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tux-2.2.0-1 RPM for ia64

From Updates for Red Hat Linux 7.1 for ia64

Name: tux Distribution: Red Hat Linux
Version: 2.2.0 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 1 Build date: Tue Jan 8 21:29:12 2002
Group: System Environment/Daemons Build host:
Size: 324113 Source RPM: tux-2.2.0-1.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary: User-space component of TUX kernel-based threaded HTTP server.
TUX is a kernel-based, threaded, extremely high performance HTTP server.
It is able to efficiently and safely serve both static and dynamic data.
TUX moves the HTTP protocol stack to the kernel, and can handle requests
for data with both kernel-space and user-space modules.

See for instructions on subscribing
to; users of TUX have the opportunity to share their
experiences and receive notices of new versions on that list.






* Tue Jan 08 2002 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - 2.2.0 has binary imcompatibilities, unfortunately; you will
    have to recompile your tux modules
* Fri Jun 22 2001 Arjan van de Ven <>
  - Make it work on ia64
  - Make it compile the src.rpm
* Fri Jun 01 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Move to version 2.1.0 because of forwards-incompatible change
    (still backwards-compatible)
* Thu Apr 05 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - fix docs dir permissions (#34743)
* Mon Apr 02 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - buildprereq, %config, install tux.mime.types
  - demo*
* Sat Mar 31 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - building a new package with more recent updates to match newer kernel
* Wed Feb 07 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - tux-2.0.2 fixes a few more bugs and adds checkbindings
* Fri Feb 02 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - tux-2.0.1 fixes a few small bugs
* Wed Jan 31 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - tux-2.0 daemon release to match TUX 2.0 kernel release...
* Sun Jan 28 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - RC release for TUX 2.0
* Wed Jan 10 2001 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Fix mime-type handling that rotted...
* Fri Dec 01 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Preparing for new release:
    o  New, faster date routine
    o  Better command-line option handling
    o  Removed counttux now that tux2w3c has the -c option
    o  Fixed docroot/modulepath handling
    o  More info in tux2w3c
* Fri Sep 01 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - Updates to match new kernel functionality
* Fri Aug 25 2000 Michael K. Johnson <>
  - initial release



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