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RPM of Group System Environment/Libraries

Canna-3.6-20 A Japanese character set input system.
MyODBC-2.50.39-12 ODBC driver for MySQL
SDL-1.2.5-6 A cross-platform multimedia library.
VFlib2-2.25.6-17 A vector font library used for Japanese document processing.
Wnn6-SDK-1.0-25 Wnn6 Client Library
Xaw3d-1.5-18 A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X.
at-spi-1.1.9-1 Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
atk-1.2.4-3.0 Interfaces for accessibility support.
audiofile-0.2.3-7.1 A library for accessing various audio file formats.
bcel-5.0-10 Bytecode Engineering Library
beecrypt-3.0.1-0.20030630 An open source cryptography library.
bogl-0.1.9-27 A terminal program for displaying Unicode on the console.
booty-0.31.1-1 simple python bootloader config lib
commons-beanutils-1.6.1-10 Jakarta Commons Beanutils Component
commons-collections-2.1-9 Jakarta Commons Collections Component
commons-digester-1.4.1-10 Jakarta Commons Digester Component
commons-logging-1.0.2-12 Jakarta Commons Logging Component
commons-modeler-1.0-5 Jakarta Commons Modeler Component
compat-db-4.0.14-5 The Berkeley DB database library for Red Hat Linux 7.x compatibility.
compat-glibc-7.x- Compatibility C library
compat-slang-1.4.5-5 The shared library for the S-Lang extension language.
cracklib-2.7-22 A password-checking library.
cup-v10k-10 Parser Generator for Java
cyrus-sasl-2.1.15-3 The Cyrus SASL library.
db4-4.1.25-8 The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C.
eel2-2.2.4-3.E Eazel Extensions Library.
expat-1.95.5-6 A library for parsing XML.
fontconfig-2.2.1-6.0 Font configuration and customization library
foomatic-2.0.2-15.1.1 Foomatic printer database.
freetype-2.1.4-4.0 A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine.
gail-1.2.2-1 Accessibility implementation for GTK+ and GNOME libraries
gd-1.8.4-12 A graphics library for quick creation of PNG or JPEG images.
gdbm-1.8.0-20 A GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing.
gdk-pixbuf-0.18.0-8.1 An image loading library used with GNOME.
gimp-print-4.2.4-5 A collection of high-quality printer drivers.
glib-1.2.10-11.1 A library of handy utility functions.
glib2-2.2.3-2.0 A library of handy utility functions.
glibc-2.3.2-95.3 The GNU libc libraries.
gmp-4.1.2-5 A GNU arbitrary precision library.
gnome-desktop-2.2.2-1 Package containing code shared among gnome-panel, gnome-session, nautilus, etc.
gnome-libs- The main GNOME libraries.
gnome-mime-data-2.2.0-1 MIME type data files for GNOME desktop
gnome-vfs2-2.2.5-2.E The GNOME virtual file-system libraries.
gnome-vfs2-extras-0.99.10-3 Extra modules for version 2 of the GNOME virtual file-system
gtk+-1.2.10-27.1 The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs for X.
gtk-engines-0.12-2.0 Theme engines for GTK+.
gtk2-2.2.4-4.0 The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs for X.
gtk2-engines-2.2.0-2 Theme engines for GTK+ 2.0
gtkhtml2-2.2.0-6 An HTML widget for GTK+ 2.0
gtkhtml3-3.0.9-4 gtkhtml library
hesiod-3.0.2-28 Hesiod libraries and sample programs.
imlib-1.9.13-12 An image loading and rendering library for X11R6.
jakarta-regexp-1.2-12 Jakarta Regular Expression Package
kdelibs-3.1.3-6.2 K Desktop Environment - Libraries
krb5-1.2.7-19 The Kerberos network authentication system.
krbafs-1.1.1-11 A Kerberos to AFS bridging library, built against Kerberos 5.
libIDL-0.8.0-9 Library for parsing IDL (Interface Definition Language)
libaio-0.3.96-3 Linux-native asynchronous I/O access library
libao-0.8.3-3 Cross Platform Audio Output Library.
libart_lgpl-2.3.11-2 Library of graphics routines used by libgnomecanvas
libbonobo-2.2.3-1 Bonobo component system
libbonoboui-2.2.2-1 Bonobo user interface components
libcap-1.10-15 Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
libgail-gnome-1.0.2-1 Accessibility implementation for GTK+ and GNOME libraries
libgal2-1.99.10-1 The GNOME Application Library
libghttp-1.0.9-8.1 GNOME http client library.
libglade2-2.0.1-3 The libglade library for loading user interfaces.
libgnome-2.2.2-6 GNOME base library
libgnomecanvas- GnomeCanvas widget
libgnomeprintui22- GUI support for libgnomeprint
libgnomeui-2.2.1-1 GNOME base GUI library
libgsf-1.6.0-4 GNOME Structured File library
libgtop2-2.0.2-1 libgtop library (version 2)
libjpeg-6b-30 A library for manipulating JPEG image format files.
libmng-1.0.4-3 A library which supports MNG graphics.
libmrproject-0.9-5 Support libraries for Mr. Project
libogg-1.0-5.1 The Ogg bitstream file format library.
libole2-0.2.4-6 The Structured Storage OLE2 library.
libpng-1.2.2-16 A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files.
libpng10-1.0.13-8 Old version of libpng, needed to run old binaries.
librsvg2-2.2.3-2 An SVG library based on libart.
libtermcap-2.0.8-35 A basic system library for accessing the termcap database.
libtiff-3.5.7-13 A library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files.
libungif-4.1.0-15 A library for manipulating GIF format image files.
libusb-0.1.6-3 A library which allows userspace access to USB devices.
libvorbis-1.0-7 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec.
libwnck-2.2.1-3 Window Navigator Construction Kit
libwvstreams-3.70-10 WvStreams is a network programming library written in C++.
linc-1.0.3-1 Library for writing network programs
lockdev-1.0.1-1.2 A library for locking devices.
mx4j-1.1.1-6 Java Management Extensions (JMX)
ncurses-5.3-9.3 A CRT screen handling and optimization package.
netpbm-9.24-11 A library for handling different graphics file formats.
newt-0.51.5-1 A development library for text mode user interfaces.
newt-perl-1.08-4 Perl bindings for the Newt library
openh323-1.11.2-4.1E Library for H323 spec.
openmotif-2.2.2-16 Open Motif runtime libraries and executables.
openmotif21-2.1.30-8 Compatibility libraries for Open Motif 2.1.
openssl-0.9.7a-22.1 The OpenSSL toolkit.
openssl096b-0.9.6b-13 The OpenSSL toolkit.
pango-1.2.5-2.0 System for layout and rendering of internationalized text.
pcre-3.9-10 Perl-compatible regular expression library
perl-HTML-Parser-3.26-17 A Perl module for parsing HTML.
perl-XML-Dumper-0.4-25 Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML
perl-XML-Encoding-1.01-23 A module for parsing encoded map XML files.
perl-XML-Grove-0.46alpha-25 A Perl module providing simple access to the information set of parsed XML, HTML, or SGML instances.
perl-libxml-perl-0.07-28 A collection of Perl modules for working with XML.
pwlib-1.4.7-6.EL Portable Windows Libary
pyxf86config-0.3.5-1 Python wrappers for libxf86config
qt-3.1.2-13 The shared library for the Qt GUI toolkit.
readline-4.3-5 A library for editing typed command lines.
redhat-java-rpm-scripts-1.0.2-2 Helper scripts for Java rpms
rhpl-0.110-1 Library of python code used by programs in Red Hat Linux
sane-backends-1.0.9-5.1.1 Scanner access software.
slang-1.4.5-18 The shared library for the S-Lang extension language.
startup-notification-0.5-1 Library for tracking application startup
unixODBC-2.2.3-6 A complete ODBC driver manager for Linux.
w3c-libwww-5.4.0-5 HTTP library of common code
words-2-21 A dictionary of English words for the /usr/share/dict directory.
xalan-j-2.4.1-11 The Xalan XSLT processor
xerces-j-2.2.1-11 The Xerces XML parser
zlib-1.1.4-8.1 The zlib compression and decompression library.

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