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Packages beginning with letter P

p0f-2.0.8-7.fu2012 Versatile passive OS fingerprinting tool
p11-kit-0.12-1.fu2012 Library for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules
pairs-4.10.2-1.fu2013 Memory and logic stimulation game for preschool children
palapeli-4.10.2-1.fu2013 A jigsaw puzzle game
palapeli-4.10.1-1.fu2013 A jigsaw puzzle game
palapeli-4.10.0-4.fu2013 A jigsaw puzzle game
pam-1.1.5-5.fu2013 An extensible library which provides authentication for applications
pam-1.1.1-6.fc14 An extensible library which provides authentication for applications
pam_ccreds-10-2.fc13 Pam module to cache login credentials
pam_krb5-2.3.11-4.fc14 A Pluggable Authentication Module for Kerberos 5
pam_ldap-185-13.fu2013 PAM module for LDAP
pam_passwdqc-1.0.5-6.fc13 Pluggable password quality-control module
pam_pkcs11-0.6.2-6.fc14 PKCS #11/NSS PAM login module
pam_smb-1.1.7-11.fc12 A Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for use with SMB servers.
pam_ssh-1.97-10.fu2013 PAM module for use with SSH keys and ssh-agent
pan-0.135-1.fu14 A GNOME/GTK+ news reader for X
pango-1.30.0-1.fu2012 System for layout and rendering of internationalized text
pango-1.28.1-5.fc14 System for layout and rendering of internationalized text
pangomm-2.28.3-1.fu2013 C++ interface for Pango
pangomm-2.26.2-1.fu14 C++ interface for Pango
pangomm-2.26.2-1.fc14 C++ interface for Pango
paprefs-0.9.10-2.fu2012 Management tool for PulseAudio
paps-0.6.8-14.fc14 Plain Text to PostScript converter
papyon-0.5.2-1.fc14 Python libraries for MSN Messenger network
par2cmdline-0.4.tbb.20100203-1.fu14 PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool
paratype-pt-sans-fonts-20100408-1.fc14 A pan-Cyrillic typeface
parley-4.10.2-1.fu2013 Vocabulary Trainer
parley-4.10.1-1.fu2013 Vocabulary Trainer
parley-4.10.0-1.fu2013 Vocabulary Trainer
parted-3.1-9.fu2013 The GNU disk partition manipulation program
parted-3.0-10.fu2012 The GNU disk partition manipulation program
parted-2.3-11.fu2012 The GNU disk partition manipulation program
parted-2.3-4.fc14 The GNU disk partition manipulation program
passivetex-1.25-13.fu2013 Macros to process XSL formatting objects
passwd-0.78-1.fc14 An utility for setting or changing passwords using PAM
patchutils-0.3.2-1.fu2012 A collection of programs for manipulating patch files
pavucontrol-0.9.10-2.fu2013 Volume control for PulseAudio
pbm2l2030-1.4-5.fc12 Converts PBM stream to Lexmark 2030 printer language
pbm2l7k-990321-7.fc12 Converts PBM stream to Lexmark 7000, 7200 and 5700 printer language
pciutils-3.1.7-3.fc14 PCI bus related utilities
pcmciautils-017-2.fc14 PCMCIA utilities and initialization programs
pcre-8.10-2.fc14 Perl-compatible regular expression library
pcsc-lite-1.6.4-4.fc14 PC/SC Lite smart card framework and applications
pdfchain-0.123-3.fu2012 A GUI for pdftk
pdfchain-0.123-2.fu14 A GUI for pdftk
pdfedit-0.4.5-3.fu2012 A complete pdf document editing solution
pdfshuffler-0.5-2.fu14 PDF file merging, rearranging, and splitting
pdftk-1.41-28.fu2012 The PDF Tool Kit
perl-5.12.4-147.fu14 Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl-5.12.4-146.fc14 Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl-Ace-1.92-5.fc14 Perl module for interfacing with ACE bioinformatics databases
perl-Acme-Damn-0.04-4.fc14 Unbless Perl objects
perl-Acme-PlayCode-0.12-2.fc14 Play code to win
perl-Affix-Infix2Postfix-0.03-6.fc14 Perl extension for converting from infix notation to postfix notation
perl-Algorithm-Annotate-0.10-10.fc14 Represent a series of changes in annotate form
perl-Algorithm-C3-0.08-4.fc14 Module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
perl-Algorithm-CheckDigits-0.53-1.fc14 Perl extension to generate and test check digits
perl-Algorithm-CurveFit-1.03-6.fc14 Nonlinear Least Squares Curve Fitting
perl-Algorithm-Dependency-1.110-5.fc14 Algorithmic framework for implementing dependency trees
perl-Algorithm-Diff-1.1902-10.fc14 Algorithm::Diff Perl module
perl-Algorithm-FastPermute-0.999-6.fc14 Rapid generation of permutations
perl-Algorithm-IncludeExclude-0.01-4.fc14 Build and evaluate include/exclude lists
perl-Algorithm-Merge-0.08-4.fc14 Three-way merge and diff
perl-Algorithm-Permute-0.12-5.fc14 Handy and fast permutation with object oriented interface
perl-Alien-SeleniumRC-1.03-2.fc14 Packages the Selenium Remote Control server
perl-Alien-wxWidgets-0.51-2.fc14 Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries
perl-Any-Moose-0.13-1.fc14 Use Moose or Mouse automagically
perl-AnyData-0.10-10.fc14 Easy access to data in many formats
perl-AnyEvent-5.27-1.fc14 Framework for multiple event loops
perl-AnyEvent-AIO-1.1-4.fc14 Truly asynchronous file and directrory I/O
perl-AnyEvent-BDB-1.1-3.fc14 Truly asynchronous Berkeley DB access
perl-AnyEvent-I3-0.06-1.fc14 Communicate with the i3 window manager
perl-AnyEvent-XMPP-0.51-2.fc14 Implementation of the XMPP Protocol
perl-Apache-DBI-1.08-2.fc14 Persistent database connections with Apache/mod_perl
perl-Apache-DBI-Cache-0.08-5.fc14 Perl DBI connection cache
perl-Apache-Htpasswd-1.8-5.fc14 Manage Unix crypt-style password file
perl-Apache-LogRegex-1.5-5.fc14 Parse a line from an Apache logfile into a hash
perl-Apache-Session-1.88-4.fc14 Persistence framework for session data
perl-Apache-Session-Wrapper-0.34-1.fc14 A simple wrapper around Apache::Session
perl-Apache2-SOAP-0.73-5.fc14 A replacement for Apache::SOAP designed to work with mod_perl 2
perl-App-Asciio-1.02.71-6.fc14 Asciio backend libraries
perl-App-CLI-0.07-8.fc14 Dispatcher module for command line interface programs
perl-App-Cache-0.37-2.fc14 Easy application-level caching
perl-App-Cmd-0.307-3.fc14 Write command line apps with less suffering
perl-App-Daemon-0.11-1.fc14 Start an Application as a Daemon
perl-App-Nopaste-0.22-1.fc14 Easy access to any pastebin
perl-App-SVN-Bisect-1.0-1.fc14 Binary search through svn revisions
perl-App-cpanminus-0.9935-3.fc14 Library for get, unpack, build and install CPAN modules
perl-AppConfig-1.66-8.fc14 Perl module for reading configuration files
perl-AppConfig-Std-1.07-6.fc14 Provides standard configuration options
perl-Archive-Any-0.0932-4.fc14 Single interface to deal with file archives
perl-Archive-RPM-0.06-1.fc14 Work with a RPM
perl-Archive-Tar-1.64-1.fc14 A module for Perl manipulation of .tar files
perl-Archive-Zip-1.30-3.fc14 Perl library for accessing Zip archives
perl-Array-Compare-2.01-3.fc14 Perl extension for comparing arrays
perl-Array-Diff-0.05002-5.fc14 Diff two arrays
perl-Array-RefElem-1.00-6.fc14 Set up array elements as aliases
perl-Astro-FITS-CFITSIO-1.05-8.fc14 Perl extension for using the cfitsio library
perl-Async-MergePoint-0.03-3.fc14 Resynchronise diverged control flow
perl-Audio-Beep-0.11-2.fc14 Audio::Beep Perl module
perl-Authen-Captcha-1.023-6.fc14 Perl extension for creating captchas
perl-Authen-DigestMD5-0.04-9.fc14 SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication (RFC2831)
perl-Authen-Krb5-1.7-9.fc14 Krb5 Perl module
perl-Authen-Krb5-Admin-0.11-7.fc14 Perl extension for MIT Kerberos 5 admin interface
perl-Authen-PAM-0.16-9.fc14 Authen::PAM Perl module
perl-Authen-Radius-0.13-7.fc14 Perl Authen::Radius modules
perl-Authen-SASL-2.13-3.fc14 SASL Authentication framework for Perl
perl-Authen-Simple-0.4-3.fc14 Simple Authentication
perl-AutoClass-1_01-11.fc14 Automatically define classes and objects for Perl
perl-AutoXS-Header-1.02-4.fc14 Container for the AutoXS header files
perl-B-Compiling-0.02-2.fc14 Expose PL_compiling to perl
perl-B-Hooks-EndOfScope-0.08-4.fc14 Execute code after scope compilation finishes
perl-B-Hooks-OP-Check-0.18-2.fc14 Wrap OP check callbacks
perl-B-Hooks-OP-Check-StashChange-0.06-4.fc14 Invoke callbacks when the stash code is being compiled in changes
perl-B-Keywords-1.09-5.fc14 Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names
perl-B-Utils-0.11-2.fc14 Helper functions for op tree manipulation
perl-BDB-1.88-1.fc14 Asynchronous Berkeley DB access
perl-BSD-Resource-1.29.04-1.fc14 BSD process resource limit and priority functions
perl-BZ-Client-1.03-2.fc14 A client for the Bugzilla web services API
perl-Beanstalk-Client-1.06-1.fc14 Client class to talk to a beanstalkd server
perl-BerkeleyDB-0.41-3.fc14 Perl extension for Berkeley DB version 2, 3 or 4
perl-Best-0.12-4.fc14 Fallbackable module loader
perl-Bio-ASN1-EntrezGene-1.091-10.fc14 Regular expression-based Perl Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene
perl-Bio-Graphics-1.994-3.fc14 Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects
perl-Bit-Vector-7.1-3.fc14 Efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library
perl-Boulder-1.30-9.fc14 An API for hierarchical tag/value structures
perl-Business-CreditCard-0.30-5.fc14 Validate/generate credit card checksums/names
perl-Business-Hours-0.09-5.fc14 Calculate business hours in a time period
perl-Business-ISBN-2.05-3.fc14 Perl module to work with International Standard Book Numbers
perl-Business-ISBN-Data-20081208-3.fc14 The data pack for Business::ISBN
perl-CDDB-1.220-4.fc14 CDDB Perl module
perl-CGI-Ajax-0.707-5.fc14 Perl-specific system for writing Asynchronous web applications
perl-CGI-Application-4.31-3.fc14 Framework for building reusable web-applications
perl-CGI-Application-Dispatch-2.17-2.fc14 Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects
perl-CGI-Application-FastCGI-0.02-2.fc14 For using CGI::Application under FastCGI
perl-CGI-Application-PSGI-1.00-2.fc14 PSGI Adapter for CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-ActionDispatch-0.97-2.fc14 Adds attribute based support for parsing the PATH_INFO of an HTTP request
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Authentication-0.17-3.fc14 Authentication framework for CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode-0.16-5.fc14 CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-CAPTCHA-0.01-2.fc14 Easily create, use, and verify CAPTCHAs in CGI::Application-based web apps
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Config-Simple-1.01-2.fc14 Add Config::Simple support to CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-ConfigAuto-1.32-2.fc14 Easy configuration file management for CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBH-4.00-4.fc14 Easy DBI access from CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBIC-Schema-0.3-3.fc14 Easy DBIx::Class access from CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBIProfile-0.07-2.fc14 DBI profiling plugin
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBIx-Class-0.100210-2.fc14 Access a DBIx::Class Schema from a CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-DebugScreen-0.06-4.fc14 Add Debug support to CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-DevPopup-1.06-2.fc14 Runtime cgiapp info in a popup window
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-ErrorPage-1.21-5.fc14 Simple error page plugin for CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-FillInForm-1.15-4.fc14 Integrate CGI::Application with HTML::FillInForm
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-FormState-0.12-2.fc14 Store Form State without Hidden Fields
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Forward-1.06-4.fc14 Pass control from one run mode to another in CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-LogDispatch-1.02-4.fc14 Add Log::Dispatch support to CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-MessageStack-0.34-2.fc14 Message stack for your CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Redirect-1.00-4.fc14 Easy external redirects in CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Session-1.03-4.fc14 Add CGI::Session support to CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Stream-2.10-4.fc14 CGI::Application Plugin for streaming files
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-SuperForm-0.5-2.fc14 Create sticky forms with HTML::SuperForm
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-TT-1.04-4.fc14 Add Template Toolkit support to CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM-2.3-5.fc14 Help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-ViewCode-1.02-4.fc14 Allows you to view the source of a CGI::Application module
perl-CGI-Application-Server-0.062-2.fc14 Simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Standard-Config-1.01-4.fc14 Defines a standard configuration API for CGI::Application
perl-CGI-Application-Structured-0.003-3.fc14 Medium-weight, MVC, DB web framework
perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.007-2.fc14 Tools to generate and maintain CGI::Application::Structured based web apps
perl-CGI-Compile-0.11-2.fc14 Compile .cgi scripts to a code reference like ModPerl::Registry
perl-CGI-Ex-2.32-1.fc14 CGI utility suite - makes powerful application writing fun and easy
perl-CGI-FastTemplate-1.09-8.fc14 Perl extension for managing templates and performing variable interpolation
perl-CGI-FormBuilder-3.0501-9.fc14 Easily generate and process stateful forms
perl-CGI-PSGI-0.10-2.fc14 Enable your aware applications to adapt PSGI protocol
perl-CGI-Prototype-0.9053-9.fc14 Create a CGI application by subclassing
perl-CGI-Session-4.35-5.fc14 Persistent session data in CGI applications
perl-CGI-Simple-1.112-1.fc14 Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant
perl-CGI-SpeedyCGI-2.22-8.fc14 Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently
perl-CGI-Untaint-1.26-9.fc14 Process CGI input parameters
perl-CGI-Untaint-date-1.00-11.fc14 Validate a date
perl-CGI-Untaint-email-0.03-9.fc14 Validate an email address
perl-CLASS-1.00-2.fc14 Alias for __PACKAGE__
perl-CPAN-Checksums-2.04-3.fc14 Write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.09-2.fc14 Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename
perl-CPAN-Inject-0.11-3.fc14 Base class for injecting distributions into CPAN sources
perl-CPAN-Meta-2.102400-1.fc14 Distribution metadata for a CPAN dist
perl-CPAN-Mini-1.100630-2.fc14 Create a minimal mirror of CPAN
perl-CPAN-Uploader-0.102150-1.fc14 Upload things to the CPAN
perl-CPANPLUS-Shell-Default-Plugins-Changes-0.02-5.fc14 View a module's Changes file from the CPANPLUS shell
perl-CPANPLUS-Shell-Default-Plugins-Diff-0.01-6.fc14 Diff module versions from the CPANPLUS shell
perl-CPANPLUS-Shell-Default-Plugins-RT-0.01-5.fc14 Check for tickets from within the CPANPLUS shell
perl-CSS-1.08-8.fc14 Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
perl-CSS-DOM-0.13-2.fc14 Document Object Model for Cascading Style Sheets
perl-CSS-Minifier-0.01-4.fc14 Remove unnecessary whitespace from CSS files
perl-CSS-Minifier-XS-0.07-1.fc14 XS based CSS minifier
perl-CSS-Squish-0.09-2.fc14 Compact many CSS files into one big file
perl-CSS-Tiny-1.15-5.fc14 Read/Write .css files with as little code as possible
perl-Cache-2.04-7.fc14 The Cache interface
perl-Cache-Cache-1.06-4.fc14 Generic cache interface and implementations
perl-Cache-FastMmap-1.36-1.fc14 Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache
perl-Cache-Memcached-1.28-3.fc14 Perl client for memcached
perl-Cache-Mmap-0.11-5.fc14 Shared data cache using memory mapped files
perl-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry-0.27-8.fc14 A lightweight cache with timed expiration
perl-Cairo-1.060-4.fc14 Perl interface to the cairo library
perl-Calendar-Simple-1.21-2.fc14 Perl extension to create simple calendars
perl-Callback-1.07-6.fc14 Object interface for function callbacks
perl-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-0.94-1.fc14 Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API
perl-Capture-Tiny-0.08-1.fc14 Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs
perl-Carp-Always-0.09-2.fc14 Warn and die in Perl noisily with stack backtraces
perl-Carp-Assert-0.20-6.fc14 Executable comments
perl-Carp-Assert-More-1.12-8.fc14 Convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert
perl-Carp-Clan-6.04-2.fc14 Perl module to print improved warning messages
perl-Carp-Clan-Share-0.013-4.fc14 Share your Carp::Clan settings with your whole Clan
perl-Catalyst-Action-REST-0.86-1.fc14 Automated REST Method Dispatching
perl-Catalyst-Action-RenderView-0.14-2.fc14 Sensible default end action for view rendering
perl-Catalyst-Authentication-Store-DBIx-Class-0.1082-6.fc14 A storage class for Catalyst Authentication using DBIx::Class
perl-Catalyst-Component-InstancePerContext-0.001001-5.fc14 Return a new instance a component on each request
perl-Catalyst-Controller-ActionRole-0.15-1.fc14 Apply roles to action instances
perl-Catalyst-Controller-BindLex-0.05-5.fc14 Stash your lexical goodness
perl-Catalyst-Controller-FormBuilder-0.05-5.fc14 Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller
perl-Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu-0.06001-2.fc14 HTML::FormFu controller for Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Devel-1.27-2.fc14 Catalyst Development Tools
perl-Catalyst-Engine-Apache-1.12-6.fc14 Catalyst Apache Engines
perl-Catalyst-Helper-FastCGI-ExternalServer-0.05-4.fc14 FastCGI daemon start/stop script for using FastCgiExternalServer
perl-Catalyst-Log-Log4perl-1.04-4.fc14 Log::Log4perl logging for Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Manual-5.8004-3.fc14 Catalyst web framework manual
perl-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema-0.40-3.fc14 DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class
perl-Catalyst-Model-LDAP-0.16-8.fc14 LDAP model class for Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Model-XMLRPC-0.04-7.fc14 XMLRPC model class for Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-0.10016-2.fc14 Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-ACL-0.15-3.fc14 ACL Support for Catalyst Applications
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles-0.08-2.fc14 Role based authorization for Catalyst based on Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-CGI-Untaint-0.05-8.fc14 CGI::Untaint Plugin for Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache-0.10-1.fc14 Flexible caching support for Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader-0.27-4.fc14 Load config files of various types
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Email-0.08-4.fc14 Send emails with Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-I18N-0.10-1.fc14 I18N for Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-PageCache-0.22-3.fc14 Cache the output of entire pages
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-0.29-4.fc14 Catalyst generic session plugin
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie-0.17-4.fc14 Maintain session IDs using cookies
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-URI-0.15-1.fc14 Saves session IDs by rewriting URIs delivered to the client
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Cache-0.01-3.fc14 Store sessions using a Catalyst::Plugin::Cache
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap-0.13-3.fc14 FastMmap session storage backend
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File-0.18-4.fc14 File storage backend for session data
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Setenv-0.03-4.fc14 Catalyst::Plugin::Setenv Perl module
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Singleton-0.02-4.fc14 Singleton to context
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace-0.10-4.fc14 Display a stack trace on the debug screen
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple-0.29-2.fc14 Make serving static pages painless
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-SubRequest-0.16-2.fc14 Make subrequests to actions in Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode-0.93-2.fc14 Unicode aware Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode-Encoding-1.1-1.fc14 Unicode aware Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-Runtime-5.80025-1.fc14 Catalyst Framework Runtime
perl-Catalyst-View-Component-SubInclude-0.09-3.fc14 Use subincludes in your Catalyst views
perl-Catalyst-View-Email-0.30-1.fc14 Send Email from Catalyst
perl-Catalyst-View-JSON-0.30-1.fc14 JSON view for your data
perl-Catalyst-View-Mason-0.18-3.fc14 Mason View Class
perl-Catalyst-View-PDF-Reuse-0.03-4.fc14 Create PDF files from Catalyst using Template Toolkit templates
perl-Catalyst-View-TT-0.34-1.fc14 Template Toolkit View Class
perl-CatalystX-Component-Traits-0.16-1.fc14 Automatic Trait Loading and Resolution for
perl-CatalystX-LeakChecker-0.06-1.fc14 Debug memory leaks in Catalyst applications
perl-Cflow-1.053-13.fc14 Find flows in raw IP flow files
perl-Chart-2.4.1-10.fc14 Perl module for producing many types of charts
perl-Chatbot-Eliza-1.04-8.fc14 Implementation of the Eliza algorithm
perl-Check-ISA-0.04-6.fc14 DWIM, correct checking of an object's class
perl-Class-Accessor-0.34-3.fc14 Automated accessor generation
perl-Class-Accessor-Chained-0.01-11.fc14 Make chained accessors
perl-Class-Accessor-Grouped-0.09002-2.fc14 Build groups of accessors
perl-Class-Adapter-1.07-1.fc14 Perl implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern
perl-Class-Autouse-1.29-9.fc14 Run-time class loading on first method call
perl-Class-Base-0.03-7.fc14 Useful base class for deriving other modules
perl-Class-C3-0.22-4.fc14 Pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm
perl-Class-C3-Adopt-NEXT-0.13-1.fc14 Reduce one's dependency on NEXT
perl-Class-C3-Componentised-1.0006-3.fc14 Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class
perl-Class-C3-XS-0.13-3.fc14 XS speedups for Class::C3
perl-Class-CSV-1.03-7.fc14 Class based CSV parser/writer
perl-Class-Can-0.01-5.fc14 Inspect a class/method and say what it can do (and why)
perl-Class-Container-0.12-11.fc14 Class::Container Perl module
perl-Class-DBI-3.0.17-7.fc14 Simple Database Abstraction
perl-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch-0.07-9.fc14 Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract
perl-Class-DBI-AsForm-2.42-11.fc14 Produce HTML form elements for database columns
perl-Class-DBI-FromCGI-1.00-8.fc14 Update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint
perl-Class-DBI-Loader-0.34-7.fc14 Dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes
perl-Class-DBI-Loader-Relationship-1.3-12.fc14 Easier relationship specification in CDBI::L
perl-Class-DBI-Pager-0.08-8.fc14 Pager utility for Class::DBI
perl-Class-DBI-Pg-0.09-9.fc14 Class::DBI extension for PostgreSQL
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-0.03-11.fc14 Abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-DeepAbstractSearch-0.08-4.fc14 SQL::Abstract for Class::DBI
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-RetrieveAll-1.04-8.fc14 More complex retrieve_all() for Class::DBI
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-Type-0.02-11.fc14 Determine type information for columns
perl-Class-DBI-SQLite-0.11-9.fc14 Extension to Class::DBI for sqlite
perl-Class-DBI-mysql-1.00-9.fc14 Extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL
perl-Class-Data-Accessor-0.04004-6.fc14 Inheritable, overridable class and instance data accessor creation
perl-Class-Data-Inheritable-0.08-5.fc14 Inheritable, overridable class data
perl-Class-Date-1.1.9-8.fc14 Class for easy date and time manipulation
perl-Class-ErrorHandler-0.01-9.fc14 Class::ErrorHandler Perl module
perl-Class-Exporter-0.03-6.fc14 Export class methods as regular subroutines
perl-Class-Factory-1.06-5.fc14 Base class for dynamic factory classes
perl-Class-Factory-Util-1.7-7.fc14 Provide utility methods for factory classes
perl-Class-ISA-0.36-2.fc14 Report the search path for a class's ISA tree
perl-Class-Inner-0.200001-1.fc14 A perlish implementation of Java like inner classes
perl-Class-InsideOut-1.10-2.fc14 A safe, simple inside-out object construction kit
perl-Class-Inspector-1.24-6.fc14 Get information about a class and its structure
perl-Class-Loader-2.03-10.fc14 Load modules and create objects on demand
perl-Class-MOP-1.03-1.fc14 A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5
perl-Class-MakeMethods-1.01-7.fc14 Generate common types of methods
perl-Class-Method-Modifiers-1.05-2.fc14 Provides Moose-like method modifiers
perl-Class-MethodMaker-2.16-2.fc14 Perl module for creating generic object-oriented methods
perl-Class-Mix-0.003-4.fc14 Dynamic class mixing
perl-Class-Observable-1.04-8.fc14 Allow other classes and objects to respond to events in yours
perl-Class-Prototyped-1.11-6.fc14 Fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl
perl-Class-ReturnValue-0.55-6.fc14 Class::ReturnValue Perl module
perl-Class-Singleton-1.4-7.fc14 Implementation of a "Singleton" class
perl-Class-Std-0.0.8-7.fc14 Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes
perl-Class-Throwable-0.10-5.fc14 A minimal lightweight exception class
perl-Class-Trigger-0.14-2.fc14 Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers
perl-Class-Unload-0.06-1.fc14 Unload given Class
perl-Class-Whitehole-0.04-9.fc14 Base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors
perl-Class-XSAccessor-1.07-1.fc14 Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation
perl-Clipboard-0.09-4.fc14 Copy and paste with any OS
perl-Clone-0.31-5.fc14 Recursively copy perl datatypes
perl-Color-Calc-1.061-2.fc14 Simple calculations with RGB colors
perl-Color-Library-0.02-6.fc14 Easy-to-use and comprehensive named-color library
perl-Compress-Bzip2-2.09-10.fc14 Interface to Bzip2 compression library
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.030-1.fc14 Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library
perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma-2.030-1.fc14 Low-level interface to lzma compression library
perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.030-1.fc14 Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
perl-Config-Any-0.20-1.fc14 Load configuration from different file formats, transparently
perl-Config-Augeas-0.701-2.fc14 Edit configuration files through Augeas C library
perl-Config-Auto-0.20-4.fc14 Magical config file parser
perl-Config-Extend-MySQL-0.04-2.fc14 Extend your favorite .INI parser module to read MySQL configuration file
perl-Config-General-2.49-2.fc14 Generic configuration module for Perl
perl-Config-GitLike-1.04-1.fc14 Git-compatible config file parsing
perl-Config-Grammar-1.10-5.fc14 Grammar-based, user-friendly config parser
perl-Config-INI-0.014-4.fc14 Config::INI Perl module
perl-Config-IniFiles-2.58-1.fc14 A module for reading .ini-style configuration files
perl-Config-IniHash-3.00.00-6.fc14 Perl extension for reading and writing INI files
perl-Config-JFDI-0.064-3.fc14 Just * Do it: A Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any
perl-Config-MVP-2.101650-1.fc14 Multivalue-property package-oriented configuration
perl-Config-MVP-Reader-INI-2.101460-1.fc14 MVP config reader for .ini files
perl-Config-Model-1.205-4.fc14 Framework to create configuration validation tools and editors
perl-Config-Model-CursesUI-1.103-4.fc14 Curses interface to edit config data
perl-Config-Model-TkUI-1.306-4.fc14 TK GUI to edit config data through Config::Model
perl-Config-Properties-1.70-5.fc14 Read and write property files
perl-Config-Record-1.1.2-5.fc14 Perl module for Configuration file access
perl-Config-Simple-4.59-7.fc14 Simple configuration file class
perl-Config-Tiny-2.12-9.fc14 Perl module for reading and writing .ini style configuration files
perl-ConfigReader-0.5-6.fc14 Read directives from a configuration file
perl-Context-Preserve-0.01-2.fc14 Run code after a subroutine call, preserving context
perl-Contextual-Return-0.2.1-6.fc14 Create context-senstive return values
perl-Convert-ASCII-Armour-1.4-10.fc14 Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages
perl-Convert-ASN1-0.22-3.fc14 ASN.1 Encode/Decode library
perl-Convert-BER-1.3101-6.fc14 ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules
perl-Convert-BinHex-1.119-13.fc14 Convert to/from RFC1741 HQX7 (Mac BinHex)
perl-Convert-Binary-C-0.74-4.fc14 Binary data conversion using C types
perl-Convert-NLS_DATE_FORMAT-0.02-7.fc14 Convert Oracle NLS_DATE_FORMAT <-> strftime Format Strings
perl-Convert-PEM-0.07-10.fc14 Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files
perl-Convert-TNEF-0.17-12.fc14 Perl module to read TNEF files
perl-Convert-UUlib-1.33-2.fc14 Perl interface to the uulib library
perl-Crypt-Blowfish-2.10-10.fc14 XS Blowfish implementation for Perl
perl-Crypt-CAST5_PP-1.04-6.fc14 CAST5 block cipher in pure Perl
perl-Crypt-CBC-2.29-5.fc14 Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode
perl-Crypt-CipherSaber-1.00-4.fc14 Perl module implementing CipherSaber encryption
perl-Crypt-Cracklib-1.5-3.fc14 Crypt-Cracklib - Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib
perl-Crypt-DES-2.05-11.fc14 Perl DES encryption module
perl-Crypt-DES_EDE3-0.01-10.fc14 Triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption module
perl-Crypt-DH-0.06-13.fc14 Perl module implementing the Diffie-Hellman key exchange system
perl-Crypt-DSA-1.16-4.fc14 Perl module for DSA signatures and key generation
perl-Crypt-Eksblowfish-0.008-2.fc14 Eksblowfish block cipher
perl-Crypt-GPG-1.63-8.fc14 Perl Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG
perl-Crypt-GeneratePassword-0.03-18.fc14 Generate secure random pronounceable passwords
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-AES-0.02-11.fc14 Perl interface to OpenSSL for AES
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum-0.04-10.fc14 Perl interface to OpenSSL for Bignum
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA-0.13-16.fc14 Perl interface to OpenSSL for DSA
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-PKCS10-0.06-15.fc14 Perl interface to OpenSSL for PKCS10
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA-0.26-2.fc14 Perl interface to OpenSSL for RSA
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random-0.04-12.fc14 Perl interface to OpenSSL for Random
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-X509-1.4-2.fc14 Perl interface to OpenSSL for X509
perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5-1.3-7.fc14 Provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() functions
perl-Crypt-Primes-0.50-9.fc14 Provable prime number generator for cryptographic applications
perl-Crypt-RSA-1.99-4.fc14 RSA public-key cryptosystem
perl-Crypt-Random-1.25-9.fc14 Cryptographically Secure, True Random Number Generator
perl-Crypt-Rijndael-1.09-2.fc14 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module
perl-Crypt-SMIME-0.09-4.fc14 S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption and decryption
perl-Crypt-SSLeay-0.58-1.fc14 Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL glue that provides LWP https support
perl-Crypt-Simple-0.06-10.fc14 Encrypt stuff simply
perl-Crypt-SmbHash-0.12-12.fc14 Pure-perl Lanman and NT MD4 hash functions
perl-Crypt-Twofish-2.14-2.fc14 Twofish Encryption Algorithm
perl-Curses-1.27-4.fc14 Perl bindings for ncurses
perl-Curses-UI-0.9607-4.fc14 Curses based OO user interface framework
perl-DBD-AnyData-0.09-7.fc14 DBI access to XML, CSV and other formats
perl-DBD-CSV-0.30-1.fc14 DBI driver for CSV files
perl-DBD-Mock-1.39-5.fc14 Mock database driver for testing
perl-DBD-Multi-0.14-6.fc14 DB Proxy with failover and load balancing
perl-DBD-MySQL-4.017-1.fc14 A MySQL interface for perl
perl-DBD-Pg-2.17.1-3.fc14 A PostgreSQL interface for perl
perl-DBD-SQLite-1.29-3.fc14 SQLite DBI Driver
perl-DBD-SQLite2-0.33-14.fc14 Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver (sqlite 2.x)
perl-DBD-XBase-0.241-11.fc14 Perl module for reading and writing the dbf files
perl-DBI-1.613-1.fc14 A database access API for perl
perl-DBI-Dumper-2.01-11.fc14 Dump data from a DBI datasource to file
perl-DBICx-TestDatabase-0.02-4.fc14 Create a temporary database from a DBIx::Class::Schema
perl-DBIx-Class-0.08120-4.fc14 Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper
perl-DBIx-Class-DateTime-Epoch-0.06-2.fc14 Automatic inflation/deflation of epoch-based DateTime objects for DBIx::Class
perl-DBIx-Class-DynamicDefault-0.03-5.fc14 Automatically set and update fields
perl-DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn-0.00010-2.fc14 Automatically encode columns
perl-DBIx-Class-Schema-Loader-0.05003-2.fc14 Dynamic definition of a DBIx::Class::Schema
perl-DBIx-Class-TimeStamp-0.13-1.fc14 DBIx::Class extension to update and create date and time based fields
perl-DBIx-ContextualFetch-1.03-9.fc14 Add contextual fetches to DBI
perl-DBIx-DBSchema-0.39-1.fc14 Database-independent schema objects
perl-DBIx-POS-0.03-9.fc14 Define a dictionary of SQL statements in a POD dialect (POS)
perl-DBIx-Safe-1.2.5-10.fc14 Safer access to your database through a DBI database handle
perl-DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.56-5.fc14 Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects
perl-DBIx-Simple-1.32-5.fc14 Easy-to-use OO interface to DBI
perl-DBM-Deep-0.983-9.fc14 A pure perl multi-level hash/array DBM
perl-Daemon-Generic-0.71-1.fc14 Framework to provide start/stop/reload for a daemon
perl-Danga-Socket-1.61-1.fc14 Event loop and event-driven async socket base class
perl-Data-AsObject-0.06-1.fc14 Easy OO access to complex perl data structures
perl-Data-Buffer-0.04-10.fc14 Read/write buffer class for perl
perl-Data-Compare-1.21-5.fc14 Compare perl data structures
perl-Data-Denter-0.15-4.fc14 An alternative to Data::Dumper and Storable
perl-Data-Dump-1.15-3.fc14 Pretty printing of data structures
perl-Data-Dump-Streamer-2.22-1.fc14 Accurately serialize a data structure as Perl code
perl-Data-Dumper-Concise-1.200-2.fc14 A convenient way to reproduce a set of Dumper options
perl-Data-Dumper-Names-0.03-7.fc14 Data::Dumper like module for printing and eval data structures
perl-Data-FormValidator-4.66-2.fc14 Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based on input profile
perl-Data-FormValidator-Constraints-DateTime-1.11-1.fc14 D::FV constraints for dates and times
perl-Data-HexDump-0.02-8.fc14 Hexadecial Dumper
perl-Data-Hierarchy-0.34-8.fc14 Handle data in a hierarchical structure
perl-Data-ICal-0.16-3.fc14 Generates iCalendar (RFC 2445) calendar files
perl-Data-JavaScript-1.13-2.fc14 Dump perl data structures into JavaScript code
perl-Data-ObjectDriver-0.07-2.fc14 Simple, transparent data interface, with caching
perl-Data-OptList-0.107-1.fc14 Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs
perl-Data-OptList-0.106-2.fc14 Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs
perl-Data-Page-2.02-1.fc14 Help when paging through sets of results
perl-Data-Password-1.07-7.fc14 Perl extension for assesing password quality
perl-Data-Random-0.05-2.fc14 Perl module to generate random data
perl-Data-Report-0.10-6.fc14 A flexible plugin-driven reporting framework
perl-Data-Section-0.101620-2.fc14 Read multiple hunks of data out of your DATA section
perl-Data-Serializer-0.49-2.fc14 Modules that serialize data structures
perl-Data-Stag-0.11-5.fc14 Perl package for Structured Tags datastructures
perl-Data-Stream-Bulk-0.08-1.fc14 N at a time iteration API
perl-Data-Structure-Util-0.15-5.fc14 Change nature of data within a structure
perl-Data-Taxi-0.95-1.fc14 Taint-aware, XML-ish data serialization
perl-Data-TreeDumper-0.35-7.fc14 Improved replacement for Data::Dumper
perl-Data-TreeDumper-Renderer-GTK-0.02-8.fc14 Gtk2::TreeView renderer for Data::TreeDumper
perl-Data-Visitor-0.27-1.fc14 Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures
perl-Date-Calc-6.3-3.fc14 Gregorian calendar date calculations
perl-Date-ICal-1.72-4.fc14 Perl extension for ICalendar date objects
perl-Date-Leapyear-1.72-4.fc14 Is a particular year a leap year?
perl-Date-Manip-6.07-3.fc14 A Perl module containing a wide variety of date manipulation routines
perl-Date-Pcalc-1.2-9.fc14 Gregorian calendar date calculations
perl-Date-Simple-3.03-6.fc14 Simple date object for perl
perl-Date-Tiny-1.04-2.fc14 Date object with as little code as possible
perl-DateTime-0.5300-4.fc14 Date and time objects
perl-DateTime-Calendar-Mayan-0.0601-4.fc14 Mayan Long Count Calendar
perl-DateTime-Event-ICal-0.10-2.fc14 Perl DateTime extension for computing rfc2445 recurrences
perl-DateTime-Event-Recurrence-0.16-10.fc14 DateTime::Set extension for create basic recurrence sets
perl-DateTime-Format-Builder-0.8000-2.fc14 Create DateTime parser classes and objects
perl-DateTime-Format-DB2-0.05-6.fc14 Parse and format DB2 dates and times
perl-DateTime-Format-DBI-0.032-5.fc14 Find a parser class for a database connection
perl-DateTime-Format-DateManip-0.04-6.fc14 Convert Date::Manip to DateTime and vice versa
perl-DateTime-Format-DateParse-0.04-6.fc14 Parse Date::Parse compatible formats
perl-DateTime-Format-Excel-0.2901-5.fc14 Convert between DateTime and Excel dates
perl-DateTime-Format-Flexible-0.15-1.fc14 Flexibly parse strings and turn them into DateTime objects
perl-DateTime-Format-HTTP-0.38-5.fc14 HTTP protocol date conversion routines
perl-DateTime-Format-IBeat-0.161-9.fc14 Format times in .beat notation
perl-DateTime-Format-ICal-0.09-5.fc14 Parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings
perl-DateTime-Format-ISO8601-0.07-2.fc14 Parses ISO8601 formats
perl-DateTime-Format-Mail-0.3001-7.fc14 Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats
perl-DateTime-Format-MySQL-0.04-10.fc14 Parse and format MySQL dates and times
perl-DateTime-Format-Natural-0.90-1.fc14 Create machine readable date/time with natural parsing logic
perl-DateTime-Format-Oracle-0.05-5.fc14 Parse and format Oracle dates and timestamps
perl-DateTime-Format-Pg-0.16004-3.fc14 Parse and format PostgreSQL dates and times
perl-DateTime-Format-SQLite-0.11-2.fc14 Parse and format SQLite dates and times
perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime-1.2000-2.fc14 Parse and format strp and strf time patterns
perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF-0.05-2.fc14 Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings
perl-DateTime-Precise-1.05-8.fc14 Perform common time and date operations with additional GPS operations
perl-DateTime-Set-0.28-2.fc14 Datetime sets and set math
perl-DateTimeX-Easy-0.088-1.fc14 Parse a date/time string using the best method available
perl-Debug-Client-0.11-4.fc14 Client side code for perl debugger
perl-Declare-Constraints-Simple-0.03-9.fc14 Declarative Validation of Data Structures
perl-Devel-Caller-2.05-1.fc14 Meatier versions of caller
perl-Devel-Caller-IgnoreNamespaces-1.0-4.fc14 Make available a function which can ignore name-spaces that you tell it about
perl-Devel-CheckOS-1.50-7.fc14 Check what OS we're running on
perl-Devel-Cover-0.66-1.fc14 Code coverage metrics for Perl
perl-Devel-Cycle-1.11-4.fc14 Find memory cycles in objects
perl-Devel-Declare-0.006000-2.fc14 Adding keywords to perl, in perl
perl-Devel-Dumpvar-0.04-7.fc14 Pure-OO reimplementation of
perl-Devel-FastProf-0.08-5.fc14 Fast perl per-line profiler
perl-Devel-FindRef-1.42-10.fc14 Where is that reference to my variable hiding?
perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction-0.02-10.fc14 Expose PL_dirty, the flag which marks global destruction
perl-Devel-Hide-0.0008-5.fc14 Forces the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing)
perl-Devel-Leak-0.03-12.fc14 Utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed
perl-Devel-LeakGuard-Object-0.06-4.fc14 Scoped checks for object leaks
perl-Devel-LexAlias-0.04-8.fc14 Alias lexical variables
perl-Devel-NYTProf-4.04-1.fc14 Powerful feature-rich perl source code profiler
perl-Devel-PartialDump-0.13-1.fc14 Partial dumping of data structures, optimized for argument printing
perl-Devel-Profiler-0.04-9.fc14 Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp
perl-Devel-REPL-1.003011-1.fc14 Modern perl interactive shell
perl-Devel-Refactor-0.05-4.fc14 Perl extension for refactoring Perl code
perl-Devel-Refcount-0.07-3.fc14 Obtain the REFCNT value of a referent
perl-Devel-Size-0.71-5.fc14 Perl extension for finding the memory usage of Perl variables
perl-Devel-SmallProf-2.02-7.fc14 Per-line Perl profiler
perl-Devel-StackTrace-1.25-1.fc14 Perl module implementing stack trace and stack trace frame objects
perl-Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML-0.09-2.fc14 Displays a stack trace in HTML
perl-Devel-Symdump-2.08-4.fu2012 A Perl module for inspecting Perl's symbol table
perl-Devel-Symdump-2.08-4.fc14 A Perl module for inspecting Perl's symbol table
perl-Device-SerialPort-1.04-8.fc14 Linux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions
perl-Digest-BubbleBabble-0.01-13.fc14 Create bubble-babble fingerprints
perl-Digest-CRC-0.14-6.fc14 Generic CRC functions
perl-Digest-HMAC-1.02-3.fc14 Digest-HMAC Perl module
perl-Digest-MD2-2.03-14.fc14 Perl interface to the MD2 Algorithm
perl-Digest-MD4-1.5-13.fc14 Perl interface to the MD4 Algorithm
perl-Digest-Nilsimsa-0.06-15.fc14 Perl interface to the Nilsima Algorithm
perl-Digest-SHA1-2.12-4.fc14 Digest-SHA1 Perl module
perl-Dir-Self-0.10-2.fc14 A __DIR__ constant for the directory your source file is in
perl-Directory-Queue-1.0-1.fc14 Object oriented interface to a directory based queue
perl-Directory-Scratch-0.14-7.fc14 Self-cleaning scratch space for tests
perl-Directory-Scratch-Structured-0.04-6.fc14 Creates temporary files and directories from a structured description
perl-Dist-Zilla-4.102340-1.fc14 Distribution builder; installer not included!
perl-EBook-EPUB-0.5-2.fc14 Perl module for generating EPUB documents
perl-Email-Abstract-3.002-1.fc14 Unified interface to mail representations
perl-Email-Address-1.889-6.fc14 RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
perl-Email-Date-1.103-9.fc14 Find and format date headers
perl-Email-Date-Format-1.002-7.fc14 Produce RFC 2822 date strings
perl-Email-Find-0.10-7.fc14 Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
perl-Email-MIME-1.863-5.fc14 Easy MIME message parsing
perl-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper-1.316-5.fc14 Strip the attachments from a mail message
perl-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.015-6.fc14 Parse a MIME Content-Type Header
perl-Email-MIME-Creator-1.456-4.fc14 Email::MIME constructor for starting anew
perl-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.313-5.fc14 Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding
perl-Email-MIME-Modifier-1.444-4.fc14 Modify Email::MIME Objects Easily
perl-Email-MessageID-1.401-7.fc14 Generate world unique message-ids
perl-Email-Reply-1.202-7.fc14 Reply to an email message
perl-Email-Send-2.198-1.fc14 Module for sending email
perl-Email-Sender-0.101760-2.fc14 A library for sending email
perl-Email-Simple-2.100-1.fc14 Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers
perl-Email-Valid-0.184-1.fc14 Check validity of internet email address
perl-Encode-Detect-1.01-4.fc14 Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data
perl-Error-0.17016-3.fc14 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
perl-Eval-Context-0.07-7.fc14 Evalute perl code in context wraper
perl-Event-1.12-4.fc14 Event loop processing
perl-Event-ExecFlow-0.64-3.fc14 High level API for event-based execution flow control
perl-Event-Lib-1.03-11.fc14 Perl wrapper around libevent
perl-Event-RPC-1.01-6.fc14 Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework
perl-Exception-Base-0.24-3.fc14 Lightweight exceptions
perl-Exception-Class-1.29-4.fc14 Module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl
perl-Exception-Class-TryCatch-1.12-5.fc14 Syntactic try/catch sugar for use with Exception::Class
perl-Expect-1.21-6.fc14 Expect for Perl
perl-Expect-Simple-0.04-6.fc14 Wrapper around the Expect module
perl-Exporter-Lite-0.02-8.fc14 Lightweight exporting of variables
perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall-0.63-13.fc14 Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN
perl-ExtUtils-CChecker-0.04-1.fc14 Configure-time utilities for using C headers, libraries, or OS features
perl-ExtUtils-Depends-0.302-4.fc14 Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions
perl-ExtUtils-F77-1.16-8.fc14 Simple interface to F77 libs
perl-ExtUtils-InferConfig-1.04-1.fc14 Infer Perl Configuration for non-running interpreters
perl-ExtUtils-InstallPAR-0.03-6.fc14 Install .par's into any installed perl
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-Coverage-0.05-10.fu2012 Allows perl modules to check test coverage with Devel::Cover
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-Coverage-0.05-10.fc14 Allows perl modules to check test coverage with Devel::Cover
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.12-6.fc14 Simplistic interface to pkg-config
perl-ExtUtils-XSBuilder-0.28-9.fc14 Modules that parse C header files and create XS glue code
perl-ExtUtils-XSpp-0.12-2.fc14 C++ variant of Perl's XS language
perl-FCGI-0.71-3.fc14 FastCGI Perl bindings
perl-FCGI-Client-0.04-3.fc14 Client library for the fastcgi protocol
perl-FCGI-ProcManager-0.19-4.fc14 A FastCGI process manager
perl-Fedora-Bugzilla-0.13-5.fc14 Access Fedora's Bugzilla
perl-Feed-Find-0.06-8.fc14 Syndication feed auto-discovery
perl-File-BOM-0.14-8.fc14 Utilities for handling Byte Order Marks
perl-File-BaseDir-0.03-7.fc14 Use the freedesktop basedir spec
perl-File-ChangeNotify-0.16-1.fc14 Watch for changes to files, cross-platform style
perl-File-Comments-0.07-7.fc14 Recognizes file formats and extracts format-specific comments
perl-File-Copy-Recursive-0.38-6.fc14 Extension for recursively copying files and directories
perl-File-DesktopEntry-0.04-11.fc14 Object to handle .desktop files
perl-File-DirCompare-0.6-3.fc14 Perl module to compare two directories using callbacks
perl-File-ExtAttr-1.09-5.fc14 Perl extension for accessing extended attributes of files
perl-File-FcntlLock-0.12-1.fc14 Perl module for file locking with fcntl
perl-File-Find-Rule-0.32-3.fc14 Perl module implementing an alternative interface to File::Find
perl-File-Find-Rule-PPI-0.05-7.fc14 Add support for PPI queries to File::Find::Rule
perl-File-Find-Rule-Perl-1.09-5.fc14 Common rules for searching for Perl things
perl-File-Find-Rule-VCS-1.05-5.fc14 Exclude files/directories for Version Control Systems
perl-File-Flat-1.04-6.fc14 Implements a flat filesystem
perl-File-Flock-2008.01-4.fc14 File locking with flock
perl-File-FnMatch-0.02-6.fc14 Simple file-name and pathname matching
perl-File-HomeDir-0.86-4.fc14 Get the home directory for yourself or other users
perl-File-LibMagic-0.91-4.fc14 Perlwrapper for libmagic
perl-File-MMagic-1.27-9.fc14 A Perl module emulating the file(1) command
perl-File-MMagic-XS-0.09006-1.fc14 Guess file type with XS
perl-File-MimeInfo-0.15-6.fc14 Determine file type and open application
perl-File-Modified-0.07-9.fc14 Checks intelligently if files have changed
perl-File-NCopy-0.36-5.fc14 Copy files to directories, or a single file to another file
perl-File-NFSLock-1.20-7.fc14 Perl module to do NFS (or not) locking
perl-File-Next-1.06-2.fc14 File::Next Perl module
perl-File-Pid-1.01-4.fc14 Pid File Manipulation
perl-File-Read-0.0801-3.fc14 Unique interface for reading one or more files
perl-File-ReadBackwards-1.04-9.fc14 File::ReadBackwards Perl module
perl-File-Remove-1.42-7.fc14 Convenience module for removing files and directories
perl-File-RsyncP-0.68-8.fc14 A perl implementation of an Rsync client
perl-File-ShareDir-1.00-6.fc14 Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
perl-File-ShareDir-Install-0.03-3.fc14 Install shared files
perl-File-ShareDir-PAR-0.05-5.fc14 File::ShareDir with PAR support
perl-File-Slurp-9999.13-8.fc14 Efficient Reading/Writing of Complete Files
perl-File-Sync-0.09-9.fc14 Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls
perl-File-Tail-0.99.3-10.fc14 Perl extension for reading from continously updated files
perl-File-Type-0.22-10.fc14 Determine file type using magic
perl-File-Type-WebImages-1.01-1.fc14 Determine web image file types using magic
perl-File-Which-1.09-3.fc14 Portable implementation of the 'which' utility
perl-File-chdir-0.09-7.fc14 A more sensible way to change directories
perl-File-chmod-0.32-8.fc14 Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes
perl-File-pushd-1.00-5.fc14 Change directory temporarily for a limited scope
perl-FileHandle-Fmode-0.09-8.fc14 FileHandle::Fmode Perl module
perl-FileHandle-Unget-0.1623-4.fc14 A FileHandle that supports ungetting of multiple bytes
perl-Filesys-Df-0.92-7.fc14 Perl extension for filesystem disk space information
perl-Filesys-Notify-Simple-0.05-2.fc14 Simple and dumb file system watcher
perl-Finance-Quote-1.17-3.fc14 A Perl module that retrieves stock and mutual fund quotes
perl-Finance-YahooQuote-0.24-2.fc14 Perl interface to get stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance
perl-Flickr-API-1.02-3.fc14 Perl interface to the Flickr API
perl-Flickr-Upload-1.32-4.fc14 upload module and script
perl-Font-AFM-1.20-5.fc14 Perl interface to Adobe Font Metrics files
perl-Font-TTF-0.45-7.fu14 Perl library for modifying TTF font files
perl-Font-TTF-0.45-7.fc14 Perl library for modifying TTF font files
perl-Font-TTFMetrics-0.1-2.fu14 Parser for the TTF file
perl-Font-TTFMetrics-0.1-2.fc14 Parser for the TTF file
perl-Format-Human-Bytes-0.04-2.fc14 Format a bytecount and make it human readable
perl-FreezeThaw-0.5001-2.fc14 Convert Perl structures to strings and back
perl-Frontier-RPC-0.07b4p1-10.fc14 A Perl interface for making and serving XML-RPC calls
perl-GD-2.44-4.fc14 Perl interface to the GD graphics library
perl-GD-Barcode-1.15-7.fc14 Create barcode image with GD
perl-GD-SVG-0.33-2.fc14 GD::SVG enables SVG output from scripts written using GD
perl-GD-SecurityImage-1.70-1.fc14 Security image (captcha) generator
perl-GDGraph-1.44-8.fc14 Graph generation package for Perl
perl-GDGraph3d-0.63-13.fc14 3D graph generation package for Perl
perl-GDTextUtil-0.86-16.fc14 Text utilities for use with GD
perl-GO-TermFinder-0.82-6.fc14 Identify GO nodes that annotate a group of genes with a significant p-value
perl-GPS-0.16-4.fc14 Perl interface to a GPS receiver that implements the Garmin protocol
perl-GPS-OID-0.07-2.fc14 Package for PRN - Object ID conversions
perl-GSSAPI-0.26-6.fc14 Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library
perl-GStreamer-0.15-6.fc14 Perl bindings to the GStreamer framework
perl-GTop-0.16-11.fc14 Perl interface to libgtop
perl-Gearman-1.11-1.fc14 Distributed job system
perl-Gearman-Client-Async-0.94-8.fc14 Asynchronous Client for the Gearman distributed job system
perl-Gearman-Server-1.11-1.fc14 Function call "router" and load balancer
perl-Geo-Constants-0.06-6.fc14 Standard Geo:: constants
perl-Geo-Ellipsoids-0.16-4.fc14 Standard Geo:: ellipsoids
perl-Geo-Forward-0.11-6.fc14 Calculate geographic location from lat, lon, distance, and heading
perl-Geo-Functions-0.07-6.fc14 Standard Geo:: functions
perl-Geo-IP-1.38-4.fc14 Efficient Perl bindings for the GeoIP location database
perl-Geo-IPfree- Look up the country of an IPv4 Address
perl-Geo-Inverse-0.05-6.fc14 Calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pair
perl-Geo-METAR-1.15-6.fc14 Perl module for accessing aviation weather information
perl-Geography-Countries-2009041301-1.fc14 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries
perl-Getopt-ArgvFile-1.11-5.fc14 Interpolates script options from files into @ARGV or another array
perl-Getopt-Euclid-0.2.1-4.fc14 Executable Uniform Command-Line Interface Descriptions
perl-Getopt-GUI-Long-0.91-4.fc14 A wrapper around Getopt::Long to provide a GUI to applications
perl-Getopt-Long-Descriptive-0.084-2.fc14 Getopt::Long with usage text
perl-Getopt-Simple-1.49-2.fc14 Provide a simple wrapper around Getopt::Long
perl-Git-CPAN-Patch-0.2.1-3.fc14 Patch CPAN modules using Git
perl-Git-PurePerl-0.47-1.fc14 Pure Perl interface to Git repositories
perl-Glib-1.223-1.fc14 Perl interface to GLib
perl-Gnome2-1.042-6.fc14 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME libraries
perl-Gnome2-Canvas-1.002-14.fc14 An engine for structured graphics in Gnome2
perl-Gnome2-GConf-1.044-9.fc14 Perl wrappers for the GConf configuration engine
perl-Gnome2-Print-1.000-10.fc14 Perl wrappers for the Gnome Print utilities
perl-Gnome2-VFS-1.081-6.fc14 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME VFS library
perl-Gnome2-Wnck-0.16-10.fc14 Perl interface to the Window Navigator Construction Kit
perl-GnuPG-Interface-0.42-4.fc14 Perl interface to GnuPG
perl-Goo-Canvas-0.06-8.fc14 Perl interface to the GooCanvas
perl-Graph-0.91-5.fc14 Perl module for dealing with graphs, the abstract data structures
perl-GraphViz-2.04-4.fc14 Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
perl-Graphics-ColorNames-2.11-7.fc14 Defines RGB values for common color names
perl-Graphics-ColorNames-WWW-1.13-2.fc14 WWW color names and equivalent RGB values
perl-Gtk2-1.203-6.fc14 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library
perl-Gtk2-Ex-CalendarButton-0.01-9.fc14 Gtk2::Ex::CalendarButton Perl module
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Carp-0.01-8.fc14 GTK+ friendly die() and warn() functions
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Dialogs-0.11-7.fc14 Useful tools for Gnome2/Gtk2 Perl GUI design
perl-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory-0.65-7.fc14 Framework for Gtk2 perl applications
perl-Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer-0.18-5.fc14 A Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation (POD)
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List-0.50-8.fc14 Simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Utils-0.09-7.fc14 Extra Gtk2 Utilities for working with Gnome2/Gtk2 in Perl
perl-Gtk2-GladeXML-1.007-7.fc14 Create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files
perl-Gtk2-ImageView-0.04-7.fc14 Perl bindings to the GtkImageView image viewer widget
perl-Gtk2-MozEmbed-0.08-6.fc14.19 Interface to the Mozilla embedding widget
perl-Gtk2-Notify-0.05-8.fc14 Perl interface to libnotify
perl-Gtk2-Sexy-0.05-7.fc14 Perl interface to the sexy widget collection
perl-Gtk2-Spell-1.03-14.fc14 Gtk2::Spell perl module
perl-Gtk2-TrayIcon-0.06-9.fc14 Perl interface to the EggTrayIcon library
perl-Gtk2-Unique-0.05-2.fc14 Perl bindings for the C library "libunique"
perl-Guard-1.021-3.fc14 Safe cleanup blocks
perl-HTML-BarGraph-0.5-2.fc14 Generate multiset bar graphs using plain HTML
perl-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple-1.25-7.fc14 Perl Module for Generating HTML Calendars
perl-HTML-DOMbo-3.10-5.fc14 Convert between XML::DOM and {XML/HTML}::Element trees
perl-HTML-Defang-1.03-1.fc14 Cleans HTML and CSS of executable contents
perl-HTML-Encoding-0.61-1.fc14 Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents
perl-HTML-Entities-Numbered-0.04-3.fc14 Conversion of numbered HTML entities
perl-HTML-FillInForm-2.00-4.fc14 Populates HTML Forms with data
perl-HTML-FormFu-0.07003-1.fc14 HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
perl-HTML-FormFu-Model-DBIC-0.06000-2.fc14 Integrate HTML::FormFu with DBIx::Class
perl-HTML-Format-2.04-13.fc14 HTML formatter modules
perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks-0.09-8.fc14 HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes
perl-HTML-FromText-2.05-7.fc14 Convert plain text to HTML
perl-HTML-GenToc-3.10-4.fc14 Generate a Table of Contents for HTML documents
perl-HTML-LinkList-0.1503-4.fc14 Create a 'smart' list of HTML links
perl-HTML-Lint-2.06-6.fc14 HTML::Lint Perl module
perl-HTML-Mason-1.42-5.fc14 Powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine
perl-HTML-Parser-3.68-1.fc14 Perl module for parsing HTML
perl-HTML-PrettyPrinter-0.03-8.fc14 Generate nice HTML files from HTML syntax trees
perl-HTML-Prototype-1.48-4.fc14 Generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library
perl-HTML-RewriteAttributes-0.03-5.fc14 Concise attribute rewriting
perl-HTML-Scrubber-0.08-9.fc14 Library for scrubbing/sanitizing html
perl-HTML-SimpleParse-0.12-4.fc14 Bare-bones HTML parser
perl-HTML-Strip-1.06-4.fc14 Perl extension for stripping HTML markup from text
perl-HTML-StripScripts-1.04-4.fc14 Strip scripting constructs out of HTML
perl-HTML-StripScripts-Parser-1.02-4.fc14 XSS filter using HTML::Parser
perl-HTML-SuperForm-1.09-3.fc14 HTML form generator
perl-HTML-Table-2.08a-5.fc14 Create HTML tables using simple interface
perl-HTML-TableExtract-2.10-7.fc14 A Perl module for extracting content in HTML tables
perl-HTML-TagCloud-0.34-4.fc14 Generate An HTML Tag Cloud
perl-HTML-Tagset-3.20-5.fc14 HTML::Tagset - data tables useful in parsing HTML
perl-HTML-Template-2.9-7.fc14 Perl module to use HTML Templates
perl-HTML-Template-Expr-0.07-10.fc14 Expression support extension for HTML::Template
perl-HTML-Template-Pro-0.95-1.fc14 Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts
perl-HTML-Tidy-1.08-7.fc14 (X)HTML cleanup in a Perl object
perl-HTML-Tiny-1.05-6.fc14 Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation
perl-HTML-Toc-1.12-2.fc14 Generate, insert and update HTML Table of Contents
perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple-3.15-5.fc14 Easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface
perl-HTML-Tree-3.23-11.fc14 HTML tree handling modules for Perl
perl-HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath-0.12-1.fc14 Add XPath support to HTML::TreeBuilder
perl-HTML-WikiConverter-0.68-4.fc14 Perl module to convert HTML to wiki markup
perl-HTML-WikiConverter-Markdown-0.05-4.fc14 Convert HTML to Markdown markup
perl-HTTP-Body-1.07-2.fc14 HTTP Body Parser
perl-HTTP-BrowserDetect-1.10-2.fc14 Determine the Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string
perl-HTTP-Cache-Transparent-1.0-7.fc14 Cache the result of http get-requests persistently
perl-HTTP-DAV-0.40-2.fc14 WebDAV client library for Perl5
perl-HTTP-Daemon-SSL-1.04-4.fc14 Simple http server class with SSL support
perl-HTTP-Lite-2.2-2.fc14 Lightweight HTTP implementation
perl-HTTP-Parser-0.05-1.fc14 Parse HTTP/1.1 request into HTTP::Request/Response object
perl-HTTP-Parser-XS-0.07-2.fc14 A fast, primitive HTTP request parser
perl-HTTP-Proxy-0.23-6.fc14 A pure Perl HTTP proxy
perl-HTTP-Recorder-0.05-6.fc14 Record interaction with web sites
perl-HTTP-Request-AsCGI-1.2-4.fc14 Setup a CGI enviroment from a HTTP::Request
perl-HTTP-Request-Params-1.01-6.fc14 Retrieve GET/POST Parameters from HTTP Requests
perl-HTTP-Response-Encoding-0.06-3.fc14 HTTP::Response::Encoding Perl module
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.43-1.fc14 Very simple standalone HTTP daemon
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason-0.14-1.fc14 HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason Perl module
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Static-0.07-5.fc14 Serve static files with HTTP::Server::Simple
perl-Ham-Reference-QRZ-0.02-4.fc14 An object oriented front end for the QRZ.COM Amateur Radio call-sign database
perl-Hardware-Verilog-Parser-0.13-5.fc14 Complete grammar for parsing Verilog code using perl
perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Lexer-1.00-6.fc14 Split VHDL code into lexical tokens
perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Parser-0.12-6.fc14 Complete grammar for parsing VHDL code using perl
perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Tidy-0.8-7.fc14 VHDL code prettifier
perl-Hash-Case-1.006-5.fc14 Base class for hashes with key-casing requirements
perl-Hash-Flatten-1.19-1.fc14 Flatten/unflatten complex data hashes
perl-Hash-Merge-0.12-2.fc14 Merges arbitrary deep hashes into a single hash
perl-Hash-Merge-Simple-0.04-4.fc14 Recursively merge two or more hashes, simply
perl-Hash-MultiValue-0.08-2.fc14 Store multiple values per key
perl-Hash-Util-FieldHash-Compat-0.03-5.fc14 Use Hash::Util::FieldHash or ties, depending on availability
perl-Hash-WithDefaults-0.04-8.fc14 Class for hashes with key-casing requirements supporting defaults
perl-Heap-0.80-6.fc14 Perl extension for keeping data partially sorted
perl-Hook-LexWrap-0.22-5.fc14 Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers
perl-IO-AIO-3.65-1.fc14 Asynchronous Input/Output
perl-IO-All-0.39-6.fc14 IO::All Perl module
perl-IO-Async-0.29-1.fc14 A collection of modules that implement asynchronous filehandle IO
perl-IO-Capture-0.05-7.fc14 Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output
perl-IO-CaptureOutput-1.1102-1.fc14 Capture STDOUT/STDERR from subprocesses and XS/C modules
perl-IO-Compress-2.030-1.fc14 IO::Compress Perl module
perl-IO-Compress-Lzma-2.030-1.fc14 Read and write lzma compressed data
perl-IO-Digest-0.10-11.fc14 Calculate digests while reading or writing
perl-IO-Handle-Util-0.01-1.fc14 Utilities for working with IO::Handle-like objects
perl-IO-Interface-1.05-4.fc14 Perl extension for accessing network card configuration information
perl-IO-LockedFile-0.23-7 Something
perl-IO-Multiplex-1.10-7.fc14 IO-Multiplex module for perl
perl-IO-Null-1.01-8.fc14 Class for null filehandles
perl-IO-Prompt-0.997-3.fc14 Interactively prompt for user input
perl-IO-Socket-INET6-2.57-2.fc14 Perl Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets
perl-IO-Socket-SSL-1.33-2.fc14 Perl library for transparent SSL
perl-IO-String-1.08-10.fc14 Emulate file interface for in-core strings
perl-IO-TieCombine-1.000-6.fc14 Produce tied (and other) separate but combined variables
perl-IO-Tty-1.08-5.fc14 Perl interface to pseudo tty's
perl-IO-stringy-2.110-13.fc14 I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays for Perl
perl-IPC-DirQueue-1.0-4.fc14 Disk-based many-to-many task queue
perl-IPC-Run-0.89-1.fc14 Perl module for interacting with child processes
perl-IPC-Run-SafeHandles-0.02-6.fc14 Use IPC::Run and IPC::Run3 safely
perl-IPC-Run3-0.044-1.fc14 Run a subprocess in batch mode
perl-IPC-ShareLite-0.17-1.fc14 Lightweight interface to shared memory
perl-IPC-Shareable-0.60-12.fc14 Share Perl variables between processes
perl-IPC-SharedCache-1.3-13.fc14 Perl module to manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory
perl-IPC-Signal-1.00-2.fc14 Utility functions dealing with signals for Perl
perl-IPC-System-Simple-1.18-4.fc14 Run commands simply, with detailed diagnostics
perl-IPTables-ChainMgr-0.9-5 Perl extension for manipulating iptables policies
perl-IPTables-Parse-0.7-6.fc14 Perl extension for parsing iptables firewall rulesets
perl-Ima-DBI-0.35-9.fc14 Database connection caching and organization
perl-Image-Base-1.07-14.fc14 Base class for loading, manipulating and saving images in Perl
perl-Image-ExifTool-8.25-1.fc14 Utility for reading and writing image meta info
perl-Image-Info-1.28-7.fc14 Image meta information extraction module for Perl
perl-Image-Math-Constrain-1.02-6.fc14 Scaling math used in image size constraining (such as thumbnails)
perl-Image-Size-3.2-4.fc14 Determine the size of images in several common formats in Perl
perl-Image-Xbm-1.08-13.fc14 Load, create, manipulate and save xbm image files in Perl
perl-Image-Xpm-1.09-13.fc14 Load, create, manipulate and save xpm image files in Perl
perl-Imager-0.67-6.fc14 Perl extension for Generating 24 bit Images
perl-Inline-0.46-1.fc14 Inline Perl module
perl-Inline-Files-0.63-1.fc14 Allows for multiple inline files in a single perl file
perl-JSON-2.17-2.fc14 Parse and convert to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
perl-JSON-Any-1.22-2.fc14 A meta-module to make working with JSON easier
perl-JSON-RPC-0.96-5.fc14 Perl implementation of JSON-RPC 1.1 protocol
perl-JSON-RPC-Common-0.06-3.fc14 Perl module for handling JSON-RPC objects
perl-JSON-XS-2.27-2.fc14 JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast
perl-JavaScript-Beautifier-0.13-3.fc14 Beautify Javascript (beautifier for javascript)
perl-JavaScript-Minifier-1.05-4.fc14 Perl extension for minifying JavaScript code
perl-JavaScript-Minifier-XS-0.06-3.fc14 XS based JavaScript minifier
perl-Jcode-2.07-3.fc14 Perl extension interface for converting Japanese text
perl-Jemplate-0.23-6.fc14 JavaScript Templating with Template Toolkit
perl-KinoSearch-0.165-4.fc14 Search engine library
perl-KinoSearch1-1.00-2.fc14 Search engine library
perl-Kwiki-0.39-8.fc14 Kwiki Wiki Building Framework
perl-Kwiki-Archive-Rcs-0.15-13.fc14 Kwiki Page Archival Using RCS
perl-Kwiki-Attachments-0.18-10.fc14 Kwiki Page Attachments Plugin
perl-Kwiki-Diff-0.03-11.fc14 Display differences between the current wiki page and older revisions
perl-Kwiki-ModPerl-0.09-11.fc14 Enable Kwiki to work under mod_perl
perl-Kwiki-NewPage-0.12-12.fc14 Kwiki New Page Plugin
perl-Kwiki-Raw-0.02-11.fc14 Provide an action to retrieve the raw wikitext of a page
perl-Kwiki-RecentChanges-0.14-10.fc14 Kwiki Recent Changes Plugin
perl-Kwiki-Revisions-0.15-12.fc14 Kwiki Revisions Plugin
perl-Kwiki-Search-0.12-12.fc14 Kwiki Search Plugin
perl-Kwiki-UserName-0.14-12.fc14 Kwiki User Name Plugin
perl-Kwiki-UserPreferences-0.13-11.fc14 Kwiki User Preferences Plugin
perl-Kwiki-Users-Remote-0.04-10.fc14 Automatically set Kwiki user name from HTTP authentication
perl-LDAP-0.40-2.fc14 LDAP Perl module
perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse-0.05-7.fc14 Library for enabling X-WSSE authentication in LWP
perl-LWP-Online-1.07-3.fc14 Module for accessing web by proccess
perl-LWP-UserAgent-Determined-1.03-7.fc14 A virtual browser that retries errors
perl-Lexical-Persistence-1.020-2.fc14 Persistent lexical variable values for arbitrary calls
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-1.892-1.fc14 Convert singular to plural, select "a" or "an"
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number-1.1-13.fc14 Force number of words to singular or plural
perl-Lingua-EN-Numbers-Ordinate-1.02-7.fc14 Perl functions for giving the ordinal form of a number given its cardinal value
perl-Lingua-EN-Tagger-0.16-2.fc14 Part-of-speech tagger for English natural language processing
perl-Lingua-Flags-0.07-2.fc14 Provide small flag icons
perl-Lingua-PT-Stemmer-0.01-1.fc14 Portuguese language stemming
perl-Lingua-Preferred-0.2.4-7.fc14 Perl extension to choose a language
perl-Lingua-Stem-0.84-1.fc14 Stemming of words
perl-Lingua-Stem-Fr-0.02-1.fc14 Perl French Stemming
perl-Lingua-Stem-It-0.02-1.fc14 Porter's stemming algorithm for Italian
perl-Lingua-Stem-Ru-0.01-1.fc14 Porter's stemming algorithm for Russian (KOI8-R only)
perl-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-0.952-6.fc14 Perl interface to Snowball stemmers
perl-Lingua-Stem-Snowball-Da-1.01-1.fc14 Porter's stemming algorithm for Danish
perl-Lingua-StopWords-0.09-7.fc14 Stop words for several languages
perl-Linux-Inotify2-1.21-3.fc14 Scalable directory/file change notification
perl-Linux-Pid-0.04-10.fc14 Get the native PID and the PPID on Linux
perl-List-Compare-0.37-6.fc14 Compare elements of two or more lists
perl-List-MoreUtils-0.22-11.fc14 Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
perl-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy-0.10-7.fc14 Maketext from already interpolated strings
perl-Locale-Maketext-Gettext-1.27-3.fc14 Joins the gettext and Maketext frameworks
perl-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon-0.82-2.fc14 Extract translatable strings from source
perl-Locale-Msgfmt-0.14-3.fc14 Compile .po files to .mo files
perl-Locale-PO-0.21-4.fc14 Perl module for manipulating .po entries from GNU gettext
perl-Locale-SubCountry-1.41-6.fc14 ISO 3166-2 two letter subcountry codes
perl-LockFile-Simple-0.207-4.fc14 Simple file locking scheme
perl-Log-Dispatch-2.22-6.fc14 Dispatches messages to one or more outputs
perl-Log-Dispatch-Array-1.001-2.fc14 Log events to an array (reference)
perl-Log-Dispatch-Config-1.03-2.fc14 Log4j for Perl
perl-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate-1.19-6.fc14 Log to files that archive/rotate themselves
perl-Log-Dispatch-Perl-0.03-7.fc14 Use core Perl functions for logging
perl-Log-Dispatchouli-1.102220-1.fc14 Simple wrapper around Log::Dispatch
perl-Log-Log4perl-1.24-3.fc14 Log4j implementation for Perl
perl-Log-LogLite-0.82-4.fc14 Create simple logs
perl-Log-Trace-1.070-4.fc14 A unified approach to tracing
perl-Log-TraceMessages-1.4-6.fc14 Perl extension for trace messages used in debugging
perl-Log-Trivial-0.31-6.fc14 Very simple tool for writing very simple log files
perl-MARC-Record-2.0.0-7.fc14 Object-oriented abstraction of MARC record handling
perl-MD5-2.03-6.fc14 Perl interface to the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
perl-MIME-Charset-1.006.2-5.fc14 Charset Informations for MIME
perl-MIME-EncWords-1.010.101-5.fc14 Deal with RFC 2047 encoded words (improved)
perl-MIME-Lite-3.027-4.fc14 MIME::Lite - low-calorie MIME generator
perl-MIME-Types-1.28-3.fc14 MIME types module for Perl
perl-MIME-tools-5.428-2.fc14 Modules for parsing and creating MIME entities in Perl
perl-MLDBM-2.01-10.fc14 Store multi-level hash structure in single level tied hash
perl-MP3-Info-1.24-3.fc14 Manipulate / fetch info from MP3 audio files
perl-MRO-Compat-0.11-4.fc14 Mro::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5
perl-Mail-Alias-1.12-13.fc14 Module for manipulating e-mail alias files
perl-Mail-Box-2.095-1.fc14 Manage a mailbox, a folder with messages
perl-Mail-Box-Parser-C-3.006-8.fc14 Parsing folders for MailBox with C routines
perl-Mail-DKIM-0.37-3.fc14 Sign and verify Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures
perl-Mail-GnuPG-0.15-6.fc14 Process email with GPG
perl-Mail-IMAPClient-3.25-1.fc14 An IMAP Client API
perl-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser-1.5002-5.fc14 A fast and simple mbox folder reader
perl-Mail-POP3Client-2.18-5.fc14 Perl 5 module to talk to a POP3 (RFC1939) server
perl-Mail-RFC822-Address-0.3-6.fc14 Perl extension for validating email addresses according to RFC822
perl-Mail-SPF-2.006-5.fc14 Object-oriented implementation of Sender Policy Framework
perl-Mail-Sender-0.8.16-5.fc14 Module for sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server
perl-Mail-Sendmail-0.79-14.fc14 Simple platform independent mailer for Perl
perl-Mail-Transport-Dbx-0.07-10.fc14 Parse Outlook Express mailboxes
perl-MailTools-2.07-1.fc14 Various mail-related perl modules
perl-Makefile-DOM-0.004-4.fc14 Simple DOM parser for Makefiles
perl-Makefile-Parser-0.211-3.fc14 Simple parser for Makefiles
perl-MasonX-Interp-WithCallbacks-1.18-5.fc14 Mason callback support via Params::CallbackRequest
perl-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession-0.30-9.fc14 Add a session to the Mason Request object
perl-Math-Base36-0.07-2.fc14 Encoding and decoding of base36 strings
perl-Math-Base85-0.2-8.fc14 Perl extension for base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 1924
perl-Math-BaseCnv-1.4.75O6Pbr-7.fc14 Fast functions to CoNVert between number Bases
perl-Math-BigInt-GMP-1.24-6.fc14 Math::BigInt::GMP Perl module
perl-Math-Calc-Units-1.07-1.fc14 Human-readable unit-aware calculator
perl-Math-Curve-Hilbert-0.04-5.fc14 Perl Implementation of Hilberts space-filling Curve
perl-Math-Derivative-0.01-8.fc14 Numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation
perl-Math-FFT-1.28-5.fc14 Perl module to calculate Fast Fourier Transforms
perl-Math-GMP-2.06-4.fc14 High speed arbitrary size integer math
perl-Math-MatrixReal-2.05-5.fc14 Manipulate matrix of reals
perl-Math-Pari-2.010806-7.fc14 Perl interface to PARI
perl-Math-Random-MT-Auto-6.14-5.fc14 Auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs
perl-Math-Round-0.06-6.fc14 Perl extension for rounding numbers
perl-Math-Spline-0.01-7.fc14 Cubic Spline Interpolation of data
perl-Math-Symbolic-0.510-6.fc14 Symbolic calculations
perl-Math-Vec-1.01-6.fc14 Perl Math::Vec module
perl-Maypole-2.13-4.fc14 MVC web application framework
perl-Memoize-ExpireLRU-0.55-1.fc14 Expiry plug-in for Memoize that adds LRU cache expiration
perl-Mixin-ExtraFields-0.100971-2.fc14 Add extra stashes of data to your objects
perl-Mixin-Linewise-0.003-2.fc14 Write your linewise code for handles; this does the rest
perl-ModelSim-List-0.06-5.fc14 Analyse the 'list' output of the ModelSim simulator
perl-Module-CPANTS-Analyse-0.85-5.fc14 Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
perl-Module-Compile-0.20-7.fc14 Perl Module Compilation
perl-Module-Depends-0.14-5.fc14 Identify the dependencies of a distribution
perl-Module-Extract-0.01-6.fc14 Base class for working with Perl distributions
perl-Module-ExtractUse-0.23-5.fc14 Find out what modules are used
perl-Module-Find-0.08-3.fc14 Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category
perl-Module-Info-0.31-8.fc14 Information about Perl modules
perl-Module-Inspector-1.05-7.fc14 Integrated API for inspecting Perl distributions
perl-Module-Install-0.95-1.fc14 Standalone, extensible Perl module installer
perl-Module-Install-ExtraTests-0.006-5.fc14 Ignorable, contextual test support for Module::Install
perl-Module-Install-GithubMeta-0.10-3.fc14 A Module::Install extension to include GitHub meta information in META.yml
perl-Module-Locate-1.7-6.fc14 Locate modules in the same fashion as "require" and "use"
perl-Module-Manifest-0.07-2.fc14 Parse and examine a Perl distribution MANIFEST file
perl-Module-Math-Depends-0.02-6.fc14 Convenience object for manipulating module dependencies
perl-Module-Pluggable-Ordered-1.5-4.fc14 Call module plugins in a specified order
perl-Module-Refresh-0.13-7.fc14 Refresh %INC files when updated on disk
perl-Module-ScanDeps-0.97-1.fc14 Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies
perl-Module-Signature-0.64-2.fc14 CPAN signature management utilities and modules
perl-Module-Starter-1.54-1.fc14 A simple starter kit for any module
perl-Module-Starter-PBP-0.000003-10.fc14 Create a module as recommended in "Perl Best Practices"
perl-Module-Starter-Plugin-CGIApp-0.30-2.fc14 Template based module starter for CGI apps
perl-Module-Used-1.2.0-4.fc14 Find modules loaded by Perl code without running it
perl-Module-Util-1.07-4.fc14 Module name tools and transformations
perl-Module-Versions-Report-1.06-5.fc14 Report versions of all modules in memory
perl-MogileFS-Client-1.11-1.fc14 Client library for the MogileFS distributed file system
perl-MogileFS-Utils-2.16-1.fc14 Utilities for MogileFS
perl-Mojolicious-0.999929-1.fc14 A next generation web framework for Perl
perl-Mon-0.11-5.fc14 Mon Perl module
perl-Moose-1.08-1.fc14 Complete modern object system for Perl 5
perl-Moose-Autobox-0.09-3.fc14 Autoboxed wrappers for native Perl datatypes
perl-Moose-Policy-0.04-2.fc14 Police your project/company-wide Moose policies
perl-MooseX-App-Cmd-0.06-3.fc14 Mashes up MooseX::Getopt and App::Cmd
perl-MooseX-Async-0.07-5.fc14 Set of Metaclasses for MooseX::POE and it's siblings
perl-MooseX-AttributeHelpers-0.23-2.fc14 Extended Moose attribute interfaces
perl-MooseX-CascadeClearing-0.02-3.fc14 Cascade clearer actions across attributes
perl-MooseX-ClassAttribute-0.13-2.fc14 Declare class attributes Moose-style
perl-MooseX-Clone-0.05-2.fc14 Fine grained cloning support for Moose objects
perl-MooseX-ConfigFromFile-0.02-5.fc14 An abstract Moose role for setting attributes from a configfile
perl-MooseX-Daemonize-0.09-2.fc14 Role for daemonizing your Moose based application
perl-MooseX-Declare-0.33-2.fc14 Declarative syntax for Moose
perl-MooseX-Emulate-Class-Accessor-Fast-0.00903-3.fc14 Emulate Class::Accessor::Fast behavior using Moose attributes
perl-MooseX-Getopt-0.27-2.fc14 Moose role for processing command line options
perl-MooseX-GlobRef-Object-0.07-5.fc14 Store a Moose object in glob reference
perl-MooseX-Iterator-0.11-3.fc14 Iterate over collections
perl-MooseX-LazyLogDispatch-0.02-5.fc14 Logging Role for Moose
perl-MooseX-LazyRequire-0.06-1.fc14 Required attributes which fail only when trying to use them
perl-MooseX-Log-Log4perl-0.40-5.fc14 A Logging Role for Moose based on Log::Log4perl
perl-MooseX-LogDispatch-1.2000-6.fc14 Logging Role for Moose
perl-MooseX-MarkAsMethods-0.10-1.fc14 Mark overload code symbols as methods
perl-MooseX-Meta-TypeConstraint-ForceCoercion-0.01-2.fc14 Force coercion when validating type constraints
perl-MooseX-Method-Signatures-0.35-1.fc14 Method declarations with type constraints and no source filter
perl-MooseX-MethodAttributes-0.24-1.fc14 Introspect your method code attributes
perl-MooseX-MultiInitArg-0.01-6.fc14 Attributes with aliases for constructor arguments
perl-MooseX-MultiMethods-0.10-2.fc14 Multi Method Dispatch based on Moose type constraints
perl-MooseX-Object-Pluggable-0.0011-4.fc14 Make your Moose classes pluggable
perl-MooseX-POE-0.205-3.fc14 Illicit Love Child of Moose and POE
perl-MooseX-Param-0.02-5.fc14 Simple role to provide a standard param method
perl-MooseX-Params-Validate-0.14-1.fc14 Extension of Params::Validate using Moose's types
perl-MooseX-Policy-SemiAffordanceAccessor-0.02-5.fc14 Policy to name accessors foo() and set_foo()
perl-MooseX-Role-Cmd-0.09-2.fc14 Wrap system command binaries the Moose way
perl-MooseX-Role-Parameterized-0.18-2.fc14 Make your roles flexible through parameterization
perl-MooseX-Role-WithOverloading-0.08-1.fc14 Roles which support overloading
perl-MooseX-Role-XMLRPC-Client-0.04-4.fc14 Provide the needed bits to be a XML-RPC client
perl-MooseX-SemiAffordanceAccessor-0.08-2.fc14 Name your accessors foo() and set_foo()
perl-MooseX-SetOnce-0.100471-1.fc14 Write-once, read-many attributes for Moose
perl-MooseX-SimpleConfig-0.03-5.fc14 Moose role for setting attributes from a simple configfile
perl-MooseX-Singleton-0.21-4.fc14 Turn your Moose class into a singleton
perl-MooseX-Storage-0.21-3.fc14 A serialization framework for Moose classes
perl-MooseX-StrictConstructor-0.11-1.fc14 Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes
perl-MooseX-Traits-0.11-2.fc14 Automatically apply roles at object creation time
perl-MooseX-Traits-Pluggable-0.09-2.fc14 A pluggable extension to MooseX::Traits
perl-MooseX-Types-0.22-1.fc14 Organise your Moose types in libraries
perl-MooseX-Types-Common-0.001002-2.fc14 A library of commonly used type constraints
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTime-0.05-4.fc14 DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTime-ButMaintained-0.11-3.fc14 DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTimeX-0.06-4.fc14 Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime::ButMaintained
perl-MooseX-Types-JSON-0.02-3.fc14 JSON data types for Moose
perl-MooseX-Types-Path-Class-0.05-8.fc14 A Path::Class type library for Moose
perl-MooseX-Types-Perl-0.101340-1.fc14 Moose types that check against Perl syntax
perl-MooseX-Types-Set-Object-0.02-5.fc14 Set::Object type with coercions and stuff
perl-MooseX-Types-Structured-0.23-2.fc14 Structured Type Constraints for Moose
perl-MooseX-Types-URI-0.02-4.fc14 URI related types and coercions for Moose
perl-MooseX-Types-VariantTable-0.04-1.fc14 Type constraint based variant table
perl-MooseX-Workers-0.05-5.fc14 Provides a simple sub-process management for asynchronous tasks
perl-Mouse-0.58-2.fc14 Moose minus the antlers
perl-MouseX-Types-0.05-2.fc14 Organize your Mouse types in libraries
perl-Mozilla-LDAP-1.5.2-7.fc14.1 LDAP Perl module that wraps the Mozilla C SDK
perl-NOCpulse-CLAC-1.9.8-5.fc14 NOCpulse Command Line Application framework for Perl
perl-NOCpulse-Debug-1.23.15-5.fc14 Perl debug output package
perl-NOCpulse-Gritch-1.27.4-4.fc14 Perl throttled email notification for Spacewalk
perl-NOCpulse-Object-1.26.10-5.fc14 NOCpulse Object abstraction for Perl
perl-NOCpulse-SetID-1.6.11-2.fc14 Provides api for correctly changing user identity
perl-NOCpulse-Utils-1.14.11-5.fc14 NOCpulse utility packages
perl-Nagios-NSCA-0.1-6.fc14 Nagios::NSCA Perl module
perl-Nagios-Plugin-0.34-1.fc14 Family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins
perl-Nagios-Plugin-Beanstalk-0.04-5.fc14 Nagios plugin to observe Beanstalkd queue server
perl-Net-ARP-1.0.6-3.1.fc14 Create and Send ARP Packets
perl-Net-Amazon-0.59-3.fc14 Framework for accessing via REST
perl-Net-Amazon-EC2-0.14-2.fc14 Perl interface to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
perl-Net-Amazon-S3-0.43-6.fc14 Use the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
perl-Net-CIDR-0.14-1.fc14 Manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation
perl-Net-CIDR-Lite-0.20-8.fc14 Net::CIDR::Lite Perl module
perl-Net-CUPS-0.61-5.fc14 Perl bindings to the CUPS C API Interface
perl-Net-DBus-0.33.6-7.fc14 Use and provide DBus services
perl-Net-DBus-GLib-0.33.0-5.fc14 Perl extension for the DBus GLib bindings
perl-Net-DNS-0.65-3.fc14 DNS resolver modules for Perl
perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable-0.003-7.fc14 Programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS
perl-Net-DNS-SEC-0.14-7.fc14 DNSSEC modules for Perl
perl-Net-Daemon-0.44-9.fc14 Perl extension for portable daemons
perl-Net-Domain-TLD-1.68-4.fc14 Work with TLD names
perl-Net-Dropbox-API-1.8-3.fu2013 A dropbox API interface
perl-Net-FTPSSL-0.15-1.fc14 Perl module for FTP over SSL/TLS
perl-Net-FTPServer-1.122-9.fc14 Secure, extensible and configurable Perl FTP server
perl-Net-GPSD-0.39-1.fc14 Provides an object client interface to the gpsd server daemon
perl-Net-GitHub-0.22-1.fc14 Perl interface for
perl-Net-Google-AuthSub-0.5-2.fc14 Provides interface to interact with sites that implement Google style AuthSub
perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-1.1916-3.fc14 Simple IMAP account handling
perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL-1.3-2.fc14 Simple IMAP account handling with SSL
perl-Net-IP-1.25-14.fc14 Perl module for manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
perl-Net-IP-CMatch-0.02-12.fc14 Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges with C
perl-Net-IPv4Addr-0.10-8.fc14 Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses
perl-Net-IPv6Addr-0.2-7.fc14 Perl module to check validity of IPv6 addresses
perl-Net-IRC-0.75-7.fc14 Perl interface to the Internet Relay Chat protocol
perl-Net-Jabber-2.0-13.fc14 Net::Jabber - Jabber Perl Library
perl-Net-LibIDN-0.12-4.fc14 Perl bindings for GNU LibIDN
perl-Net-NBName-0.26-7.fc14 NetBIOS Name Service Requests
perl-Net-Netmask-1.9015-6.fc14 Perl module for manipulation and lookup of IP network blocks
perl-Net-OAuth-0.19-3.fc14 OAuth protocol support library for Perl
perl-Net-Patricia-1.17_01-1.fc14 Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups
perl-Net-Pcap-0.16-6.fc14 Interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library
perl-Net-Ping-External-0.12-5.fc14 Cross-platform interface to ICMP "ping" utilities
perl-Net-RawIP-0.25-6.fc14 Perl extension for manipulating raw ip packets using libpcap
perl-Net-SCP-0.08-6.fc14 Perl extension for secure copy protocol
perl-Net-SFTP-0.10-6.fc14 Secure File Transfer Protocol client
perl-Net-SMTP-SSL-1.01-5.fc14 SSL support for Net::SMTP
perl-Net-SNMP-5.2.0-6.fc14 Object oriented interface to SNMP
perl-Net-SNPP-1.17-10.fc14 Perl modules for the Simple Network Pager Protocol
perl-Net-SSH-0.09-5.fc14 Perl extension for secure shell
perl-Net-SSH-Perl-1.34-7.fc14 SSH (Secure Shell) client
perl-Net-SSH2-0.28-3.fc14 Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libSSH2
perl-Net-SSLGlue-0.4-1.fc14 Add/extend SSL support for common perl modules
perl-Net-SSLeay-1.36-2.fc14 Perl extension for using OpenSSL
perl-Net-STOMP-Client-0.9.2-2.fc14 STOMP object oriented client module
perl-Net-Server-0.97-9.fc14 Extensible, general Perl server engine
perl-Net-Stomp-0.36-1.fc14 Stomp client module for Perl
perl-Net-Telnet-3.03-10.fc14 Net-Telnet Perl module
perl-Net-Telnet-Cisco-1.10-3.fc14 Interact with a Cisco router
perl-Net-UPnP-1.4.2-4.fc14 Perl extension for UPnP
perl-Net-Whois-1.9-3.fc14 Get and parse "whois" domain data from InterNIC
perl-Net-Whois-IP-1.10-1.fc14 Perl extension for looking up the whois information for ip addresses
perl-Net-XMPP-1.02-9.fc14 Net::XMPP - perl XMPP library
perl-Net-eBay-0.52-4.fc14 Perl Interface to XML based eBay API
perl-NetAddr-IP-4.027-4.fc14 Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets
perl-Newt-1.08-26.fc14 Perl bindings for the Newt library
perl-Nmap-Parser-1.20-2.fc14 Parse nmap scan data with perl
perl-Number-Bytes-Human-0.07-4.fc14 Convert byte count to human readable format
perl-Number-Compare-0.01-15.fc14 Perl module for numeric comparisons
perl-Number-Format-1.73-3.fc14 Perl extension for formatting numbers
perl-OLE-Storage_Lite-0.19-2.fc14 Simple Class for OLE document interface
perl-ORLite-1.42-2.fc14 Extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM
perl-ORLite-Migrate-0.03-6.fc14 Light weight SQLite-specific schema migration
perl-Object-Deadly-0.09-7.fc14 Perl module providing an object that dies whenever examined
perl-Object-Event-1.21-2.fc14 Class that provides an event callback interface
perl-Object-InsideOut-3.56-3.fc14 Comprehensive inside-out object support module
perl-Object-MultiType-0.05-5.fc14 Perl Objects as Hash, Array, Scalar, Code and Glob at the same time
perl-Object-Realize-Later-0.18-8.fc14 Delayed creation of objects
perl-Object-Signature-1.05-7.fc14 Cryptographically strong objects
perl-Olson-Abbreviations-0.02-2.fc14 Globally unique timezones abbreviation handling
perl-OpenFrame-3.05-12.fc14 Framework for network enabled applications
perl-OpenGL-0.62-3.fc14 Perl OpenGL bindings
perl-PAR-1.000-2.fc14 Perl Archive Toolkit
perl-PAR-Dist-0.46-3.fc14 Toolkit for creating and manipulating Perl PAR distributions
perl-PAR-Packer-1.005-2.fc14 PAR Packager
perl-PBS-0.33-9.fc14 Perl binding for the Portable Batch System client library
perl-PDF-API2-0.73-4.fu14 Perl module for creation and modification of PDF files
perl-PDF-API2-0.73-4.fc14 Perl module for creation and modification of PDF files
perl-PDF-Create-1.04-3.fu14 Create PDF files
perl-PDF-Create-1.04-3.fc14 Create PDF files
perl-PDF-Reuse-0.35-4.fu14 Reuse and mass produce PDF documents
perl-PDF-Reuse-0.35-4.fc14 Reuse and mass produce PDF documents
perl-PDL-2.4.6-4.fc14 The Perl Data Language
perl-PDL-Graphics-PLplot-0.52-2.fc14 Object-oriented interface from perl/PDL to the PLPLOT plotting library
perl-PHP-Serialization-0.27-5.fc14 Converts between PHP's serialize() output and the equivalent Perl structure
perl-POE-1.289-2.fc14 POE - portable multitasking and networking framework for Perl
perl-POE-API-Peek-1.34-3.fc14 Peek into the internals of a running POE environment
perl-POE-Component-Child-1.39-9.fc14 Child management component for POE
perl-POE-Component-Client-DNS-1.051-1.fc14 Non-blocking/concurrent DNS queries using Net::DNS and POE
perl-POE-Component-Client-HTTP-0.895-1.fc14 A non-blocking/parallel web requests engine for POE
perl-POE-Component-Client-Keepalive-0.2620-1.fc14 Manages and keeps alive client connections
perl-POE-Component-Client-LDAP-0.04-9.fc14 Async LDAP access for POE
perl-POE-Component-Client-SMTP-0.22-3.fc14 Asynchronous mail sending with POE
perl-POE-Component-DBIAgent-0.26-7.fc14 POE Component for running asynchronous DBI calls
perl-POE-Component-IRC-6.14-3.fc14 A POE component for building IRC clients
perl-POE-Component-JobQueue-0.570-3.fc14 Process a large number of tasks with a finite number of workers
perl-POE-Component-Log4perl-0.03-3.fc14 Logging extension for the POE environment
perl-POE-Component-Logger-1.00-7.fc14 A POE logging class
perl-POE-Component-Pluggable-1.24-3.fc14 A base class for creating plugin-enabled POE components
perl-POE-Component-SNMP-1.1001-4.fc14 POE interface to Net::SNMP
perl-POE-Component-SSLify-0.15-4.fc14 Makes using SSL in the world of POE easy!
perl-POE-Component-Server-Bayeux-0.04-2.fc14 Bayeux/cometd server implementation in POE
perl-POE-Component-Server-HTTP-0.09-9.fc14 Foundation of a POE HTTP Daemon
perl-POE-Component-Server-SOAP-1.14-4.fc14 Publish POE event handlers via SOAP over HTTP
perl-POE-Component-Server-SimpleHTTP-2.04-1.fc14 Serve HTTP requests in POE
perl-POE-Component-Server-XMLRPC-0.05-8.fc14 Publish POE event handlers via XMLRPC over HTTP
perl-POE-Component-SimpleDBI-1.27-4.fc14 Asynchronous non-blocking DBI calls in POE made simple
perl-POE-Component-SimpleLog-1.05-5.fc14 A simple logging system for POE
perl-POE-Filter-HTTP-Parser-1.02-1.fc14 HTTP POE filter for HTTP clients or servers
perl-POE-Filter-IRCD-2.40-4.fc14 A POE-based parser for the IRC protocol
perl-POE-Filter-Transparent-SMTP-0.2-7.fc14 A POE filter for SMTP
perl-POE-Filter-Zlib-2.02-4.fc14 POE filter wrapped around Compress::Zlib
perl-POE-Test-Loops-1.035-1.fc14 Reusable tests for POE::Loop authors
perl-POE-Wheel-Null-0.01-8.fc14 POE Wheel that does puts data nowhere, and sends nothing
perl-PPI-1.213-1.fc14 Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl
perl-PPI-HTML-1.07-7.fc14 Generate syntax-hightlighted HTML for Perl using PPI
perl-PPI-Tester-0.06-9.fc14 A wxPerl-based interactive PPI debugger/tester
perl-PPIx-EditorTools-0.09-3.fc14 Utility methods and base class for manipulating Perl via PPI
perl-PPIx-Regexp-0.007-1.fc14 Represent a regular expression of some sort
perl-PPIx-Utilities-1.000001-2.fc14 Extensions to PPI
perl-PSGI-1.03-2.fc14 Perl Web Server Gateway Interface Specification
perl-Package-DeprecationManager-0.04-2.fc14 Manage deprecation warnings for your distribution
perl-Package-Generator-0.103-3.fc14 Generate new packages quickly and easily
perl-Package-Stash-0.08-1.fc14 Routines for manipulating stashes
perl-PadWalker-1.9-4.fc14 Play with other peoples' lexical variables
perl-Padre-0.64-1.fc14 Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
perl-Panotools-Script-0.24-3.fc14 Library for manipulating hugin .pto files
perl-Parallel-ForkManager-0.7.5-6.fc14 Simple parallel processing fork manager
perl-Params-CallbackRequest-1.19-5.fc14 Functional and object-oriented callback architecture
perl-Params-Coerce-0.14-6.fc14 Allows your classes to do coercion of parameters
perl-Params-Util-1.04-1.fc14 Simple standalone param-checking functions
perl-Params-Util-1.01-2.fc14 Simple standalone param-checking functions
perl-Params-Validate-0.95-2.fc14 Params-Validate Perl module
perl-Parse-BACKPAN-Packages-0.35-3.fc14 Provide an index of BACKPAN
perl-Parse-CPAN-Packages-2.31-4.fc14 Parse 02packages.details.txt.gz
perl-Parse-ErrorString-Perl-0.11-6.fc14 Module for parsing error messages
perl-Parse-ExuberantCTags-1.01-3.fc14 Efficiently parse exuberant ctags files
perl-Parse-Method-Signatures-1.003013-1.fc14 Perl6 like method signature parser
perl-Parse-RecDescent-1.964-2.fc14 Parse-RecDescent Perl module
perl-Parse-Yapp-1.05-42.fc14 Perl extension for generating and using LALR parsers
perl-ParseLex-2.19-1.fc14 Generator of lexical analyzers
perl-ParseTemplate-3.03-1.fc14 ParseTemplate Perl module
perl-PatchReader-0.9.5-9.fc14 Utilities to read and manipulate patches and CVS
perl-Path-Class-0.18-2.fc14 Cross-platform path specification manipulation
perl-Perl-Critic-1.106-1.fc14 Critique Perl source code for best-practices
perl-Perl-MinimumVersion-1.26-1.fc14 Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code
perl-Perl-PrereqScanner-0.101480-1.fc14 Tool to scan your Perl code for its prerequisites
perl-Perl-Tags-0.28-2.fc14 Generate Ctags style tags for Perl sourcecode
perl-Perl-Version-1.009-3.fc14 Parse and manipulate Perl version strings
perl-Perl6-Bible-0.30-9.fc14 Perl 6 Design Documentations
perl-Perl6-Junction-1.40000-5.fc14 Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5
perl-PerlIO-eol-0.14-8.fc14 PerlIO layer for normalizing line endings
perl-PerlIO-gzip-0.18-8.fc14 Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip
perl-PerlIO-via-dynamic-0.12-8.fc14 Dynamic PerlIO layers
perl-PerlIO-via-symlink-0.05-9.fc14 PerlIO layers for create symlinks
perl-Perlbal-XS-HTTPHeaders-0.20-1.fc14 Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers
perl-Perlilog-0.3-5.fc14 Verilog environment and IP core handling in Perl
perl-Pipeline-3.12-10.fc14 Generic pipeline interface
perl-PlRPC-0.2020-4.fc14 Interface for building pServer Clients
perl-Pod-Abstract-0.17-5.fc14 Abstract document tree for Perl POD documents
perl-Pod-Coverage-0.20-5.fu2012 Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive
perl-Pod-Coverage-0.20-5.fc14 Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive
perl-Pod-Coverage-Moose-0.02-2.fc14 Pod::Coverage extension for Moose
perl-Pod-Coverage-TrustPod-0.092830-4.fc14 Allow a module's pod to contain Pod::Coverage hints
perl-Pod-Eventual-0.093330-3.fc14 Read a POD document as a series of trivial events
perl-Pod-POM-0.27-1.fc14 Object-oriented interface to Perl POD documents
perl-Pod-PseudoPod-0.16-2.fc14 Framework for extending the POD tags for book manuscripts
perl-Pod-PseudoPod-LaTeX-1.000-3.fc14 Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX Perl module
perl-Pod-Readme-0.090-7.fc14 Convert POD to README file
perl-Pod-Simple-Wiki-0.09-9.fc14 Utility and perl classes for converting POD to Wiki text
perl-Pod-Spell-1.01-8.fc14 A formatter for spellchecking Pod
perl-Pod-Strip-1.02-7.fc14 Remove POD from Perl code
perl-Pod-Tests-1.19-5.fc14 Extract embedded tests and code examples from POD
perl-Pod-Xhtml-1.59-4.fc14 Generate well-formed XHTML documents from POD format documentation
perl-PostScript-0.06-7.fc14 PostScript Perl module
perl-Probe-Perl-0.01-5.fc14 Information about the currently running perl
perl-Proc-Daemon-0.03-6.fc14 Run Perl program as a daemon process
perl-Proc-PID-File-1.27-2.fc14 Module to manage process id files
perl-Proc-ProcessTable-0.44-6.fc14 Perl extension to access the unix process table
perl-Proc-Simple-1.26-3.fc14 Launch and control background processes
perl-Proc-WaitStat-1.00-2.fc14 Interpret and act on wait() status values
perl-Pugs-Compiler-Rule-0.37-6.fc14 Compiler for Perl 6 regexes
perl-QWizard-3.15-5.fc14 A very portable graphical question and answer wizard system
perl-Qt-0.96.0-6.fu2013 Perl bindings for Qt
perl-RPC-XML-0.69-2.fc14 Set of classes for core data, message and XML handling
perl-RPM-Specfile-1.51-9.fc14 Perl extension for creating RPM specfiles
perl-RPM2-0.68-8.fc14 Perl bindings for the RPM Package Manager API
perl-RRD-Simple-1.44-7.fc14 Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files
perl-RT-Client-REST-0.37-4.fc14 Talk to RT using REST protocol
perl-Razor-Agent-2.85-6.fc14 Use a Razor catalogue server to filter spam messages
perl-Readonly-1.03-13.fc14 Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes
perl-Readonly-XS-1.05-5.fc14 Companion module for Readonly
perl-Regexp-Assemble-0.34-5.fc14 Assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE
perl-Regexp-Common-2010010201-2.fc14 Regexp::Common Perl module
perl-Regexp-Shellish-0.93-8.fc14 Shell-like regular expressions
perl-Return-Value-1.666001-1.fc14 Polymorphic Return Values
perl-SDL-2.1.3-13.fc14 SDL bindings for the Perl language
perl-SGML-Parser-OpenSP-0.994-6.fc14 Perl interface to the OpenSP SGML and XML parser
perl-SGMLSpm-1.03ii-22.fc14 Perl library for parsing the output of nsgmls
perl-SNMP-Info-2.01-4.fc14 Object Oriented Perl5 Interface to Network devices and MIBs through SNMP
perl-SNMP_Session-1.12-5.fc14 SNMP support for Perl 5
perl-SOAP-Lite-0.711-1.fc14 Client and server side SOAP implementation
perl-SQL-Abstract-1.67-1.fc14 Generate SQL from Perl data structures
perl-SQL-Abstract-Limit-0.141-5.fc14 Portable LIMIT Emulation
perl-SQL-Library-0.0.3-7.fc14 Manage libraries of SQL easily
perl-SQL-Shell-1.14-5.fc14 Command interpreter for DBI shells
perl-SQL-Statement-1.31-1.fc14 SQL parsing and processing engine
perl-SQL-Translator-0.11005-3.fc14 Manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)
perl-SUPER-1.17-2.fc14 Sane superclass method dispatcher
perl-SVG-2.49-5.fc14 An extension to generate stand-alone or inline SGV
perl-SVG-Graph-0.02-5.fc14 Visualize your data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
perl-SVG-Parser-1.03-5.fc14 XML Parser for SVG documents
perl-SVG-TT-Graph-0.16-2.fc14 Base object for generating SVG Graphs
perl-SVK-2.2.3-1.fc14 A Distributed Version Control System
perl-SVN-Simple-0.27-11.fc14 A simple interface for writing a delta editor
perl-Sane-0.03-4.fc14 Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project
perl-Satcon-1.11-2.fc14 Framework for configuration files
perl-Scalar-Properties-0.13-7.fc14 Run-time properties on scalar variables
perl-Schedule-Cron-Events-1.8-20.fc14 Take a line from a crontab and find out when events will occur
perl-Scope-Guard-0.12-2.fc14 Lexically scoped resource management
perl-Scope-Upper-0.10-2.fc14 Act on upper scopes
perl-Search-Xapian- Xapian perl bindings
perl-Sendmail-PMilter-0.98-2.fc14 Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol
perl-Set-Crontab-1.02-5.fc14 Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists
perl-Set-Infinite-0.63-5.fc14 Sets of intervals
perl-Set-IntSpan-1.14-1.fc14 Perl module for managing sets of integers
perl-Set-Object-1.26-7.fc14 Set of objects and strings
perl-Set-Scalar-1.25-2.fc14 Basic set operations
perl-Smart-Comments-1.0.4-2.fc14 Comments that do more than just sit there
perl-Snowball-Norwegian-1.2-2.fc14 Porter's stemming algorithm for Norwegian
perl-Snowball-Swedish-1.2-2.fc14 Porter's stemming algorithm for Swedish
perl-Socket-GetAddrInfo-0.16-1.fc14 RFC 2553's "getaddrinfo" and "getnameinfo" functions
perl-Socket6-0.23-4.fc14 IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators
perl-Software-License-0.101410-1.fc14 Package that provides templated software licenses
perl-Sort-Key-1.28-4.fc14 Fastest way to sort anything in Perl
perl-Sort-Naturally-1.02-5.fc14 Sort lexically, but sort numeral parts numerically
perl-Sort-Versions-1.5-14.fc14 Perl module for sorting of revision-like numbers
perl-Spiffy-0.30-13.fc14 Framework for doing object oriented (OO) programming in Perl
perl-Spoon-0.24-7.fc14 Spiffy Application Building Framework
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-0.4900-5.fc14 Extract information from an Excel file
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple-1.04-7.fc14 Simple interface to Excel data
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-2.36-2.fc14 Write formatted text and numbers to a cross-platform Excel binary file
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-Simple-1.04-7.fc14 Simple single-sheet Excel document creator
perl-Statistics-Descriptive-3.0200-1.fc14 Perl module of basic descriptive statistical functions
perl-String-Approx-3.26-9.fc14 Perl extension for approximate matching (fuzzy matching)
perl-String-CRC32-1.4-10.fc14 Perl interface for cyclic redundancy check generation
perl-String-Diff-0.04-5.fc14 Simple diff to String
perl-String-Escape-2010.002-4.fc14 String::Escape Perl module
perl-String-Flogger-1.101240-2.fc14 String munging for loggers
perl-String-Format-1.16-3.fc14 Sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions
perl-String-Formatter-0.102080-1.fc14 Build sprintf-like functions of your own
perl-String-Random-0.22-6.fc14 Perl module to generate random strings based on a pattern
perl-String-RewritePrefix-0.005-2.fc14 Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes
perl-String-ShellQuote-1.03-9.fc14 Perl module for quoting strings for passing through the shell
perl-Sub-Exporter-0.982-5.fc14 Sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines
perl-Sub-Identify-0.04-8.fc14 Retrieve names of code references
perl-Sub-Install-0.925-6.fc14 Install subroutines into packages easily
perl-Sub-Name-0.04-6.fc14 Name -- or rename -- a sub
perl-Sub-Override-0.08-6.fc14 Perl extension for easily overriding subroutines
perl-Sub-Prototype-0.02-3.fc14 Allows you to set a subs prototype
perl-Sub-Uplevel-0.22-2.fc14 Apparently run a function in a higher stack frame
perl-Sub-WrapPackages-2.0-4.fc14 Add wrappers around all the subroutines in packages
perl-Sub-WrapPackages-2.0-2.fc14 Add wrappers around all the subroutines in packages
perl-Symbol-Util-0.0202-4.fc14 Additional utilities for Perl symbols manipulation
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate-0.04-7.fc14 Port to Perl of the syntax highlight engine of the Kate texteditor
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Perl-Improved-1.01-4.fc14 Highlighting of Perl Syntactical Structures
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Perl6-0.78-3.fc14 Perl 6 Syntax Highlighter
perl-Sys-CPU-0.51-3.fc14 Getting CPU information
perl-Sys-Hostname-Long-1.4-2.fc14 Try every conceivable way to get full hostname
perl-Sys-SigAction-0.11-4.fc14 Perl extension for Consistent Signal Handling
perl-Sys-Syscall-0.23-1.fc14 Access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to
perl-Sys-Virt-0.2.4-2.fc14 Represent and manage a libvirt hypervisor connection
perl-Sys-Virt-TCK-0.1.0-7.fc14 Sys::Virt::TCK - libvirt Technology Compatibility Kit
perl-Sysadm-Install-0.35-2.fc14 Typical installation tasks for system administrators
perl-SystemC-Vregs-1.463-4.fc14 Utility routines used by vregs
perl-SystemPerl-1.335-1.fc14 SystemPerl Perl module
perl-TAP-Formatter-HTML-0.07-4.fc14 TAP Test Harness output delegate for html output
perl-TAP-Harness-Archive-0.14-3.fc14 Create an archive of TAP test results
perl-TAP-Harness-JUnit-0.32-5.fc14 Generate JUnit compatible output from TAP results
perl-Taint-Runtime-0.03-10.fc14 Runtime enable taint checking
perl-Task-Catalyst-3.0000-4.fc14 All you need to start with Catalyst
perl-Task-Weaken-1.02-8.fc14 Ensure that a platform has weaken support
perl-TeX-Hyphen-0.140-11.fc14 Hyphenate words using TeX's patterns
perl-Template-Alloy-1.013-5.fc14 Templating tool supporting multiple markup formats
perl-Template-GD-2.66-8.fc14 GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit
perl-Template-Plugin-Class-0.14-4.fc14 Allow calling of class methods on arbitrary classes
perl-Template-Plugin-Cycle-1.06-2.fc14 Cyclically insert into a Template from a sequence of values
perl-Template-Plugin-JavaScript-0.01-5.fc14 Encodes text to be safe in JavaScript
perl-Template-Provider-Encoding-0.10-6.fc14 Explicitly declare encodings of your templates
perl-Template-Timer-1.00-4.fc14 Template::Timer Perl module
perl-Template-Tiny-0.11-1.fc14 Template Toolkit re-implemented in as little code as possible
perl-Template-Toolkit-2.22-6.fc14 Template processing system
perl-Term-Completion-0.91-4.fc14 Read one line of user input, with convenience functions
perl-Term-ProgressBar-2.09-8.fc14 Provide a progress meter on a standard terminal
perl-Term-Prompt-1.04-4.fc14 Perl extension for prompting a user for information
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu-1.19-4.fc14 Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library
perl-Term-ReadPassword-0.11-6.fc14 Asking the user for a password
perl-Term-Shell-0.02-2.fc14 Simple command-line shell framework
perl-Term-Size-0.2-6.fc14 Simple way to get terminal size
perl-Term-Size-Any-0.001-4.fc14 Retrieve terminal size
perl-Term-Size-Perl-0.029-5.fc14 Perl extension for retrieving terminal size (Perl version)
perl-TermReadKey-2.30-10.fc14 A perl module for simple terminal control
perl-Test-Aggregate-0.363-2.fc14 Aggregate C<*.t> tests to make them run faster
perl-Test-Assert-0.0501-5.fc14 Assertion methods for those who like JUnit
perl-Test-Assertions-1.054-5.fc14 Simple set of building blocks for both unit and runtime testing
perl-Test-AutoBuild-1.2.2-11.fc14 Framework for performing continuous, unattended, automated software builds
perl-Test-Base-0.58-4.fc14 Data Driven Testing Framework
perl-Test-Block-0.11-6.fc14 Specify fine granularity test plans
perl-Test-CPAN-Meta-0.17-1.fc14 Validation of the META.yml file in a CPAN distribution
perl-Test-Class-0.33-3.fc14 Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style
perl-Test-ClassAPI-1.06-4.fc14 Provides basic first-pass API testing for large class trees
perl-Test-Cmd-1.05-6.fc14 Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts
perl-Test-Compile-0.13-2.fc14 Check whether Perl module files compile correctly
perl-Test-Deep-0.106-3.fc14 Extremely flexible deep comparison
perl-Test-Dependencies-0.11-5.fc14 Ensure that your Makefile.PL specifies all module dependencies
perl-Test-Differences-0.5000-2.fc14 Test strings and data structures and show differences if not OK
perl-Test-Distribution-2.00-6.fc14 Perform tests on all modules of a distribution
perl-Test-EOL-0.9-1.fc14 Check the correct line endings in your project
perl-Test-Email-0.04-5.fc14 Test Email Contents
perl-Test-Exception-0.29-2.fc14 Library of test functions for exception based Perl code
perl-Test-Expect-0.31-5.fc14 Automated driving and testing of terminal-based programs
perl-Test-File-1.29-1.fc14 Test file attributes
perl-Test-File-Contents-0.05-6.fc14 Test routines for examining the contents of files
perl-Test-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.11-3.fc14 Test::More functions for HTTP::Server::Simple
perl-Test-HTTP-Server-Simple-StashWarnings-0.04-4.fc14 Catch your forked server's warnings
perl-Test-Harness-Straps-0.30-6.fc14 Detailed analysis of test results
perl-Test-Inline-2.211-4.fc14 Test::Inline Perl module
perl-Test-JSON-0.11-2.fc14 Test JSON data
perl-Test-Kwalitee-1.01-5.fc14 Test the Kwalitee of a distribution before you release it
perl-Test-LeakTrace-0.10-2.fc14 Traces memory leaks
perl-Test-LongString-0.13-2.fc14 Perl module to test long strings
perl-Test-Manifest-1.22-7.fc14 Test case module for Perl
perl-Test-Memory-Cycle-1.04-9.fc14 Check for memory leaks and circular memory references
perl-Test-MinimumVersion-0.101080-2.fc14 Check whether your code requires a newer perl
perl-Test-Mock-LWP-0.05-6.fc14 Easy mocking of LWP packages
perl-Test-MockModule-0.05-11.fc14 Override subroutines in a module for unit testing
perl-Test-MockObject-1.09-6.fc14 Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces
perl-Test-MockTime-0.12-4.fc14 Replaces actual time with simulated time
perl-Test-Most-0.21-6.fc14 Perl module with test functions and features
perl-Test-NeedsDisplay-1.05-5.fc14 Ensure that tests needing a display have one
perl-Test-NoTabs-1.0-3.fc14 Check the presence of tabs in your project
perl-Test-NoWarnings-0.084-7.fc14 Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing
perl-Test-Number-Delta-1.03-6.fc14 Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance
perl-Test-Object-0.07-8.fc14 Thoroughly testing objects via registered handlers
perl-Test-Output-0.12-5.fc14 Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages
perl-Test-POE-Client-TCP-1.08-1.fc14 POE Component providing TCP client services for test cases
perl-Test-POE-Server-TCP-1.10-2.fc14 POE Component providing TCP server services for test cases
perl-Test-Perl-Critic-1.02-2.fc14 Use Perl::Critic in test programs
perl-Test-Pod-1.44-1.fu2012 Test POD files for correctness
perl-Test-Pod-1.44-1.fc14 Test POD files for correctness
perl-Test-Pod-Coverage-1.08-10.fu2012 Check for pod coverage in your distribution
perl-Test-Pod-Coverage-1.08-10.fc14 Check for pod coverage in your distribution
perl-Test-Portability-Files-0.05-10.fc14 Check file names portability
perl-Test-Prereq-1.037-4.fc14 Check if Makefile.PL has the right pre-requisites
perl-Test-Refcount-0.06-2.fc14 Assert reference counts on objects
perl-Test-Regression-0.05-1.fc14 Test library that can generate outputs and compare against them
perl-Test-Requires-0.06-1.fc14 Checks to see if a given module can be loaded
perl-Test-Script-1.07-3.fc14 Cross-platform basic tests for scripts
perl-Test-SharedFork-0.11-2.fc14 Fork test
perl-Test-Signature-1.10-6.fc14 Automated SIGNATURE testing
perl-Test-Simple-0.98-1.fc14 Basic utilities for writing tests
perl-Test-Simple-0.94-2.fc14 Basic utilities for writing tests
perl-Test-Smoke-1.43-2.fc14 Perl core test smoke suite
perl-Test-Spelling-0.11-9.fc14 Check for spelling errors in POD files
perl-Test-Strict-0.13-5.fc14 Check syntax, presence of use strict/warnings, and test coverage
perl-Test-SubCalls-1.09-3.fc14 Track the number of times subs are called
perl-Test-Synopsis-0.06-4.fc14 Test your SYNOPSIS code
perl-Test-TCP-0.16-2.fc14 TCP program testing utilities
perl-Test-Taint-1.04-11.fc14 Tools to test taintedness
perl-Test-TempDir-0.05-4.fc14 Temporary files support for testing
perl-Test-Tester-0.107-6.fc14 Ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder
perl-Test-Unit-0.25-8.fc14 The PerlUnit testing framework
perl-Test-Unit-Lite-0.12-4.fc14 Unit testing without external dependencies
perl-Test-Unit-Runner-Xml-0.1-5.fc14 Generate XML reports from unit test results
perl-Test-WWW-Mechanize-1.28-1.fc14 Testing-specific WWW::Mechanize subclass
perl-Test-WWW-Mechanize-CGIApp-0.05-4.fc14 Test::WWW::Mechanize for CGI::Application
perl-Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst-0.52-2.fc14 Test::WWW::Mechanize for Catalyst
perl-Test-WWW-Selenium-1.22-1.fc14 Perl Client for the Selenium Remote Control test tool
perl-Test-Warn-0.21-3.fc14 Perl extension to test methods for warnings
perl-Test-Without-Module-0.17-2.fc14 Test fallback behavior in absence of modules
perl-Test-YAML-Meta-0.16-1.fc14 Validation of the META.yml file in a distribution
perl-Test-YAML-Valid-0.04-2.fc14 Lets you test the validity of YAML files in unit tests
perl-Test-use-ok-0.02-8.fc14 Alternative to Test::More::use_ok
perl-Test-utf8-0.02-2.fc14 Handy utf8 tests
perl-Text-ASCIITable-0.18-7.fc14 Create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters
perl-Text-Aligner-0.03-5.fc14 Text::Aligner Perl module
perl-Text-Aspell-0.09-7.fc14 Perl interface to the GNU Aspell library
perl-Text-Autoformat-1.14.0-7.fc14 Automatic text wrapping and reformatting
perl-Text-CHM-0.01-8.fc14 Perl extension for handling MS Compiled HtmlHelp Files
perl-Text-CSV-1.18-1.fc14 Comma-separated values manipulator
perl-Text-CSV-Separator-0.19-6.fc14 Determine the field separator of a CSV file
perl-Text-CSV_XS-0.72-2.fc14 Comma-separated values manipulation routines
perl-Text-CharWidth-0.04-9.fc14 Get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal
perl-Text-Context-3.7-2.fc14 Handle highlighting search result context snippets
perl-Text-Context-EitherSide-1.4-4.fc14 Get n words either side of search keywords
perl-Text-Diff-1.37-4.fc14 Perform diffs on files and record sets
perl-Text-Diff-HTML-0.05-5.fc14 XHTML format for Text::Diff::Unified
perl-Text-Diff-Parser-0.1001-3.fc14 Parse patch files containing unified and standard diffs
perl-Text-Emoticon-0.04-4.fc14 Factory class for Yahoo! and MSN emoticons
perl-Text-Emoticon-MSN-0.04-4.fc14 Emoticon filter of MSN Messenger
perl-Text-FindIndent-0.06-2.fc14 Heuristically determine the indent style
perl-Text-Format-0.52-6.fc14 Various subroutines to format text
perl-Text-FormatTable-1.03-3.fc14 Format text tables
perl-Text-German-0.06-1.fc14 German grundform reduction
perl-Text-Glob-0.08-9.fc14 Perl module to match globbing patterns against text
perl-Text-Hunspell-2.01-2.fc14 Perl interface to the Hunspell library
perl-Text-Iconv-1.7-8.fc14 Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function
perl-Text-Kakasi-2.04-13.fc14 Kakasi library module for perl
perl-Text-Levenshtein-0.05-10.fc14 Implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance
perl-Text-LevenshteinXS-0.03-9.fc14 XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance
perl-Text-Markdown-1.000029-2.fc14 Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML
perl-Text-MultiMarkdown-1.000033-2.fc14 Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML
perl-Text-PDF-0.29a-4.fu14 Module for manipulating PDF files
perl-Text-PDF-0.29a-4.fc14 Module for manipulating PDF files
perl-Text-Password-Pronounceable-0.28-4.fc14 Generate pronounceable passwords
perl-Text-Quoted-2.06-1.fc14 Extract the structure of a quoted mail message
perl-Text-RecordParser-1.3.0-4.fc14 Read record-oriented files
perl-Text-Reform-1.12.2-11.fc14 Manual text wrapping and reformatting
perl-Text-Shellwords-1.08-9.fc14 A thin wrapper around the package
perl-Text-SimpleTable-2.03-2.fc14 Simple Eyecandy ASCII Tables
perl-Text-Smart-1.0.2-5.fc14 Processor for 'smart text' markup
perl-Text-Smart-Plugin-1.0.1-6.fc14 Template Toolkit plugin for Text::Smart
perl-Text-SpellChecker-0.08-1.fc14 OO interface for spell-checking a block of text
perl-Text-Table-1.114-5.fc14 Organize Data in Tables
perl-Text-TabularDisplay-1.22-8.fc14 Display text in formatted table output
perl-Text-Template-1.45-5.fc14 Expand template text with embedded Perl
perl-Text-Textile-2.12-4.fc14 A humane web text generator
perl-Text-Tree-1.0-7.fc14 Format a simple tree of strings into a textual tree graph
perl-Text-Unidecode-0.04-9.fu14 US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
perl-Text-Unidecode-0.04-9.fc14 US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
perl-Text-VimColor-0.11-6.fc14 Syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim
perl-Text-WikiFormat-0.79-6.fc14 Translate Wiki formatted text into other formats
perl-Text-WordDiff-0.04-5.fc14 Track changes between documents
perl-Text-WrapI18N-0.06-8.fc14 Line wrapping with support for several locale setups
perl-Text-Wrapper-1.02-5.fc14 Simple word wrapping perl module
perl-Text-vCard-2.07-2.fc14 Package to edit and create a single vCard (RFC 2426)
perl-Text-vFile-asData-0.07-2.fc14 Parse vFile formatted files into data structures
perl-TheSchwartz-1.10-3.fc14 Reliable job queue
perl-Throwable-0.102080-1.fc14 Role for classes that can be thrown
perl-Tie-DBI-1.05-1.fc14 Tie hashes to DBI relational databases
perl-Tie-EncryptedHash-1.24-5.fc14 Hashes (and objects based on hashes) with encrypting fields
perl-Tie-IxHash-1.22-2.fc14 Ordered associative arrays for Perl
perl-Tie-RefHash-Weak-0.09-5.fc14 Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys
perl-Tie-ToObject-0.03-6.fc14 Tie to an existing object
perl-Time-Duration-1.06-8.fc14 Time-Duration - rounded or exact English expression of durations
perl-Time-Duration-Parse-0.06-5.fc14 Parse string that represents time duration
perl-Time-Period-1.20-6.fc14 A Perl module to deal with time periods
perl-Time-Piece-MySQL-0.05-10.fc14 MySQL-specific methods for Time::Piece
perl-Time-Progress-1.4-6.fc14 Elapsed and estimated finish time reporting
perl-Time-Warp-0.5-4.fc14 Change the start and speed of Event time
perl-Time-modules-2006.0814-7.fc14 Perl modules for parsing dates and times
perl-TimeDate-1.20-2.fc14 A Perl module for time and date manipulation
perl-Titanium-1.04-2.fc14 Strong, lightweight web application famework
perl-Tk-804.028-12.fc14 Perl Graphical User Interface ToolKit
perl-Tk-DirSelect-1.12-3.fc14 Cross-platform directory selection widget
perl-Tk-ObjScanner-2.012-2.fc14 Tk data scanner
perl-Tk-ProgressBar-Mac-1.2-5.fc14 Mac ProgressBar for Perl::Tk
perl-Tk-Stderr-1.2-8.fc14 Capture standard error output, display in separate window for Perl::Tk
perl-Tk-TableMatrix-1.23-8.fc14 Perl module for creating and manipulating tables
perl-Tree-DAG_Node-1.06-8.fc14 Class for representing nodes in a tree
perl-Tree-Simple-1.18-6.fc14 Tree::Simple Perl module
perl-Tree-Simple-VisitorFactory-0.10-7.fc14 Factory object for dispensing Visitor objects
perl-Try-Tiny-0.04-2.fc14 Minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@
perl-UNIVERSAL-can-1.15-3.fc14 Hack around people calling UNIVERSAL::can() as a function
perl-UNIVERSAL-exports-0.05-8.fc14 Lightweight, universal exporting of variables
perl-UNIVERSAL-isa-1.03-3.fc14 Hack around module authors using UNIVERSAL::isa as a function
perl-UNIVERSAL-moniker-0.08-11.fc14 Real world naming for classes
perl-UNIVERSAL-ref-0.12-2.fc14 Turns ref() into a multimethod
perl-UNIVERSAL-require-0.13-3.fc14 Require() modules from a variable
perl-URI-1.54-2.fc14 A Perl module implementing URI parsing and manipulation
perl-URI-Fetch-0.08-8.fc14 Smart URI fetching/caching
perl-URI-Find-20100211-2.fc14 Find URIs in plain text
perl-URI-FromHash-0.03-7.fc14 Build a URI from a set of named parameters
perl-Unicode-Map-0.112-18.fc14 Perl module for mapping charsets from and to utf16 unicode
perl-Unicode-Map8-0.13-2.fc14 Mapping table between 8-bit chars and Unicode for Perl
perl-Unicode-MapUTF8-1.11-11.fc14 Conversions to and from arbitrary character sets and UTF8
perl-Unicode-String-2.09-16.fc14 Perl modules to handle various Unicode issues
perl-Unix-Statgrab-0.04-8.fc14 Perl extension for collecting information about the machine
perl-Unix-Syslog-1.1-5.fc14 Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls
perl-User-1.8-7.fc14 API for locating user information regardless of OS
perl-User-Identity-0.93-1.fc14 Maintains info about a physical person
perl-V-0.13-3.fc14 Print version of the specified Perl modules
perl-VCS-LibCVS-1.0002-7.fc14 Access CVS working directories and repositories
perl-Variable-Magic-0.43-1.fc14 Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl
perl-Verilog-3.212-3.fc14 Verilog parsing routines
perl-Verilog-CodeGen-0.9.4-4.fc14 Verilog code generator
perl-Verilog-Perl-3.303-1.fc14 Verilog parsing routines
perl-Verilog-Readmem-0.04-4.fc14 Parse Verilog $readmemh or $readmemb text file
perl-Version-Requirements-0.101020-2.fc14 Set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
perl-WWW-Babelfish-0.16-6.fc14 Perl extension for translation via Babelfish or Google
perl-WWW-Bugzilla-0.9-6.fc14 Handles submission/update of bugzilla bugs via WWW::Mechanize
perl-WWW-Curl-4.13-1.fc14 Perl extension interface for libcurl
perl-WWW-Mechanize-1.62-2.fc14 Automates web page form & link interaction
perl-WWW-Mechanize-GZip-0.12-3.fc14 Fetch compressed webpages
perl-WWW-Mechanize-TreeBuilder-1.10002-2.fc14 WWW::Mechanize::TreeBuilder Perl module
perl-WWW-Myspace-0.60-6.fc14 Access your profile in Perl!
perl-WWW-Pastebin-PastebinCom-Create-0.003-2.fc14 Paste to from Perl
perl-WWW-Search-2.507-6.fc14 Virtual base class for WWW searches
perl-Want-0.18-6.fc14 Perl module implementing a generalisation of wantarray
perl-WebService-Google-Language-0.10-3.fc14 Perl interface to the Google AJAX Language API
perl-WebService-Validator-CSS-W3C-0.2-5.fc14 Interface to the W3C CSS Validator
perl-WebService-Validator-HTML-W3C-0.24-5.fc14 Access the W3Cs online HTML validator
perl-Workflow-1.32-4.fc14 Simple, flexible system to implement workflows
perl-Wx-0.92-6.fu2013 Interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
perl-Wx-0.92-5.fu2013 Interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
perl-Wx-0.92-4.fc14 Interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
perl-Wx-Perl-DataWalker-0.02-7.fc14 Implement subclass that shows relatively simple structure
perl-Wx-Perl-ProcessStream-0.27-1.fc14 Access IO of external processes via events
perl-X11-Protocol-0.56-6.fc14 X11-Protocol - Raw interface to X Window System servers
perl-XML-Atom-0.37-2.fc14 Atom feed and API implementation
perl-XML-Atom-SimpleFeed-0.86-3.fc14 No-fuss generation of Atom syndication feeds
perl-XML-DOM-1.44-8.fc14 DOM extension to XML::Parser
perl-XML-DOM-XPath-0.14-5.fc14 Perl extension to add XPath support to XML::DOM, using XML::XPath engine
perl-XML-Dumper-0.81-7.fc14 Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML
perl-XML-Entities-0.0307-2.fc14 Decode strings with XML entities
perl-XML-Feed-0.43-4.fc14 Syndication feed parser and auto-discovery
perl-XML-FeedPP-0.41-1.fc14 Parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds
perl-XML-Filter-BufferText-1.01-9.fc14 Filter to put all characters() in one event
perl-XML-Filter-XInclude-1.0-6.fc14 XInclude as a SAX Filter
perl-XML-Generator-1.01-7.fc14 XML-Generator Perl module
perl-XML-Generator-DBI-1.00-9.fc14 Generate SAX events from SQL queries
perl-XML-Grove-0.46alpha-41.fc14 Simple access to infoset of parsed XML, HTML, or SGML instances
perl-XML-Handler-YAWriter-0.23-9.fc14 Yet another Perl SAX XML Writer
perl-XML-LibXML-1.70-5.fc14 Perl interface to the libxml2 library
perl-XML-LibXSLT-1.70-4.fc14 Perl module for interfacing to GNOME's libxslt
perl-XML-Merge-1.2.565EgGd-7.fc14 Flexibly merge XML documents
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport-1.11-2.fc14 A simple generic namespace support class
perl-XML-Parser-2.36-9.fc14 Perl module for parsing XML files
perl-XML-Parser-Lite-Tree-0.12-3.fc14 Lightweight XML tree builder
perl-XML-RSS-1.45-3.fc14 Perl module for managing RDF Site Summary (RSS) files
perl-XML-RSS-LibXML-0.3100-1.fc14 XML::RSS with XML::LibXML
perl-XML-RegExp-0.03-8.fc14 Regular expressions for XML tokens
perl-XML-SAX-0.96-10.fc14 XML-SAX Perl module
perl-XML-SAX-Writer-0.50-9.fc14 SAX2 Writer
perl-XML-Simple-2.18-7.fc14 Easy API to maintain XML in Perl
perl-XML-Simple-DTDReader-0.04-6.fc14 Simple XML file reading based on their DTDs
perl-XML-Smart-1.6.9-6.fc14 Implementation of XML parser and writer for Perl
perl-XML-Stream-1.22-13.fc14 XML::Stream - streaming XML library
perl-XML-Tidy-1.2.54HJnFa-8.fc14 Tidy indenting of XML documents
perl-XML-TokeParser-0.05-4.fc14 Simplified interface to XML::Parser
perl-XML-TreeBuilder-3.09-19.fc14 Parser that builds a tree of XML::Element objects
perl-XML-TreePP-0.39-3.fc14 Pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing XML documents
perl-XML-Twig-3.34-2.fc14 A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode
perl-XML-Validator-Schema-1.10-5.fc14 Validate XML against a subset of W3C XML Schema
perl-XML-Writer-0.606-6.fc14 A simple Perl module for writing XML documents
perl-XML-XPath-1.13-12.fc14 XPath parser and evaluator for Perl
perl-XML-XPathEngine-0.12-4.fc14 Re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees
perl-XML-XQL-0.68-10.fc14 Perl module for querying XML tree structures with XQL
perl-XML-Xerces-2.7.0_0-15.fc14 Perl API to Xerces XML parser
perl-XXX-0.12-7.fc14 See Your Data in the Nude
perl-YAML-0.70-5.fc14 YAML Ain't Markup Language (tm)
perl-YAML-LibYAML-0.33-1.fc14 YAML::LibYAML Perl module
perl-YAML-Parser-Syck-0.01-15.fc14 Perl Wrapper for the YAML Parser Extension: libsyck
perl-YAML-Syck-1.07-4.fc14 Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
perl-YAML-Tiny-1.40-3.fc14 Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible
perl-YAPE-Regex-3.04-1.fc14 Yet Another Parser/Extractor for Regular Expressions
perl-accessors-1.01-4.fc14 Create accessor methods in caller's package
perl-aliased-0.30-3.fc14 Use shorter versions of class names
perl-asa-0.02-6.fc14 Lets your class/object say it works like something else
perl-autobox-2.55-5.fc14 Call methods on native types
perl-bioperl-1.6.1-4.fc14 Perl tools for computational molecular biology
perl-bioperl-run-1.6.1-4.fc14 Modules to provide a Perl interface to various bioinformatics applications
perl-boolean-0.20-6.fc14 Boolean support for Perl
perl-capitalization-0.03-10.fc14 No capitalization on method names
perl-ccom-1.4.1-6.fc14 Perl module for context-sensitive phonetic string replacement
perl-common-sense-3.0-2.fc14 "Common sense" Perl defaults
perl-constant-boolean-0.01-6.fc14 Define TRUE and FALSE constants
perl-eperl-2.2.14-15.fc14 Embedded Perl Language
perl-forks-0.34-1.fc14 A drop-in replacement for Perl threads using fork()
perl-gettext-1.05-18.fc14 Interface to gettext family of functions
perl-latest-0.03-3.fc14 Use the latest Perl features
perl-libintl-1.20-2.fc14 Internationalization library for Perl, compatible with gettext
perl-libwhisker2-2.5-1.fc14 Perl module geared specifically for HTTP testing
perl-libwww-perl-5.837-3.fc14 A Perl interface to the World-Wide Web
perl-libwww-perl-5.836-1.fc14 A Perl interface to the World-Wide Web
perl-libxml-perl-0.08-11.fc14 A collection of Perl modules for working with XML
perl-local-lib-1.004009-3.fc14 Create and use a local lib/ for perl modules
perl-mecab-0.98-2.fc14.1 Perl binding for MeCab
perl-mime-construct-1.11-2.fc14 Construct/send MIME messages from the command line
perl-mogilefs-server-2.36-1.fc14 Server part of the MogileFS distributed filesystem
perl-namespace-autoclean-0.11-1.fc14 Keep imports out of your namespace
perl-namespace-clean-0.18-1.fc14 Keep your namespace tidy
perl-opts-0.022-2.fc14 Simple command line option parser
perl-p5-Palm-1.012-2.fc14 Palm OS utility functions
perl-parent-0.223-4.fc14 Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time
perl-perlmenu-4.0-11.fc14 Perl library module for curses-based menus & data-entry templates
perl-pgsql_perl5-1.9.0-6.fc14 Pg - Perl5 extension for PostgreSQL
perl-pip-1.16-2.fc14 Perl Installation Program, for scripted and distribution installation
perl-pmtools-1.10-5.fc14 A suite of small programs to help manage Perl modules
perl-prefork-1.04-3.fc14 Optimized module loading for forking or non-forking processes
perl-qooxdoo-compat-0.7.3-7.fc14 Perl backend for Qooxdoo
perl-rpm-build-perl-0.72-1.fc14 Perl compiler backend to extract Perl dependencies
perl-threads-1.81-1.fc14 Perl interpreter-based threads
pesign-0.100-1.fu2013 Signing utility for UEFI binaries
pesign-0.4-1.fu2012 Signing utility for UEFI binaries
phonon-4.6.0-7.fu2013 Multimedia framework api
phonon-4.5.0-2.fu14 Multimedia framework api
phonon-4.5.0-2.fc14 Multimedia framework api
phonon-backend-gstreamer-4.5.1-1.fc14 Gstreamer phonon backend
phonon-backend-vlc-0.4.1-2.fu2012 VLC phonon backend
phonon-backend-vlc-0.2.0-2.fc14 VLC phonon backend
phonon-backend-xine-4.4.4-3.fc14 Xine phonon backend
photofilmstrip-1.4.0-1 Photo Filmstrip Creator
php-5.4.13-1.fu2013 PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites
phpMyAdmin-3.5.7-1.fu2013 Handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web
physfs-1.0.2-2.fu2012 Library to provide abstract access to various archives
pianobar-2012.12.01-3.fu2013 console client
pianobar-2012.04.24-1.fu2013 console client
pianobar-2012.12.01-2.fu2013 console client
pianobar-2012.12.01-1.fu2013 console client
picmi-4.10.2-1.fu2013 A nonogram logic game
picmi-4.10.1-1.fu2013 A nonogram logic game
picmi-4.10.0-2.fu2013 A nonogram logic game
pidgin-2.10.7-4.fu2013 A Gtk+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
pidgin-2.10.7-3.fu2013 A Gtk+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
pidgin-2.10.7-1.fu2013 A Gtk+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
pidgin-2.10.7-2.fu2013 A Gtk+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
pidgin-2.10.6-1.fu2012 A Gtk+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
pidgin-2.10.4-1.fu2012 A Gtk+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client
pidgin-extprefs-0.7-1.fu2013 Extended preferences plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-guifications-2.16-8.fu2013 Guifications Plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-musictracker-0.4.22-6.fu2013 Musictracker plug-in for Pidgin
pidgin-otr-3.2.0-5.fu2012 Off-The-Record Messaging plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-paranoia-0.4.0-1.fu2013 Pidgin that provides security with one-time pads
pidgin-plugin-mrim-0.1.28-1.fu2013 MRIM Plugin for libpurple and derived IM clients
pidgin-sipe-1.13.1-1.fu2012 Pidgin protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator
pigz-2.1.6-3.fu2012 Parallel implementation of gzip
pilot-link-0.12.5-13.fu2013 File transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots
pilot-link-0.12.5-2.fc14 File transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots
pinentry-0.8.1-4.fc14 Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs
pinfo-0.6.10-1.fc14.1 An info file viewer
pinta-1.0-1.fc14 An easy to use drawing and image editing program
pion-net-4.0.9-6.fu2013 C++ library for building lightweight HTTP interfaces
pithos-0.3.17-1.fu2013 A Pandora client for the GNOME Desktop
pixman-0.24.4-2.fu2012 Pixel manipulation library
pixman-0.22.2-1.fc14 Pixel manipulation library
pkcs11-helper-1.07-5.fc14 A library for using PKCS#11 providers
pkgconfig-0.25-3.fu2012 A tool for determining compilation options
pkgconfig-0.25-2.fc14 A tool for determining compilation options
pl-5.10.2-7.fu2012.1 SWI-Prolog - Edinburgh compatible Prolog compiler
planner-0.14.5-1.fu2012 A graphical project management tool
plasma-mobile-0.4-2.fu2013 A Plasma Active mobile workspace
plib-1.8.5-4.fu2013 Set of portable libraries especially useful for games
plotutils-2.6-6.fu2013 GNU vector and raster graphics utilities and libraries
plpa-1.3.2-4.fu14 Portable Linux Processor Affinity
plymouth-0.8.8-12.fu2013 Graphical Boot Animation and Logger
plymouth-0.8.8-11.fu2013 Graphical Boot Animation and Logger
plymouth-0.8.8-10.fu2013 Graphical Boot Animation and Logger
pm-utils-1.3.1-4.fc14 Power management utilities and scripts for Fedora
pnm2ppa-1.04-19.fc14 Drivers for printing to HP PPA printers
podofo-0.8.4-2.fu14 Tools and libraries to work with the PDF file format
policycoreutils-2.0.85-30.3.fc14 SELinux policy core utilities
policycoreutils-2.0.85-28.fc14 SELinux policy core utilities
polkit-0.101-9.fu2013 PolicyKit Authorization Framework
polkit-0.101-8.fu2013 PolicyKit Authorization Framework
polkit-0.101-7.fu2013 PolicyKit Authorization Framework
polkit-0.101-6.fu2013 PolicyKit Authorization Framework
polkit-0.98-6.fu2012 PolicyKit Authorization Framework
polkit-0.98-5.fc14 PolicyKit Authorization Framework
polkit-gnome-0.101-2.fu2013 PolicyKit integration for the GNOME desktop
polkit-gnome-0.101-1.fu2013 PolicyKit integration for the GNOME desktop
polkit-gnome-0.97-4.fc14 PolicyKit integration for the GNOME desktop
polkit-kde-0.99.0-2.fc14 PolicyKit integration for KDE Desktop
polkit-qt-0.99.0-2.fc14 Qt bindings for PolicyKit
poppler-0.20.2-10.fu2013 PDF rendering library
poppler-0.20.2-9.fu2013 PDF rendering library
poppler-0.18.3-2.fu2012 PDF rendering library
poppler-0.14.5-3.fu2012 PDF rendering library
poppler-0.14.5-3.fc14 PDF rendering library
poppler-data-0.4.5-6.fu2013 Encoding files
poppler-data-0.4.5-2.fu2012 Encoding files
poppler-data-0.4.4-1.fc14 Encoding files
popt-1.13-7.fc14 C library for parsing command line parameters
portmidi-217-4.fu2012 Real-time Midi I/O Library
portreserve-0.0.5-2.fc14 TCP port reservation utility
postgresql-9.0.4-1.fu2012 PostgreSQL client programs
pothana2000-fonts-1.3.3-1.fc14 Unicode compliant OpenType font for Telugu
powerman-2.3.5-4.fu2012 PowerMan - Power to the Cluster
powertop-2.2-1.fu2013 Power consumption monitor
powertop-2.1-2.fu2012 Power consumption monitor
powertop-1.98-5.fu2012 Power consumption monitor
powertop-1.98-3.fu2012 Power consumption monitor
powertop-1.98-1.fc14 Power consumption monitor
ppl-0.11.2-3.fu2012 The Parma Polyhedra Library: a library of numerical abstractions
ppl-0.10.2-10.fc12 The Parma Polyhedra Library: a library of numerical abstractions
ppp-2.4.5-18.fu2012 The Point-to-Point Protocol daemon
ppp-2.4.5-12.fc14 The Point-to-Point Protocol daemon
pps-tools-0-0.5.20120215gitac0aa6.fu2012 LinuxPPS user-space tools
pptp-1.7.2-9.fc14 Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Client
prelink-0.4.3-4.fc14 An ELF prelinking utility
preload-0.6.4-2.fc12 Preload is an adaptive readahead daemon
preupgrade-1.1.10-2.fu2013 Prepares a system for an upgrade
printer-filters-1.1-4.fc12 Collection of filters for various printer drivers
prism_static-1.0b4-1.fc14 Prism binary tarball repackage
prison-1.0-6.fu2013 A Qt-based barcode abstraction library
procmail-3.22-25.fc12 Mail processing program
procps-3.2.8-15.fc14 System and process monitoring utilities
proj-4.7.0-4.fu2012 Cartographic projection software (PROJ.4)
psacct-6.5.4-5.fc14 Utilities for monitoring process activities
pscan-1.3-5.fu2012 Limited problem scanner for C source files
psmisc-22.13-6.fc14 Utilities for managing processes on your system
pspp-0.7.9-2.fu2013 A program for statistical analysis of sampled data
psutils-1.17-36.fc14 PostScript Utilities
pth-2.0.7-9 The GNU Portable Threads library
ptouch-driver-1.3-2.fc12 CUPS driver for Brother P-touch label printers
puddletag-1.0.1-4.fu2013 Feature rich, easy to use tag editor
puddletag-1.0.1-3.fu2013 Feature rich, easy to use tag editor
pugixml-1.0-1.fu2013 A light-weight C++ XML processing library
pulseaudio-1.1-9.fu2012 Improved Linux Sound Server
pulseaudio-1.1-4.fu2012 Improved Linux Sound Server
pulseaudio-1.1-3.fu2012 Improved Linux Sound Server
pulseaudio-0.9.23-1.fu14 Improved Linux Sound Server
pulseaudio-equalizer-2.7-9.fu2012 A 15 Bands Equalizer for PulseAudio
pulseaudio-mixer-applet-0.2.2-2.fc14 PulseAudio Mixer Applet
pungi-2.5-2.fu2012 Distribution compose tool
purple-plugin-pack-2.7.0-3.4 Compilation of plugins for the libpurple family of IM clients
pvm-3.4.6-2.fu2013 Libraries for distributed computing.
pyOpenSSL-0.9-3.fc14 Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library
pyatspi-0.4.0-1.fc14 Python bindings for at-spi
pyaudio-0.2.3-4.fu2012 Python bindings for PortAudio
pycairo-1.8.8-2.fc14 Python bindings for the cairo library
pyclutter-1.3.2-11.fu2013 Python modules that allow you to use the Clutter toolkit
pyclutter-1.3.2-10.fu2013 Python modules that allow you to use the Clutter toolkit
pyclutter-1.0.2-2.fc14 Python modules that allow you to use the Clutter toolkit
pyexiv2-0.3.2-4.fu2012 Python binding to exiv2
pygame-1.9.1-6.fu2012 Python modules for writing games
pygobject2-2.28.6-5.fu2012 Python 2 bindings for GObject
pygobject2-2.21.5-4.fc14 Python bindings for GObject
pygobject3-3.0.3-1.fu2013 Python 2 bindings for GObject Introspection
pygoocanvas-0.14.1-4.fu2012 GooCanvas python bindings
pygpgme-0.1-21.20101027bzr69.fc14 Python module for working with OpenPGP messages
pygtk2-2.24.0-4.fu2013 Python bindings for GTK+
pygtk2-2.17.0-9.fc14 Python bindings for GTK+
pygtkglext-1.1.0-9.fu2012 Python bindings for GtkGLExt
pygtksourceview-2.10.1-2.fc14 Python bindings for gtksourceview
pykde4-4.10.2-2.fu2013 Python bindings for KDE4
pykde4-4.10.2-1.fu2013 Python bindings for KDE4
pykde4-4.10.1-1.fu2013 Python bindings for KDE4
pykde4-4.10.0-1.fu2013 Python bindings for KDE4
pykickstart-1.99.4-1.fu2012 A python library for manipulating kickstart files
pylast-0.5.11-1.fu2013 A Python interface to API compatible social networks
pyliblzma-0.5.3-5.fu2012 Python bindings for lzma
pyorbit-2.24.0-6.fc14 Python bindings for ORBit2.
pypar2-1.4-7.fu2013 PyPar2 is a graphical frontend for the Linux par2 command line
pyparsing-1.5.6-1.fu2012 An object-oriented approach to text processing
pyparted-3.8-5.fu2013 Python module for GNU parted
pyparted-3.8-3.fu2012 Python module for GNU parted
pyparted-3.5-3.fu2012 Python module for GNU parted
pypoppler-0.12.1-22.fu2013 Python bindings for the Poppler PDF rendering library
pypoppler-0.12.1-4.fu2012 Python bindings for the Poppler PDF rendering library
pyside-tools-0.2.13-3.fu2013 Development tools for PySide
python-2.7.3-3.fu2012 An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
python-2.7-8.fc14.1 An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
python-CDDB-1.4-8.fu14 CDDB and FreeDB audio CD track info access in Python
python-Coherence- Python framework to participate in digital living networks
python-GnuPGInterface-0.3.2-7.fc14 A Python module to interface with GnuPG
python-alsaaudio-0.6-2.fc14 Python Alsa Bindings
python-basemap-0.99.4-12.fu2012 Plots data on map projections (with continental and political boundaries)
python-basemap-data-0.99.4-3.fu2012 Data for python-basemap
python-boto-2.0-1.fc14 A simple lightweight interface to Amazon Web Services
python-bugzilla-0.6.1-3.fc14 A python library for interacting with Bugzilla
python-chardet-2.0.1-2.fc14 Character encoding auto-detection in Python
python-cheetah-2.4.3-1.fu14 Template engine and code generator
python-coverage-3.5.2-0.4.b1.fu2012 Code coverage testing module for Python
python-coverage-test-runner-1.8-2.fu2012 Python module for enforcing code coverage completeness
python-crypto-2.3-2.fc14.1 Cryptography library for Python
python-cryptsetup-0.1.4-1.fu2012 Python bindings for cryptsetup
python-cssutils-0.9.9-1.fu2012 CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python
python-cups-1.9.62-1.fu2013 Python bindings for CUPS
python-dateutil-1.5-3.fc14 Powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
python-decorator-3.2.1-1.fc14 Module to simplify usage of decorators
python-distutils-extra-2.26-1.fu2012 Integrate more support into Python's distutils
python-e_dbus-1.7.0-1.12 Python bindings of e_dbus
python-ecore-1.7.0-1.9 Python bindings of ecore
python-edje-1.7.0-1.14 Python bindings of edje
python-elementary-1.7.0-1.18 Python bindings of elementary
python-emotion-1.7.0-1.14 Python bindings of emotion
python-enchant-1.6.5-7.fu2012 Python bindings for Enchant spellchecking library
python-ethtool-0.7-2.fc14 Ethernet settings python bindings
python-evas-1.7.0-2.8 Python bindings of evas
python-eyed3-0.6.18-3.fu2013 Python module for processing ID3 tags
python-feedparser-5.0.1-1.fc14 Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python
python-gdata-2.0.12-1.fc14 A Python module for accessing online Google services
python-httplib2-0.6.0-5.fu2012 A comprehensive HTTP client library
python-imaging-1.1.7-2.fu2012 Python's own image processing library
python-imaging-1.1.7-2.fc14 Python's own image processing library
python-iniparse-0.4-2.fc14 Python Module for Accessing and Modifying Configuration Data in INI files
python-inotify-0.9.1-1.fc14 Monitor filesystem events with Python under Linux
python-iwlib-0.1-3.fc14 Wireless settings python bindings
python-jinja2-2.6-6.fu2013 General purpose template engine
python-keyring-0.7-2.fu2013 Python library to access the system keyring service
python-kitchen-1.0.0-1.fc14 Small, useful pieces of code to make python coding easier
python-kiwi-1.9.26-3.fu2013 Framework for Python GUI applications
python-libasyncns-0.7.1-7.fu2013 Python binding for libasyncns
python-liblarch-2.1.0-1.fu2013 Data structures helper library for python
python-libsensors-0.0.2-1.fu2013 Python bindings for libsensors
python-lockfile-0.9.1-4.fu2013 A platform-independent file locking module
python-louie-1.1-9.fu2013 Dispatches signals between Python objects in a wide variety of contexts
python-lyricwiki-0.1.35-3.fu2013 A Python interface to the
python-lzo-1.08-8.fu14 LZO bindings for Python
python-matplotlib-1.0.1-12.fu2012 Python plotting library
python-meh-0.10-2.fc14 A python library for handling exceptions
python-minimock-1.2.7-4.fu2012 The simplest possible mock library
python-musicbrainz2-0.7.0-3.fu14 Library which provides access to the MusicBrainz Database
python-mygpoclient-1.6-3.fu2012 Python module to connect to the webservice
python-netifaces-0.5-2.fu2013 Python library to retrieve information about network interfaces
python-oauth-1.0.1-2.fu2012 Library for OAuth version 1.0a
python-oauth2-1.2.1-2.fu2012 Python support for improved oauth
python-osmgpsmap-0.7.3-7.fu2012 Python bindings for osm-gps-map GTK+ widget
python-paramiko- SSH2 protocol library for python
python-paste-1.7.4-7.fc14 Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack
python-pip-1.2.1-2.fu2013 Pip installs packages. Python3 packages. An easy_install replacement
python-psutil-0.6.1-2.fu2013 A process and system utilities module for Python
python-pycurl-7.19.0-7.fc14 A Python interface to libcurl
python-pymtp-0.0.4-5.fu2013 A Pythonic wrapper around libmtp
python-pyside-1.1.0-2.fu2013 Python bindings for Qt4
python-pyudev-0.15-1.fu2013 A libudev binding
python-rdflib-2.4.2-3.fu2013 Python library for working with RDF
python-setuptools-0.6.27-2.fu2013 Easily build and distribute Python packages
python-sexy-0.1.9-12.fu14 Python bindings to libsexy
python-simplejson-2.1.6-1.fc14.1 Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
python-slip-0.2.17-1.fc14 Miscellaneous convenience, extension and workaround code for Python
python-smbc-1.0.13-5.fu2013 Python bindings for libsmbclient API from Samba
python-smbc-1.0.11-1.fu2013 Python bindings for libsmbclient API from Samba
python-sqlalchemy-0.7.3-1.fu2012 Modular and flexible ORM library for python
python-telepathy-0.15.19-2.fc14 Python libraries for Telepathy
python-tempita-0.4-5.fc14 A very small text templating language
python-urlgrabber-3.9.1-7.fc14 A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber
python-virtinst-0.600.3-2.fu2013 Python modules and utilities for installing virtual machines
python-virtinst-0.600.3-3.fu2013 Python modules and utilities for installing virtual machines
python-virtinst-0.600.3-1.fu2012 Python modules and utilities for installing virtual machines
python-virtinst-0.600.0-5.fu2012 Python modules and utilities for installing virtual machines
python-virtkey-0.50-8.fc14 Python extension for emulating keypresses and getting current keyboard layout
python-virtualenv-1.7.2-1.fu2013 Tool to create isolated Python environments
python-vobject-0.8.1c-3.fc14 A python library for manipulating vCard and vCalendar files
python-wine-0.3pre10-1 Configure and use Wine through Python
python-xgoogle-1.4-4.fu2013 Python library to search Google without using their API
python-xkit- A simple, transparent and easy to extend xorg parser
python-xklavier-0.2-5.fc14 Python bindings for libxklavier
python-xlib-0.15-0.3.rc1.fc14 X client library for Python
python-yenc-0.3-8.fu14 yEnc Module for Python
python3-3.3.0-1.fu2013 Version 3 of the Python programming language aka Python 3000
python3-cairo-1.10.0-2.fu2013 Python 3 bindings for the cairo library
python3-cairo-1.10.0-1.fu2013 Python 3 bindings for the cairo library
pywebkitgtk-1.1.8-1.fu2012 Python Bindings for WebKit-gtk
pyxdg-0.19-2.fc14 Python library to access standards
pyxf86config-0.3.37-10.fc14 Python wrappers for libxf86config

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