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rhce-ts-5.0.0-7 RPM for noarch

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Name: rhce-ts Distribution: Unknown
Version: 5.0.0 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 7 Build date: Wed Apr 11 16:21:38 2007
Group: RHCE Build host: dawg.laptop
Size: 185283 Source RPM: rhce-ts-5.0.0-7.src.rpm
Summary: Troubleshooting practice sequences
Troubleshooting practice sequences for RH133, RH253, and




Copyright Red Hat, Inc


* Fri Apr 06 2007 Brad Smith <>
  - Replaced tslocal1, since it no longer breaks under RHEL5
  - Removed tslocal 2 and 3 for same reason (local2 could be restored if labs are changed to have /home on its own partition again)
* Thu Mar 03 2005 Brad Smith <>
  - Re-checked-in changes made earlier to wrong branch:
  - s/redhat-config/system-config/
  - Replaced all references to XF86/XFree86, etc with appropriate xorg references
  - Fixed tsservices1 to use /var/www/virtual instead of /var/apache to avoid selinux complications
  - Commented out /manual alias and associated directory block in data/httpd.conf. It was generating a strange warning when httpd started. TODO: troubleshoot this more thoroughly.
  - Replaced tsservices5 (imap) with an SELinux problem
* Fri Feb 25 2005 Randolph R. Russell <>
  - Change some hints/lessons to indicate system-config-display
* Fri Mar 19 2004 Brad Smith <>
  - Fixed tsnetwork1 to disable NIS before altering resolv.conf 
  - Fixed tsnetwork2 to only attempt to alter network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (RHEL no longer looks in networking/profiles/*)
  - Fixed tsservices5 to remove /etc/xinetd.d/imap*, so as to catch rpmsave files and the like.
  - Added hint #4 to tsservices2.  
  - Removed 'valid users' line from smb.conf and altered wording of tsservices3 problem 
  - Changed 'httpd header' to 'http header' in tsservices1 hint #3.
  - Altered tslocal2's problem text to warn students not to su to gertrude when testing startx
* Tue Nov 04 2003 Brad Smith <>
  - Removed references to specific slides from tshints as rh253 no longer has ts slides
* Fri Oct 24 2003 Brad Smith <>
  - Applied changes submitted by Ean Price <>
  	o Fixed typo in tslocal2 that caused tslocal2-4 to break
  	o (re-)modified tslocal1 to remove XF86Config* instead of XF86Config
  - Altered tsservices1. Apache now helpfully announces VirtualHost config problems
    to stdout when starting, thus making the previous problem trivial. New problem
    is caused by having wwwX and stationX virtualhosts without ""
  - Updated hints and lesson for tsservices1
  - Fixed reference to ftp in tsservices5 hints (s/ftp/imap/)
* Sat Sep 13 2003 Brad Smith <>
  - Scripts will not run if they are not root ($EUID -ne 0)
  - Simplified the scenario for local1 and made description more symptom-centric.
  - Changed name of uselessfile in tslocal2 to hitmovie.avi (variation on a suggestion from one of eanp's students)
  - Changed tsservices3 to actually be solvable. See thread "MAJOR problem with tsservices3 script/scenario -- opinions requested" in gls-instructor-list archives, 9/Sep/2003 for details.
  - tsservices3 now runs 'service smb start &>/dev/null'
  - Altered all references to testparm to meet RHEL3 syntax requirements (e.g. testparm smb.conf server1
  - Name and instructions for current problem now stored in /etc/ts
* Wed Sep 10 2003 Brad Smith <>
  - Textual changes to services3 and boot3 instructions
  - Network2 now tweaks default (sysconfig/network-scripts) or neat (sysconfig/networking) ifcfg-eth0 as appropriate (not actually nescesary for Taroon).
  - Added post-uninstall scriptlet to spec file to remove /etc/ts if it exists
  - See /usr/share/doc/ts/CHANGES for more complete changelog
   Mon Oct 21 2002 Randolph R. Russell <>
  - First build



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