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rpm-devel-4.3-1.fc1 RPM for s390x

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Name: rpm-devel Distribution: Unknown
Version: 4.3 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 1.fc1 Build date: Fri Sep 24 19:05:08 2004
Group: Development/Libraries Build host:
Size: 3989742 Source RPM: rpm-4.3-1.fc1.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary: Development files for manipulating RPM packages.
This package contains the RPM C library and header files. These
development files will simplify the process of writing programs that
manipulate RPM packages and databases. These files are intended to
simplify the process of creating graphical package managers or any
other tools that need an intimate knowledge of RPM packages in order
to function.

This package should be installed if you want to develop programs that
will manipulate RPM packages and databases.






* Tue Sep 14 2004 Jeff Johnson < 4.3-1
  - rebuild rpm-4.3-0.9.1 from fc2 in fc2-scratch for final release.
* Tue Jan 27 2004 Jeremy Katz <> - 4.3-0.9.1
  - add patch to setup selinux contexts from python
* Mon Jan 19 2004 Jeff Johnson <> 4.2-0.9
  - python: return None for NEVRAO, [] for everything else.
* Mon Jan 12 2004 Jeff Johnson <> 4.3-0.7
  - fix: handle files w/o contexts correctly.
* Mon Jan 05 2004 Jeff Johnson <> 4.3-0.6
  - selinux phases 1 and 2 delivered.
* Tue Dec 23 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 4.3-0.5
  - plug some rpmbuild memory leaks.
  - file security contexts added to package header.
* Mon Dec 22 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 4.3-0.4
  - test build with methods needed for selinux.
* Wed Dec 17 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 4.3-0.3
  - detect (and remove) dbenv files while upgrading to db-4.2.52.
  - fix: dangling pointer brain fart (#107835).
  - fix: ds.Single() method needs malloc'd elements (#109919).
* Sun Dec 07 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 4.3-0.2
  - only internal Berkeley db from now on.
  - revive "make dist".
* Wed Mar 19 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 4.3-0.1
  - upgrade to zlib-1.2.beta7.
  - pass structure pointer, not args, through headerSprintf call chain.
  - add ":xml" tag format modifier.
  - --queryformat '[%{*:xml}\n]' to dump header content in XML.
  - fix: short option help missing string terminator.
  - unify signal handling in librpmio, use condvar to deliver signal.



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