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cdk-avr-AVRprog-0.2-20030911 RPM for i386

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Name: cdk-avr-AVRprog Distribution: LiPronix
Version: 0.2 Vendor: Li-Pro.Net
Release: 20030911 Build date: Fri Sep 12 09:55:05 2003
Group: Development/CDK4AVR/programmer Build host:
Size: 155848 Source RPM: cdk-avr-AVRprog-0.2-20030911.src.rpm
Packager: Stephan Linz <>
Summary: CDK4AVR -- AVR Flash/EEPROM burning
CDK4AVR stands for Cross Development Kit for Atmels AVR RISC processor serie
and should you support with a comprehensive Assembler and C development
environment for even this processor familie under Linux. It will present only
free of fee tools, so you can use it without risks. Further you will finde
some useful OS projects and related sample code all arround AVRs inside of
the example packages.

Til now there are the following packages available:

   * see cdk-avr-base package

This tool can be used to burn the image files created by the assembler or
compiler into the target MCU using some programming hardware:

   * Serial1
   * SerialSTK
   * avr910     Standard Atmel Serial Programmer (Low Cost)

The 'frontend' contains the user interface, the 'backend' contains the drivers
for the programming hardware. 'Frontend' and 'backend' are connected by the
'backend interface'. It is further possible to split 'frontend' and 'backend'
to different machines using a client/server architecture with the 'netlayer'.

Version overview:

   * backend:           V0.10
   * frontend:          V0.7
   * netlayer server:   V0.4
   * netlayer client:   V0.4
   * Serial1 firmware:  V0.10

It comes from:


N O T E S  for  S e r i a l S T K  usage:

   * This is not really a programmer! It is a dumb amplifier - all the ISP
     protocol must be handled by the driver. This driver need exclusive low
     level IEEE-1284 port access (because it must use the port lines in a
     non-standard fashion)!

   * The driver will use the PPEXCL ioctl() to ensure its exclusiveness. So
     you can't use any other IEEE-1284 device at the same time -- ppdev have
     to be the one and only registed Linux kernel driver at parport! See with
               Module                  Size  Used by
               ppdev                  11540   0  (autoclean)
               parport                 7468   0  (autoclean) [ppdev]
      Test it with:

      > backend_test /dev/parport0 1

      Backend library test 'backend_test' (V0.8)

      Checking command line ... OK
      A programmer with AVR attached must be connected to: '/dev/parport0'!
      This port must be of type: 'IEEE-1284'!
      Set network address to '' ... Not supported
      Get network info ... Not supported
      Get backend info ... UNIX backend ( V0.10, Interface V0.3
      Check for device file '/dev/parport0' ... OK
      Enable programmer ... OK
      Get driver info ... SerialSTK programmer driver ( V0.3 "Health"
      Enable programming mode ... OK
      Read device code ... MCU code: 1Eh 93h 03h
      Disable programming mode ... OK
      Disable programmer ... OK

      Test was successful.

      Exiting ...

Install AVRprog if you need to perform any of these types of actions at
your AVR (eva)board. Only some programmers will want to install AVRprog.






* Fri Sep 12 2003 Stephan Linz <>
  - added usage notes for SerialSTK and MCU support overview,
    thanks to Michael Bäuerle <>
* Tue Sep 09 2003 Stephan Linz <>
  - initial version cloned from cdk4avr-tools package



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