also included is GN setup with bridge configuration
and script which adds new pseudo devices to bridge on connection. Change
IP in setupgn script to reflect your configuration, here it is assumed
that the network is and BTAP (playstation2) has IP and gateway has IP The script dev-up will then
automaticaly add new bnepX interfaces to bridge br0, so no user
intervention is needed.

After install/uupgrade you will get a bunch of files with suffix .rpmnew
This means that the file should be installed, but if the previous file is
already there it should not overwrite it. So if you already have a good
config you should not change it. For this release 0.5 you should rename
the following files:

/etc/sysconfig/ipchains.rpmnew to /etc/sysconfig/ipchains if you already
have ipchains firewall setup. This config goes in place with setupgn and
dhcpd.conf script (e.g. network). I also included and network.

/etc/rc.d/rc.local.rpmnew to /etc/rc.d/rc.local This is a MUST! This wway
you will only load 2.4.17-bluetooth kernel specific features if you use
multiple kernels on your ps2. This script checks if the kernel is
2.4.17-bluetooth, and if it is then loads /usr/bin/setupgn which sets up
Group Network service (e.g. configures bridge and assings IP, then adds
the record to SDP daemon, so other Bluetooth users can find the specific
service and connect to it, after that it starts dhcpd, to automaticaly
assign IP to clinets when connection is made. Finaly it runs
/usr/bin/loadmodules wich loads some usefull kernel modules, such as ppp,
usb-storage and ipchains, after that it starts ipchains firewall.

/etc/sysctl.conf.rpmnew to /etc/sysctl.conf This is a MUST! If you plan to
use masquerading (e.g. ps2 as a router) with ppp or tun or some VPN
software. If you do not use it as router it is still good idea to rename

/etc/dhcpd.conf.rpmnew to /etc/dhcpd.conf This is a MUST! This way the
dhcpd daemon will assign IPs from network.







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