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popt-1.8.2-12.fc2.s390x A C library for parsing command line parameters. RPM.Org
rpm-4.2.3-12.fc2.s390x The RPM package management system. RPM.Org
rpm-build-4.2.3-12.fc2.s390x Scripts and executable programs used to build packages. RPM.Org
rpm-debuginfo-4.2.3-12.fc2.s390x Debug information for package rpm RPM.Org
rpm-devel-4.2.3-12.fc2.s390x Development files for manipulating RPM packages. RPM.Org
rpm-libs-4.2.3-12.fc2.s390x Libraries for manipulating RPM packages. RPM.Org
rpm-python-4.2.3-12.fc2.s390x Python bindings for apps which will manipulate RPM packages. RPM.Org

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