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FreeSSM-1.1.1-4.1 RPM for x86_64

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Name: FreeSSM Distribution: openSUSE_11.0
Version: 1.1.1 Vendor: openSUSE Build Service
Release: 4.1 Build date: Tue May 5 22:24:50 2009
Group: Applications/Engineering Build host: build18
Size: 2261488 Source RPM: FreeSSM-1.1.1-4.1.src.rpm
Packager: Comer352l <>
Summary: A free diagnostic and adjustment tool for SUBARU-vehicles
FreeSSM is a free diagnostic- and adjustment-tool for SUBARU-vehicles. It currently supports the engine- and transmission control units of the models Legacy/Liberty, Outback, Baja, Impreza, Forester, Tribeca not before MY1999.






* Tue May 05 2009 Comer352l <> 1.1.1
  - Update to release 1.1.1:
  	- Fixed a bug that caused disappearance of MB-units after reading start
  	- Corrected documentation: Openport 2.0 interface does NOT work with FreeSSM
  	- Restructured/optimized code, adaption to Qt4.5
* Wed Mar 25 2009 Comer352l <> 1.1.0
  - Update to release 1.1.0:
  	- Extended informations in "Clear Memory"-dialog
  	- Automatic adjustment value restoration after "Clear Memory"
  	- Introduction of some keyboard-shortcuts
  	- Several small GUI- and translation-fixes
* Sun Mar 15 2009 Comer352l <> 1.0.0
  - Update to release 1.0.0:
  	- Added support for Powertrain Control Units (PCM)
  	- Added 15 new Measuring Blocks (support up to model year 2008 is now complete)
  	- Added 28 new Diagnostic Trouble Codes (support up to model year 2008 is now complete)
  	- Improved/extended Diagnostic Code titles
  	- Added detection support (no plaintext) for new Diagnostic Trouble Codes of model years 2009+
  	- Connections to Control Units can now only be established, if ignition is switched on
  	- Fixed a bug that could have caused duplicate dialog-openings under MS Windows
  	- New debug-mode with extended debug informations
  	- Improved program icon
  	- Several small modifications and optimizations
* Sun Feb 01 2009 Comer352l <> 0.99.0
  - Update to release 0.99.0:
  	- Added new DTC-address-block and -definitions used by the 2008+ Diesel ECUs
  	- Added new Measuring Blocks (Data+Switches) for 2008+ Diesel engines
  	- Longer "ignition off"-period during "Clear Memory"-procedure
  	- Features-Info: Changed determination of the number of supported Diagnostic-Codes
  	- Optimized memory usage for DTC-definition data
  	- Fixed 2 bugs that could have caused wrong titles for the DTC-memories/-tables in special cases
* Sun Jan 04 2009 Comer352l <> 0.98.0
  - Update to release 0.98.0:
  	- Extended documentation: test mode connector, list of interfaces, some spelling fixes
  	- Added possibility to select the GUI-style
  	- Lots of small GUI-adaptions for the KDE4-oxygen-style
  	- Dialog for adding MBs/SWs: changed selection behavior of the list
  	- Reworked code, several small bugfixes and optimizations
  	- Workaround for a regression in GCC-compiler-versions >= 4.2 (GCSE-optimization causes an extremely large binary-file)
  	- Updated Copyright dates
* Thu Dec 04 2008 Comer352l <> 0.97.2
  - Update to release 0.97.2:
  	- modified preferences file handling
  	- changes/extensions related to the installation process
  	- removed some useless translations
* Mon Dec 01 2008 Comer352l <> 0.97.1
  - First release



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