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cups-bjnp-0.5-1.fc10 RPM for x86_64

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Name: cups-bjnp Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.5 Vendor: travellersoft
Release: 1.fc10 Build date: Thu Mar 12 21:38:40 2009
Group: System Environment/Daemons Build host: travel.pheasant
Size: 105520 Source RPM: cups-bjnp-0.5-1.fc10.src.rpm
Summary: CUPS backend for the Canon printers using the proprietary BJNP network protocol.
This package contains a backend for CUPS for Canon printers using the proprietary BJNP network protocol.






* Thu Mar 12 2009 Louis Lagendijk <>
  Documentation improvements
    Debugging improvements
    Release 0.5
* Thu Feb 19 2009 Louis Lagendijk <>
  Release 0.5beta4
  - added autoconf/automake support
  - added support for OS's that do not have getifaddr(). this support is limited as
    global broadcasts may not work when more than one active interface is found
  - corrected an error when getifaddr finds a ptp interface
* Mon Nov 17 2008 Louis Lagendijk <>
  Release 0.4
  - Added keep-alive to keep TCP connection open (printer will close it when
    connection is idle for ~30 sec). This will occur when filter is slow with
    sending more data for whatever reason.
  - Added a delay of 15 seconds at end of printjob as some printers will otherwise not 
    accept new printjobs
  - Cleanup of Makefile and specfile so it works for all RedHat style systems
* Wed Oct 08 2008 Louis Lagendijk <>
  - added some sanity checks on call to gethostbyaddr so we do not bomb out
    when hostname field is not set (can this occur?) or when a buggy Avm fritz box
    returns noname rather then fail when no name is available on a reverse name lookup
  - Added a version string printout when incorrect number of arguments is recieved on command line
  - changed printbuffer to 4k. Recommended by Zedo, the Turboprint people
    changed throttle pause from 3 sec to 40 msec. Improves performance. Recommended by Zedo.
  - fixed a bug in scanning our interfaces when ifa_addr could be 0
    (reported by Matt McHenry <>)
  - added new/ improved compiler flags that trap more mistakes
  - sone cleanup with feedback from Sane-BJNP (revised protocol codes etc)
  - minor bugfixes for off-line behaviour
* Sun Aug 10 2008 Louis Lagendijk <>
  - release 0.2
* Sun Aug 03 2008 Louis Lagendijk <>
  - Initial RPM release for release 0.1



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