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xcpc-0.0-0.24.20070122wip.fc31 A portable Amstrad CPC464/CPC664/CPC6128 Emulator written in C linux/ppc64le
xmms-uade-2.13-13.fc31 Unix Amiga DeliTracker Emulator XMMS plug-in linux/ppc64le
xmms2-mac-0.8-16.fc31 XMMS2 plugin for APE audio format linux/ppc64le
xmms2-nonfree-0.8-16.fc31 Nonfree plugins for XMMS2 linux/ppc64le
xrick-0.0.021212-16.fc31 A clone of the game Rick Dangerous linux/ppc64le
xsnow-1.42-26.fc31 An X Window System based dose of Christmas cheer linux/ppc64le
xv-3.10a.jumbopatch.20070520-32.fc31 Interactive image display program for X linux/ppc64le
xv-doc-3.10a.jumbopatch.20070520-32.fc31 Manuals in various formats for the xv image viewer linux/noarch

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