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kalva-0.8.50-1.fc4 RPM for i386

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Name: kalva Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.8.50 Vendor: FEDORA
Release: 1.fc4 Build date: Sat Dec 10 10:20:52 2005
Group: productivity/multimedia/video Build host: gecko
Size: 1632571 Source RPM: kalva-0.8.50-1.fc4.src.rpm
Summary: Kalva is A Lightweight Videorecorder Application
Kalva is A Lightweight Videorecorder Application
Kalva is a simple videorecorder using the MEncoder
to do the real work. Kalva provides immediate recording and sceduling
recordings for movies and serials.
Kalva has a pluginsystem for im- and exportfilters for channellists
from other tv applications and can build a new channellist via scantv.
Kalva provides a convenient DCOP interface so that it can be controled
via the commandline or by external programs like xmltv browsers.
Kalva provides saveable profiles for hardware and quality options and
allows sharing these via New Stuff. Same applies for the channellists.






* Sat Dec 10 2005 -
  Since 0.8.49 kalva provides an integrated file browser to manage the 
  videocollection and play the video files with MPlayer. Kalva also supports 
  DVB now as well as analog TV cards.
  0.8.50 brings only a small 
  feature enhancement above 0.8.49c. It now can play mpeg files as well, not 
  only avis. The missing of this feature was rather a bug as Kalva produces 
  mpeg2 files when recording from DVB cards if the user doesn't want  the on 
  the fly conversion into Kalva's native divx4/mp3 avi format.
* Wed Oct 12 2005 -
  - minor fix for DVB (DVB to DivX4 was provided only for immediate recording)
* Mon Oct 10 2005 -
  - some minor fixes for DVB
  - option to let Kalva convert the mpg2 stream on the fly into divx4
* Sun Oct 09 2005 -
  WARNING: This is an experimental version. It isn't unstable, but
  as the new features are not documented and maybe are not obvious
  this version might have serious usability issues.
  - 0.8.49 introduces the videocollection
    - browse through the videocollection, manage it in the integrated
    - play chosen files via play button in the fileselector's toolbar
    - define a videoeditor of your choice in the prefs and call this
      on the directory shown in the fileselector via it's toolbar button.
    - define an EPG-program in your prefs and configure kalva to show the
      shortcut in the main toolbar
  - kalva starts to support DVB cards.
    - this is experimental as the author does not owe a DVB card and
      therefore can't test that. Be aware that you will have to create
      a channellist for MPlayer/MEncoder by yourself. Kalva only uses
      the stationname from it's own channellist. You may have to create
      kalva's channellist on your own as well.
* Sat Sep 17 2005 -
  - 0.8.0 version for Fedora
* Mon Sep 05 2005 -
  - first RPM release of the alpha for Fedora



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