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Name: kde3-k3b-codecs Distribution: main_pm / openSUSE_11.2
Version: 1.0.5 Vendor:
Release: Build date: Wed Oct 13 13:33:21 2010
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/CD/Record Build host: nott
Size: 231421 Source RPM:
Packager: Pascal Bleser <>
Summary: MP3 Encoding and Video Decoding/Encoding Plugins
Some codecs, which are not provided by the openSUSE buildservice.
One may install the buildservice k3b package and add this codecs package.

K3b can be used to create mp3 files from audio CDs with this plugin. It
can also convert video codecs via ffmpeg.

    Sebastian Trueg <>
    Thomas Froescher <>




GPL v2 or later


* Sat Aug 29 2009 Manfred.Tremmel <> -
  - cleanups where rpmlint wasn't so happy
  - added transcode 1.1 patch
  - updated ffmpeg patch to build against ffmpeg 0.5
* Sun Dec 21 2008 Pascal Bleser <>
  - rebuild with new libdvdread
  - fix requires for 11.1
* Sun Jul 06 2008 Pascal Bleser <>
  - rebuild with new ffmpeg
  - add ffmpeg patch
* Sun Jul 06 2008 Pascal Bleser <>
  - fixed Requires for openSUSE >= 10.3 wrt kdebase3/kdebase3-runtime
* Fri Jun 20 2008 Pascal Bleser <>
  - added missing debug_package to reduce the binary package size,
    thanks to Martin Pley for reporting
* Thu May 29 2008 Pascal Bleser <> 1.0.5
  - update to 1.0.5:
    * fixed CD Copy device selection when starting from the KDE "run" dialog (Bug 151924)
    * fixed HAL mounting (thanks to Ken Milmore)
    * always wait for the drive to become ready before starting verification (this should fix some of the problems with failed verification where K3b claims that no medium is in the drive.)
* Mon Nov 05 2007
  - update to 1.0.4:
    * Never use growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD-RW media
      in restricted overwrite mode
    * Unmount medium before DVD formatting
    * Silently (without introducing new strings for translation)
      allow the burning of files bigger than 4 GB with appropriate
      versions of genisoimage or mkisofs.
    * Do only reload the medium before verification if necessary,
      i.e. if the newly written track cannot be read otherwise
      (many old drives depend on this).
* Thu Oct 04 2007
  - unbreak build of INTERNAL sub-package
* Sun Jul 29 2007
  - update build requires after libmpcdec split
* Mon Jul 23 2007
  - update to 1.0.3:
    * Reverted to old behaviour of reloading medium before verification.
      Not enough testing had been done before introducing this and some systems
      fail to read the medium before reload (Bugs 147297, 147328, 147420, 147698).
    * Do not crash when the currently playing audio project item is removed (Bug 147548).
    * Added desktop actions to handle empty media with K3b.
    * Fixed read retry when reading data tracks (Bug 147778).
    * K3b's dialogs now honor the global button layout setting (Bug 147799).
    * Do not crash on mp3 files without tags if compiled with taglib support (Bug 142651).
    * Do not allow to copy a rewritable media to itself.
* Sun Jun 24 2007
  - update to 1.0.2:
    * Properly determine the capacity of complete CD-R(W) media.
    * Mark a data project as modified if files are renamed.
    * Allow adding of all actions to the welcome window (Bug 145866)
    * Added "NoDisplay=true" property to k3b-cue.desktop and k3b-iso.desktop
    * Fixed supported write speed detection on some devices
    * No reload before verification and between writing sessions
      (CD copy + Mixed Mode CD) anymore
* Mon Jun 04 2007
  - fix build for older distributions
* Fri Jun 01 2007
  - move kde_post_install
* Wed May 23 2007
  - split off -devel package
* Sun May 20 2007
  - move one Requires: to where the used variable is defined
* Mon May 14 2007
  - seperate translations into special package
* Thu Apr 19 2007
  - update to 1.0.1:
    * Fixed crash when using the Device menu without a selected device.
    * Fixed DVD copy when reading from a DVD+RW.
    * Fixed --without-alsa configure check
    * Fixed a crash in Video DVD ripping when the title does not
      contain an audio stream
    * Only use the mkisofs parameters -biblio, -copyright, and -abstract
      if they have been set. Using them with invalid values (empty)
      seems to sometimes  result in broken iso images.
    * Better compatibility with recent transcode development branch
    * Fixed Multisession import size handling.
    * Fixed Lame quality preset handling.
    * Made libk3bdevice really thread-safe. This fixes the disabled DMA bug!
    * New configure check --without-cdrecord-suid-root to disable K3b's
      check for cdrecord permissions. Although not recommended it is
      requested by many distributors.
    * Changed the order of the buttons in the tool dialogs to match
      the default KDE order.
    * Added handling of the newly introduced genisoimage parameter
    - allow-limited-size
* Thu Apr 05 2007
  - fix detection of "sox" (#260118)
* Tue Apr 03 2007
  - adapt build requires for people without needed_package.fixes magic
* Tue Apr 03 2007
  - add libmpcdec-devel and libsndfile-devel to build requires
* Wed Mar 28 2007
  - merge internal k3b-mad subpackage into k3b-INTERNAL package
* Fri Mar 16 2007
  - update to final 1.0 release, include i18n tarball
* Tue Mar 13 2007
  - update to 1.0rc7:
    * K3b now includes a VideoDVD kio slave. It can be used in Konqueror through the protocol videodvd:/
    to copy the files from a VideoDVD with on-the-fly decryption if libdvdcss is installed.
    (Be aware that in some countries it is not permitted to use libdvdcss.)
    * New Device menu containing all the actions possible for a device (like eject, unmount, ...).
    This includes the possibility of assigning shortcuts to these kind of actions.
    * K3b now warns if user parameters for external programs have been specified. This has been introduced
    because there were some bug report that were caused by faulty user parameters.
    * Cleaned up all the job classes: No job creates a widget anymore. This allows for non-GUI usage of libk3b.
    For example in a kioslave.
    * New option in the data project to not cache the inodes. That means it is possible to have multiple
    actual copies of the same file on one CD/DVD.
    * K3b now tries to disable stuff that might influence the burning process. This includes the KDED module
    mediamanager, SuSEPlugger, and automounting (currently supported: subfs, supermount).
    * New Audio Track source editor dialog to cut audio track sources at the beginning and the end.
    * Splitted "read retries" and "ignore read errors" for data and audio sectors in cd copy and set new
    defaults for audio sectors which make more sense: 5 retires and skip unreadable sectors.
    * New Mediamanager which makes K3b always know which device contains which medium. This makes medium handling
    more smooth and the user now selects a medium instead of a device.
    Other advantages:
    - No waiting time anymore when asking for information on media (including for example Audio CD ripping).
    - Nice default image filenames.
    - CD Copy: Enable/disable options based on the source medium
    - Automatically select newly inserted media as burning medium
    * DCOP call directBurn() now returns a boolean value stating if the process could be started.
    * New DCOP calls cddaRip(), videocdrip(), and videodvdrip() with media:/ url support.
    * K3b can now handle media:/ urls from the command line to specify devices
    * Better Lame settings dialog. Easier to use for the novice user and better defaults.
    * Nicer Ogg Vorbis encoder settings dialog.
    * K3b now shows the DVD Medium ID in the disk information view.
    * K3b now displays a rough estimate on the remaining time for the current job.
    * New automatic media size mode for the projects. This means K3b uses the size from an inserted medium
    for the project maximum size.
    * Make a suggestion for the filename when saving a project based on the Volume ID (data projects) or the
    CD-Text title (Audio CD)
    * The Audio encoder plugins are now able to provide (very simplistic) user feedback in case of an error.
    * New settings "Swap byte order" and "Write Wave header" in the audio encoding plugin using external apps.
    This makes way for the usage of such programs as mppenc to encode Musepack files. In fact, mppenc is set up
    as a default along with flac if installed.
    * New DCOP interface: K3bJobInterface which provides DCOP signals for the currently running job. It may,
    for example, be used to provide information to a Karamba module.
    * New KFile plugin for K3b projects. For now it only shows the type of the project (Data DVD or Audio CD or ...)
    but may be extended to show arbitrary information.
    * K3b now chooses default image names based on the project name or the volumeid/cdtext title in case of
    CD/DVD copy.
    * The K3b Project DCOP Interface now uses the QString type for url parameters instead of KURL.
    * Save/load audio cd track sources in audio projects
    * Display a beautified volume id. For example: THE_TRANSPORTER -> The Transporter
    * Check if the image directory exists before starting to create a project image
    * Possibility to hide the OSD temporarily for one process.
    * Completely rewritten Video DVD ripping and transcoding support:
    - Simple on-the-fly transcoding of Video DVD titles
    - Interface similar to Audio CD ripping
    - Preview images in the ripping window
    - Automatic clipping
    - Simple resizing with automatic aspect ratio handling
    * File System presets for all data projects including all the advanced options.
    * Completely rewritten data project verification
    - K3b now compares the written image instead of the single files
    - Verification of Video DVD projects
    * Little GUI changes:
    - Changed the dialog layout in the action dialogs.
    - Simplified the layout of the burn dialogs for data projects (more advanced settings hidden)
    - Improved theme support (transparent themes)
    * Device buffer status display for DVD burning with growisofs >= 7.0
    * Support for Audio CD ripping with libcdio instead of libcdparanoia
    * Support for Cdrkit, the Debian fork of cdrtools
* Tue Jan 30 2007
  - remove warning about cdrecord (#229500)
* Thu Nov 16 2006
  - fix #211873 - k3b show uncloseable dialog
* Mon Nov 13 2006
  - Don't warn the user about cdrecord setuid root bit - not needed (#220194)
* Wed Aug 23 2006
  - update to 0.12.17:
    * Fixed saving/loading of the file view configuration.
    * Improved ffmpeg autoconf check.
    * Fixed symbolic link handling in data projects
    * Use UTF-8 encoding to store and load local CDDB entries.
    * Never use growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD+RW media.
    * Fixed flac audio encoding for audio project conversion feature.



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