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kalva-0.8.78-taki.1 RPM for i586

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Name: kalva Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.8.78 Vendor: taki
Release: taki.1 Build date: Sun Jun 18 01:00:46 2006
Group: productivity/multimedia/video Build host: rivendell.texas
Size: 1612070 Source RPM: kalva-0.8.78-taki.1.src.rpm
Summary: Kalva is A Lightweight Videorecorder Application
Kalva is A Lightweight Videorecorder Application. Kalva is a simple to use and simple to setup videorecorder for KDE. It is using the fantastic console tool MEncoder from the MPlayer package to do the real work. You can store the neccessary MEncoder Options in hardware- and quality profiles. You can easily share your profiles and your channellist via New Stuff (take a look at for channellists, hardware profiles and quality profiles). You can schedule a movierecording by choosing the date from a calender (will be passed to at) and a serial recording by choosing the days of the week (feeds your crontab). You can reread allready scheduled tasks for later changes (moviemanager, serialmanager). You can browse and manage Your movie collection and watch selected files with MPlayer.






* Sun Jun 18 2006 -
  - bugfixes concerning aumix and aspect settings for video play command
  - bugfixes improving UTF8 compatibility
* Thu Apr 13 2006 -
  - restart a running MPlayer (preview) when choosing different profiles
  - small code improvements (hope it compiles now also on Debian and Fedora Core 5)
* Fri Mar 31 2006 -
  - the profiles and the channellist are configurable from the
    main window, no need anymore to open prefs dialog for each
    recording session if You want to use a special profileset
  - bbugfix: no need for a channel to be set when recording
    from composite (i.e. input = 1)
  - fixed a bug in the movie manager when the daytime contains
    the searched string (was a too aggressive filter regex)
  - first code cleanups,
    -> improved filehandling,
    -> fixed some syntax issues (see
* Wed Oct 12 2005 -
  - minor fix for DVB (DVB to DivX4 was provided only for immediate recording)
* Tue Oct 11 2005 -
  - some minor fixes for DVB
  - bugfixes in handbook (from bugzilla)
* Mon Oct 10 2005 -
  - some minor fixes for DVB
  - option to let Kalva convert the mpg2 stream on the fly into divx4
* Sat Oct 08 2005 -
  WARNING: This is an experimental version. It isn't unstable, but
  as the new features are not documented and maybe are not obvious
  this version might have serious usability issues.
  - 0.8.49 introduces the videocollection
    - browse through the videocollection, manage it in the integrated
    - play chosen files via play button in the fileselector's toolbar
    - define a videoeditor of your choice in the prefs and call this
      on the directory shown in the fileselector via it's toolbar button.
    - define an EPG-program in your prefs and configure kalva to show the
      shortcut in the main toolbar
  - kalva starts to support DVB cards.
    - this is experimental as the author does not owe a DVB card and
      therefore can't test that. Be aware that you will have to create
      a channellist for MPlayer/MEncoder by yourself. Kalva only uses 
      the stationname from it's own channellist. You may have to create
      kalva's channellist on your own as well.
* Thu Aug 25 2005 -
  - The mainwindow recieved a sidebar with
  - the channellist
  - a movie manager that
   - shows allready scheduled movies and
   - allows to change or delete the at entry
  - a serialmanager that
   - shows allready scheduled serials and
   - allows to change or delete the crontab entry
  - when using aumix the volumes of the audio device for playing and
    of the igain when recording  are set to a configurable value from
    the hardwareprofile
  - bitrate configurable via the quality profile
  - maximum bitrate configurable via the hardware profile
  - Testing and reduction of bitrate when resulting filesize would extend
   2 GB can be configured
  - if you prefer kalva can ask you if you want to use the reduced bitrate
  - bugfix: The extended lavc options where inserted in the wrong part 
    and so where of no use in prior versions
  - diverse bugfixes when using aumix
  - diverse bugfixes for the scantv plugin 
  - fixed geometry problems of the main window
* Sat Jul 30 2005 -
  - introduced saveable and downloadable hardware- and quality profiles
  - lots of new mencoder options integrated
  - defaults improved to guaranty better results
  - fixed a lot of bugs concerning the scantv plugin and the save dialog
    of the channellists
  - made smooth resizing of channellist work again
  - fixed a really bad bug concerning serial recordings (filename now
    has the real time of the recording, so the newest recording doesn't
    overwrite the older ones anymore)
* Sun Jul 10 2005 -
  - fixed a nasty bug in kalva_recorder (forgot the version check)
* Fri Jul 08 2005 -
  - First release after the move into kde-svn
  - Changed order of post processing filters
  - Fixed a bug with post processing filters (only one "-vf" option allowed)
  - Added an option to import the channellist via a fileselector to the two
    import filters
* Mon Jun 27 2005 -
  - KNewStuff integration, now download of channellists is possible
    Upload will hopefully come later (not possible for the moment)
  - Fixed Tip of the Day from Help menu
    Too sad that tip of the day on startup still is buggy ?-/
  - Fixed i18n of plugins
  - Fixed some geometry flaws
  - Fixed a bug in the audiodev list (missing numbers)
  - More hardware and quality options to improve the output quality and support more hardware
    + Added more MEncoder options
    + Better defaults
    + computation of crop/rectangle filter and aspect
* Thu Jun 16 2005 -
  - Added DCOP Interface!
  - Added systemtray icon
  - Added tip of the day
  - Renaming done
  - Little improvements on the documentation
* Sat Jun 04 2005 -
  - Filterplugin for scantv (for building a new channellist from the scratch)
* Sat May 28 2005 -
  - Pluginsystem for im- and exportfilters
  - Filterplugins for xawtv and xawtv4 (only import)
  - option to save the channellist
  - option to choose from different channellists (see prefs)
  - fixes bugs concerning whitespaces caused by false quotes
* Sat May 07 2005 -
  third release of Vers. 0.03
  - BUGFIX: date for at must not be localized! That nasty bug prevented recording
    movies in a non english environment, when the three letter abreviation of the
    month differs from the english abreviation.
    (f.i. german may is Mai, that is not understood by at)
* Fri May 06 2005 -
  second release of Vers. 0.03
  - geometry fixes for i18n
  - first version with i18n-de
* Wed May 04 2005 -
  - third RPM release of the alpha
  - bugfix: resize window when toolbar visuability is switched
  - handbook improvements
* Mon May 02 2005 -
  - second RPM release of the alpha
  - use mencoder itself to set the channels as well as the frequency
    therfore eliminated the dependency on v4lctl
    please report when this change stops ktvapp from tuning your card
    (and tell me the card type)
  - corected some erronious parts of the template derived doc
    but the doc still is quite silly, so don't expect to much from that...
  - got rid of the silly "move" menu :oops:
* Fri Apr 29 2005 -
  - first RPM release of the alpha
  - change from proto to alpha
  - minimum features are achieved
  - play (still external)
  - record immediate
  - record movie
  - record serial



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