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xmms2-avcodec-0.8-26.fc28 XMMS2 Plugin for avcodec supported formats linux/ppc64
xmms2-avcodec-debuginfo-0.8-26.fc28 Debug information for package xmms2-avcodec linux/ppc64
xmms2-faad-0.8-26.fc28 XMMS2 Plugin for AAC and MP4 audio formats linux/ppc64
xmms2-faad-debuginfo-0.8-26.fc28 Debug information for package xmms2-faad linux/ppc64
xmms2-freeworld-0.8-26.fc28 Plugins for XMMS2 that cannot be included in Fedora linux/ppc64
xmms2-freeworld-debuginfo-0.8-26.fc28 Debug information for package xmms2-freeworld linux/ppc64
xmms2-freeworld-debugsource-0.8-26.fc28 Debug sources for package xmms2-freeworld linux/ppc64
xmms2-mms-0.8-26.fc28 XMMS2 Plugin for MMS audio streams linux/ppc64
xmms2-mms-debuginfo-0.8-26.fc28 Debug information for package xmms2-mms linux/ppc64
xmms2-mp4-0.8-26.fc28 XMMS2 Plugin for MP4 audio linux/ppc64
xmms2-mp4-debuginfo-0.8-26.fc28 Debug information for package xmms2-mp4 linux/ppc64

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