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hatari-1.0.0-1 RPM for i386

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Name: hatari Distribution: IBM OpenClient for Linux
Version: 1.0.0 Vendor: IBM OpenClient for Linux <>
Release: 1 Build date: Mon Mar 17 15:24:05 2008
Group: System/Emulators/Other Build host:
Size: 2432718 Source RPM: hatari-1.0.0-1.src.rpm
Packager: IBM OpenClient for Linux <>
Summary: an Atari ST emulator suitable for playing games
Hatari is an emulator for the Atari ST, STE, TT and Falcon computers.
The Atari ST was a 16/32 bit computer system which was first released by Atari
in 1985. Using the Motorola 68000 CPU, it was a very popular computer having
quite a lot of CPU power at that time.
Unlike many other Atari ST emulators which try to give you a good environment
for running GEM applications, Hatari tries to emulate the hardware of a ST as
close as possible so that it is able to run most of the old ST games and demos.






* Wed Jan 02 2008 -
  - Adapted RPM to the latest source code level (aiming at version 1.0.0)
* Sun May 06 2007 -
  - Adapted spec file to be able to build Hatari with RedHat, too
* Sun Aug 27 2006 -
  - Upgraded to version 0.90
* Tue Oct 18 2005 -
  - initial package



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