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Packages beginning with letter K

kdeadmin-2.2.2-0.71.0 Administrative tools for KDE. linux/i386
kdebase-2.2.2-0.71.5 Basic files needed for KDE. linux/i386
kdebase-devel-2.2.2-0.71.5 Development files for kdebase. linux/i386
kdebindings-2.2.2-0.71.1 KDE bindings to non-C++ languages. linux/i386
kdebindings-devel-2.2.2-0.71.1 Development files for kdebindings. linux/i386
kdebindings-kmozilla-2.2.2-0.71.1 KDE bindings to Mozilla. linux/i386
kdegames-2.2.2-0.71.0 Games for KDE. linux/i386
kdegraphics-2.2.2-0.71.1 K Desktop Environment - Graphics Applications linux/i386
kdegraphics-devel-2.2.2-0.71.1 Development files for kdegraphics. linux/i386
kdelibs-2.2.2-0.71.4 Various libraries for KDE. linux/i386
kdelibs-devel-2.2.2-0.71.4 Header files and documentation for compiling KDE applications. linux/i386
kdelibs-sound-2.2.2-0.71.4 KDE libraries needed to support sound. linux/i386
kdelibs-sound-devel-2.2.2-0.71.4 Header files for compiling KDE sound applications. linux/i386
kdemultimedia-2.2.2-0.71.0 Multimedia applications for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). linux/i386
kdemultimedia-devel-2.2.2-0.71.0 Development files for kdemultimedia. linux/i386
kdenetwork-2.2.2-0.71.0 Networking applications for KDE. linux/i386
kdenetwork-ppp-2.2.2-0.71.0 PPP configuration utilities for KDE. linux/i386
kdepim-2.2.2-0.71.0 Personal information management tools for KDE. linux/i386
kdesdk-2.2.2-0.71.1 The KDE Software Development Kit (SDK). linux/i386
kdesdk-devel-2.2.2-0.71.1 Development files for kdesdk. linux/i386
kdesupport-2.2-0.71.0 K Desktop Environment - Support Libraries linux/i386
kdesupport-devel-2.2-0.71.0 Header files and documentation for KDE Support Libraries linux/i386
kdetoys-2.2.2-0.71.0 Toys for KDE. linux/i386
kdeutils-2.2.2-0.71.0 KDE utilities. linux/i386
kdevelop-2.0.2-0.71.0 Integrated Development Environment for C++/C linux/i386
kernel-2.4.20-28.7 The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) linux/i386
kernel-BOOT-2.4.20-28.7 The version of the Linux kernel used on installation boot disks. linux/i386
kernel-doc-2.4.20-28.7 Various documentation bits found in the kernel source. linux/i386
kernel-headers-2.4.9-34 Header files for the Linux kernel. linux/i386
kernel-source-2.4.20-28.7 The source code for the Linux kernel. linux/i386
kernel-utils-2.4- Kernel and Hardware related utilities linux/i386
kon2-0.3.9b- KON - Kanji ON Linux console linux/i386
kon2-fonts-0.3.9b- Fonts for KON linux/i386
krb5-devel-1.2.2-24 Development files needed to compile Kerberos 5 programs. linux/i386
krb5-libs-1.2.2-24 The shared libraries used by Kerberos 5. linux/i386
krb5-server-1.2.2-24 The server programs for Kerberos 5. linux/i386
krb5-workstation-1.2.2-24 Kerberos 5 programs for use on workstations. linux/i386
kudzu- The Red Hat Linux hardware probing tool. linux/i386
kudzu-devel- Development files needed for hardware probing using kudzu. linux/i386

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