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Packages beginning with letter P

pam-0.72-20.6.x A security tool which provides authentication for applications. Linux/alpha
perl-5.00503-12 The Perl programming language. Linux/alpha
php-3.0.18-8 The PHP HTML-embedded scripting language for use with Apache. linux/alpha
php-imap-3.0.18-8 An IMAP module for PHP3. linux/alpha
php-ldap-3.0.18-8 An Apache Web server module for PHP3 applications that use LDAP. linux/alpha
php-manual-3.0.18-8 The manual for PHP3, in HTML format. linux/alpha
php-pgsql-3.0.18-8 A PostgreSQL database module for PHP3. linux/alpha
pine-4.44-1.62.0 A commonly used, MIME compliant mail and news reader. linux/alpha
piranha-0.4.14-1 Cluster administation tools Linux/alpha
piranha-docs-0.4.14-1 Documentation for the Red Hat clustering environment Linux/alpha
piranha-gui-0.4.14-1 The cute little graphical configuration tool for lvs Linux/alpha
popt-1.6.2-6x A C library for parsing command line parameters. Linux/alpha
procmail-3.21-0.62 The procmail mail processing program. linux/alpha
python-1.5.2-27.6.x An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language. Linux/alpha
python-popt-0.8.8-6.x.1 Python bindings for the popt library linux/alpha
python-xmlrpc-1.5.1-6.x.7 A set of Python modules for XML-RPC support linux/alpha

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