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RPM of Group System Environment/Libraries

VFlib2-2.25.1-12 The vector font library (VFlib2) linux/alpha
cyrus-sasl-1.5.24-22.7 The Cyrus SASL library. linux/alpha
cyrus-sasl-gssapi-1.5.24-22.7 GSSAPI support for Cyrus SASL. linux/alpha
db3-3.1.17-5 The Berkeley DB database library for C. Linux/alpha
db3-devel-3.1.17-5 Development libraries/header files for the Berkeley DB library. Linux/alpha
expat-1.95.1-1 A library for parsing XML. Linux/alpha
glibc-2.2.4- The GNU libc libraries. linux/alpha
imlib-1.9.13-3.7.x An image loading and rendering library for X11R6. linux/alpha
imlib-cfgeditor-1.9.13-3.7.x A configuration editor for the Imlib library. linux/alpha
krb5-libs-1.2.2-15 The shared libraries used by Kerberos 5. linux/alpha
libgcj-2.96-24.1 Java runtime library for gcc linux/alpha
libpng-1.0.14-0.70.1 A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files. linux/alpha
libstdc++-2.96-85 GNU c++ library linux/alpha
mm-1.1.3-11 A shared memory library. linux/alpha
ncurses-5.2-2 A CRT screen handling and optimization package. Linux/alpha
ncurses4-5.0-5 A backwards compatible version of ncurses. linux/alpha
openssl-0.9.6-13 Secure Sockets Layer Toolkit linux/alpha
openssl095a-0.9.5a-18 The OpenSSL toolkit. linux/alpha
zlib-1.1.3-25.7 The zlib compression and decompression library. linux/alpha

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