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RPM of Group User Interface/Desktops

WindowMaker-0.80.1-5 A window manager for the X Window System. linux/i386
eog-1.0.2-5 Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/i386
gnome-panel-2.0.6-9.2 GNOME panel linux/i386
kcharselect-3.0.5a-1 Character Selector linux/i386
kdeaddons-kate-3.0.5a-1 Plugins for the Kate text editor linux/i386
kdeaddons-kicker-3.0.5a-1 Plugins and additional applets for Kicker (the KDE panel) linux/i386
kdeaddons-knewsticker-3.0.5a-1 Scripts extending the functionality of KNewsTicker linux/i386
kdeaddons-konqueror-3.0.5a-1 Plugins extending the functionality of Konqueror linux/i386
kdeadmin-3.0.5a-2 Administrative tools for KDE. linux/i386
kdeartwork-3.0.5a-1 Additional artwork (themes, sound themes, ...) for KDE linux/i386
kdeartwork-kworldclock-3.0.5a-1 Themes for KWorldClock linux/i386
kdeartwork-locolor-3.0.5a-1 Low-color icons for KDE linux/i386
kdeartwork-screensavers-3.0.5a-1 Additional screensavers for KDE linux/i386
kdebase-3.0.5a-9 K Desktop Environment - core files linux/i386
kdebindings-3.0.5a-2 KDE bindings to non-C++ languages linux/i386
kdebindings-kmozilla-3.0.5a-2 KDE bindings to mozilla linux/i386
kdepasswd-3.0.5a-1 KDE frontend to changing your password linux/i386
kdeutils-laptop-3.0.5a-1 Laptop utilities for KDE linux/i386
keduca-3.0.5a-1 Tests and Exams linux/i386
kgeo-3.0.5a-1 Interactive Geometry linux/i386
kjots-3.0.5a-1 Virtual notepad linux/i386
klettres-3.0.5a-1 French alphabet tutor linux/i386
kmessedwords-3.0.5a-1 Letter Order Game linux/i386
kstars-3.0.5a-1 Desktop Planetarium linux/i386
ktimer-3.0.5a-1 A timer (stop watch). linux/i386
ktouch-3.0.5a-1 Touch Typing Tutor linux/i386
kvoctrain-3.0.5a-1 Vocabulary Trainer linux/i386
vnc-3.3.3r2-39.2 A remote display system. linux/i386

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