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Packages beginning with letter M

mencoder-1.0-0.145.20120205svn.fc17 MPlayer movie encoder linux/armv7hl
minidlna-1.0.26-1.fc17 Lightweight DLNA/UPnP-AV server targeted at embedded systems linux/armv7hl
minidlna-debuginfo-1.0.26-1.fc17 Debug information for package minidlna linux/armv7hl
minitube-2.0-1.fc17 A YouTube desktop client linux/armv7hl
minitube-debuginfo-2.0-1.fc17 Debug information for package minitube linux/armv7hl
motion-3.3.0-trunkREV557.2.fc17 A motion detection system linux/armv7hl
motion-debuginfo-3.3.0-trunkREV557.2.fc17 Debug information for package motion linux/armv7hl
mpd-0.16.8-7.fc17 The Music Player Daemon linux/armv7hl
mpd-debuginfo-0.16.8-7.fc17 Debug information for package mpd linux/armv7hl
mpg123-1.13.8-1.fc17 MPEG audio player linux/armv7hl
mpg123-debuginfo-1.13.8-1.fc17 Debug information for package mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-plugins-extras-1.13.8-1.fc17 Extra output plugins for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-plugins-jack-1.13.8-1.fc17 JACK output plug-in for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-plugins-pulseaudio-1.13.8-1.fc17 Pulseaudio output plug-in for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mplayer-1.0-0.145.20120205svn.fc17 Movie player playing most video formats and DVDs linux/armv7hl
mplayer-common-1.0-0.145.20120205svn.fc17 MPlayer common files linux/armv7hl
mplayer-debuginfo-1.0-0.145.20120205svn.fc17 Debug information for package mplayer linux/armv7hl
mplayer-doc-1.0-0.145.20120205svn.fc17 MPlayer documentation in various languages linux/armv7hl
mplayer-gui-1.0-0.145.20120205svn.fc17 GUI for MPlayer linux/armv7hl
mplayer-tools-1.0-0.145.20120205svn.fc17 Useful scripts for MPlayer linux/armv7hl
mytharchive-0.26.0-7.fc17 A module for MythTV for creating and burning DVDs linux/armv7hl
mythbrowser-0.26.0-7.fc17 A small web browser module for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythffmpeg-0.26.0-7.fc17 MythTV build of FFmpeg linux/armv7hl
mythgallery-0.26.0-7.fc17 A gallery/slideshow module for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythgame-0.26.0-7.fc17 A game frontend (xmame, nes, snes, pc) for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythmusic-0.26.0-7.fc17 The music player add-on module for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythnetvision-0.26.0-7.fc17 A MythTV module for Internet video on demand linux/armv7hl
mythnews-0.26.0-7.fc17 An RSS news feed plugin for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythplugins-0.26.0-7.fc17 Main MythTV plugins linux/armv7hl
mythtv-0.26.0-7.fc17 A digital video recorder (DVR) application linux/armv7hl
mythtv-backend-0.26.0-7.fc17 Server component of mythtv (a DVR) linux/armv7hl
mythtv-base-themes-0.26.0-7.fc17 Core user interface themes for mythtv linux/armv7hl
mythtv-common-0.26.0-7.fc17 Common components needed by multiple other MythTV components linux/armv7hl
mythtv-debuginfo-0.26.0-7.fc17 Debug information for package mythtv linux/armv7hl
mythtv-devel-0.26.0-7.fc17 Development files for mythtv linux/armv7hl
mythtv-docs-0.26.0-7.fc17 MythTV documentation linux/noarch
mythtv-frontend-0.26.0-7.fc17 Client component of mythtv (a DVR) linux/armv7hl
mythtv-libs-0.26.0-7.fc17 Library providing mythtv support linux/armv7hl
mythtv-setup-0.26.0-7.fc17 Setup the mythtv backend linux/armv7hl
mythweather-0.26.0-7.fc17 A MythTV module that displays a weather forecast linux/armv7hl
mythweb-0.26.0-1.fc17 The web interface to MythTV linux/noarch
mythzoneminder-0.26.0-7.fc17 A module for MythTV for camera security and surveillance linux/armv7hl

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