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Packages beginning with letter R

radvd-0.6.2pl4-1 A Router Advertisement daemon
raidtools-1.00.2-1.2 Tools for creating and maintaining software RAID devices.
rarpd-ss981107-9 The RARP daemon.
rcs-5.7-15 Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools.
rdate-1.0-8 Tool for getting the date/time from another machine on your network.
rdist-6.1.5-21 Maintains identical copies of files on multiple machines.
readline-4.2-2 A library for editing typed command lines.
readline41-4.1-10 A library for editing typed in command lines.
redhat-config-network-0.9.10-2.1 The Network Adminstration Tool for Red Hat Linux.
redhat-config-users-0.9.2-6 A graphical interface for administering users and groups.
redhat-logos-1.1.3-1 Red Hat-related icons and pictures.
redhat-release-as-2.1AS-6 Derry release file
reiserfs-utils-3.x.0j-3 Tools for creating, repairing, and debugging ReiserFS filesystems.
rep-gtk-0.15-6 GTK+ binding for librep Lisp environment
rhn_register-2.7.9-7.x.2 The Red Hat Network Services registration program.
rootfiles-7.2-1 The basic required files for the root user's directory.
routed-0.17-8 The routing daemon which maintains routing tables.
rp-pppoe-3.2-3 A PPP over Ethernet client (for xDSL support).
rp3-1.1.10-4 The Red Hat graphical PPP management tool.
rpm-4.0.4-7x.20 The RPM package management system.
rpm2html-1.7-3.9 Translates an RPM database and dependency information into HTML.
rpmdb-redhat-2.1AS-0.20021017 The entire rpm database for the Red Hat Linux distribution.
rpmfind-1.7-4.9 Finds and transfers RPM files for a specified program.
rpmlint-0.32-4 A development tool for checking the correctness of RPM packages.
rsh-0.17-5 Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp).
rsync-2.4.6-13 A program for synchronizing files over a network.
rusers-0.17-12 Displays the users logged into machines on the local network.
rwall-0.17-10 Client for sending messages to a host's logged in users.
rwho-0.17-11 Displays who is logged in to local network machines.
rxvt-2.7.8-3 A color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System.

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