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d2x-1.43-25.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483.fc31 RPM for armv7hl

From RpmFusion Non-Free Updates for Fedora 31 for armhfp / d

Name: d2x Distribution: RPM Fusion
Version: 1.43 Vendor: RPM Fusion
Release: 25.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483.fc31 Build date: Wed Apr 1 16:58:19 2020
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 9762741 Source RPM: d1x-1.43-25.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483.fc31.src.rpm
Packager: RPM Fusion
Summary: Descent 2 game and shareware data files (d2x-rebirth version)
D2X is a modification of the Descent 2 source that was released by Parallax.
It's mostly compatible with the original Descent 2, both in multiplayer and
on the local machine.

This package comes with the shareware version of the game. If you want to
play the full (registered/commercial) version of the game, place the
alien1.pig, alien2.pig, fire.pig, groupa.pig, ice.pig, water.pig, descent2.hog,
descent2.ham, descent2.s11 and descent2.s22 data-files from your registered
descent version in /usr/share/d2x/full; or in $HOME/.d2x-rebirth.

If you want to have the movies also add the intro-h.mvl, other-h.mvl and
robots-h.mvl files to the dir.






* Wed Apr 01 2020 Hans de Goede <> - 1.43-25.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483
  - Add Requires: timidity++-patches, fixes missing music and
    crash on completion of first level (rf#5576)
* Sat Mar 14 2020 Hans de Goede <> - 1.43-24.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483
  - Fix FTBFS
* Wed Feb 05 2020 RPM Fusion Release Engineering <> - 1.43-23.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483
  - Rebuilt for
* Sat Aug 10 2019 RPM Fusion Release Engineering <> - 1.43-22.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Mar 05 2019 RPM Fusion Release Engineering <> - 1.43-21.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Dec 18 2018 Hans de Goede <> - 1.43-20.rebirth_v0.60.20181218gitaf25483
  - Update to upstream d1x-rebirth stable-0.60.x branch a.d. 18-12-2018
  - Fixes d2x-rebirth crashing when the descent 2 mvl (movie) files are present
* Sun Dec 16 2018 Hans de Goede <> - 1.43-19.rebirth_v0.60
  - Update to upstream d1x-rebirth stable-0.60.x branch a.d. 16-12-2018 (rf5026)
  - Merge d1x-shareware package into the main-package so that installing d1x
    from e.g. gnome-software always results in a functional game
  - Add appdata
  - New upstream includes d2x, add a d2x sub-package, including d2x demo levels
  - Trim changelog
* Sun Aug 19 2018 RPM Fusion Release Engineering <> - 1.43-18.rebirth_v0.58.1
  - Rebuilt for Fedora 29 Mass Rebuild binutils issue
* Fri Jul 27 2018 RPM Fusion Release Engineering <> - 1.43-17.rebirth_v0.58.1
  - Rebuilt for



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